Let's Get Dressed: Casual Summer Outfits

New Arrivals: Let's Get Dressed: Casual Summer Outfits

Ash is here with all the latest in casual summer-chic. Breezy pants, trending overalls, favorite tanks, comfy sandals and fun accessories that pair perfectly. Check it out, then grab your favorite kicked-back summer looks. (There's so much to love!)

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0:01foreign0:05happy Monday crew it's Ash here director0:09of styling and we're gonna be talking0:10all things new arrivals and0:13this rack is so good it's full of best0:15sellers Best Brands and an item we0:18cannot keep in stock and it totally got0:21you set up for summer but I just want to0:23give you all just like a real quick0:25life hack it's not even a hack it's just0:28a reminder here's a reminder don't try0:30to do new things with your hair on a0:32Monday it's not good it's not fun just0:35stick to what you know0:37learn from my0:39learn from my mistakes that's what I'm0:41just going to say right now don't try0:42new things with your hair on a Monday0:44it'll make it you want to start your day0:46off a little bit better than that so0:48we're gonna make it really easy to get0:49dressed I don't know for this summer I0:52don't know about you but all of a sudden0:53in panic mode of like oh my gosh schools0:56up this Thursday summer starts next week0:58do I have all the things what did we1:00sign up for1:01seven three five months ago I didn't1:04even know so I got to figure that out1:06but I'm gonna keep my wardrobe really1:08simple and I want you guys to and the1:10best way to kind of like dip into summer1:12is with some amazing bestsellers great1:16core basic tank you guys this tank is1:19selling out like crazy this is from1:21every1:22this is the Gabby ringer strike tank in1:25this like tan look at this little like1:27gusset through here keeps it bra1:29friendly love this like little hit of1:31the um white ribbing and then how fun is1:33this little Kelly Green Stripe a little1:36bit of that score core Trend but just a1:37really fun1:39um color and it's all ripped it's super1:42super comfy bra friendly I'm even1:44thinking like what's so fun with this we1:47sat on the sidelines this weekend and1:49I'm please forgive me as I'm burnt to a1:51toast which feels like on my shoulders1:53like what a fun little sideline like for1:55your team if your colors are green like1:57what how fun is it this is from every2:00selling so so fast and actually this2:03tank might be really cute but the2:05bottoms I have on and I'm like so2:07excited about what's on the rack I2:08totally forgot to talk about what I'm2:10wearing okay let's talk about these2:11pants first because it almost feels like2:15I'm not wearing pants because they are2:17that lightweight that comfortable this2:19is the pant you might want to be wearing2:21like it's in the morning to go run2:22around you could do with the works you2:24might be wearing it like I don't know2:25about you guys gonna get out when I get2:27done with work I immediately take off my2:29clothes put on the outfit that like the2:31neighbors can see it's like2:32semi-acceptable and then once you're2:34like okay house is all ready for bedtime2:36then you like put on your really2:39grubby College old clothes that you wear2:42to bed my poor husband I not not cute2:45not cute but this is so that like after2:46work pants so yummy this is from Verity2:50this is the dream gauze pant it's got I2:53think it's like a little bit longer of a2:55total than that all I need to know is2:56his dream Goss and it I will tell you it2:58is a dream I'm wearing a medium elastic3:00waistband has pockets I'm five eight for3:04height have on these3:07Papillon Birkenstocks that are back in3:09stock how fun is this like little sport3:11Lux full down here so incredibly3:14comfortable kind of hits me right above3:15the foot you can even do a little bit3:17more of a delicate sandal this easy3:19flip-flop slide on and then our other3:23best-selling tank the perfect white3:24teeth Margot sleeveless v-neck super3:27lightweight as it's starting to heat up3:29it was like amazing to have two days3:31back to back of like amazing warm3:33weather this is what you want to wear3:35and for those of you who do not wear3:37shorts because I know there are a few of3:40you out there or more these pants are3:42going to be an incredible alternative3:44for you because they're super3:46lightweight sitting in the sun you're3:48not going to feel completely overheated3:49and so comfortable and you're still3:51gonna have coverage so that's a little3:53bit about my look another great option3:55to pair back to these pants is this3:57little