Palazzo Pants (Two Ways)

The Right Side of 50: Palazzo Pants (Two Ways)

Charla is here with two very different looks styling one great pair of jeans. The Good American Palazzo is as versatile as they come. Go casual (with a best-selling tee) or elevate things for the office with a couple of swaps. Check it out to maximize what's in your closet. Or stop into EVEREVE. Our stylists love to show you how to flex your fashion.
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0:00hey friends I'm so glad you joined me0:01today because I am talking about0:05[Music]0:09versatility when I buy a great pair ofLook 10:12jeans or whatever I'm purchasing to put0:14in my closet I like to know that I have0:16multiple options of ways to wear it okay0:18so I'm going to show you how you can get0:20a little bang for your buck out of some0:23great pair of jeans and styling it a0:25couple different ways the jeans I'm0:26wearing today tall girls you're going to0:27love this with a 33 and 1/2 in seam0:30coming in hot are these good American0:32pazo pants love the color they're so0:35soft and especially the wide leg which I0:37feel like can be really fun and Casual0:39almost like a boho look but also really0:41elevated and really fun with these I'm0:43kind of going with a more casual look to0:44start off with I added this little0:47graphic tea this is by Daydreamer a cute0:49little Fleetwood Mac for those of you0:51that are really tuned in you know that0:53we had earlier this season this one in0:55Gray she sold out so quickly and was a0:57hot seller so we brought her back back1:00in cream she does have a little more1:01square cut which I actually love because1:03when you're wearing it with a little1:05highwaisted Jean like this you can1:07easily tuck her in and then just pull1:08out the sides for some fun little1:10styling I topped it off with this great1:13little cable sweater from John and Jen1:15it's a little quarter zip sweater just1:16throw it right over the top and for1:18those of you that are into the trends1:20you kind of are pairing a little bit of1:23the little vintage prep along with the1:25biker sheet now the shoes we know that1:28we're heading into a little cooler1:30weather so these great little boots from1:32cell are my new faves they're an1:34all-weather boot um they also have a fun1:37little shearling right here added a1:39little um gold detailing on the side1:41with some fun little laces they'll get1:43you from morning to night in all the1:44things weather so that's the first look1:46I'll be right back to show you how to1:48style it just a little differently I'm1:50back with look number two again withLook 21:51these great good American pazo pants1:54okay and I call them a pant it's really1:56a Palazo denim you're going to need1:58these in your closet and and I want to2:00share with you a little bit on sizing I2:02did go down one size in these you might2:04want to stick a true to size I went down2:06a little bit one size because they do2:08have some stretch in them so as you're2:10moving and grooving about your day it's2:12quite forgiving back to the whole look2:15we just elevated it a little bit by2:17changing what you have on the top and2:19changing the styling of the boot on the2:21bottom we're going to start with the top2:22you know me I am obsessed with a white2:24button down under every sweater under2:27every vest I just love it this one2:29you're going to want in your closet this2:30one is by cloth and stone it's so soft2:33love this little pistola sweater we had2:35a different silhouette in this last year2:37this year we brought her back a little2:38bit more cropped which is great2:40especially when you can have that button2:41down showing out a little bit love that2:43a just a little bit of a balloon sleeve2:46to give a little oversized feel but2:48again this whole outfit is very elevated2:50so if it's something that you want to2:51wear to the office if you can wear denim2:53uh to the office this is a great look or2:55for even a elevated dinner as you're out2:58with friends I love the little kitten3:00heel on here so all you tall girls you3:03are still getting a little bit of height3:04without being Skyhigh and I love this3:07booty because she's just a pull on all3:08right there's no zippers or anything to3:10fuss with just pull it on and you're3:12ready to go gold jewelry is a must for3:16fall I'm really loving these great3:17little earrings you know me I like to3:19stack my bracelets always have three or3:22four bracelets going on and a fun little3:24gold ring to top everything off thank3:26you so much for joining me hop into3:28stores we would love to work through3:30versatility in your closet3:36anytime

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