Now Trending: The Flare

Now Trending: The Flare

Flares are trending for spring—and Charla is here to show you why (read: they're so fun to wear, and even more flattering).
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hey friends good to see you again i'm
glad you tuned in today to the right
side of 50 i'm sharla and we are going
to talk flair jeans today okay
there's so much going on in denim right
now all so many amazing things for
spring and summer
some are into straight lakes some are
still living in their skinnies and today
i'm going to talk about the flare jeans
which are my favorite especially being a
tall girl okay so here's where we're
going to start we're going to start with
these great little
flares from
citizens of humanity they're called the
emanuella okay it's here one thing i
want to talk about too is that the rise
on this i would say this is a mid-rise
so those of you that are kind of
hesitant going into the high rise or
you're missing the stretch you have your
skinny jeans this is the perfect gene to
kind of dip your toe into that flare
okay because she is more of a mid-rise
and the fabrication on this very soft
these are really soft jeans and they got
a little bit of give a little bit of
stretch to it that you're used to seeing
in your skinny jeans or used to feeling
in your skinny jeans so again this is a
great way to step into these flares um
now i'm five nine so this is the perfect
little length for me you're gonna find
we'll go over this today when we're
together but
you're gonna find that with all flares
they come in different lengths too so
this is more of a little like a shorter
one i would say on me
um but i i love it because i paired it
with these fun little sandals that strap
up my ankle
again very boho very fun um otherwise
you're gonna see in the other ones too
that they can run a little bit longer so
if you want more of a platform
or if you want to drag on the ground a
little bit which is always kind of my
favorite that feels very boho um anyway
so these are a great way to start with
these little citizens of humanity okay
how am i styling i'm styling with this
fun little blouse from paige okay we
love paige they've got some really great
fun things this again very boho vibe
very like 70s i would say so you can
wear it um open if you want to or sorry
just untucked if you want to
i personally like either a little front
tuck to keep it real casual or if you
want to kind of accentuate your waist a
little bit and give you some shape
especially if you're kind of like a
rectangular body shape
test just doing a full tuck with a
little blouse that you have just
something like this really accentuates
your waist and gives you kind of that
hourglass figure look okay little
detailing on this blouse that i love
look at these fun little tassels they
have a little bit of a silver beading on
here too these cream tassels and it
laces right up the front um i just leave
them um
hanging down just like this and again
it's got a little bit of a gathering
here look how cute that is even if i
mean this would be so cute too if you
want to wear your hair up or wear your
hair back so you can really see the
detailing right here at the edge
a little binding around you know how i
like i like to do this there's a little
bit of binding right here around the
wrist but i pull that up just a little
bit again just to add a little bit of
shape a little bit of movement um and
you're ready to go out the door this is
a great like grab some coffee with some
girlfriends in the morning and then if
you're like hey i'm gonna grab some
coffee have a little pastry and then i
got other errands to run you are set for
the day in this little number i just
kept it real simple um with these little
fun little beaded bracelets i stacked
them together because there's a lot
going on in the blouse i didn't want to
distract from it so again keeping this
keeping the blouse the focus and then
just some simple hoop earrings um to top
it all off this time i'm wearing these
great white pair of denim um from a g
they're called the alexis boot cut okay
um love a flare that has distressing on
the bottom because i actually really
like to wear it where it just skims the
ground that's my favorite um and then
just wear a fun little uh flat sandal
with it these are actually a little
raffia pair um from dolce vita which i
love in dolce vita um anyway one thing i
do love about these is they are a higher
rise okay so they keep everything in
here they're very slimming on the leg
here and that's one thing too i love
about a flare is it slims your thigh
here because the weight of the denim is
the kick at the bottom of the flare okay
i paired it with this great little top
from velvet if that's a new brand to you
um please check it out because they have
some of my favorite pieces right now one
of them that they we're focusing on
right now is this fun little chambray
top okay
she's got i mean the detailing and this
is amazing so
i like the volume okay of
the of the puff here
they keep it like right on trend with
these little if you can see there's a
little bit pleated here the detailing
here in the seam which i love great
little seam down the middle basic little
v-neck now you could wear a necklace
with this if you wanted to i kind of
wanted to accentuate these earrings
these fun little raffia earrings to kind
of balance out the raffia that i have
going on in the dolce vita sandal okay
um and how to style this i actually
would leave this blouse just as it is
just kind of like flared a little bit
here again it keeps things more slimming
here with that high waist so you've got
a little bit of a kick here and a little
bit of a kick at the bottom these are a
favorite of mine okay these are from
seven for all mankind these are the
dojos all right
such a warm warm wash in this denim it's
got some fun distressing right here lots
of fun little accents that keep it
really on trend and very casual also i
wanted to note here the hem on this they
have probably like a three inch hem
which again makes it very 70s i remember
those denim from the 70s were always
finished and clean on the end which i
loved okay now
these these are a high rise okay you
know i like a high rise they keep
everything in this is the highest rise
um of all the ones that i've shared with
you today okay and again they're very
slimming on the thigh but again have
that great flare at the bottom
now with these high-rise jeans it opens
up the opportunities to wear some more
of the crop tops or the crop sweatshirts
sweaters that we have available okay
this is a fun little one that i found
from from sundry it's this warm little
marigold color fun little distressing
right here along the collar
it really gives you kind of that um
again going back to that boho vibe real
casual it has a great dolman sleeve on
here all right so kind of a slouchy real
casual this is something i would like
throw on if you are
maybe running to your kids games or
something like that even though it's