A Cozy-Chic Infusion

New Arrivals: A Cozy-Chic Infusion

Grab a mug of something hot and snuggle in for a lineup of fall-to-winter pieces you'll want pronto. Sweaters, sweatshirts, and vests paired with white denim and utility pants for a fun, fresh twist. Have a look, then look no further for this season's must-haves.
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0:00[Music]Featured Looks0:04hello all right crew oh my gosh it is0:08definitely taking a turn here the temps0:09have0:10dropped um this is I want to keep my0:13hands in my pockets all throughout this0:15live because this vest is the most cozy0:18comfiest thing I have put on in a long0:20time and yeah everything on this rack is0:23also crazy cozy comfy so I'm Ash I'm0:26everes director of styling and we are0:28talking all things new arrivals this0:30week and it is like kind of like the0:32comfy cozy Edition I also feel like if0:34you are hitting up those apple orchards0:37the pumpkin patch trying to get in all0:39those fall activities before it gets0:41really really cool specifically here in0:43the north I know that might not be the0:45case all around the country um but we0:48got all the fun cute outdoorsy product0:51for you and comfy cozy okay let's start0:54with this vest0:55because something you can't see but I0:57want you guys there's Fel inside this1:01vest this is from Sweaty Betty I'm1:02wearing a medium in it1:04collarless there's there's fleece inside1:06the pockets and if you've like had to1:08walk your kids to the bus stop or be at1:10a soccer game outside or anything on the1:13sidelines and you realize why would I1:15need mittens it's the beginning of1:17October but your hands are freezing this1:19is the vest you need it is so so1:22incredible long so it keeps that tush1:24the legs little slip the side so you can1:26still move so cute Sweaty Betty wearing1:28a medium okay and then check out this1:31new upside sweater so fun Olive black1:34cream great little print I don't even1:37like the inside feels incredible it's1:39not wool this definitely is more cotton1:41based so for those of you who are in a1:42warmer climate this is going to be that1:44awesome it's like heavy weight but not1:46like too heavy we're going to sweat I'm1:47wearing a medium in this has a fun1:49little black bottom I just gave it a1:50little roll so it made my legs a little1:51bit longer I'm wearing these Monroe1:53Cargo in that cream base because you can1:56still wear cream after Labor Day fun1:58little New Balance um sneaker and like2:00here's my weekend wardrobe right how2:02cute is this I still can't get over this2:03vest so so fun I'm wearing the black2:06also comes in this yummy yummy emerald2:09green it's so it's kind of sleeping bag2:13s in the best way possible this is what2:16you want to run around in I don't know2:18about any of you but I also like just2:20wear leggings in a sweatshirt to run all2:22the kids the grocery store and then you2:23throw this on like how cute how she can2:25You' be so easy zip it up all the way2:26because you know when it comes to2:28sweatshirt season are you wearing a br2:29you're not wearing a brow nobody knows2:31and if you got a vest one you just zi2:32her right up so so good but this is2:34Sweaty Betty okay so many other I'm2:36going to actually work backwards today2:37am i r because we're on this Sweaty2:39Betty kick now if you're more petite or2:42you feel like yeah I'm so not into a2:44long vest we have a really fun little2:46short option here for you in this really2:48pretty blue this is called the2:51Trailblazer vest okay but how fun is2:53this little drawstring so if you wanted2:55to this is what I think would give it a2:56little bit more character um little less3:00outdoorsy just a little bit more Chic3:03give a little scrunch at the bottom and3:04you kind of got this little bubble vest3:06I know this looks very unattractive on3:08the hanger like I have it here but3:09really really cute again pop it over a3:11little pair of jeans cargo leggings and3:13you're totally set to go but this is3:14another new vest from swaty Betty as3:18well do they want a pair of Hoodie I3:20would 100% Rock a hoodie with this vest3:22it's like the perfect vest for a hoodie3:24too because it's actually so colorless3:26so good3:28question3:31okay honestly if you're 52 I think you3:33could Ro rock this best that longer3:35length if you kind of know that lux3:36Leisure trend is happening right now the3:38longer coats I think what's going to be3:40really important for you is what you're3:41layering underneath it make sure you're3:43having a Slimmer pant definitely more3:44than likely a legging you do with a3:46sneaker you could do with a boot you3:48keep that layer underneath a little bit3:49sleeker with a great little hoodie or a3:51slim fitted vet like a slim fitted3:53sweater and you just make the vest kind3:55of your long little piece you're totally3:57set to go to set to go and how warm3:59would you be because it's gonna like hit4:00you right down here going to keep you4:02warm through all the