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3 Days 3 Ways: Fashion Director Favorites

Charla is here with the latest, greatest summer silhouette. Long shorts! They're all the rage and she's got some easy ways to style them for everything from the office to a night out to a casual day at the real-life races. Take it away, Charla!
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0:00it's been a minute how is everybody0:02doing 3 days three ways I'm back talking0:06about my absolute favorite pieces that0:09have hit every this month including some0:13brand new brands that we have been dying0:16to introduce to you we're going to start0:17from the top this is Serena have you0:20seen this line if you don't know about0:23it it is design in California meant to0:26have this easy breezy laidback lifestyle0:29what I love about it it's all woven but0:32it is so easy to wear this is my0:35absolute favorite piece this is the0:37Channing button down meant to be a0:39boyfriend fit little bit oversized I'm0:42wearing my true to size and this one has0:44this great roll sleeve and a really easy0:48placket now I own this shirt in other0:51colors I will tell you not once ever0:54have I ironed it which is what makes it0:56our best friend I bring it to the beach0:58I dress it up like this or I can go1:00really casual I'm thinking night on the1:02patio so I'm pairing it back to these1:04fabulous gauze pants from every wild leg1:08so so relaxed I did actually go down a1:11size in this and I still have plenty of1:13room in the bum and in the hips now1:16let's talk accessories cuz that's what1:18makes this otherwise very simple look1:21really turn it up new brand for us soul1:25and Seline how fun is this this woven1:28accessory trend is not going anywhere1:31and in this great pop of neon it is so1:33so fun now what makes this bag great all1:36their bags come with a great little1:38clutch inside and US of course would it1:42be a bag if it wasn't a cross body so1:44built in strap I'm liking it for night1:46out though just as a handheld and then1:49let's talk about Footwear another brand1:51just to hit every this is canas you love1:54the Santa we brought in another version1:57of it this is barely there this minim2:00sandal is definitely a thing for summer2:02I love it in a metallic because it's a2:04nice contrast to the sportiness of this2:07bag and the otherwise really laidback2:09elements of this shirt and bottom done2:13versatile Easy Pieces you can wear a2:15million ways I've got another look2:17coming up look number two pieces I2:19cannot resist I kept on that great can2:22sandal because it is so easy to wear2:26with anything in your closet let's talk2:28about these pieces what do you need this2:30summer you need an open weave sweater2:32this is one of the many versions We have2:34on the floor this particular silhouette2:36is from vley why I love it the short2:39sleeve so when you're looking for a2:41little bit of coverage but you want2:42something cool and breathable an open2:45weave sweater or what we're kind of2:47calling a beachy sweater makes the2:51perfect combination now how are we going2:53to Edge this up and make it feel cool2:55relaxed and perfect for summer well2:57we're going to take that sun Bach V I'm3:00I'm going to pop it on in a longer cut3:02off this is one of my absolute favorites3:07from Cut runs true to size and it's3:09meant to be a little bit more relaxed so3:11I am actually wearing my normal size in3:14these shorts this is a four I like that3:17it feels easy breezy but I want it to3:19feel put together so that's where that3:22great woven belt comes in yes you can3:24mix woven and woven it looks fantastic3:28and the absence of a bright3:30metal hardware makes this little gold3:33tone shoe even easier to pop on relaxed3:37Breezy backyard barbecues Colin your3:40name and absolutely what I am living in3:43this summer I've got one more look3:45coming up and don't kid yourself you3:47know it's going to be a dress because3:49who does summer without dresses oh did3:52did someone say beach day did someone3:55say pool party I got you cover here it3:59is we're taking some fun accessories4:02once again I've gotten that great canaz4:05minimalist sandal absolutely perfect for4:07this you can see how I've dressed it up4:09and dressed it down paired it back to4:12this fabulous hat can we say Chic and4:15protective at the same time everybody4:17needs a great hat and this is one of my4:19absolute favorites has just a tiny tiny4:22Touch of Western which I'm absolutely4:24here for and then let's talk about the4:26dress So my favorite dresses for Summer4:28are what I call naked dresses they4:30barely touch your body they're so easy4:33breezy cool comfortable and you don't4:36have to think twice about it now this4:37dress comes with a self belt I my friend4:40like it on its own an easy shift but4:44still has shape little cap sleeve and4:47from Fairy you know the fabric is going4:49to be chef's kiss light as air there it4:53is the things you need for summer4:56they're my absolute favorites some brand4:58new brands from Serena to canas to soul5:03and Serene as well as of course some of5:06our favorite pieces an open weave5:08sweater a great long short and that5:11dress that you're going to wear again5:13and again this one from farity hope this5:16gave you some great ideas and we will5:18see you soon5:22

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