Cool Looks for Chilly Weather

New Arrivals: Cool Looks for Chilly Weather

Ash has got your casual-cool look locked with today's new arrivals. A great denim maxi, tall, neutral boots (that you'll wear everywhere), warm layers, awesome graphic tees and more. These will be your new favorite go-tos, so have a look and get getting!
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0:03all right crew happy December can you0:06believe we're here we made it we're0:08barely making it and it's just began but0:11we know that your schedules are full you0:13have a lot of things on the calendar I0:14do and we have some really good new0:16arrivals to kind of get you through all0:18the things December so I'm Ash I'm0:21ever's director of styling and every0:23other week we kind of go through all the0:25new not kind of we do go through all the0:27new arrivals that you need so let's dive0:29into my look first because this top crew0:31is a Workhorse this is the Michael Stars0:34Denise top it's the sister to the Amara0:36one of our bestselling Michael Stars top0:38but this sucker Denise she's got long0:40sleeves she's got this fun little like0:43strong shoulder she's got rushing0:44through the side so it's going to be0:46crazy flattering it's in a rib0:47fabrication so you feel held in stretchy0:50but yet pulled together and she comes in0:52three colors I'm wearing just the0:54Classic black fun little bone this0:56beautiful little Navy this is going to0:58be like hanging in this store and you be1:00like no no thank you I don't need that1:02and then no you do it feels awesome and1:04then I'm going to show you all the1:05different ways that you can wear it but1:07I'm absolutely loving it paired back to1:09this Seven For All Mankind denim like1:13long skirt okay I don't know how to1:16describe the fabric of this denim but it1:19is so soft I was telling the crew here1:20that like I can you tell through this1:23drapy the drapy of it it's like soft but1:26it feels like denim it reminds me of1:28like when curtain sheets are are on the1:31is this helpful as I'm describing this1:33to you as my hands are desing like this1:34like when you hang sheets outside on a1:35line and the wind takes it and it's just1:38like blowing and it looks really like1:39beautiful that's the way the skirt feels1:41so when you envision that that's the way1:43this feels and it ah love that it's a1:45clean hem side slit up the side so it's1:47elongating but yet it feels really1:49casual and then of course it's December1:51so any of those festive events you have1:53coming up great paired it back to this1:55like great little tall suede boot1:57pairing it back to that fun little conac1:59color back to the black which just makes2:00it a little bit more casual but you2:02could do it with a tall black Boot and2:04you could even do it with a sneaker if2:05you're running around doing all those2:07little errands I am wearing a size 302:10which is a size 10 in the skirt feels2:12really comfortable as I do carry more of2:14my weight through my tummy and then I2:16think I'm wearing a size large on this2:17top and that feels absolutely2:19comfortable so really obset this is just2:21like an easy basic look but like so2:23comfy okay so Denise she's a winner she2:26goes with all the things okay sweaters2:29yes don't we all still need a sweater2:31when in doubt you pair it with a sweater2:33this actually would be so cute back to2:36the skirt especially with that little2:37khaky hit in here back to the brown boot2:40you could do this with a black vegan2:41pant if you want to go a little bit2:42dressier a core just even basic little2:45jogger for weekend or you could just do2:47with a good pair of jeans because when2:48in doubt throughout winter dressing2:50sweater and jeans you're totally set to2:52go so this is the sanctuary Summit2:54pullover under $90 so so good love okay3:02Graphics easy peasy if you're looking3:04for gifting for the right person this3:06just feels like a fun little thing to3:07treat yourself these are in from Retro3:10Brand and Daydreamer so let's talk about3:12this Johnny Cash one again how cute3:14would this be back to a little denim3:16skirt how cute and then I have some fun3:18jackets on here you could throw over the3:20top okay let's just get into it let's3:21just get into outfitting right now3:23because I can't not move forward without3:25talking about this jacket fairity we're3:27going to dive into it but crew I don't3:29know where you're going or what you're3:31doing but how cute would