A Literal Next Chapter

Styled by the CEO: A Literal Next Chapter

Join Megan as she styles businesswoman, mom, and first-time author, Maggie. This dynamic lady is looking for outfits to take her from days on the farm, where she lives with her family, to the office, and new book signings(!) Don't miss this page-turner and learn how to style for all your new life chapters.
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0:05[Music]0:14in this episode of Style by the CEO I'm0:16styling firsttime author Maggie who is 60:19feet tall Maggie May have one of the0:21most dynamic lives of anyone I've ever0:24styled she and her family recently moved0:26to a log cabin in the middle of the0:28woods and she's a businesswoman and an0:31author launching a new book Maggie0:34describes her personal style as a hot0:36mess mom and we are going to change that0:39Maggie is looking for looks to wear at0:40her upcoming book launches as well as0:42outfits that can take her from work to0:44her kids sporting events tonight's out0:46with her husband we are so excited to be0:49part of this next chapter of Maggie's0:50life let's go meet0:55[Music]0:58Maggie1:01[Music]1:10you shared with me that your style tends1:12to be a little more earthy a little more1:14organic I thought this very sweater1:16would be beautiful you I love this tell1:18me about your personal style yeah so I1:20love more Earth Tones um neutral colors1:24things that I can wear inside outside as1:26we're walking the dogs taking care of1:28the kids so pieces like this feel like1:31they resonate with me more now just the1:33colors you're going to love fall because1:35it's all about earthy natural organic1:38textures and color so it's it's a really1:40great season for1:41[Music]1:51you I found the perfect top for you to1:55wear to your book launch event I'm1:56excited oh my goodness Megan this is1:59awesome isn't this perfect yes tell me2:01about your book yes I'm so excited it2:03follows two strong female journalists2:06one living 100 years ago one living now2:08both trying to uncover a secret so the2:10fact that you found this shirt is so2:13cool we've pulled a couple looks for2:15Maggie that I think she's just going to2:17love taking in mind that she is six feet2:19tall so we really watch the inseam on a2:22lot of denim and a lot of bottoms and2:24the length of sweaters and2:28tops this is what we're really excited2:30for her book launch this book club tea2:32is going to be great really think she's2:34going to love this Marin moto jacket it2:36has just the right amount of Edge and it2:39has some stretch it's vegan leather it's2:42just really really cool I think this2:44might be out of Maggie's comfort zone a2:45little bit but that's okay I'm pulling2:48this because she is so tall she has the2:50height to pull this vest off it's going2:53to look amazing on her and I really2:55really polished and put together for her2:57book2:58launch2:59[Music]Look 13:04tell me about these they look amazing on3:06they feel great they feel really long I3:10can't believe it the inseam is 33 in3:13which is perfect for women with really3:16long leg and I'm six feet and it's hard3:18sometimes to find a trouser Jean that3:20will be long enough it kind of feels3:22like put together professional with a3:24little bit of an edge um and the book3:26club tea underneath it's amazing this3:29and this just feels so soft and yet it3:32does it has that edge to it that I just3:33love I want to show you how to wear this3:34with like a flat like a loafer for your3:37more days where you don't want to have3:38to wear heel cuz you want to be3:42comfortable so I know you tall girls get3:44left out of the cuffing Trend we do I3:47love that the ever trouser is long3:50enough for even you tall girls to Cuff3:53okay so you can cuff a trouser yes I3:55like giving it this big big chunky cuff3:58oh I love that it just gives it a real3:59really modern4:01[Music]4:04look I love this I love these pants ILook 24:07love the sweater it feels so good this4:11just feels like me I love well I love4:13the brand cut it's my favorite huge cut4:15fan and the length I know this is a 334:19in inseam which is perfect for you tall4:21girls I love that this is long enough4:24way to go cut I love cord it's super on4:26Trend right now and it looks great with4:28that sweater and okay the sweater love4:31the shoes love you're a clog girl I am I4:35love the heel the ckids are super4:38comfortable I love wearing my I me I4:41wear them almost every day to work they4:42look comfortable but then they feel even4:45moreable that's the best is when they're4:48fashionable and functional I love that4:50mix well you look amazing and I can tell4:54you feel like yourself I do this feels4:56great how's that third4:58look oh my goodness this feels so goodLook 35:02this is like a little bit of a stretch5:03for me it's a little out of my comfort5:05zone but it feels amazing it looks5:07amazing I can tell you're loving this5:08look let's talk about it how do you feel5:11about these trousers yeah I love the5:14pants I love that they're a little bit5:16baggier right I mean bottoms are5:18definitely loosening up you're going to5:20see looser trousers looser denim loose5:23is good this is gorgeous throwing over5:26that vest and your height at 6 ft is5:29like the perfect type for this amazing5:31dress not something that I would maybe5:33typically grab right off the rack love5:35how it all works together Looks So5:37Sophisticated so Chic for your book5:40[Music]5:50[Music]5:58launch6:08

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