elements so 524:03ladies you can wear this vest just keep4:06everything slim4:08underneath okay another fun new piece4:10from sweat Betty I'm so intrigued by4:12this great little like black trouser4:15pant um elastic waistband does have a4:18zip so it looks more pulled together4:21this is the Arctic Explorer um crop4:23flare the biggest thing about this crew4:25is like check out the stretch on that4:28like how forgiving how comfortable going4:30to do all the things has a little bit of4:32a kick flare here so cute to do with4:34this sneaker you can do with the slide4:36I'm thinking any of the Uggs you have4:37that Taz you just slip on these seem4:40crazy crazy4:41comfortable and that would be the4:43easiest flip to this whole look just to4:45do these bottoms pair of sneakers you4:47could do this upside um sweater bottoms4:49you're set ready to go all4:53right yeah you guys I am wearing this is4:55the Monroe little utility bottom I'm4:57wearing a medium in this they definitely4:59have a little well not a little they5:01have a higher rise they have a5:02drawstring through the top but I love as5:05somebody who has a thicker leg an5:06athletic booty I feel like I have tons5:08of room through here I love this like5:10cream bottom for winter and for fall5:13compare back to so much but crazy crazy5:15comfortable I'm about 58 and this is5:18hitting me right above the ankle but so5:20many details in this cargo pant crew so5:23so fun so Monroe utility bottom5:26beautiful little cream good question5:28okay two more favorites from Sweaty5:31Betty this is some these are two5:32sweatshirts we brought in last year we5:34brought in just another new round of5:35them in this really great gray petites5:38that 52 gal this is going to be awesome5:40for you this is one of their bestselling5:41sweatshirts one of ours in that classic5:43gray this is the melody Lux fleece pull5:46over little banded bottom through here5:48have a little tie waist cozy cozy pretty5:51sure it has the thumb holes because we5:52know that feels important as it starts5:53to cool down but just a really good5:55staple to throw into your wardrobe again5:57super cute under this vest because5:58there's no you don't need to mess with6:00it see that little T neck poking through6:02a legging totally set to go and here if6:05you're somebody who wants something a6:06little bit longer to pair with your6:07leggings this hoodie from Sweaty Betty6:09super cute under here just a little bit6:11longer6:12tunic this whole rack I wish there was6:15like a cozy meter because this whole6:18rack is absolutely incredible and so if6:20you're like why is she being super weird6:21and just constantly touching this6:22fabrication it's because it feels6:24incredible and this whole these6:26sweatshirts are like an entire fleece6:28brush sweatshirt and it's super super6:30cozy again also have the thumb hole so6:32this would also be really cute like back6:34to the cargo cing underneath but fun new6:37launch from Sweaty Betty in stores right6:42nowal oh good question so the question6:44is what's the fabrication of my pants6:46it's just a really it's a thicker cotton6:47crew so just that classic utility not a6:50denim super soft it just has some light6:52stretch in it so I don't feel6:54restricted literally before we went live6:56I was like this whole outfit feels so6:58incredible everything is so soft so even7:01though this isn't a crazy stretchy7:02material it feels soft I feel movable it7:05feels yum so not denim definitely more7:07forgiving lightweight C cotton but I7:09feel secure at the same time which feels7:11important when you're in a cream pant as7:12well so and7:14the the brand of the black pants these7:16are Sweaty Betty crew fun high-waisted7:20super crazy stretchy loving this seaming7:22down here because it's going to be a7:23really like clean leg little bit of a7:26kick flare which is super flattering to7:27the hip nice high rise and my favorite7:30thing about a pant it's stretchy the7:32whole thing stretchy I mean look at the7:33waist beend how yummy is that so super7:36forgiving but that's like a perfect7:37little weekend pant cute oh I'm like7:41here let's put an outfit together how7:42cute would these little kick flares be7:44this Sweaty Betty little cropped7:46sweatshirt and then you get the blue7:49vest over the top of it so cute okay7:53diving in a little less like7:55outdoorsy like active wear into a little7:58bit more cozy fun New pieces hitting8:01from Monroe great little sweater um8:06jacket here check out the waffle like8:09weave in this so so beautiful beautiful8:11little oatmeal this is this super soft8:14waffle knit cardigan and you know what8:16crew it is super soft like actually how8:19cute would this be basic white little8:22t-shirt throw it with these car girl do8:23it with a sneaker if here's your back to8:25work or just that like cozy meeting with8:27girlfriends you in a book club you're8:28getting together for dinner8:29just a really8:31cozy feels like a Vermont Vibe even8:33though I've never been to Vermont like8:35this is