Fun Feb Things!

New Arrivals: Fun Feb Things!

Ash is back and springing forward with some great new picks to wear now AND later. Jumpsuits, jackets, graphic tees, feminine tops, and all sorts of other just-in goodies you'll want first dibs on. Check it all out then get some freshies in your closet!
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0:00[Music]0:05all right happy Monday crew happy new0:07arrivals should we just dive into my0:09outfit because I'm so obsessed with this0:12blue Blue Bell jumpsuit from pistola so0:15so good okay by the way I'm also Ash0:17ever's director of styling and every0:20couple of weeks we talk about all the0:22new arrivals at our hit our store hit0:24online and all the new goodies0:26but are we not obsessed with this0:28jumpsuit I'm obsessed okay so this is0:30pistola this is the Campbell jumpsuit I0:33mean it has pockets it cinches in at the0:36waist this color this color this color0:38what I know it's February and everybody0:40has already bought your pink or your red0:42because yes I have but now I'm like now0:44I need this blue now I need this blue I0:46have it layered over this little velvet0:48t-shirt and these neutral Stripes just0:50to give me a little bit more coverage0:52during this like winter season and then0:54our all-time favorite Footwear sneakers0:57fun new p448 and this metallic big trend1:01for Footwear this spring and summer crew1:03so make sure you hop out on it and then1:05yes a baseball cap this is like the N1:08okay I said metallic Footwear was the1:09number one accessory this is the number1:10one accessory so awesome for sun1:13protection but also if you still have1:16postpartum hairs growing in and your1:18hair is wild and crazy it also just1:21hides all of that and you look pulled1:22together so fun I'm also not a Dodgers1:25fan but Jason baitman is and I'm a Jason1:27baitman fan so whenn when I don't know1:30I'm so obsessed new brand for us1:3347 in all these awesome neutral colors I1:36I don't buy sports caps for the team I1:38buy them for the colors so like I'm1:41partial to this khaki one cuz my it's1:42going to go with so many things and just1:43a really fun new pop to so many looks1:46fun little tip I have with baseball caps1:48if you're not doing this as like true1:49weekend wear I love the justos of a1:51baseball cap with something just a1:52little bit more polished so fun little1:54jumpsuit it could be a Blazer it could1:56be this yummy yummy leather jack jacket2:01camel hat pair of jeans what how cute2:03running around with girlfriends or doing2:05errands with kids so fun okay but let's2:07dive into the rack because we got so2:08many new good arrivals I'm going to dive2:11into jumpsuits since we just talked2:12about hands down my favorite jumpsuit I2:14have seen in the longest time but more2:17from pistola in awesome or neutral2:19colors obsessed with the fit of This2:22Crew I tried this on a little bit2:24earlier this morning so fun in this2:27great little utility green has a little2:29bit more more of a kick flare so if you2:31love a wide leg Jean this is going to be2:33an awesome option for you I will say if2:36you do have a little bit of weight or2:38you need a little bit more room in your2:39tummy I would size up in this CU it does2:41run a little bit more fitted but if2:43you're more of that pear shape this is2:44going to fit you so so beautifully this2:47is the McKenna jumpsuit the color is2:50absolutely gorgeous really fun I'm just2:52even thinking if you guys have like back2:54to work girls nights you're doing on a2:56going on a trip this just feels like an2:58awesome little easy peasy look and how3:00cute would this whole combo be just in3:02this jumpsuit as well okay something to3:04kick it up just a little bit more how3:07fun is this utility jumpsuit little3:09cargo Pockets but in this great little3:11fabrication that just feels more night3:13out more casual I don't know so so fun3:17this is the Jade jumpsuit she's got3:19drawstrings if you want to make it more3:20of a little jogger bottom that elastic3:22waistband super super lightweight so I'm3:24thinking if you are packing going on a3:26trip this would be such a fun night out3:28piece or like walking on the City and3:30then tossing this on for night how fun3:32is this and I will go true to size in3:34this one as well all right and then one3:37of my favorite pistola jumpsuits I don't3:39know she's like sexy she's retro she's3:41cool we had that awesome denim shirt3:45with a denim skirt dress from pistola3:47and now we have it in a jumpsuit she's3:49so cool I'm thinking like sexy open in3:52the neckline but also I love it layered3:54with a t-shirt underneath baseball cap I3:56don't know so so fun again I'm aide4:0029 and 30 in the bottom I wore the large4:02in this and those bottoms fit so great4:04but so fun from pistola okay and one4:08more great one piece dressing you know4:10Michael Stars we have the best dresses4:13from Michael Stars this one is the Cali4:17dress we had it in Black from January4:20and now we just got in that Navy so I'm4:21thinking if you got takeaway this is4:23going to be that awesome base dress to4:25throw underneath anything but I'm like4:27okay how cute would this be throw this4:29by the way this is a blank NYC vegan4:32moto jacket and like a really pretty I4:34almost want it looks blush but I think4:36it's more of a khaki okay so if you4:38wanted to take this dress really casual4:40do the dress vegan jacket throw a little4:43sneaker on like how easy peasy if you're4:45like I'm not wearing jeans like what a4:47fun runaround outfit with that Cali4:50dress the inside lighting looks cute too4:52oh oh my God it the inside lining is4:54super cute look at the stars in that4:55crew what a great night out jacket but4:57this is so fun with Michael stars that c4:59dress you're going to want to buy true5:01to size it's in that rib fabrication5:03which is so comfortable so forgiving on5:05the body type and then I'm loving what I5:08love about this C dress it has more of5:10that muscle sleeve tea in here which I5:12think is just so flattering because