Your Just-Get-It List

New Arrivals: Your Just-Get-It List

Ash is back with some fresh drops and they're straight out of the spring trend playbook: pops of color, dramatic denim, stripes, wear-everywhere shorts, essential tees & tanks, THE spring accessory—the baseball hat, metallic shoes, and more. Add everything to your just-get-it list and you'll be so ready for spring.
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0:02[Music]0:05all right crew happy Monday happy new0:08arrivals and nothing is going to stop0:10you in your tracks More Than This0:13electric top a dare of a jean and some0:16fun metallic shoes so let's dive into0:18this week's new arrivals because truly0:20it's really about all these really great0:22Basics and I kind of want to show you0:24how Basics are having a moment as like a0:26great little compliment to a really fun0:28Gene like the citizens of Humanity0:30horseshoe jeans so let's dive into my0:32look first wearing this tank tea that I0:35have been so excited about I've been0:37waiting for this to come in and talk0:39about a Color Crew like how fun is this0:41it is electric really right did I say0:43that already three times because it's0:45going to be really excited and actually0:47I think this is going to be a Workhorse0:48in my wardrobe all throughout spring all0:50throughout summer just back to a cut off0:53a good little Jean sneaker but I'm kind0:55of playing with a lot of different0:56Trends right now which I'm like you know0:58what go for it girl you can do this you0:59can do all the things got a fun little1:01metallic um ballet flat this Citizens of1:04Humanity horseshoe Jean we have so many1:06iterations of this of this this is like1:08the most extreme version we have which1:11is really fun I love that it's like1:12holding me in up throughout the waist1:14and this really fun little lighter wash1:15but we have a lot of fun little Barrel1:17options that don't feel as scary as this1:20and then back to this Nora muscle tank1:23tea I'm kind of doing as a tank te1:25because it's just like a could still1:27layer you can wear it solo comes in four1:30colors it just has all the most amazing1:32things I'm wearing a medium in This Crew1:34but I actually think I might buy a large1:36so it's a little bit more oversized so1:37let's dive into this guy first because1:40four colors the fabric I is like thick1:44but stretchy but like quality is1:47incredible so this is $48 this is the1:51Nora muscle we have it in black classic1:53white fun little raspberry and then how1:56fun is this like bright bright electric1:59tea so so fun all right more bright2:03colors obsessed with this is the LNA2:06faon V cotton tank how cute is this2:09another really great little electric2:11color I'm going to this is now a new2:13drinking game with your coffee or your2:14water and then a fun classic white If2:17this just feels a bit too bright so2:19really really good oh my gosh I totally2:21lied to you this is a tank top this is a2:24t-shirt so if you want a little bit more2:26coverage so I'm thinking takeaway Beach2:28cut off shorts again2:30jeans shorts all the things you're2:32totally set to go okay if you want a2:35little bit more coverage you want a2:37little bit more sophistication fun new2:39options from2:41Nation this guy is called the Fable te2:44she's just a little bit more elevated2:46she's got a little bit more room again2:48you pair this top to a fun little2:50dramatic bottom what an easy outfit I'm2:53just thinking like how cute would this2:54be kind of fun for like a girl's night2:56out you wear a little metallic flat fun2:59Jean this time top fun bold lip you're3:01totally set to go and while we're at3:04it metallic Footwear how fun is it this3:06is definitely having a mon your moment3:08you've seen this creeping in with our3:09great little birken stocks we have a fun3:11little Dolce V but check out this3:12awesome little slide from sel's I'm3:15thinking take away how fantastic is this3:17and you guys metallics go with3:19everything and if you need something a3:20little bit dressier you do metallic need3:22something a little bit more casual you3:23can do a metallic so fun all right3:26couple more things left on the rack3:29great little classic um stripe tea this3:32is a new Option from farity I think we3:34had the Navy version with some really3:36thick um cream Stripes earlier in3:39February and I love this in a more white3:41base with that really simple Navy stripe3:43again you guys put this back to dramatic3:44denim metallic shoe outfit set done3:47you're ready to go and then if you want3:50to just dive deep into this like denim3:53on denim Trend amazing new denim shirt3:56shacket I would say from ever this is3:58the Jordy denim shirt4:00under $100 but what I love about it is4:02it's like thick enough if you wanted to4:04treat it as a jacket you could do a tank4:05underneath it you'd be totally set to go4:07but she has all the fun in the sleeve4:09you pair it back to Denim on denim again4:12look done but this guy is so fun so cute4:16love the little pockets in here just4:17like a great new update to your denim4:19shirts okay for those of you who are4:22going on vacay and jealous I want to be4:25going there as well this is the short4:27you need to pack great new linen4:29drawstring short for Michael Stars the4:30quality of their linen is awesome this4:32is the pette drawstring short comes in4:34three colors a little over $100 but like4:38Michael stars does a really good job4:39throughout the legs so I do think if you4:41carry a little bit more muscle or weight4:44in your legs this is going to be awesome4:46and as a reminder linen does relax and4:48stretch so if it feels a little snug4:49it's going to let go but we have this4:50great little black awesome little Olive4:54and then a great little Navy which you4:55guys how cute would this be on the beach4:59just like a little Navy next to that5:01like bright neon yellow so fun so5:04vacation ready but it's good okay oh5:08okay time out one more outfit because5:09this is real cute crew what if you guys5:11did this together this little stripe if5:13you want a little bit more coverage you5:14got your short new Clair V hat that just5:17hit like talk about Beach salty hair you5:19don't need to worry about so so cute5:21okay that's all I got that's this week's5:23new arrivals crew have a good one and5:26we'll see you5:28soon a

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