this jacket3:33this little graphic tea little denim3:35skirt boot like you're totally set to go3:37Pretend This is on me how cute of an3:39outfit pulled together so fun little3:41Graphics great gifts but just kind of3:43gives your whole outfit a totally3:45different vibe when you're paired back3:46to a graphic this little Pink Floyd3:48super fun really good pops of colors3:50getting into that Merry and bright mix3:53okay getting a little bit dressier for3:54the holidays we have this new cloth and3:57stone little satin shirt classic white3:59white so if you love a good white button4:01down loving this version that's a little4:03bit dressier has a ton of great drap to4:05it so that five times fast take that top4:09I feel like I wore the perfect skirt4:10today the perfect bottom because it goes4:12with all the things so you take this top4:14back to the skirt you could still do the4:16boot you could do a dress of your boot4:17you could do a dress of your shoe but4:18like fun little holiday outfit I don't4:21know if you're getting together with4:22girlfriends for a night out of drinks4:23and food and all the things done how4:26cute would that be okay or now I'm like4:29outfit idea on a roll or you want to4:32take this4:33top you need something for work check4:36out this amazing blazer from Z Supply4:38throw it over the top oh you could still4:40do it this is not helping you still do4:43it with this skirt what a great little4:44work look or a dressier look but how fun4:46is that okay let's dive into this Blazer4:49it's in our December catalog if you4:51haven't gotten it yet check it out4:52online so so cute we definitely styled4:55this Blazer so many different ways and4:57where we landed was a great little4:59travel look because if you're traveling5:00for the holidays you want to have that5:02versatile little suitcase that goes from5:05the weekend to maybe if you're going to5:08a play Night Out holiday I don't know a5:10Blazer is going to be an awesome little5:12travel item here's the beauty of this Z5:14Supply Blazer also it's called the Ava5:17textured Blazer it's knit it's knit that5:20means it's going to be cozy it's going5:21to be comfortable you can do all the5:23things in it we had it styled over a5:26hoodie so so cute over a sweatshirt and5:29you know what I'm going to do here is5:30just show you how stretchy and5:31comfortable it is so like how fun what5:34like traveling in this how amazing5:36you're at work any if your holiday5:38parties I don't maybe this isn't cute I5:40don't know if this is cute with the5:41black over the black maybe I should do5:43like the bone color over the black or5:45this would be really cute graphic tea5:47with a skirt again I know non-stop but5:50how cute is this Blazer crew comes in5:53black and then it also comes in this5:55this is ew how beautiful is that color5:58like ah would that be so so oh here's6:00another really cute idea guys so many6:02things to like maybe you should just6:04here's like a capsule maybe you should6:05buy all of it and you got a great little6:07capsule wardrobe but how beautiful would6:09this denim skir be a little cream Top6:11This Blazer over the top and then that6:14brown camel boot how how beautiful okay6:17now you're watching me struggle take6:19this whole blazer off but it's stretchy6:22so that's okay okay and then one of my6:25favorite favorite pieces on this rack6:26this new jacket from fairity if you you6:29have any Yellowstone fans here don't you6:32want this don't you feel like you need6:34this you can be Beth in all the best6:36ways like how cute is this and the co6:39look at what look at the lining cozy it6:41obviously has pockets this is the legend6:43jacket so you know it's in that really6:44great stretch knit that they do in all6:46of their button downs but now it's in a6:49jacket and I'm like living all of my6:51Yellowstone dreams here with this jacket6:53this is I'm trying on the large crew I6:55maybe could do a medium but maybe if I6:57want to wear it like over a sweater I6:59don't need6:59to what this jacket the skirt the boots7:03call me Beth like right how cute is this7:07okay we got a lot of stuff here in right7:09now at every we got jackets we got7:11graphics you got holiday events coming7:13up head to our stores hop online we have7:15all the things for you crew and you know7:18what you can do this December's here7:19you're going to crush it it's going to7:21be marry it's going to be happy holidays7:24thank7:28you

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