Spring Break: Family Style

3 Days 3 Ways: Spring Break: Family Style

Family vacation on the calendar? Woo-hoo! (And, woah, it takes some work.) We see you, moms, and Heidi's got a travel capsule to make the getting-dressed part easy, breezy, and uber stylish. Check it out, pack it all, then hit that sunny spot totally trending.
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0:00hey hey hey three days three ways the0:03last episode we did was all about that0:06March capsule wardrobe you loved it I0:10loved it it was so fun so we're going to0:12do it again but this time we're talking0:15about travel that's right we're going to0:17put together a little capsule wardrobe0:19for you I've got eight fabulous apparel0:22pieces a few perfect accessories and you0:26are going to be out the door for that0:29warm vacation that I know is on so many0:33of your calendars let's get started look0:37number one this is your travel day look0:40so we all know what that means it needs0:41to be comfortable needs to be versatile0:44and it better be a knit so we're going0:48to start with this fabulous Splendid0:50skirt you're going to see this come0:51around again as a set but for now I'm0:54treating it like an alternative to that0:56jogger yes you can wear a skirt on the0:59plane G I mean we are not climbing Mount1:02Everest here but we do want coverage we1:04do want stretch we do want it to be easy1:06so what I love about this slit for1:08movement you know what that means1:10reaching and grabbing a kiddo overhead1:12to put something into that compartment1:16but really I just want it simple so1:18elastic waistband here pull on easy1:21peasy I want a layer because you know1:23Plains hot cold hot cold hot cold and1:25this is probably the bulkiest piece I'm1:27bringing so I might as well wear it save1:30some room in that suitcase for souvenirs1:32and fun things that I'm bound to find1:34when I'm traveling underneath I've got1:37this fabulous muscle tea from every1:39you'll see it again don't worry and then1:42of course handsfree cross body bag from1:45Clare V little pop of color here brings1:47some interest and Novelty to this look1:50and the most comfortable shoes out there1:54I don't like sandals on the plane that's1:56a me thing for sure I don't like my toes1:58exposed so I wear my little no show2:00socks and my socony sneakers let's get2:04on the plane and get to our destination2:07next look coming up lost that muscle tea2:10popped on the matching set top and let2:14those toes be free got off the sneakers2:17popped on a Burk so here's the deal a2:20simple set this kind of acts like a2:22dress but gives you so many more options2:26which is the reason that I love it again2:30a little knit so from Splendid this tea2:33this is a little bit more of a French2:34terry gang so it's a little bit2:36weightier than your typical t-shirt2:38frook which I love because it kind of2:40hold you in this t-shirt give yourself a2:43little bit of shape do yourself a favor2:45do half tuck tip from Ashley Linds love2:48it kept on my clarity bag and yep popped2:51on those burs there we go I see sight2:53scene in my future kind of knocking2:56around with the kids exploring the city2:59wherever we might be going I've got to3:02look for it okay new way to style this3:05coming up next bonus look you know what3:09happens on vacay you wake up maybe the3:12first day coffee coffee and if you are3:16staying somewhere that does not have3:18sufficient supplies you're going to run3:21out and get yourself some libations for3:24the morning to get your day going cuz3:25let's be honest the first night anywhere3:27new especially with the fam is always a3:29little rough so we're going to take that3:31same fabulous tea from the set now we're3:34treating it like separates pairing it3:36back to oh yeah just like a burke3:38everybody needs a great cut off in their3:41travel capsule so po that on back to the3:45Burke and then my secret sauce weapon a3:48little market toe now here's the deal I3:51took that great Clair V crossbody lost3:54the strap I'm going to treat this like a3:57clutch I'm going to treat it like a3:58crossbody and I'm going to treat it like4:01an oversized wallet for all the things4:03in my market tote on this trip how4:06fabulous is that this can hold a ton of4:09stuff and it takes up zero room in your4:12bag so it is a must have staple there4:15you go off to get coffee we're going to4:18have a good day okay new look coming up4:21let's go to the beach here's the deal so4:24much love for the fancy coverups that I4:26see out there in the world I try to be4:29real when I'm going on a trip and4:31because I like to bring just a carryon4:33if I4:35can sometimes I make sacrifices and4:37coverups I have found are one of the4:39things that I kick to the curb when it's4:41a family vacay girls trip oh yeah I make4:43all the room for that but when it comes4:45to a family vacation I want pieces I can4:47mix and match so I go a little bit more4:49casual when I think about what I'm4:51laying over my suit so we're going with4:53a graphic tea and back to that fabulous4:55cut off because you never know