Live with Ash: June Catalog

New Arrivals: Live with Ash: June Catalog

Summer starts NOW. And Ash has all the looks you'll be clamoring for from our June catalog. It's beachy, it's flowy, it's fun...tie dye here, chambray shorts, dresses, utility, denim, GAH! You gotta get it. Tune in and summer on.
Jones Rib Tank


Marnie Skirt


Mila Rib Tank


Tati Ultra Rib Top


Cassie Binded Tank


Emery Pocket Tank


Show Transcript
0:00yay happy Thursday Happy live I feel0:04like a fish out of water here replacing0:08Heidi today because guess what she's0:09still living May Suber and all the kid0:11things so I'm stepping in because Summer0:13kickoff has started in my house and I0:16know for many of you summer has already0:18started or it's just on the horizon with0:20school ending here in the next couple of0:21weeks but I'm so excited because I get0:23to talk about our June catalog drop and0:27crew this book is so druy and yummy and0:32there are so many things that I want in0:34this book I can't the list is so long so0:39here we are so good if you haven't0:40gotten it go on to the site right now go0:43into a store because what's absolutely0:45wild is this catalog just dropped into0:48mailboxes and they're already selling0:50crazy fast okay so one thing that I love0:53about June do I love about June or maybe0:56it puts me in more of a panic zone is I0:58feel like oh my God go I just need those1:00really great Basics to get me through1:03all the kids events those great basic1:04teas I finally need to shave my legs and1:08put on a pair of shorts and then wear1:09those easy breezy summer dresses that1:11are going to take me to all of the1:13things well guess what we're going to1:15talk about it in live today okay let's1:18start with my look first1:20because you know what you know what you1:22need the summer is a great summer skirt1:24this one by Paige this is super stretchy1:27I'm wearing a size 10 in it love that1:29that it sits just a little bit higher so1:31I feel really held in lightweight wash1:33giving that little slit for a little1:35sexy leg easy little Cami in here and1:38then I popped it on with the perfect1:40summer layer this is from level 99 I'm1:43wearing a Larin it is it yeah no I lied1:46crew this is everie this is everie this1:49is the Frankie shacket lightweight linen1:51I'm loving this color more of a cropped1:54shorter length um shacket and I'm just1:56wearing it as that easy layer and then1:58of course I have my summer woven2:01accessory this accessory of the summer2:04and you're ready to go for live today2:06this would be a great little work lift2:08work look I'm thinking reunions you're2:10traveling this is just easy easy breezy2:12okay where do I set the hat and then one2:14more woven accessory I'm going to be all2:16over the place this is so much product2:17for me because usually on new arrivals I2:19got a quick five to talk through and we2:20have a full amazing rack okay can we2:23also talk about how cute this outfit2:24would be if I would have popped this2:26little woven belt on huh so cute I feel2:28like this is like the easi Breezy summer2:31accessory okay where should we start2:34first folks all right let's dive into2:37all the amazing summer dresses because2:39these are selling so hot hot hot if you2:43want it you better get it right now all2:45right let's talk about this front cover2:46dress easy lightweight chamber dress2:49from Z Supply this is the Balo chamber2:52midi dress so cute someone at work was2:54wearing this yesterday white denim2:56jacket this would be really cute with2:57the Sham um the shacket I have on right2:59over the the top but I'm thinking3:01reunions Beach Travel graduations after3:06school you want to feel pulled together3:07but you don't want to think about it pop3:09this sucker on and you're totally ready3:12to head out the door another little3:15like woven easy breezy more bra friendly3:19dress this fun little tiered shorter3:22dress from Michael Stars this is the3:24Annabelle tear dress crazy lightweight3:27check out all the detail in This Crew3:29Navy little fun cobalt blue more of a3:32khaki and a white stripe again pop on3:34your woven dress so pulled together3:37graduations travel runaround for those3:40of you who do not love to wear shorts3:42both of these dresses are going to be3:44such great options for you when you want3:46to look a little bit more elevated but3:48really cool and lightweight and then I3:50feel like June is the best time for you3:52to pop on a great little t-shirt dress3:55how cute is this ever one this is the3:59Emerson dress $88 great classic black4:02and white stripe