Verity tank that comes in Navy3:58and white this is the sun wash slub tank4:01okay crew this is so4:04like4:05thick I don't want to use that term4:07because it doesn't feel like that4:08attractive but it's such a great quality4:10like it is thick it's thick it you can't4:13see through it I just think Verity does4:15all of their knits so well love this4:18like a little hit of a muscle tank so it4:19kind of goes a little off the shoulder4:21great neckline yummy easy little half4:24tuck you don't have to worry about a lot4:26of fabric tucking and you can wear it4:28untucked so easy but it's great little4:30white back to Navy just an awesome4:32quality tank to have in your wardrobe4:36another thing you compare back to this4:38tank4:39the ever so selling so so fast4:43the every overalls okay so the denim4:46ones in they're out you guys are loving4:49it we have a new version in this awesome4:51linen so in this khaki this is every4:53this is the best wide leg overall same4:56concept light light fabrication paired4:59back to one of these basic tanks so easy5:02looks really Chic if you love a jumpsuit5:05you can totally do an overall pair it5:07back to a little slide how cute is this5:10little overall again selling like5:13bananas you can adjust the strap so it's5:15for a few of you who feel like aren't5:17too sure to do this I'm too tall to do5:19this this is adjustable with you we have5:21a reel with hiding in it she's about5:23five three five four petites you can5:25totally pull this off majority of our5:27models you'll see in the site are about5:29five nine they're pulling this off just5:31a great item you've been there you're5:34doing it again5:36set to go all right next option and a5:39little bit more denim this is more of5:41your true true denim overall this one's5:43from page crew this is the Noella5:46overall in this like wash black gives it5:48a little bit of edge raw hem so again if5:51you're petite you can just cut it off or5:53you can do a really strong cuff5:54so so fun again I'm just like putting it5:58back over a little basic pink okay6:00overall awesome6:03okay back in stock6:06here She is again the best-selling6:08sweatshirt from every not every from6:10Verity6:11this is this so well oh my gosh happy6:14Monday this is the Soleil hoodie from6:17Verity in this really beautiful summer6:19colors how beautiful is all the details6:22if you guys can wear weekends coming up6:24you're heading up to a cabin if you're6:26headed to the beach6:32popping on actually kind of cute with6:33these little wide leg pants but so easy6:37breezy again one of their best sellers6:40Ash can you go over your outfit again6:42yeah okay details6:44um6:45let's talk about the pants first because6:47they are the hero of this outfit and6:48they feel absolutely amazing these are6:50from Fairy I'm wearing a medium I6:52typically do right now about a size 106:54in my jeans sometimes an eight if it's a6:56really good day6:58um again a medium this is the dream6:59gauze cotton pant holy buckets they're7:02crazy lightweight super like they don't7:05feel tight anywhere just like that7:08amazing lightweight Breezy pant love7:11this fur and option if you don't wear7:12shorts has pockets again I'm about five7:15eight it's kind of hitting me right at7:16the top of the foot have it paired back7:18to these Birkenstocks that are back in7:20stock with that little lug Sole and then7:23wearing our awesome perfect white tee7:25the Margot v-neck tank I love this7:27because it's again a little bit lighter7:28weight you do not have to tuck it in7:29it's a really great length it has little7:31tabs I love to create just a little bit7:33of shape7:35but give me a little half tuck again7:36really lightweight fabric so if you're7:38outside enjoying this heat this is an7:40awesome awesome tank also bra friendly7:43and crazy flattering through the name7:44the v-neck and I'm seeing all the hair7:47that I'm shedding so I'm like this this7:49is driving me crazy that's my look oh7:50and then I have this awesome new little7:53heart necklace on laid with laid um7:57layered with our little thin snake chain7:59and then how fun is this little masonry8:03um it's like a friendship bracelet right8:04I just feel like that color button add8:07to your staff for summer really I don't8:09know just8:10just happy right okay8:12more goodies from Verity because this is8:14the time of the year this is when I8:16think they absolutely shine and8:18there was such a fun surprise in the8:19back so so smart Okay linen little8:22striped dress great little button-down8:23dress easy breezy I know for a majority8:26of you probably have graduations coming8:27up like crazy