Summer-Fresh Picks + A Sale

New Arrivals: Summer-Fresh Picks + A Sale

Got everything you need for summer? Ash does! And these pieces run the gamut from everyday-amazing to events to office ensembles. New denim, rompers, dresses, so many cute tops and tanks, even summer sweatshirts, blazers and jackets. Tune in, fill your closet with a whole new season, (then hit the last day of our clearance!). Click away.
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0:00all right crew happy Monday happy0:02Memorial day and happy last day of our0:05clearance sale all right it's new0:06arrivals I'm Ash ever's director of0:08styling and we are walking through some0:11amazing New pieces this week I'm like0:14stock up for summer options for0:16graduation for work weekend we got all0:19the things but let's dive into my outfit0:21first because crew these jeans are0:24magical this is the cutm one of our0:26favorite Silhouettes bestseller in this0:29new lighter wash cute little patch0:31pockets in the front I'm wearing a size0:3210 these might be more comfortable than0:35some of my sweatpants I'm being real so0:37I'm like thinking about I know it's hot0:40it's June but these are really0:41lightweight super stretchy in this0:43really gorgeous Sun bleach blue which is0:45super on trend for this time frame these0:47are crazy crazy comfortable I have it0:50paired back to this little Z Supply tank0:52I'm wearing a large in this bra friendly0:54what I love about this is it can read0:56really really casual but you do this0:57with like a white denim you have a0:59graduation you have a reunion something1:01a little bit more elevated this time of1:04the year and you're totally set to go1:06but can we talk about my sandals also1:09the fact that I'm starting a Birkenstock1:10tan line so maybe not the most1:12attractive but you guys these are new1:14Cana sandals so cute so comfortable an1:17amazing neutral I'm obsessed love that1:20it's like a Barely There sandal so it1:22just makes the leg look a little bit1:23longer especially with a jean that runs1:26a little bit longer and then let's talk1:28about this amazing minimal thin little1:30gold sandal beautiful with dresses love1:33this with a short that metallic just1:36goes with all the things so so good all1:39right let's dive into the rack and I'm1:41going to kick it off with a few options1:43that you could totally do if you're1:44still in that graduation total dive in1:47I'm also thinking like we have some Zoo1:48weekends popping up check out this new1:51little Romper from Z Supply this is in a1:53gauze fabrication so awesome for this1:56time frame if you are living in hot hot1:57hot I also love that it gives you more1:59arm coverage drawstring waistband so2:03comfy I just think Z Supply does amazing2:06Basics casual wear so so good great um2:09great price point but obsessed with this2:12little Romper all right Heidi wore this2:16in one of our reels about graduation2:19this is from State Side this is2:21fantastic I'm thinking a little bit more2:23elevated something you're like do I2:24dress up do you wear it a little bit2:26more casually you guys wear this dress2:29this little canas sandal you are totally2:31set to go this looks like it's going to2:33have a lot of cleavage but I think the2:35twist is done so right that it gives you2:38great open neckline but not too exposed2:41and then yeah it has pockets right like2:44I always gum candy I mean Keys cell2:48phone all the things Pockets but this is2:50an amazing dress from stat side this is2:52the twist front dress it's under 2002:55obsessed and then look at smocking2:57through the back so I'm just thinking2:59all the body tyght this is going to fit3:00so well and fit close to you and what3:03you need with that smoking all right if3:05you're not a dress gal you're not a3:06romper gal you love a good pair of3:09bottoms all right if you're not a dress3:11gal you're not a romper gal you love a3:13good pair of bottoms fun new options3:16from everie I'm thinking this would be3:18so cute back to a pair of white Dena how3:20cute would this outfit be I'm obsessed3:22with this top a little bit of this like3:24ey cap print with there's like a eyelet3:27hit in here love this stronger shoulder3:30because what I think that does if you3:31don't love your arms so you don't love3:33doing a tank but you don't want to have3:35all the the sleeve options this is a3:38great little illusion where it gives you3:39coverage but your eye goes here and not3:41to the arm elevated top so good3:44lightweight I'm just like how cute would3:47this whole outfit be I feel like I need3:49this top any of the um ever tops to crew3:52you're going to want to buy true to size3:54the fit and design of it is amazing our3:57designers think about all the body types3:58so I would buy true to size size in any4:00of these every tops this one's a little4:02bit dressier in a more drapey4:04fabrication silhouette still the same4:06just in a different print again love4:08this because you can go blacks Browns4:10neutrals metallics within your Footwear4:13but this would be adorable with a white4:15denim or actually even a long short to4:19make it a little bit more elevated4:20little metallic shoe just so you get4:22this nice long lean leg but this is an4:24amazing little top also if you're4:25looking for some fresh summer back to4:27work tops this would be a no- break4:30all right thinking about all the