we are full-blown into4:05softball season and sometimes you don't4:07want to wear shorts because you feel4:09like you're like in the chair and it's4:10getting all bunched up in here how cute4:12would this little Emerson dress be get a4:14little sun protection with the sleeve4:15throw on your little baseball hat great4:18little birken stock and so easy breezy4:20and lightweight okay we got a question4:22we got a couple questions oh couple4:23questions okay first one does your skirt4:26run size or does it run small okay first4:29question is does my skirt run true to4:30size or does it run small I will say4:32right now I'm between an eight and a 104:34I went with a 10 because I feel like4:36when I try on denim skirts I do not want4:38them tight I feel a little constricted4:40so I would say this page one does run a4:43little bit small we did just4:46get this cut one in this is incredible4:50this runs true to size I also think this4:52has like an amazing little price point4:54$89 this is the Bria long skirt so page4:58I would say size up and cut I would buy5:00true to size but really great option5:03this page one is a little bit shorter5:05crew and this cut one is slightly longer5:07but you still get the same effect okay5:09question5:14one uh oh okay so recommendations for5:17Fourth of July SoCal Vibe and I have all5:19the recommendations for you number one5:22how fun would this be you thrown a5:23little fun red accessory red baseball5:25cap red sandal so easy breezy also5:30Michael star's dress how fun is this5:32little blue red POA lip red nails you're5:34ready and set to go but let's dive into5:37some of these5:40great I mean or more silk you could do5:42this amazing blue sweatshirt I'm5:45obsessed with this like total vintage5:48sweatshirt Surf City rainbow red white5:50and blue easy breezy so when it gets5:52cool at night you can toss this on this5:55Splendid Polo would be a great little5:57Fourth of July option PS This is is5:59selling so incredibly fast so if you6:02like it you want it you better add to6:05cart right now cuz she's about to be6:07gone this is the BOS quarter zip from6:10Splendid super lightweight more in this6:12terry cloth fabrication you pop this on6:15with a little short cut off short khaki6:17short this would be so cute for um6:20Fourth of July weekend and if you're6:22thinking SoCal I was just in La last6:25week with Heidi and it was surprisingly6:28cool I always under estimate how cold it6:30is there so you always need a layer so6:32these sweatshirts are going to be6:34fantastic but when it does hit 2:006:36there or in the hot days of summer and6:38it's 90° what are some other great6:40Fourth of July or true summer options6:43for those hot hot summer days we got all6:46the tanks crew we got all the tanks all6:48the layers all the things to keep you6:50cool throughout this summer let's talk6:52about one of my favorite favorite tanks6:55for this summer and actually one of my6:57favorite looks in the book this is from6:59from everie loving this little like7:01rainbow hit here this is the AA stripe7:03Raa ra Regin tank $58 beautiful little7:08Navy love this pair back to white jeans7:10a relaxed Jean a little cut off short7:12bra friendly you're going to wear this7:14all the ways this summer one of our best7:17selling core tanks from everie this is7:20the Emy pocket tank we launched this in7:22May I think in three colors one thing7:25that I love about this tank and what we7:26did in our June catalog is we not only7:28can you wear the super casually with a7:30little cut off short you could do it7:32with a denim skirt and you could also do7:34it with a more dressy skirt which I'll7:36show you here in an option but we got a7:37question question on the top is it bra7:39friendly bra friendly everything I have7:43in my hand and we're going to walk7:44through here these are all bra friendly7:47like our7:48designers amazing amazing women they're7:51thinking through all of the things and7:52the last thing they want to worry about7:53is all the bra straps hanging out so all7:55of these are bra friendly yes totally7:58totally bra friendly8:00okay one of my personal favorites too8:02because they're all favorites I'm8:03telling you this book is absolutely8:05amazing how cute is this tank TP this is8:08from everie as well this is the Emmery8:10pocket tank so same one I just had here8:14but in this fun bold stripe how cute is8:17this I absolutely love the length on8:19these Emery tanks because if you are8:20like I'm not going to be a total8:22Millennial and have tuck all my tank8:24tops even though I have tuck all my tank8:26tops