The Best Vest

3 Days 3 Ways: The Best Vest

Ooh, this is a good one! A super hot trend styled in the most versatile ways (with other hot trends). And if that weren't enough, these looks will take you from spring to summer in the coolest of style. Why are you still reading? Watch away!
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0:00hey gang three days three ways we're0:02going to talk about one of the most0:04essential pieces you can put into your0:06closet this spring and summer season0:09that will take you all the places it's0:12the Sierra denim vest it's one of my0:14favorites let's break down how to style0:17it starting with a really fun casual0:20knock around weekend look I'm taking0:23this fabulous vest it's denim it's0:25stretch it's so easy to wear true to0:28size thred on over a simple tea and a0:33pair of relaxed jeans now this is the0:35cuts tea every vest exclusively ours and0:39guess what this relaxed Jean is also0:42every as well what I love about this0:44little bit of Destruction relaxed leg0:47has just a tiny bit of curve in it0:49almost like a boyfriend gang which is0:51one of the reasons I absolutely love it0:53and then let's talk about Footwear so0:55you know that I am a huge Birkenstock0:58fan and it's absolutely the shoe that I1:01love to run around in if you like1:03something that's a little bit less of a1:05slide has a little bit more substance to1:07it kind of holds your foot in This1:10Paloma Barcelo shoe is an absolute1:12winner why I like this it kind of1:15touches on that Birkenstock feel but1:18really nods to that cool fisherman style1:21it's got a platform so it gives you a1:22little bit of lift which I always love1:24especially in a relaxed Jean and again1:27because it has that Buckle little bit1:29more more stability throw on my cross1:32body think Rand if you haven't seen this1:34great new shape yet it's one two check1:38out I absolutely adore how easy this is1:42to kind of throw across my shoulder and1:44don't ever forget think grin always1:46comes with two fabulous straps so you1:49can wear it as a cross body or wear it1:51as a b bag easy peasy gang leaving it1:54open Relax Jean tea shoe crossbody hands1:59re B and I'm out the door okay if I'm2:03running around on Saturday that means I2:05get to reward myself and have a fun2:06night out on Saturday night I've got2:08just the look for you look number two2:11night out now I'm going to show you two2:13ways to do this depending on what the2:15temperature is that you are facing where2:18you are first way a little bit cooler2:21temps right the weather is maybe not2:24totally warm at night yet and so you2:26need a little bit more coverage here's2:28how we're doing it lost the tea buttoned2:31up the vest sexy right kind of2:34unexpected and that's why I absolutely2:36love it now I kept that relaxed Jean on2:39yes you can wear more of a relaxed Jean2:41out it is all about how you style it2:45showing a little bit of skin and popping2:47on a heel now this is that shoots heel2:51Gang This Amy heel is absolutely hands2:55down our most styled with shoe here at2:57every this spring and for good reason it3:01is comfortable gives you a little bit of3:03lift and it kind of disappears so when3:07you are making a statement with this3:08fabulous white vest and great relaxed3:11jeans and did I mention this fun CLA V3:14clutch let's let the shoes just do the3:17work and that is lifting you up giving3:20you a little bit of shape and making it3:21easy okay so we're pairing it with jeans3:25if the temperature is not cooperating3:27let's say it heats up a little bit I we3:29got an alternative coming up here we3:32come warm weather I told you fun3:34alternative I'm also going to say this3:37one feels like maybe a little bit more3:39of a dare but we're here for it right3:41we're all about trying new things and3:43moving our fashion forward so couple3:46things about this this longer denim3:48short it's absolutely happening and I3:51for one I'm here for it I always toddle3:53between loving and hating shorts and so3:56something with a little bit more length3:58much like that Parker long that we all4:00fell in love with last summer this is4:02from cut this is the Haley it has an 84:05in inseam gang so definitely meant to be4:09longer and here is the secret sauce4:12about finding a longer short that really4:14works for you they are not meant to be4:16tight so something a little bit more4:18relaxed that eases from the body I4:21always look for the same thing when it4:22comes to any version of a denim short I4:25don't want that sausage casing leg right4:28you know what I'm talking about those4:29super tight C offs that just feel like4:33you have no movement that is not what4:34this is about it is about being more4:37relaxed I went down a size which is what4:40I normally do in cut and they fit like a4:44glove meant to be more relaxed so again4:47the Haley a fun alternative to that4:50great relaxed barrish denim from evereve4:54why I love this especially with this4:56vest little bit of Destruction just like4:58the Jean add some scratch add some Edge5:01and yep I kept that heel on to keep me a5:04little bit more elevated and to make it5:06a little bit more night out don't forget5:09that neck mess too always an important5:10part okay no more Sunday scaries I've5:14got the perfect way to style this5:16fabulous vest for Monday morning work5:19last look really Chic and easy way to5:21put this together we're going a little5:24bit more monochromatic just had a great5:26question the other day about how to5:27style monochromatic it is all about the5:30tones game it doesn't need to be5:31perfectly matchy matchy but I'm going to5:33let you in on the secret white is one of5:35the easiest ways to do it so we TI that5:37fabulous vest kept it buttoned up and5:40paired it back to one of my favorite5:42clean white denim we have on the floor5:45right now you know this Jean this is the5:47a Goldy Fran it has this fabulous cuff5:50yes you can wear a cuff to work5:53especially when it's white and it's5:55really cleaned up like this Jean is also5:58another style that's a little bit more6:00relaxed which I am here for no more6:02tight jeans okay then we are taking this6:05Thea Blazer this is from every gang it's6:09linen it's meant to be lived in so did a6:11great little sleeve pushup here popped6:13it on over and then I think what really6:16elevates this is the accessories so6:19closing up my toes with this really fun6:23fisherman slide this is from Sam Edelman6:25why I love this it has almost a rose6:28gold kind of tone to it which really6:31lets you work with any jewelry and6:33accessories you have on and then my neck6:35mess note I have been wearing this for6:37every single look couple separate pieces6:40all about the different lengths and6:42really I think especially in a v-neck it6:44adds some interest and detail to your6:48look there we go and PS if you're going6:50to like meet some girlfriends out for6:51drinks after lose the jacket and you're6:54done so fun okay Sierra denim vest one6:58of our favorites so many ways to style7:01it I hope this gave you some great ideas7:04get this puppy in your closet you're not7:05going to regret it it's going to be one7:07you wear again and again and again three7:09days three ways we'll see you soon take7:11care everybody7:14

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