Long Weekend? Think Layers.

The Right Side of 50: Long Weekend? Think Layers.

Gotta get away? You're in good company. Charla is here with a travel capsule of many pieces that you can pack into one bag. It goes from casual to elegant in the change of a shoe and the cuff of a jean. She's got more tricks up her sleeve but you'll have to tune in to find out. Happy trails!
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0:00hey friends we're back at it again on0:02this other side of the holidays I know0:05that you are planning a little getaway0:07because I am0:12too what are we going to wear for a long0:14weekend I'm here to tell you when we do0:16long weekends I like to have some layers0:19and I like to do a little capsule0:20wardrobe I like my layers to kind of mix0:22and match because I have lots of options0:24but I can take it all in one small bag0:26so let me share with you what I'm0:28wearing starting off with a basic0:30t-shirt which you have to have one of0:32these in your closet this one is by Cuts0:34love the fabrication it's a little bit0:36shorter for those of you that like a0:38high-rise Jean and don't want too much0:40of the extra t-shirt trying to tuck0:42inside this one's perfect for a little0:44front tuck and layers under0:46everything then the next layer a denim0:49shirt you know me I have a 100 denim0:52shirts I can never get enough this one0:54is by Citizens of Humanity and it's a0:56little bit cropped again it works great0:59for many outfittings where you want to1:01just do a little front tuck or not have1:03it hanging so long underneath things1:05it's a perfect perfect fit and it has1:08the little Pearl snap front buttons I'm1:10going to show you here which I think is1:12just a perfect little accent and a fun1:14little pop with your outfit a Blazer1:17this Blazer is by fairity here's what I1:19love about this Blazer this fabrication1:21has a little bit of stretch to it it's1:23almost like wearing a sweater to be1:25honest with you it's knit the collar1:27still pops up really nicely it's got fun1:30little pockets on the side so as you're1:32traveling if you want to do handsfree1:34you can easily put your keys sunglasses1:36wallet whatever right there and you're1:39out the door now denim I know that you1:42have seen some of the Horseshoe denim1:44that is out there if you want to just1:46step your toe into that a little bit1:48Citizens of Humanity makes this style1:50this is the Aya and it runs a little bit1:53wider I actually uncuffed it for this1:55outfit and I love the puddling that it1:58does a little bit on the floor it kind1:59of gives a cool casual look to it and2:03pairs great with some fun high tops the2:05high tops are from p448 which I'm going2:07to show you here a little bit love a2:09little lace up little gold teal2:11detailing on the back and true to p4482:13they make it really easy for us by2:15adding a zipper on the side so easy on2:18easy off as you're traveling from hither2:20to Yan and a bag to top everything off2:23this one is by think royland the thing I2:26love about this bag so much aside from2:28the typical fabrication that have and2:30the amazing straps that they have is on2:33the back it has that little flap so that2:35you can easily slide it right onto your2:37suitcase as you're traveling through the2:40airport that is outfit number one next2:43look I'm going to show you same jeans2:45but styled just a little bit differently2:46okay here we go outfit number two I2:49promised you I was going to wear those2:50same jeans but a little bit differently2:52so all I did is I did a double cuff on2:55each side kept it a little bit wide and2:57honestly as you wear them this way you2:59have a little little more of that3:00horseshoe shape that you're looking for3:02but again it's very subtle so if you3:04just want to tip your toe into the trend3:06these are the jeans for you now I put3:09this little outfit together almost like3:10if you had a date night where you were3:12going on your long weekend or if you and3:14the girls were going out for dinner or3:16drinks cocktail hour something like that3:18this is a great little outfit that you3:19can put on the little top is by Nation3:22um it has a fun little Keyhole cutout3:24right here just add a little Oompa for3:26the night out um and then it is long3:29sleeve I do like to kind of pull the3:31sleeve up a little bit adding a little3:32bit of movement to it now we know that3:35the weather is still a little bit chilly3:36although we're praying for spring to3:38come soon so you're always going to need3:39a little jacket or something to kind of3:40top things off your leather jacket is3:43perfect it's almost like I lean into a3:45denim jacket when it comes to like the3:47warmer weather and in the cooler weather3:49my my leather jacket gets used3:52constantly so this is the one that3:54you're going to you're going to want3:55sometimes you can wear it for sure you3:57can put it on over all the layers but if3:59you just want to to put it over your4:00shoulders you're good to go the little4:01ballet flats sometimes I think when we4:03think going out we have to have a high4:05heel boot or a high heel shoe a little4:07ballet flat in this fun metallic is just4:11as edgy as a high heel would be so enjoy4:14your Flats my friends and they're really4:16fun for a night out because honestly you4:18can be on your feet dance the night away4:20and you are good to go topped it off4:22with a little silver jewels and4:24everything's set from head to toe now I4:26told you that I kind of like to mix and4:28match as I travel you can easily do any4:31of these items with the items from the4:33first outfit you could layer again the4:36white t-shirt underneath with the jacket4:38you could layer the blazer with the4:40white T-shirt alone you could do the4:42Blazer over this again keeping your4:44jeans you can cuff them you can uncuff4:46them a lot of options for your weekend4:48away thank you so much for joining me4:51we'd love to see you in stores as I4:53always say we have so much more to show4:58you

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