where4:57you're going after the beach in my my4:59house it's typically the get ice cream5:01and I want to be a little bit more5:02covered up so taking this fantastic5:05sunry tea now what I love about this is5:08that it's a graphic but it's grown up5:10little hit of color here in this washed5:13down blue so fun this would also be5:17adorable back to that Splendid skirt5:20little kind of mix and match with all5:21those Coastal colors back with my a5:24Goldie gang remember this is the Parker5:26long and the reason we love it cuz it's5:29long5:30little bit more coverage and that is5:31definitely a thing that is happening in5:33C offs this spring and summer season5:36we're getting some length and then a5:38simple little slide this is a fun5:41Splendid slide why I love this it's5:43barely there but incredibly versatile so5:47this is one that I can dress up or dress5:48down back to that market tote through my5:51towels in over my shoulder some food5:54underneath and I'm ready to go dinner5:56out but we're not going too crazy5:58elevated but we want to feel put5:59together and this is such an easy dress6:03to wear now did you miss that on the6:05denim version because it was here and6:08gone in a Flash this is the new version6:12in this yummy yummy Rich terracotta6:14color and I'm going to be honest I kind6:16of like it more I think it's just a6:18little bit more of a step up and gives6:21you something different in that suitcase6:24so here's the deal cloth and stone6:26dreamy dreamy soft and a whole bunch of6:29drape I think this guy runs true to size6:31it's meant to be a little bit relaxed6:33kept those same Splendid sandals on oh6:36there's that clairy bag treated like a6:38clutch and then my fabulous cloth and6:41stone top I am not great about packing6:44that jewelry roll with all the options6:46for trips so I like to keep it simple6:49this necklace does it for me it's a6:51triple strand it's stacking it's done I6:55can wear it everywhere including to the6:57pool because it's plated and it's not6:59going to tarnish another look coming up7:02this is a fun one hold tight you can't7:04go on a warm weather vacation without a7:06great white jean and a bonus if you're7:09going to get a white jean it's going to7:11be comfortable and here it is this is7:14the a Goldie Fran why do I love this7:16well number one it's not meant to be7:19tight I always think that's so hard with7:21white jeans why can't they make them7:23more relaxed oh wait they did and here7:25it is a Goldie meant to be a little bit7:29more more of a relaxed fit gang so this7:31is just leaning into that dramatic denim7:33Trend doing it in white with this7:35fabulous cuff now white what do I always7:39say go up a size and this one I wore my7:42true size it feels really good because7:45it's meant to be easy breezy feels like7:48a fun way to have a little bit of a7:50mimosa some bacon I don't know an7:53omelette and talk and catch up on7:55vacation cuz it's your trip too it's not7:57just about the kids can be about you so8:00here's the deal brought out that great8:03Nora muscle tea I love this it's a8:05little bit more relaxing so I did go8:07down a size in this one back to the Fran8:10and here is the secret sauce in making a8:12monochromatic look Chic add some fun8:16accessories so back to that stack8:18necklace woven belt Splendid sandals see8:21what I mean dress up dress down there's8:23that market tote with my clar V bag8:25inside if I wanted to get really8:26elevated lose the market tote grab the8:29Clair V it can treat it as a clutch or a8:31crossbody works either way but we're8:34going to have some fun okay oo so good8:38okay one more quick look coming up and8:40then let's get out of Dodge and go on a8:43trip so when I head on a warm weather8:44vacation I always try not to jinx myself8:47but the reality is you might have a day8:49where the weather's not cooperating8:51bring yourself a few pieces that can8:53layer up gang fairity stretch on this8:57one which is why I absolutely adore it9:00it's such an easy pack it's not a rigid9:03denim jacket it almost feels like a9:05denim shirt but with 10 times more9:07stretch in it generous meant to be9:10oversized I went down a size popped back9:12on that graphic tea little Papa blue I9:14love how that brings this denim jacket9:16together kept on my belt see what I mean9:18about this kind of finishing off and9:20polishing the look there's that white9:22denim and then back to the Burks because9:25Comfort Comfort Comfort I could have9:27easily also done that great sock any9:29sneaker you could also easily wear this9:32home on the plane yes you can wear white9:33denim on the plane especially if you're9:34going home cuz who cares if they get9:36dirty cuz you're going to throw9:36everything in the wash anyway just the9:38giant suitcase dump hope you're heading9:41somewhere where the sun is shining or9:44you're doing a little station at home9:46and you're just thinking about how to9:47build up that wardrobe got the options9:49for you don't let them go cuz they are9:52all going fast we will see you9:57soon

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