Spring Style Level-Up

Styled by the CEO: Spring Style Level-Up

This episode of Styled by the CEO is a great example of how being open to change can surprise you in wonderful ways. Join Megan as she styles Janet—mom and business traveler who wants versatile outfits that level up her spring look. (Mission accomplished!) Tune in to see how it all comes together and grab yourself some new spring things.
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0:00[Music]0:16in this episode of styled by the CEO I'm0:18styling Janet a mom of young kids and a0:21frequent business traveler so0:23versatility is key Janet is here today0:26for a spring refresh and she's open to0:29anything which is really exciting0:31because it allows us to lean into to the0:33promise we make to our customers to0:35inspire them to move forward in their0:37fashion let's go meet0:38[Music]0:57Janet this cargo pant is just found1:00foundational for a mom wardrobe I love1:02this paired with a great t-shirt a1:04sweatshirt like you see this here and1:06also beautiful that looks paired with a1:08floral top for1:11work Megan really got it right when1:13choosing some of these I love an1:15essential basic tea as a mom I1:17definitely need a hands-free bag this1:19will match a lot how do you feel in that1:21first1:22outfit I like the knot here so I don't1:24really have to tuck it um kind of gives1:27me more shape when we have kind of wider1:29leg on the bottom what out of your1:30comfort zone what feels like a little1:32dare I think the pants feel like a1:34little bit of a dare I don't think I've1:36worn anything like this probably in1:38years moving to a cargo from being kind1:41of millennial mom that loved her skinny1:42jeans going to a looser fit wide leg1:45with the pockets was just maybe a little1:47bit much for my first go around trying1:48something1:50new I definitely feel like we maybe1:52pushed it just a little too far so we're1:54going to find something that can meet1:55you right in the1:58w2:01this is by velvet I love this I own this2:03I'd love for you to try it2:06on I these better yes these are better I2:09feel a little bit more like myself in2:11these you are going to love these2:13bottoms for Mom life and for your work2:16life and for2:18[Music]2:27travel the metallic is a lot of fun it2:30seems to pair with a lot I'm so glad you2:32tried on the metallic platform sandals2:35these are definitely the new neutral for2:38spring and Into Summer I love this2:40outfit I feel really comfortable in this2:42I can be found wearing a floral blouse2:43so this is in my comfort zone but we've2:45kind of taken it up a notch by putting2:46kind of the wide pant on we found the2:48winning look that is forward moving and2:51also feels like2:54her I love this dress for you you said2:57you need items in your wardrobe that you2:59can wear to work at church I love that3:01this one isn't too dressy you could3:03still wear this with3:06[Music]3:10sneakers how do you feel I was surprised3:13I think you know it might not have been3:14my first choice hanging on the rack but3:16once you put it on it totally changed my3:18outlook and I feel really comfortable in3:20[Music]3:25this an overall favorite look from today3:28oh it's so hard to choose when you have3:30someone styling you it always helps you3:32think out of the box my favorite look3:33was the green pant with the floral top3:35and the metallic shoe thank you for3:37being honest about what you loved what3:38you didn't love it really helped us find3:40some winning outfits for you3:43[Music]3:58today4:01oh

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