Just-Must Jackets & Tops

New Arrivals: Just-Must Jackets & Tops

Ash is here to set you up for seasonal success with all the fall tops, jackets and coats your closet craves. New colors, fabrics, and trends will be fast favorites and have you wondering how your wardrobe ever lived without them. It's a must-watch. (But when isn't it?) Enjoy!
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0:00[Music]0:02all right0:04crew it's the last week of September and0:08I don't mean to scare everyone when I0:09start our lives today by saying that but0:11I can't believe it it's the last week of0:12September and it is like Moody and cold0:15but crazy humid so as we go through live0:17my hair is just going to get bigger I'm0:19going to give you guys a heads up on0:20that but for those of you who don't know0:22I'm Ash I'm evergreen's director of0:24styling and we are talking all things0:26new arrivals and going into this last0:28week of September0:30we are layering we are bundling up we0:32are adding on that great like jacket0:35vest how cute is this okay should we0:37talk about my outfit first because I0:38feel like a total boss in it way to like0:40you know get after your Monday with a0:42total boss outfit okay check out this0:44vest I am wearing the every Lee vest0:47what a statement maker how fun is this I0:50love a good vest what I love about this0:52one too is you can totally play with0:54something a little bit more like0:55professional pulled together let's head0:57to work classic like jeans and a t-shirt0:59throw the pop over the top but I'm even1:01thinking like for my lifestyle a little1:03black hoodie leggings sneakers on the1:05weekends with my kids and then put this1:07on how much more pull together would I1:08look like just with this vest versus1:10like my you know solid good old North1:13Face this just feels like a little bit1:14more styled and put together but I'm1:17wearing a large in it how fun is this1:19what a statement with this really like1:20great long length so fun okay then I'm1:24wearing the LNA rylo ribbed t-shirt holy1:27bananas this shirt feels incredible like1:30I could wear this to bed I may set some1:33point wear it to bed it feels so good1:35I'm wearing a large in this1:37it's like fitted but it doesn't feel1:38like tight or constricting1:41three colors this is coming home with me1:43because it feels absolutely awesome and1:45then another thing that feels so good I1:47am wearing the Citizens of Humanity this1:49is the Isola flame Dark wash it's called1:52chamber I'm wearing a 29 in here but you1:54guys1:55the stretch is so so good okay and five2:00eight maybe five nine on a good day and2:03so I just want to say that these are2:04definitely like perfect length on me if2:06I want to wear this in the flat shoe I2:08could totally do it if I want to wear it2:09with the heel like this little Mark2:10Fisher booty I'm wearing I could totally2:12do that you want to just do this with2:14like a little Ugg2:15slip-on tab you can totally do that too2:18also good but my goodness these feel2:21incredible and I will say this for those2:23of you who do not love like a high high2:26rise these are definitely a mid-rise you2:28feel secure but you're not feeling like2:30it's taking up your whole front half of2:32your body just like the perfect rise and2:34again the stretch is so good I'm wearing2:37a 29 in them I don't think I go down to2:39a 28 I mean for my own personal2:41headspace that might feel great but for2:43what actually feels and looks really2:45good is actually my true to size which2:46is a 29 especially with all this stretch2:48so yummy yummy okay2:51this rack crew is2:55amazing there are so many things I want2:57to buy I'm ready for it now to get3:00cooler so I can wear all the jackets we3:01already talked about my Lee best from3:03Everest3:04let's grab the new pieces from velvet3:07say what if this isn't screened3:09Yellowstone on all the ways I don't know3:12what does so if you are obsessed with3:14that show3:16I think this is the jacket you need this3:17is the jacket you need okay so we have3:19this this fun fun printed we have3:21amazing longer length in the Navy here's3:24the cool thing about this crew it is3:26reversible so you have this great little3:27shearling on the outside look at that3:29print drooling but then a great3:31beautiful suede on the inside3:33kind of just like reverse it up getting3:36a little bit of contrast here this one3:37is the Layla coat there's I mean3:42it's like it's amazing and it's really3:45really gorgeous and I think you should3:46buy it and I think I need it too because3:48it's so fun but a great little fall3:49transitional jacket and then if you're3:51like yo no no no I don't do prints I'm3:53not gonna do that need a little bit3:54extra coverage this is another beautiful3:56solid one this is the car coat so a4:00little bit longer but still reversible4:01and just in this beautiful beautiful4:04um suede Navy so so pretty4:07up another fun little car coat from4:09velvet this one's a little bit more I4:11think I'm assuming wool this is the4:13Huntington coat she's gorgeous it's like4:16great4:17Brown definitely has more of a warmer4:20tone to it but how amazing is this coat4:23I think what's really fun this is like4:24kind of a big thing happening into fall4:26this year these longer lengths and uh in4:29that layer is huge you guys you can do4:31this for work you can do this for events4:33you can be running around with your4:35girlfriends