you just want to like pop a tank on8:28pair of shorts in your like ready to8:30rock this is a great length of a tank8:32for you just to toss it on and go but8:34obsessed with this like warmer tone8:37stripe you cannot go wrong and I will8:39say this if you have yet to buy the LNA8:43Jones tank top this is exclusive to e we8:46have it in So Many Colors this is the8:48time you need to buy this right now I8:51think last week or two weeks ago heidy8:53did a little like what to wear to the8:55baseball game this is truly a winner it8:58can be worn solo it can be be worn as a9:00layer this is going to be a Workhorse in9:02your wardrobe this summer so if you9:04haven't gotten it yet the Jones um LNA9:06tank is incredible it holds you in you9:08feel supported you don't feel exposed9:10absolutely incredible and then Graphics9:13crew Graphics are still here we have so9:15many great options in the store right9:18now and on the site I love this one from9:20spiritual gangster because it's super9:22lightweight if any of you are traveling9:24this summer you're traveling around with9:26kids you just need something lightweight9:27but a little bit more pulled together9:28elevated I love this grateful tank9:31really beautiful color just a fun little9:33upgrade into your graphic wardrobe but9:34this is is really beautiful color Okay I9:38want to just dip back into some great9:41core tanks we are launching this new9:44tank from Michael Stars amazing for9:47layering I love the spaghetti strap9:49creates like great like coverage but yet9:51still a little bit sexier this is the9:54Cassie binded tank $68 come in classic9:57white great black I mean it' be so cute9:59paired um back to this little skirt or10:03the black you could wear it solo just a10:06great little Workhorse it leans just a10:07little bit sexier okay another question10:09is that the Camy that you're wearing or10:11what cam the Cami I am wearing is an10:13everie it's more of a smoothing a true10:15layering tank I loved the v-neck today10:18um we will put in the comments what the10:20name of it is or somebody will let me10:21know but this is also just like a true10:24great layering tank I would not wear10:26this solo on its own because it is10:28spaghetti strap but these types of10:30layering tanks more in this cotton I10:32would so this is from ever though by the10:35way10:36okay other things that are selling hot10:39hot hot right out of the gate since this10:41catalog has dropped is right here in my10:44hands okay how fun is this oneandone10:48chambre little tank top this is from10:51cloth and stone this is the denim stripe10:53trim tank crew it is so fun check out10:57the little back detail these little10:58denim Stripes through here if you love11:01denim on denim throughout spring or have11:03wanted to try it this one's really fun11:05paired back to a little cut off short a11:07long short or just like a great little11:09white denim or white cropped especially11:12for some of you who still have11:13graduations or those summer events and11:15celebrations that are still happening11:17this is like that perfect not too11:19dressing not too casual easy oneandone11:22cute top pair of jeans you're ready and11:24set to go okay this Z Supply tank top11:28talk about like and not so basic basic11:30with just a little bit of sexiness11:33ribbing so you feel held in more11:35supported but check out all that11:37incredible stitching this also comes in11:39a really beautiful magenta but I do11:41think this black color is just chic and11:44sleek and guess what she's $39 so like11:48why not get it in both colors how oh how11:50cute this would have been really cute11:52like how cute with this denim skirt11:54little woven sandal cute I don't know11:56where you're going but you should be11:58wearing it be so cute how does that t12:00run the cloth and stone this one's so Z12:03Supply crew I would buy true to size um12:06I think they do in a great job with12:09their fit especially at their price12:10point so Z Supply tank buy true to size12:13and if you're in between you could12:14probably go down okay who loves a beachy12:18sweater I do we all do these are12:21absolutely incredible this one from12:24everie the Tate sweater12:26top absolutely amazing this is be just12:29like easy breezy little cut off short12:32fun little statement sandal you throw it12:34off the shoulder you have a little bit12:35of sexiness we had this in our travel12:38capsule so if you're kind of like12:39bumming around the country visiting12:41family going on road trips you want a12:43little bit more of an elevated elevated12:45outfit for dinner