A One-Bag Weekend Getaway

3 Days 3 Ways: A One-Bag Weekend Getaway

It's quick-trip season and Heidi's got a travel capsule that will fit into one carry-on with miles of mix & match style. Tune in to see the seven pieces she's packing for a great looking getaway.
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0:00hey gang three days three ways we have0:02put together a really fun travel capsule0:05for a quick weekend getaway whether it's0:08for graduation maybe a quick girls trip0:11you're squeezing in a couple's trip0:13whatever the weekend might bring you0:16I've got the seven pieces plus a few0:18accessories to get you through from top0:20to bottom here we go look number one0:22travel day I'm looking for Comfort I'm0:24looking for a little bit more coverage0:26an Insider tip when you are traveling0:30wear your bulkiest pieces now in the0:32summer little bit easier to kind of0:34cheat that but no matter where you're0:36headed I always try to pop on my bigger0:39pieces so that's usually a sweatshirt0:40it's a longer pant and it's almost0:43always a jacket plus who doesn't want an0:45extra layer when they're traveling in0:47case it gets chilly fabulous sweatshirt0:49this is the Grayson why I love it little0:52bit of a puff sleeve here but not so0:54much that it feels too over-the-top0:56girly crazy crazy soft and a nice in0:59between cleaner layer for just those1:01chillier nights now the pant we're all1:03going to live in this is the stassy pant1:05from Splendid in this great neutral1:09neutral beigey khaki cream color I love1:13it because it has pockets an elastic1:15waistband and I find this guy runs a1:17little bit more relaxed so I actually1:20went down a size in this now grab the1:23jacket fabulous cut from the cloth denim1:26jacket love this guy for all the stretch1:29and the detail a great stretchy denim1:32jacket can actually double as a shirt if1:36you need it to which is why I love this1:38one because it's got all the great1:40detail and I can even show you some1:42inspiration later now let's talk1:44accessories I've got this great Clair V1:46cross body bag note what makes this so1:49fun is all the texture so it gives this1:51look some interest and then what is1:53possibly my favorite sandal we have from1:56Dolce Vita love this guy again a little1:59more texture so even when I'm wearing a2:01totally neutral look head to toe I've2:05got some interest going on in the bag2:07and the shoe okay we've landed we're2:10heading straight to dinner let's put2:12together a cute look look number two2:13kept on the pants cuz we're keeping it2:15simple added this beautiful blouse from2:19rails I love this neutral colors again2:23you're going to notice that's kind of a2:24theme of this capsule but what makes2:26this so fun is that great open neckline2:29so you can make a little sexy showing a2:31little bit more skin and this casual2:34casual fit now accessories a little2:37metallic sandal is a savior on a trip A2:41Touch of metallic really can make2:43anything look more elevated so we popped2:45on this great little SE shell sandal I2:48love this because it's comfortable2:50doesn't take up a lot of room in the2:51suitcase but really helps to elevate a2:53look and then I swapped out my crossbody2:55for a handheld bag this is a great2:57little woven bag from farity again again3:00some great details here that really add3:03some interest to the look ready for3:05dinner let's get some cocktails okay3:08tomorrow we're going to go adventuring3:10and I've got just the look for it look3:12number two took that fabulous rails top3:14from last night popped it on with a pair3:16of shorts and these are denim shorts in3:19Disguise they're actually ter crazy3:23stretchy so super super comfy and3:25they're going to last and last and last3:26no matter how many times you wear them3:29because they will not wrinkles and they3:30will not stretch out grab that great3:33Clair V bag sliping it on because if I'm3:36adventuring and exploring I want to be3:38handsfree and then back to that great3:40Dolce Vita shoe this is a walk all day3:43kind of shoe super padded footed little3:47bit of a platform makes it so so comfy3:50out the door to explore but we're going3:52to have some fun tonight so let's find a3:55great look for evening okay here we go3:58Night Out in a fun dress this is from4:00velvet and why I love it well little bit4:03more coverage if those evenings are4:05still a little bit cooler but if they're4:07hot this dress is fabulous because it's4:09another one of those dresses I like to4:11call the naked dress because it barely4:13touches the body but still looks so darn4:16cute little bit shorter show off those4:18legs how we're finishing it off that4:20metallic sandal telling you this is the4:23hero of your packing wardrobe and then4:26that great little fairy bag gang your4:28night out bag is not need to be big or4:30bulky and this is such a fun one cuz it4:32can also go a little bit casual if need4:35be great little velvet dress let's go4:38dancing or just fun dinner or even I4:42don't know Sunset somewhere let's take4:44it in okay we've got another fun day4:47ahead of us let's get dressed for it4:49next look daytime we did our adventuring4:53yesterday today we're taking it easy4:55maybe we're going from breakfast to4:58lunch to patio approaching to dinner and5:02we're going home tonight so we need an5:05easy look that we can wear all day and5:07then pop into our travel look whether5:10it's tonight or tomorrow morning early5:12so here is the deal no matter when I5:14travel winter spring summer fall I5:17always bring a tank top because I maybe5:19want an extra layer if the weather is5:21colder than I thought it was going to be5:23or I want to Standalone piece if the5:25weather's hotter than I thought it was5:27going to be here's the deal the LNA tank5:29is is a must have doubl lined this tank5:35is your seasonal got to have it don't5:38miss out I love this cherry red this is5:41brand new adds a little pop and interest5:43into any closet but it also comes in all5:46your neutrals now I paired it back to5:48that great fairity toy stretch short5:51again and my fun Dolce vaita now I lost5:55the Coss body for today because we're5:57taking it easy and see how casual this5:59bag can go you can dress it up or dress6:01it down easy easy easy6:05peasy that flight has to happen we're6:08going to be traveling so I've got one6:10more way to put it together to say6:13goodbye okay last look traveling day so6:16I swapped out those great shorts put on6:19these amazing Splendid pants grabbed my6:21heavier layer that cut jacket and we are6:25out the door this is the lightest6:28carryon you were ever going to pack with6:30mix and match possibilities that are6:32absolutely endless it's leaving a little6:34bit extra room in there to find a6:35souvenir maybe from your local ever6:37store that are hdden up wherever you6:38might be headed hope this gave you some6:40good ideas and we will see you soon6:42happy traveling everybody

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