doing a girls day trip jeans4:38sneakers leggings this whole longer4:41jacket Vibe is the perfect layer for4:43literally every outfit you're doing this4:45fall so4:47this might be a really really fun one4:48that you want to pick up and do it again4:49I have a question for you oh yes can you4:52talk about your jeans again my jeans4:53again okay question is can I talk about4:55my jeans and yes I want to talk about4:56these jeans they'd be awesome so this is4:58the Citizens of Humanity Isola flare5:02colors chamber wearing a size 29 one5:05thing you can't see so I'm gonna move in5:07all the way so you can tell just how5:10incredibly stretchy these are5:12they feel amazing I love that they're a5:14clean dark wash and definitely that boot5:16cut is back so it gives you that flare5:18so it's gonna be in this really long5:19lean leg5:21this clean wash also just keeps the eye5:23constantly moving again I'm 5 8 so I5:25think Footwear will be important for you5:28depending on how tall you are but I'm5:30doing this with a little bit more of a5:31heel from Mark Fisher I've tried it on5:33with a flat booty over there I could5:34totally rock this with a sneaker a5:36little Ugg slide that tags just slip it5:39on and running around for the weekend5:40but hot dang do they feel so incredibly5:43good and I'm thinking about all you gals5:45who are like I'm not here for the5:47high-rise jeans sometimes just feels5:49like too much this feels like high5:51enough that you feel secure but5:52definitely more of a mid-rise so you5:54just feel like I don't know if you're5:56somebody who's like never been on the5:57high-rise train these feel absolutely6:00incredible and again the stretch in6:02these are bananas so this is like your6:04dinner Gene you know you can go to6:06dinner and then you need to like have a6:08pant that like expands with you if6:12especially I feel like whenever you go6:13for like Mexican you're like yes I'm6:14gonna eat all the chips and guac and6:16salsa yes I want a chimichanga yes I6:18want a margarita and I need that to6:20expand with me as I eat all of that6:22these would be these jeans so this is6:23the Isola flare6:25colors chamber Citizens of Humanity we6:28can talk about it again because they're6:29so good I want you guys all to know6:31about them okay if you are not like in6:33need of a jacket because I know in some6:35places of the country it's still 926:37degrees out but then in the morning you6:39might be like 54 and then by two o'clock6:41it's you know 87 and you're like I need6:44I need something for the morning this is6:46going to be your long car coat option6:48here this is from every I lied this is6:50not from every this is from John and Jen6:52this is the belted long sweater coat so6:55pretty in this oatmeal it definitely6:57feels like double6:59double sweater so it has some like7:01weight to it but so movable soft love7:04this like reversible hits with the black7:06figure you can cuff it if you want self7:08belt if you want to create a little bit7:09more shape but otherwise I just time it7:11in the back and I just treat it like a7:12true little cardigan but awesome length7:15and I love the hit and black behind it7:17I'm just thinking if you need that7:18sweater when you're back to office this7:20is going to be that one off the back of7:21your chair or you just have with you all7:23the time to slide on because they7:24definitely could like create this like7:25little blazer Vibe with the tie7:27otherwise you just need straight warmth7:32those jackets were amazing we're going7:34to talk about blouse City blouse tops I7:38mean just those fun little things you7:40need from office to girls night out I7:42don't know if you have school events7:43coming up you know all those things we7:45just want like a cute top a pair of7:46jeans and you're totally set to go we7:49are here for all of that okay first off7:51I'm talking about apple orchard so7:53you're hitting you know like you go to7:55the Apple watch with your family when7:56it's not 90 degrees out near super hot7:58but you really want to like live that8:00vibe check out these adorable little8:03plaids both both from rails okay let's8:06talk about this one first because this8:07is their like classic core button down8:11sell through this all the time just8:13because it's such a Workhorse in your8:15wardrobe you can layer it it's thin you8:16still get the idea of just like a class8:18it's cute enough to wear on its own8:20this is the hunter Mulberry button down8:22obsessed with these colors through this8:24is in that little wine a little bit of8:26the Periwinkle it has black white super8:29lightweight this is just so cute you8:32could I mean8:33how cute is he just with this outfit I8:35mean not with the vest but like just8:37with these jeans top jeans done you're8:39set to go any event you're ready to go8:41girls night out you do this with a8:43little bit more of a boyfriend Jean8:46maybe the Catherine from Cut and you8:48throw on a little yep we got brand new8:51swirl crew throwing a little Sorel your8:53apple orchard Vibes totally set how cute8:55is this feminine like little Chelsea8:57boot from Sorel amazing again mud dirt9:01Fields pumpkins you want a good Sorel9:03that's like gonna go with you and then9:05how cute is this really adorable little9:07rail top okay something a little bit9:09more feminine from rails oh my gosh it9:12has a little bit of like a puff sleeve9:13how cute is that this little rails but I9:15love the embroidery