Casual4:33things I know you have on your plate4:36Sidelines you're dropping doing Camp4:39drop offs you are doing end of the4:41school year field days all the things4:43plays all the things you have on your4:46plate some amazing Basics from ever just4:49like these um these great little Basics4:51with this slight novelty twist and4:53speaking of twist check out this new4:55little everie top in this gorgeous blue4:58kind of a teal color this is the Ila not5:00front v-neck5:01$58 again really lightweight super soft5:04fabric what I love about this you don't5:06even need to fuss with half tucking what5:09do you do with it that twist there does5:11all the work for you so you pop it on I5:13was going to say slap it on but that5:14sounds like really sppy you pop this top5:16on a great pair of C offs or your5:18favorite jeans and you're totally ready5:21for the day all right obsessed with this5:24one you guys are two we had a white5:26version of this earlier this month and5:28it flew out the door check out this5:30gorgeous red color of the season right5:33now loving this hoodie so it's easy to5:35layer but like what an easy our team5:38colors for softball is a red so this5:40just feels like an awesome little5:41sideline look for me but obsessed with5:43this top this is the cruise sleeveless5:46hoodie and it's adorable like go go your5:50team whatever you need to do okay and5:53then just a really great ribbed basic I5:55love it in this washed fabrication so5:58just a little bit of a nod to some6:01novelty instead of that classic black6:03this is the Remy rib tank $58 look at6:06how drapey this is crew like this is not6:08as stiff uncomfortable this is going to6:10feel so cozy and comfortable again back6:13to pair cut offs love it paired back to6:16these jeans it would look really rich6:17and kind of you could take it more night6:18out with a pair of white denim but6:20obsessed with this new little Reby tank6:22so cute all right for those cooler6:25mornings or if you're headed to the lake6:27or somewhere near the water6:30crew this span sweatshirt in all the6:32colors we've had has been selling like6:35crazy so this is that amazing little6:37summer layer so lightweight so6:39comfortable obsessed just classic cream6:41and black stripe the fit true to size6:45pair of cut offs your favorite leggings6:47this is just that no-brainer refresh6:49sweatshirt your travel companion this is6:52going to be amazing for the airport your6:53flight if you hit AC you don't easy to6:56travel with again drapey so good you're6:59going to roll it up in your carry-on7:01need to pop it on it's not going to be7:02crazy wrinkle again this is from Spinx7:05you know it feels amazing this is the7:06air Essentials crew in this amazing7:08stripe and now I've said amazing 377:10times but it is it's absolutely amazing7:13and if you're going to grab one just7:14that classic cream and black stripe is7:15going to be so good okay work you have7:19graduations you just need a little bit7:21more elevation check out this new summer7:23blazer from ever how beautiful are the7:25colors on this okay and check out the7:27sleeve detail there's a little rushing7:29through here so you don't need to fuss7:30with like the cuff the roll it's going7:32to sit a little bit shorter on you so7:35cute okay okay oh this is a large yay I7:37was like actually this would be a great7:39little topper to my entire outfit so you7:42just need something a little bit more7:44elevated band concert awards ceremony7:47this could be a more casual um7:50graduation party okay so do you see how7:52it sits a little bit um shorter I think7:54that's so smart for summer if you want7:57to have a little bit more skin exposed7:58you can just rush it up but great fit8:00check out the seaming of this how cute8:03is this outfit just like more casual8:04relaxed on the bottom throwing my um8:07little sweater tank on as my great8:09little bastick and the Blazer how cute8:12is this if it's crazy hot where you are8:14you could also do a short and again that8:17more barely their sandal how beautiful8:19like in this warm um brown tones would8:22this look be so so good one8:25more amazing little layer this is a8:28total optim illusion but it feels8:31incredible this is a knit denim jacket8:34from Reagan bone and they have this8:35really cool this is all printed so these8:38are not real seams that's just a printed8:40seam but talk about like almost feels8:43like a cardigan but looks like a denim8:44jacket this is so fun I actually have8:47these joggers and they're incredible for8:49travel so I'm thinking you're headed on8:51the road somewhere this summer you are8:53on a flight this is going to be the8:55denim jacket layer you're going to want8:57this is the miramir Miramar trucker from9:00Ragan bone crew this is really really9:04fun and I'm just like the perfect denim9:06jacket for all that summer travel so9:09smart okay we have so many goodies in9:12the store right now and on the site and9:15while you're in a store or you're on our9:17site also check out our sales section9:20because today is the last day of our9:22clearance sale so that sale on sale9:24which is absolutely amazing a great9:25little Summer Stock up or to grab that9:27thing you wanted earlier in the spring9:29might be on markdown so super smart but9:32yay thanks for joining me and enjoy your9:34rest of your week9:37

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