lunch whatever this is12:48this Tate sweater is incredible because12:50you know in the AC is blasting in some12:51of those areas you just want a little12:53bit more coverage this is such a great12:55piece again I sound like a broken record12:58this is smelling like bananas so if you13:00love it you might want to pop it on real13:02quick right away one of my personal13:05favorite um beachy sweaters is this13:08really beautiful black one from everie13:10this was on our back cover this is the13:11Ember crochet tank we had this paired13:14back to a long short just kind of13:16dressing up those shorts a little bit13:18but again I'm thinking graduations13:21reunions finally that patio night with13:23girlfriends or friends this would be13:25such a fun kind of sexier option um for13:28a top okay okay another question on the13:30sweater is do you need to wear a tank13:31underneath oo good question the question13:33is do you need to wear a tank underneath13:35100% I would I guess it might depend on13:39what that night looks for you where you13:40don't have to but um for sure this black13:43one I would wear a tank underneath this13:45one I'm not sure if you would I think13:47the weave is like um tight enough that13:49you could just totally do your favorite13:51bra and you're ready to go but I think13:53always for that extra security the tank13:55I'm wearing comes in all the skin tones13:58would be a great option to layer13:59specifically under this under this14:01sweater yeah and then so love foret14:04you're just remind people and it's14:07called you guys is this this jacket is14:10so cute it's on my wish list to buy14:12today once we're done here this is the14:14everie Frankie shacket okay so the color14:17is natural I'm wearing a large it's14:19$138 it is truly one of the perfect14:23lightweight layers I think for summer14:25because it's in this stretch linen14:27fabrication so I don't even know the14:30best way to move my body to show you how14:31stretchy it is but it is stretchy I just14:33think it's like such the perfect length14:35I have a vision not only to wear it with14:37this denim skirt and this um White Tank14:41but I want to do like a total I don't14:44know if this is the right color but it'14:45be really beautiful with a white jean I14:46want to do like this whole cream14:48monochromatic look so if you have a14:49great little white short or white jean14:51throw it on with this little shacket14:53she's a no-brainer she's such a winner14:56um yeah everie so so good another14:59another fun layer for this summer um if15:03you're like h i don't absolutely love it15:06this great little Sanctuary version this15:08runs a little bit larger so I would say15:10size down in this Sanctuary jacket this15:12is the night ol jacket has a slight um15:15stripe in it so it's more of a I would15:17say a true off-white black stripe15:21shacket same silhouette but it does run15:24a little bit more of that boyfriend's15:25silhouette so I would size down this but15:27again another great lightweight option15:29when you're like oh my denim jacket's15:30just too too heavy I want to have some15:32arm coverage these little shets are15:35absolutely amazing for the summer layer15:38all15:40right one more summer layer also a15:42beachy sweater also adorable adorable15:45and I totally forgot how much I15:47absolutely love this sweater this is15:48from Sanctuary this is a bomber style15:50open weave sweater this is the stepping15:52out bomber $79 crew like this would be15:56so cute as another option back to a15:58denim skirt White Tank you pop this on16:01you can wear it zipped up you can throw16:03it over the shoulder this is going to be16:05a Workhorse this summer if any of you16:08are traveling getting on a flight this16:09is going to be the one you're going to16:10pack in your carry-on because you might16:12just need that added layer it's going to16:14do all the things for you I love that16:16it's a larger little open weave like how16:19cute would this be together we're just16:21going to put a little summer outfit16:23together what's your favorite like goto16:26denim short what how cute is this like16:30throw this over your shoulder when it16:31gets too hot pop it on when the AC's on16:34but like talk about a little summer16:35uniform this open weave bomber sweater16:38is so so good okay let's dive into a few16:43of the bottoms because we have a lot of16:45fun new bottoms launching in June16:48everything from shorts all our favorite16:51shorts but then for those of you who16:52don't love to wear a short what are your16:54other options so let's dive in there16:56because