hitting here so9:17pretty again back to these jeans you do9:20this as a trouser it'd be really9:22beautiful actually with like a cream I9:23think we have a good American cream9:25straight like Jean it would be so pretty9:26with that a black tall boot I don't know9:29loving that little embroidery hit here9:30just to give it a little bit more9:31femininity against that flat I have a9:34question for you yeah would you be able9:35to try on that John and Jen coat yes the9:38sweater yes yes I totally will I'm gonna9:40try to slip that on crew9:42okay this is a small FYI so if you're9:45like oh that looks too small on the9:47shoulders it's because it is because I'm9:49typically I would buy this in a large oh9:51she feels good9:53feels so good9:56how is it cute I feel like it's cute I9:59mean I feel like I'm wearing like the10:00easiest base underneath here and because10:02it's a small I'd probably leave this a10:03little bit longer because anime like10:05sleeves poke out of here10:07how cute is this okay then you take the10:09back10:11in the little knot that also helps10:14create shape was when you tie the waist10:16that little string in the back how cute10:18is this10:19is my collar sticking out10:21there you go ready ready for the office10:23ready for whatever fall event you have10:25going on again this is a small actually10:28I feel like I might actually buy this in10:29a medium maybe not a large the large one10:30hit me too long here but10:32is real cute and I'll check the price10:34for you but let's see what this looks10:35like10:36yeah I definitely would want this the10:37medium because then I could like10:38actually cross that over10:40how cute would this be for your Saturday10:42morning coffee runs and your leggings10:44and your Uggs you slip this on you look10:46really pulled together you have a little10:47like waist creation10:49I don't know who asked this question but10:50great question and you should get this10:52because this thing is so yummy and so10:55cute okay10:56John and Jen 178 it's the belted long10:59sweater coat so as a reminder it is in11:02that sweater material11:04okay more11:07oh this is the wrong size I'm gonna put11:09this back on because I'm not like the11:10biggest fitted top gal so I feel like a11:12little exposed so I love it good I love11:14a good jacket even though this l a top11:16is amazing okay one more column from a11:20great little button down it's similar to11:21a plaid but it's not applying because11:22it's obviously a solid color shirt this11:25little button-down crew is all knit it11:27feels so awesome I think we use this in11:31our October catalog we have a lot of11:33conversations about travel so if girls11:34trips coming up you're visiting those11:36kids down at school up at school11:38wherever that looks like from you this11:40is going to be a Workhorse for you11:41because it can go really casual you can11:43go a little bit dressier but the whole11:45thing's knit and it has a little bit of11:46like a police line in here so as your11:48temps start to get cooler this is going11:49to be an awesome little piece in your11:51wardrobe you just take that denim shirt11:52and you replace it with this great11:54little knit one this is evereve It's the11:56Ruby brushed button down under a hundred11:58she's real cute again12:03top12:06for our printed gals some really fun I'm12:09just thinking whenever you have somebody12:10coming in for work looking for work12:12clothes or you just have like a little12:13night event thing12:15cute top and jeans you're totally set to12:18go12:19obsessed with this little floral top I'm12:22also thinking of you who have family12:23pictures yet and you're like I don't do12:25dresses I don't want to do a skirt I12:27love a good Jean and a top how beautiful12:29of a palette would this be with this12:31little top and then these dark jeans12:33because then you could put your crew12:34like the rest of your kids either in a12:35stripe or a solid or your other little12:37if you have little girls or other12:38daughters like in pinks and like oh so12:41pretty the pleating on the sleeve12:43stunning so so pretty bra friendly you12:46don't have to worry about your chest a12:47little pleating through here how pretty12:49would that be with this dark clean Jean12:51you would look smoke shell in this and I12:53also think the color would look work on12:54so many different skin tones little12:56Keyhole back just really pretty pretty12:58you're like flowy I don't know she's13:01really good and I should tell you what13:02it's called13:03this is the every the Cooper pleated13:05blouse 88 she's really pretty really13:08pretty okay other fun oh another13:11actually more meals we got a lot of13:13rails this week how fun so another fun13:15little printed one so cute back to these13:18jeans but I love this to a little black13:20pant you could do a black booty just13:22really classic simple chocolate is a13:25huge color for this or brown is a huge13:28color for fall so just like hitting into13:30that trend of a color palette then this13:32also allows you to do black or brown13:34Footwear13:36I feel like I did not give These Boots13:38enough credit this is why I love these13:39so these are Mark Fisher little black13:41booty check out how the heel is that13:43wooden heel but with the black leather13:44this is like the perfect shoe to wear to13:46this top because I feel like what should13:47I do brown shoes I should do black shoes13:50this is the shoe does