Wide-Leg Denim Superfan

Styled by the CEO: Wide-Leg Denim Superfan

Meet Mercedes: artist, business owner, and the biggest fan of wide-leg denim we've met yet. She asked us to elevate her jeans-only office look and we were ready with our latest and greatest wide-leg denim trends, great styling tips, and, of course, Megan's signature dare piece. It's a fun one. Hit play!
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0:00[Music]0:17in this episode of Style by the CEO0:19we'll meet another CEO the wildly0:22talented Mercedes this artist has0:24created not one but two businesses0:27Mercury mosaics and mosaic candy shop0:31both of which center around her0:33beautiful handcrafted tiles a lover of0:35wideleg denim Mercedes is excited to try0:38on office friendly looks that0:40incorporate this trend and in honor of0:43the upcoming holiday I've pulled some0:45night out pieces for her Valentine or0:48gallentine plans let's go meet Mercedes0:50and have some0:51[Music]0:58fun1:01one of the things I learned about1:02Mercedes that I love is she's looking to1:05elevate her style she wants to stay1:07rooted in her style as a maker but1:10pushed the elevation and femininity just1:12a little1:14[Music]1:20bit this is a new silhouette shape that1:23is trending right now this is called the1:25barrel leg but look closely at that1:27print okay okay yeah how do you feel I1:30actually I feel good I feel good print1:33is out of your comfort zone so thank you1:35for trying a print isn't that ironic1:36like I'm a mosaic artist but I love1:38wearing Basics tell everybody about what1:40you do for work I'm a mosaic artist and1:43it was really important to me to start1:45my own supply chain in the tile that I1:48use for my mosaic art so I've been1:50building a tile manufacturing company1:52for 18 years aiming to put it all1:55together as a mosaic artist and a tile1:58manufacturer instead of like one or the2:00other do these slides feel out of your2:02comfort zone yes they do this color I'm2:04paranoid that it's too contrasting with2:07my porcelain colored skin let's try2:10these I think these are going to be a2:11fun compromise pushing you out of your2:13comfort zone but still making you feel2:15like you're true self okay those feels2:18really good now we're feeling like2:20Mercedes now we're feeling like you I2:23love these boots how do you feel yeah2:25they're they're great your normal go-to2:27as a utility boot to this more West Wern2:30boot which I2:32[Music]2:33love I love it oh this is cute I love it2:37have a look in the mirror look at this2:39beautiful feels like me I love it why2:43does it feel like you tell me more about2:44that it's got a whole like overall2:46vintage look um we've got a pop of color2:50we've got my classic jeans and then2:52we've elevated the boot from the utility2:56to this western boot and it doesn't feel2:58like it's not now that we have an outfit3:01for night out for Valentine's we are3:03going to work on your work looks3:04incorporating that wide leg bottom into3:07some looks for3:08work we found out that Mercedes was3:11actually not wearing denim that's true3:13to her size so we sized her down in3:15denim she typically likes denim that's3:18oversized so I think that's why she was3:20sizing up but the problem is denim is3:22getting more oversized so she can stick3:25to her true size and she doesn't need to3:28size up anymore so I love the AA jeene3:30for her this was funky and fun and3:33oversized but it also flattered her3:35shape you are a huge fan of wideleg3:38denim I remember you saying you're never3:40going back to skinny jeans this is a new3:42pair by cut that we are loving I love3:45this exposed button it has some really3:47great detail here I just think you're3:49going to love the3:52fit Mercedes how do you feel about that3:55next3:56look I love it oh look at this look at3:59at you amazing have a look in the mirror4:03I would live in these jeans for sure I4:06was I'm going to keep telling you every4:07time I was a little skeptical about the4:10buttons but they were totally easy like4:12they're because the Jee is flexible it4:15it works yeah I love the details that's4:18the Meg wide leg which is a bestseller4:20at ever Eve super comfortable but I love4:22the details on it of the exposed button4:25and also the just the piping really4:26beautiful utility details I can tell4:28you're very intentional about moving her4:31fashion forward and I love knowing that4:32because that's what we do at every we4:34help women move forward in their fashion4:36while staying true to who they are at4:38the same time it's important to keep4:40yourself fresh and renewed as well does4:42that look does this look help you do4:43that yeah absolutely amazing and you4:46love the you love the cut cut is a4:47favorite Jean of yours yeah yes yeah you4:50can see it in my customer history your4:52customer4:54history did an executive move and I put4:57one more outfit in Mercedes dressing4:59room room I chose a really great kind of5:02crazy Jean by Citizens of Humanity it's5:04the Horseshoe silhouette so it's5:06definitely funky and I'd really like to5:08see how she feels in this jeans okay5:10Mercedes here's the Wild Card this is5:12the last minute move we put in your5:14dressing room what do you think I I like5:16it actually let's5:19see oo how do you feel I love this do5:23you like the look like how does the look5:24feel to you so they feel good but I I5:27don't think I'm a clog person this is5:29the wild card where I'm like this is the5:31wild card because she said you said5:34you've been hiding in your clothes and5:35we already learned that she was sizing5:38up a full size you told us you were a 105:41you're an eight you told us you were a5:42medium you are a small you are5:44definitely showing up in your clothes5:46you're not hiding but this might just be5:48too far they feel good it's a great fit5:50I think just like overall there's a5:54little too much flare there for me first5:56of all thank you for trying it I think5:57it's really important to try on things5:59that make you uncomfortable and if they6:02don't we learn so about how to direct6:05you to the next thing this is a new that6:06just came in it's the Aya but it's with6:08the raw hem and you said you like the6:10raw hem y so I'd like you to try this on6:12in place of the Horseshoe jeans let's6:15see how feel does that feel so much6:18better it feels definitely more like me6:20okay let's look in the mirror let's talk6:22about this outfit how do you feel about6:23this look I love this look yeah these6:27there's no question like this the fit6:30and the style all are me of all the6:33outfits you tried on today what's your6:35favorite my favorite outfit would be the6:37last pants that I had on the darker6:39denim I love the piping and I I think a6:42stretch for me is just the buttonfly I6:44love that and then I think I would6:46definitely wear that black belt yes6:48that's your winning my favorite I love6:50it well thank you so much for coming in6:51to play with us today this is like this6:54is my workshop here I know you have a6:57workshop this is our our clothing6:58Workshop so thank you so much for coming7:00in I'm so proud of what you do for our7:02community and the business you've built7:04thank you and as an entrepreneur a7:06fellow CEO I just love the value you're7:09adding to our7:12[Music]7:28community7:29

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