something I'd want to wear and8:36I'd pack to wear to it love that it's8:37giving you a little waist detail but it8:39is super soft oh my gosh okay I'm like8:43lost for words my vocabulary is very8:44limited to cute soft and cozy today so8:47just be prepared but this one is8:48absolutely beautiful so that would be an8:50awesome little work piece too obsessed8:52with anything little Fair ale fun new8:55piece from Monroe in those blacks and8:57Grays a little bit of oatmeal I you8:59could totally pair this back to Brown9:00because in these cream hits there's a9:02little bit of like an oatmeal or a brown9:04tone to it so it's awesome cuz it's9:06hitting all the neutrals this is that9:07one undone you just pull that sweater9:09over don't need a half tuck don't need9:11to do anything else with it so cute back9:14to these little cargo pants from Monroe9:16fully outfitted by Monro but just a fun9:18little statement maker sweater that's9:20like just one and done so this is the9:23mock neck Fair ale9:24pullover beautiful so so cute okay this9:28rack is like short and simple but so so9:30good okay last one fun like over9:33exaggerated hounds tooth from line and9:36Dot this is the hounds tooth plush9:38pullover again cozy comfy soft uh this9:42is 104 great little cozy sweater again9:45back to that one and done season sweater9:47cute bottoms boot or a sneaker you're9:49set to go again how cute would this be9:51with these little cargo pants so fun but9:55cozy season is here crew oh question9:59sweat rze yes I think for line and Dot10:02and Monroe crew I would do true to size10:04specifically in Monroe I have found that10:06everything I try on from them is really10:08true to size so I probably would try on10:11the medium in this because I'm in10:12between a medium and a large so I guess10:15maybe a little bit more oversized I10:16think that's just part of the brand and10:17the fit I'm wearing a medium in the10:19pants that they have line and Dot I10:21would try them both a medium and a large10:22because I think depending where that10:24neckline hits if it feels too big in the10:26neckline I'd size down um10:29just because it's a little bit more of a10:31shorter length so I just don't want it10:32to be too oversized too big it starts to10:34look sloppy but I would do true to10:36sizing these it's a really good question10:38on10:39Monroe okay so the price there's a10:41question is what's the price paint on my10:43monroe bottoms these are10:45188 oh my gosh they feel so comfortable10:47again wearing a medium sing a little bit10:49higher somebody who carries just some10:53strongness in our butt hip and thighs I10:56feel like I have room they're super soft10:58I don't feel complet completely exposed10:59in a white bottom so they feel awesome11:00but Monroe what's the brand what's the11:03description of this utility pant oh it's11:05the utility pant from Monroe 188 so11:07super good but honestly I feel like I11:10could wear these bottoms with almost11:12every top that we currently have on this11:13Rock today which is super awesome so put11:16my hands back in my pocket here because11:17again fleece line Pockets winwin win I11:21feel like you don't realize how11:22important that is until you've actually11:23experienced it so good but crew so many11:26good cozy things fun new brand11:29um items from Sweaty Betty to keep you11:32really cozy warm throughout this fall11:33season so any other11:36questions price point of the vest I11:38think this price point is about 268 is11:41where this vest so it's definitely that11:42great little transitional piece if11:44you're not ready for that winter jacket11:45or if you're like me and you're sweating11:48so badly when you're getting the kids11:49out the door you went up to the bus stop11:52and the thought of putting on an actual11:53winter jacket makes you even sweat more11:56so you just want that great little layer11:57to like keep keep the edge of the real11:59coldness off but allow you to cool down12:01a vest is an easy win so Sweaty Betty12:03268 this is called12:06the downtown Quint glette again fun12:10great little length she's real cozy12:13she's real cute and I'm wearing a medium12:15just for reference so right now I'm12:16about in between an eight and a 1012:17medium large and a top and I'm wearing a12:19medium in this V so okay only color for12:22those only color for this utility pant12:25in that cream white which crew if you12:27have yet to find12:29another color option for a utility12:31bottom I'm like go to green it's so easy12:34cream is a really fun alternative12:36because it's so easily can be dressed up12:38or it can be dressed down so I do think12:40if you're thinking about investing in12:42these this would be an awesome pant um12:44to make an investment into the utility12:46bottom it's got so many good little hits12:47and definitely year round it's going to12:49be an awesome little bottom for you so12:52okay crew have a great week um yeah and12:56I'm going to see you in a couple weeks

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