all the things it13:51hits you in all those like brown or13:53black gray whatever you can do this is13:55going to be a little work of course plus13:56it's got that stacked wooden heel so so13:59comfortable if you're on your feet for a14:01longer period of time14:02okay14:04speaking of bosses like this best check14:06out this this beautiful straight like14:08kind of menswear inspired shirt from14:10rails this blue is stunning again14:14the perfect jeans to go with all the14:16things I don't know I actually think it14:18might be kind of sexy if you wore this14:19for night out too just left it untucked14:23maybe unbuttoned it a button a button14:25it's already a pretty low button kind of14:27just like a sexier heel little clutch14:30here's night out girl find out how14:31pretty would this top be so so cute14:35okay14:37which I think of this rack that is going14:40to blow you away by the fit the color14:43this is going to be that Workhorse item14:44that you didn't know you need and when14:46in doubt you're like I just need a cute14:47top I just need somebody to wear to work14:49today14:50I just need something that makes me feel14:52good welcome to let's find let me14:55remember her name the tally satin blouse14:57from every crew this is just that one14:59and done that I think sometimes you15:01think like you don't need but actually15:03really do need because it just like hits15:05all the marks it's flattering it's15:07professional it could be dressy it could15:09be sexy it could be a little bit more15:11casual you just want to throw a little15:12something fun into your wardrobe this15:15little tally satin blouse is amazing15:17loving loving loving this blue I'm15:20really into this right now same with15:21this little rails top we had this on15:24Steph I think she was wearing it in our15:26moto jacket reel earlier this month15:29looked incredible on her beautiful15:31necklines you're just not showing all15:33your things fun little pleated detailing15:35here so if you don't want to wear it15:36under a jacket which also as you know it15:39is easy to layer you can totally rock it15:41in it just adds these small little hits15:43of details that make this so so15:45beautiful here's the other thing I think15:46this is the15:47for you don't need to tuck it in like15:49you could just pop this top on put on a15:51pair of bottoms cute pair of shoes15:53you're set to go but this is the tally15:55satin blouse so beautiful and again that15:57little feminine ruffle I don't know15:59don't sleep on this this is going to be16:01Workhorse more than you know you're16:02gonna put it on and if it's going to be16:03incredible16:04okay then one last thing I just wanted16:07to announce to you crew well there's two16:09there's a really fun announcement at the16:10end of this really fun announcement at16:12the end of this slide but16:14crew look what came Sorel16:17sorel's so good this is the time you16:20guys know that we love this brand it's a16:22Workhorse in your wardrobe this is like16:24your Saturday weekend where for those of16:26you who are in the north this is amazing16:28waterproof snow proof all the things you16:30feel put together but you can be in all16:31the elements I am absolutely loving this16:34little like hiker booty we had a version16:36of this last year might have been in16:37black but this new color palette I'm16:40obsessed with and then that amazing16:43little hiker sneakers to like snow16:45waterproof for all you moms and biggest16:49fans who are sitting on the sidelines16:50this is going to keep you warm you can16:52sit out in the rain all the elements16:54you're going to be Chic cute leggings16:56joggers whatever it is our little Sorel16:58hiker booties are the way to go17:01okay17:04fun announcement17:05I don't know if you've been on this well17:07you're on social right now but I want17:09you guys to remind remind you we are17:11having doing our cut giveaway so all17:14this month we've been celebrating and17:15highlighting cut from the cloth denim17:17some of our favorite and best-selling17:20jeans we are doing a giveaway right now17:22you had three days left to enter so17:24you're going to want to head over to our17:25social feed on Instagram17:27follow all the details get yourself17:29signed up because on Thursday17:32Heidi and I are going live 10 a.m17:35Central Time with a really fun member17:38from Cut From the cloth and we are17:39announcing the winner of our cut17:41giveaway really big gift card all the17:44fun things to go with it some jeans good17:47denim to win and then in every single17:50every location we're doing a cut event17:52so maybe you need to do your lunch break17:54early or maybe you don't bring your17:55lunch today you go grab lunch you go17:57head to an evering store make time for18:00it because all we're going to be doing18:01on Thursday is celebrating cut from the18:03cloth Denim and again 10 A.M Central18:06Time Heidi and I are announcing the18:08winner of our cut from the cloth18:10giveaway so head since you're honest if18:12you're on Instagram if you're on18:13Facebook wherever you're tuning in from18:15head to our Instagram sign up to get an18:18amazing prize from Cut From the cloth18:20okay18:22I talked incredible flat fast as as you18:26can tell I can barely get my words out18:27here at the end of live but it's gonna18:29be a good week happy end of September18:31and we're gonna see you all on Thursday18:32bye

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