what are you wearing you8:29totally wear this as a guest out in8:32somebody's backyard just heading to it8:34how cute is that8:36um great little slit through the bottom8:39um so if you're petite and get a little8:41bit more room really classic color brown8:44sandals but here's the total hero8:46because sometimes if you wear a shirt8:47dress sometimes you feel completely wine8:49like should I wear a belt should not8:50wear a belt oh Tada look what fairy did8:53for you they added a little button in8:54the back to help create shape so if you8:57want to create a little bit more waist8:59just butt in the back and9:01that is such a smart little trick but9:04great little easy breezy just for like9:06literally happy hour hanging out at the9:09boat and I'm just thinking graduations9:10you have coming up this would be a great9:11little option9:13more neutral strikes these bottoms are9:16from Verity as well this is the Monterey9:19linen pant so a great alternative again9:22I'm thinking graduation you probably9:23have coming up here in the next couple9:25of weeks9:26um great wide leg a little bit more9:28pulled together classic trouser with the9:30button front but look at the elastic9:31waistband in the back so again crazy9:34comfortable fits multiple body types9:36love that it has a little pocket in the9:37back again putting making it a little9:39bit more elevated I've heard back to9:41this little fairy9:43um muscle tank how cute is this you can9:45play with layer necklaces over the top a9:47little bit dressier wedge or a sandal9:49you're totally set to go for a really9:51appropriate graduation look or again9:54Beach9:55Memorial Day parties they're totally set9:57to go9:58I'm sure all of you have the maycember10:00all the activities on the calendar10:02you're doing those last minute school10:03events this would be so cute if you need10:05a little layer throw your denim jacket10:07over it outfit set to go Ash what was10:10the name of the Verity dress again the10:12fairy dress I don't even think I told10:13you guys but the clarity dress is called10:15this is the linen Laguna maxi dress so10:19I don't think it's like a true Maxi I10:21mean maybe I'm about five eight and it's10:23probably hitting me a little bit more of10:24a midi length it does have that baseball10:26hem so it's going to show a little bit10:27more skin and for any of you who feel10:30like feels like it's a little too small10:31I would just give it one one or two10:34unbutton from the bottom so as you walk10:36and move your leg is going to show10:38through and that's just going to10:39elongate the body just a little bit but10:40the linen feels so incredible on this10:43product you guys10:45um it just feels heavy so and it's going10:47to wrinkle I think that's a beautiful10:48thing about Linen in this summer is it's10:50going to give it a little bit of life10:51but it doesn't feel too see-through it10:54feels just really10:55thick such a bad word for summer and10:57that's like nobody wants to feel like10:59they're wearing thick clothes11:04okay thinking about graduation gifts11:07teacher gifts birthday gifts I don't11:09know whatever it's going to be I just11:11picked a few of these that I'm going to11:12throw coffee gift cards in this for the11:14teachers in our life11:15um this is the Mercado Global these are11:17just a little chorizo wallets how fun11:19these little pops of color I mean it11:22would just be fun for your graduation11:23for the grads in your life throwing some11:25little things in here I don't know I11:26think they're 38 38 dollars just really11:29fun adds a little wallet inside of here11:32great quality it's kind of got this like11:34carpet feeling over the top fun little11:36eye Pat blue denim in the back but I11:38just think these are just fun little11:39giftables to throw a little gift card in11:41there and you're totally set to go and11:43then one more just kind of playing off11:45the nod to my jewelry and I'm like oh11:47this actually a really cute graduation11:48gift too these little yoriana this is11:50the Lou heart Huggies and also fun fact11:53I think Huggies are like the best11:55earring to sleep in because you're not11:57getting poked in the back so that's11:58another just a random tip that I think12:00is great a hug you if you want to sleep12:01in your earrings Huggies are the best12:03and these are really fun with that12:03little heart for that12:06okay Monday's starting12:09Summer's almost here for some of us12:10June's right around the corner I hope12:13you guys all have a great week I hope12:15you have a safe Memorial weekend and12:18yeah we'll see you soon

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