I think we have some fun new16:57options one of my17:00favorite um bottoms that we have17:03launching here in June is this new17:05bottom from paig comes in two colors17:06this is the Anessa with Carpenter17:08styling so it just has all those fun17:10little Carpenter hits so this is more of17:12a wideleg cropped denim the denim is17:15super lightweight I love the way it kind17:17of pulls away from the body so you're17:19still getting that coverage but because17:21it's more of a WID leg bottom option you17:23don't feel so hot hot hot and I love17:25that the carpenter details just feel a17:27little bit more casual the same way a17:29cut off wood so the same way you would17:31um style your denim short you're going17:33to pair it back to this more cropped17:35option and you're going to get the same17:36effect for those of you who love a good17:39boyfriend Jean hi that's me I love a17:41good boyfriend Jean we have this great17:44Citizens of Humanity this is the Dalia17:45baby roll we launched this I think in17:48January petites this is an amazing17:51boyfriend Jee for you more relaxed for17:53those of you who are interested in the17:55barrel but maybe you're not ready to17:57dive into that yet the dollia a really17:59great way to get that same relaxed look18:02and I'm loving this lighter um wash in18:05this Jean again not too Tighten the legs18:07so even when it gets that high high heat18:09you have that relaxed s in that you18:10don't feel like you're constricted or18:11too hot but a beautiful beautiful wash I18:14love this paired back to any easy breezy18:17tank little woven sandal and so easy for18:21summer all18:23right for those of you who love a good18:26denim short but you know what sometimes18:29I feel a little too short hi lucky for18:32you there's a new short in town it's18:33called the long short we um launched our18:37cut long short in April with a little18:39bit of distressing and then in June we18:41just got it back in this amazing18:43stretchy comfortable lightweight version18:46from Cut here's the fun thing not only18:49does this give you the coverage um that18:51maybe your regular denim short doesn't18:54but it's all about dressing up the long18:56short this season so we had this paired18:58back to a great little open weave19:00sweater you could do this more with a19:02fitted Ting top and a belt and a black19:05sandal and you're kind of more pulled19:07together for the patio um we did an19:09option in our June19:12catalog with this little AG19:14short pair back to this denim on denim19:17again you just feel a little bit more19:18pulled together I know Jamie our19:20producer has an end of the school year19:22party tomorrow I'm like how cute would19:23she be in this little look like hanging19:25out with all the moms watching the kids19:27run around not not too casual a little19:29bit more pulled together um but the long19:32short is kind of that new it fit for the19:35summer now from a body type perspective19:38here's what I think is really fun this19:40new AG version I'm loving this for19:42petites one of the biggest reasons why19:44is it doesn't pull too far away from the19:46leg it's it's a little bit Slimmer so as19:49you get into that longer length you19:50don't look overwhelm it doesn't look19:52overwhelming on you at all it's a little19:54bit more fitted little bit of hit to19:56that destruction awesome for petites19:59this is20:00the ex-boyfriend short from AG20:03lightweight fabrication so good for20:06those of you who have strong thighs and20:08a booty loving this option from Cut I20:12literally just wore this in a video with20:14our girl Steph so yummy this is the20:17Haley 8in short has a ton of stretch to20:19it and what I loved about it for me is20:21it kind of pulled away from the leg a20:23little bit so I had that relaxedness I20:25didn't feel restricted and it actually20:26made my legs feel a little bit smaller20:28so really fun new options in Bottoms all20:32right20:33another new bottom for June which you've20:38we've kind of already been there but we20:39have so many great options is all about20:42the skirt so everything from the denim20:43skirt I'm wearing to this beautiful tie20:46dye maxi20:48skirt maxi skirts are back all fun20:51options I'm loving this one for a little20:52bit more of a sexier night out or just a20:55casual when you don't want to wear jeans20:56I think everybody in the store today is20:58wearing some some type of relaxed skirt20:59or bottom um loving this like if you21:02were to do patio and then pairing it21:04back to crew just our core tanks to make21:06it feel a little bit