Spotlight On: The Blakely

Spotlight On: The Blakely

Tune in as Charla styles one of our favorite (and best selling!) Z supply dresses: The Blakely. With so many styles and colors to choose from, she'll help you zero in on the perfect one (or two!) for you.
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00:03 [Music] 00:08 [Applause] 00:09 hey friends good to see you again we are 00:11 going to get started today talking 00:13 dresses dresses by z supply one of our 00:15 favorite brands here at evereve 00:17 for those of you that have a z supply 00:20 already in your closet we've got some 00:22 new styles just for you okay all the 00:24 ones that we're talking about today are 00:25 the z supply blakely but each of the 00:28 dresses and the three looks have just a 00:30 little bit of something special about 00:33 them okay so i'm going to start first of 00:35 all with this again z supply blakely 00:38 this is the blakely fold-over what do 00:41 they mean by the fold-over i'm going to 00:42 show you right here on this little cap 00:43 sleeve the fabrication just folds over 00:46 so it's a little bit of a bigger like a 00:48 little thicker detail here on the crap 00:50 sleeve i love a cap sleeve for me it's a 00:53 little more bra friendly 00:55 than some of the really 00:56 thin tank top styles so that is gives me 01:00 a little more coverage which i like i 01:01 like the higher neck okay sometimes i 01:04 like to cover my decollete especially if 01:06 i'm 01:06 traveling or things like that and i want 01:08 to be a little more covered or out of 01:09 the sun too much 01:11 so that is that's nice too it has a 01:13 little banding right up here 01:14 and this one i want to point out to you 01:17 here too see how it has like a little 01:19 curved hem that gives you a little bit 01:21 of shape when you're walking which i i 01:23 really like and the length two is good 01:25 for well i'm five nine and look how 01:27 great it hits me it's still um i would 01:30 say about mid chin um in the front and 01:33 then comes up to um probably right below 01:35 my kneecap in the back um on that curve 01:38 so great length for tall girls and for 01:41 those that are a little more petite okay 01:44 again that fabrication from z supply 01:46 that you love 01:47 it's like a t-shirt material one thing i 01:50 really love about dresses in general 01:53 is that 01:54 it's a one and done 01:56 it's a grab and go throw it on but you 01:59 always look complete from head to toe 02:00 you always look completely finished 02:02 another fun thing that i'm adding here 02:04 to my outfit 02:05 again if it's just like a saturday run 02:07 around or if you're traveling is this 02:09 great little bag by parker clay 02:12 it's a little belt bag so it just go you 02:14 can go around your waist as tight some 02:16 of you might like to wear it a little 02:17 bit tighter i like mine a little bit 02:19 loose so it hangs just a little bit 02:20 slouchy again giving me a little more 02:22 shape 02:23 for travel what makes it really easy is 02:25 you've got this little front pouch here 02:27 that has a zipper so you can keep your 02:29 passport or your travel keys right right 02:32 handy and then a very generous inside 02:34 pouch again to keep like little makeup 02:37 or whatever else you need so that keeps 02:39 you hands-free as you are traveling or 02:41 running errands 02:42 and comfort we're all about the comfort 02:45 so these little sorels is what i popped 02:48 on here i love sorel i know we a lot of 02:50 times think especially us in the winter 02:52 time we think of those great sorel boots 02:54 with a really substantial 02:56 heel that keeps you just really grounded 02:58 same thing you're going to have that 02:59 comfort that nice little substantial 03:01 feel here a thicker sole so it's no 03:05 matter what you're doing especially 03:06 again travel if you're walking around in 03:08 cobblestone streets or uneven pavements 03:11 this is going to give you comfort and 03:14 confidence as you walk in them it also 03:16 has these little velcro straps that go 03:18 across so again really forgiving based 03:21 on um 03:22 your your shoe or sorry your foot if 03:25 you're a little wider foot you can 03:27 adjust it there or if you have 03:29 in my case retail feet with bunions they 03:31 can kind of just strap around so i 03:33 really love these for all the reasons 03:35 another thing i want to point out is 03:37 this is a neutral in your shoe okay 03:40 your bag is a neutral as well you can 03:42 mix browns you can mix blacks i think um 03:46 years ago we used to think that 03:47 everything needed to be real matchy 03:48 matchy you can mix and match all of that 03:51 all of the neutrals and really keeping 03:53 it on separate really makes your bag pop 03:55 okay 03:56 topped it off with just some fun little 03:58 jewelry here this is a fun little tiered 03:59 necklace that has tiny little seed beads 04:02 in it too with the um that washed cherry 04:05 color of the dress right in there so it 04:07 pulls it all together some real simple 04:09 hoops to