• Wash with cold water

    This prevents shrinking and fading and reduces up to 90% of washer's energy.

  • Lay flat or line dry

    Not only does it save energy, reducing heat and friction can double clothing's lifespan.

  • Steam instead of iron

    Steam puts less pressure and stress on the fabric's fibers, maintaining the original texture and finish of the garment.

  • Skip fabric softener

    Fabric softener solutions are often non-biodegradable and coat clothing in a thin, water-resistant film making odors and stains more difficult to remove.

  • Turn garments inside out and/or use a lingerie bag to protect delicate fabrics, embellishments and buttons

    Prevent buttons, zippers, snaps, etc, from snagging in the wash.

  • Pre-treat stains to avoid multiple rewashes

    Pre-treating is ideal to remove a stain the first time and avoid using excess water.

  • Consider adding a microfiber catcher to your washing machine to reduce fiber breakage

    This will also catch any fibers to throw away, rather than going down the drain and into the water system.

  • For dry clean only, opt for an eco-friendly provider to minimize harmful chemicals

    Most dry cleaning solvents are not biodegradable.