it5:14creates shape in the waist cuz it pulls5:15your eye out through that muscle tea and5:17then brings you back in the waist and5:19then rushing hides highlights whatever5:22you need to do such a smart this dress5:24we've been running in different5:25iterations for so many years and it's a5:27bestseller for a reason so this is5:29definitely a core piece to pop into your5:31wardrobe this February okay talking5:33about more color because I'm in this5:35color vibe because this jumpsuit CU it's5:37so fun great core tanks from cloth and5:41stone okay these are going to be your5:42workhorses pun intended for w work I'm5:46thinking you pair this back to a great5:47little black trouser or dark jeans throw5:50a little jacket over the top as it5:52starts to warm up you could do it again5:53with a really fun little beautiful pant5:55if you have an event coming up if you5:57have a conference for work this is going5:58to be so great I love this hit of color6:00especially coming into bday oh my God6:03stretchy neckline I don't know why that6:04always feels great but then you don't6:05feel constricted or buttons this is the6:08gathered neck Top This is raspberry6:09sorbet under 80 and this is this6:12beautiful little khaki color which I6:13think can look so warm on so many6:15different color um on different body6:18types so beautiful beautiful tuck that6:21in belt jeans you're totally set to go6:24all right more great let's me show you6:26some more work options which I love or6:28night out for those of you who just love6:30a great blouse do a great top cute6:33little top great pair of6:35jeans how fun are these new tops from6:38ever okay obsessed with this print it6:40feels like a feminine camo and that's6:42why I love it a little bit of this Coral6:44let me bring it up here for you guys6:46olive green this touchup purple little6:48v-neck which is so flattering on6:50multiple body types that really6:52beautiful Floy sleeve just creates this6:55really great feminine top you pair this6:57back to your utility pant pair of jeans6:59your you're totally set to go crazy7:01flattering this is the Hazel blouse and7:03I think this color is so cute but how7:05cute would this be too baseball cap pair7:07of jeans how cute and then this color is7:10this like sady blue love this with like7:13a vintage oh I wish oh like if this is a7:16pair of jeans of vintage denim how cute7:19would that color be back to like a more7:21washed um vintage denim great little7:24shoe this top gold jewelry this is the7:27mallerie gathered satin top and she's7:30beautiful what I love is that wide trim7:32on the bottom crew so you don't need to7:33worry about tucking it in doing a half7:35tuck let that kind of be the show piece7:37of your top and then how beautiful is7:39that gathered piece in the back this7:40just feels like I need some new stuff I7:42just want a cute top this feels like an7:44easy little Workhorse too to pop into7:46your7:47wardrobe okay couple more it is vday7:51it's vday month what are you wearing you7:54don't wear red you don't wear pink how7:57hot is this little LNA top this is a8:00silhouette that we've carried many8:01seasons before now it's in this awesome8:03little like snake skin print this is the8:05Alpine button-up in this beautiful gray8:08and white okay here's what I love about8:10it has a gathered bottom so again no8:13tucking no half tucking you don't need8:14to fuss with it you pop the top on you8:16wear your favorite pair of jeans you're8:18set to go for a night out you're going8:19to want to buy trud to size in this just8:21an easy sexy yet casual not fussy top8:25from LNA obsessed okay few more8:30hello Fleetwood Mac all I can imagine is8:33that one isn't it like the cranberry8:36commercial where the guys on the roller8:37blades and it's playing that Fleetwood8:38Mac song like you're just wearing this8:39t-shirt graphics are flying off of our8:42shelves just another fun new little8:45piece um to toss under your jackets cuz8:48sometimes you just want a cute new8:49t-shirt that you can wear casually or a8:51little bit more dressed up this8:52Fleetwood Mac I love in that Basin gray8:54and then that pop of purple so so fun8:57okay oh I should have talk to about this8:59this when I talked about with other when9:01I talked about the other cloth and stone9:02but I'm obsessed with this it's like9:04half utility half feminine this is the9:07puff sleeve shirt from CL and stone9:09there's something about it that has that9:11like camp shirt Vibe kind of utilitarian9:14but that sleeve is super feminine again9:16pair of jeans baseball cap a great9:19little boot booty sneaker you're totally9:21set to go she's just like that one and9:23done don't need to think about it makes9:25a statement cute outfit top so cloth and9:28Stone9:30okay one last piece I've really crushed9:33through this rack how fun is this little9:35sweater tea so cute loving all these9:37little Varsity hits this like open weave9:40awesome for vay with a white pair of9:42jeans so good for right now with a black9:44tank underneath um you can even layer9:47this this is the Hazel pullover under 809:51again just like all these small little9:53Varsity hits this would be really cute9:54with a little pair of black trousers for9:56work too but I'm obsessed with it and9:58maybe maybe if you um aren't technically10:02like a total Super Bowl fan but you're10:05more of like a sports ball and want to10:07be athletic those small Varsity hits10:09might be more your Vibe so could do that10:10or you could wear a baseball hat to10:13maybe the big game party that you have10:15so crew if you can't tell by my10:18excitement and how fast I talk today I'm10:21very excited about all of our new10:22arrivals we have so many goodies in our10:24stores on our site and a little checkout10:28ever.com10:29because we have a new brand drop with10:31Mother denim on our site now so so good10:34so if you love Mother denim need to head10:38there now because it's online and it's10:39ready for you to Grabel okay have a10:41great week see you10:47crew

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