Trendsend Reveal: The Everything December Box

The Right Side of 50: Trendsend Reveal: The Everything December Box

Got things to do in December? (We kid.) Of course you do! And we'll style you for all of it. Parties, errands, and all the family things. Learn how we translate our in-store styling experience online with Trendsend. Today, Charla's busting open our Everything December theme box, with mix-and-match outfits we'll deliver straight to your door. What a gift! Have a watch.
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0:00hey friends so glad you joined me today0:02because I would love to talk to you a0:03little bit about0:09trendsend heard me talk about trendon in0:12the past in some of my videos make0:13mention of it I'm going to do a little0:15bit deeper dive today and share with you0:17all things transcend first of all what0:19is it transcend is an online styling0:22experience that we ever Eve offer to you0:24we love having you in stores you know0:26the connection that we love to make with0:28you and The Styling that we you0:30partnering with you really understanding0:32who you are what your needs are and0:35getting you the fashion in your closet0:36that you want we also know that0:39sometimes you are crazy busy or you0:41don't have that best girlfriend0:43available to go with you to the store to0:45do all of it so we are going to connect0:48with you online that way you can do it0:51quarterly you can do it monthly whatever0:53works for you where you can go online0:55you can fill out a short profile with0:57very specific questions those stylist1:00are going to immediately know your needs1:02know your style and are going to be able1:03to curate boxes for just you and send1:06your way and you can receive right on1:08your front doorstep I am going to talk1:09to you a little bit about the everything1:11December box which is my personal1:13favorite of the ones that we put1:14together throughout the year it covers1:16basically all the bases of the things1:18that you're going to do we already know1:20that you are headed to a party we1:21already know that you are crazy busy1:24with errands we know that you are trying1:26to come up with a cute outfit to wear1:27with the family who's coming over and1:29you just want something casual as you're1:31sitting around doing puzzles and baking1:32cookies we get that so we're going to1:35put all of that in a box for you another1:37thing that I love is that the items that1:39we send they're going to crisscross and1:41mix and match really really well so I'm1:43going to start today by showing you the1:45jeans that I have on which we love to1:47send you a bottom because I always love1:49to update denim in my closet this is a1:51Nico from aold e aie as you know staple1:55in my closet and it can go casual it can1:58also go elevated so I'm showing you this2:01piece here that we're going to put with2:02a little more elevated top and this is2:04something too that you could easily2:06separate and wear a little bit2:08differently in my box how cute would2:10this denim also be with a fun little2:13sweater just like this you could also2:15change up the shoe keep it a little more2:16casual and that'd be great for you know2:19maybe a little shopping date with some2:20friends a little morning coffee date2:22would love that you could also take the2:24blouse switch it up with this beautiful2:26Navy you could keep the shoes on or how2:30fun would it be to change the pants with2:32it and pair them with these great velvet2:35pants from Citizens of Humanity would2:38love that outfit that would be so classy2:40love the shoes with it as well so that's2:42a great like if you're going to a little2:44concert or something like that that's a2:45fun little thing to put together maybe2:48cookie baking and puzzling with the kids2:50is a thing that's on your list fun thing2:52that would come in the box with that2:53would be just some cozy cozy pants and2:56then how cute with this great little uh2:58Varley sweater if you need a little2:59little layer which sometimes we do this3:01season um you could throw a little3:03graphic underneath it as well or you3:06could just have the graphic with the3:08jeans with a fun little chunk uh chunky3:10Ugg or something like that again for3:12running errands I'm kind of showing you3:15here how all of these pieces can kind of3:17like mix and match for the needs that3:19you have within the month of December so3:22this is one why it's one of my favorite3:23boxes I just changed the sweater up3:25because I wanted to show you again the3:26versatility that's going to be in the3:28Box started with the shimmery blouse3:31kept the same jeans but just changed out3:33the sweater so this is the perfect3:34little outfit if again you're running3:36around for the day I did throw in some3:38cell boots with this all weather boots3:39changed the jewelry a little bit I3:41switched to Gold instead of silver you3:43can kind of crisscross if you want to um3:45and mix and match with the Cozy pants3:47that are put within the Box this would3:49be a great little thing to wear for3:51maybe Christmas morning if you just want3:52to stay cozy again with those um little3:55joggers you could also throw on a3:57t-shirt which is really fun going back3:59to for the sweater you could keep the4:00jeans and switch it out for the vley4:02sweater if you'd rather do that lots of4:04options we're never going to send you a4:06box of random things we want to make4:08sure that when you get that box all of4:10that can kind of crisscross and mix and4:12match easily for the needs that you have4:14throughout your day we talked about the4:16transcend box and how fun that is how4:18much I enjoy it all the pieces that I4:20love to put together now the question is4:22how do you sign up you can either go fill out a very short4:27profile and that'll get you all started4:29or if you're already on the ever website4:31because you're doing Christmas shopping4:33of course there is a tab on there that4:34says transcend and you can just click on4:36there and go right to all the things4:38that you need so glad to see you and4:40excited to get a transcend box put4:42together curated just for4:48you

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