more casual so cute21:10so Chic you give yourself a great little21:12accessory handbag and you're ready to21:14meet with girlfriends or have a little21:15date night one of my personal favorites21:19and new in skirts is the skirt crew this21:22is from everie and if you were a scir21:25I'm trying how should I age myself when21:27you if you were a scirt maybe in the21:29sixth grade and you felt really amazing21:32cuz you had a skirt in the front and a21:34short in the back I'm like screaming21:36inside because as a mom with Littles I'm21:38like oh my God I can look really pulled21:40together but I can bend over and pick up21:41all the kids and pick up all the toys21:42and I don't feel completely exposed how21:44amazing is this this is in a stretch21:46linen so it's going to give you all the21:48room but it's also tailored enough that21:50you look really pulled together I'm so21:53so so excited about this this is a Lela21:55scirt under $100 and basically I could21:57just swap out this denim skirt put on21:59with a scirt black sandal and I'm22:01totally pulled together all right22:04another Workhorse in your w we had this22:07in our travel capsule because again for22:09those of you who do not love to wear a22:11short at all will not put it on welcome22:14to your new short option this is from22:16Michael Stars so you know that fabric is22:18absolutely incredible the rouching is22:21always so mindfully placed to make it22:24the most flattering on all body types22:26this is the Marne skirt I think we have22:28this in two color options I think black22:30is just always that classic go-to great22:33little slits so when you hit see this22:34length which can feel really22:36intimidating um it gives you just a22:38little bit of leg little bit of sexiness22:40so it just look really elongated but all22:42the rushing is going to hug all the22:44curves that you want it to hit so the22:47mne skirt a Workhorse for any of you who22:50don't love to wear shorts and even if22:52you do like to wear shorts this is just22:53like a staple in your wardrobe back to a22:55tank and you're ready to go okay22:59I feel like I'm talking 700 miles per23:01minute because there's all the good23:03things all right I want to dive into one23:06dress here that I love and I'm just23:08thinking like I know a few of you23:09probably have bridal showers groom23:11suppers casual weddings maybe you're23:14going to a more elevated dinner23:17party hello look at this beautiful23:20beautiful grownup tie-dye dress from23:22ever this is the Bry dress $108 how sexy23:27is that back check out all the fun23:29straps I'm just obsessed with all the23:31colors in here and I know that like23:33tie-dye can feel really really casual23:35but I love in this more I don't know23:37satiny fabrication and in these colors23:40it just feels sexy in all the best ways23:43and also those hot hot summer nights23:45when you don't want a fitted tight dress23:47it's going to have that great ease and23:49Breeze where you just feel really23:50lightweight but yet really sexy and23:52again Pockets they're just pockets in a23:55dress are just a win for all the reasons23:57and maybe you're only holding your23:57Chapstick in in there but or your23:59lipstick or whatever but Pockets win so24:02Brinley for your more elevated night24:04outs this June this is going to be24:07incredible okay what else am I missing24:09crew we have some new fun belts24:13accessories launching here's the fun24:15thing with belts this season this is I24:17don't know if you've seen it in24:18magazines or heard all the things belts24:20are kind of the easiest thing to pull a24:22full outfit together so if you're like24:24okay I'm still wearing my like core you24:27know t in in a great denim short how do24:30I make this feel a little bit more24:31pulled together get yourself a belt pop24:34on a belt you're going to look elevated24:36pulled together so forward moving that's24:39an easy easy accessory to elevate your24:41summer look and then sun protection and24:45the other hottest accessory of the24:47season a baseball cap so fun from 4724:50loving loving loving this little wash24:52green but I feel like you can never go24:54wrong with a classic black and you're24:55totally set to go and you're being very24:58skin conscious and health conscious24:59which you know double double win okay25:03crew I pounded through a lot the June25:06catalog is so good I'm so glad I got to25:08be with you all today Heidi will be back25:12here in a couple of weeks but hey have a25:14great kickoff to June see you soon

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