match the gold on the bag 04:11 you're ready to go okay i'm back with 04:13 look number two for our z supply blakely 04:15 dress this one is the z supply henley 04:18 blakely okay what makes it the henley 04:20 just like what it says it's a typical 04:23 collar here for henley with the button 04:24 down so there's about six buttons right 04:26 here button as as low or as high if you 04:29 want a little more coverage or you're a 04:30 little more conservative you can button 04:31 it all the way up i left a few open here 04:34 um so you can easily again show a little 04:36 bit of decollete there it has a wider 04:39 strap not quite as wide as that last 04:41 fold-over one but it's still very bra 04:43 friendly 04:44 same um fabrication as the last dress 04:47 too which what you expect from z supply 04:49 the quality there this one does run a 04:52 little bit longer okay if you remember 04:54 the last one had that curved hem this 04:56 one has a fun little slit up the side so 04:58 you can show off those gams all right 05:01 um and then also 05:03 i'm going to show you something fun okay 05:05 so we're starting with this we're going 05:06 to layer it up i'm going to add this 05:08 great little jean jacket from 05:12 sanctuary um jean jackets now are kind 05:14 of doing something fun it's almost like 05:16 a denim shirt okay that you're wearing 05:19 as a jean jacket so the shape is a 05:21 little bit more like a like shirting 05:23 okay and it has a fun little um 05:26 a little hem on the bottom too 05:28 again it's more reminiscent of a shirt 05:31 than it would be your typical jean 05:32 jacket okay she's a little bit oversized 05:34 so we're gonna pop our collar there how 05:36 cute are these these are from vince 05:38 camuto so you know he makes everything 05:40 so special fun little square tone flat 05:44 fun little braiding right here it's a 05:46 little bit of a cushion and then there 05:47 is a little bit of a toe separator right 05:49 in there but again easy on easy off 05:52 which we love about summer spring and 05:54 swimmer shoes as you're in and out the 05:55 door 05:56 then remember that parker clay bag that 05:58 i wore in the last one was that little 06:00 belt bag i have a surprise for you 06:04 that belt bag comes with another little 06:06 bit thicker strap so you can make it 06:09 into a crossbody 06:10 love the versatility of that um 06:12 adjustable strap here so whether you're 06:14 uh smaller in stature or taller like me 06:17 you can make that strap as long or as 06:20 short as need be some people like to 06:22 wear their crossbody's a little bit 06:23 higher almost across the chest i like to 06:25 wear mine just a little bit lower but 06:28 again that adjustable strap will allow 06:30 you to accommodate for whatever you're 06:31 comfortable with so i just added some 06:33 really simple bead bracelets on here 06:36 this is just one little stack it's got a 06:37 little bit of gray a little bit of black 06:39 a little bit of brown again okay to mix 06:42 your neutrals your blacks and your 06:43 browns and it's also okay to mix your 06:45 metals okay so we got a little gold 06:47 detailing here on the bag and a little 06:49 silver here detailing on the jacket 06:51 totally fine to mix and match and then i 06:53 topped it off with my gold hoops which 06:55 are always my favorite okay look number 06:57 three our last look and my favorite i 07:01 love this blakely ruffle dress it's this 07:04 little sleeve that just gets me every 07:06 time these little ruffle sleeves i mean 07:08 so 07:09 so darling 07:10 okay 07:11 one thing i want to talk to you too 07:13 about all of these blakely dresses 07:14 whether it was the henley style the 07:17 fold-over style or this ruffle style 07:19 thing i love about them is that t-shirt 07:21 fabrication makes it feel so comfortable 07:23 right 07:24 but you can elevate it and make it more 07:27 casual just based on how you accessorize 07:29 it this one again is a little bit longer 07:31 and it has that cute little slit up the 07:33 side again just like the henley um again 07:36 like i said same fabrication it has a 07:38 little bit lower um neckline here which 07:41 again i feel like is a little more 07:42 elevated makes it feel a little more 07:45 elegant um and i just topped it off with 07:47 this simple necklace i've shown you this 07:49 necklace before because it's one of my 07:51 favorites it has almost like a paperclip 07:54 chain here and then this little tiny 07:56 pearl 07:57 it's called the mimi which i love um and 07:59 that little pearl that kind of has that 08:01 little um ecru color goes with these fun 08:04 little ecru shoes that i'm wearing these 08:06 are by dolce vita again easy on little 08:08 sandal 08:09 really tiny little heel here that's a 08:11 little square heel and then little 08:13 straps across the top again that are 08:15 just real friendly for 08:17 whatever 08:18 shape or size your feet are um and then 08:21 i added these little bracelets on here 08:23 some little seed bracelets they really 08:25 go well with the mocha color of this 08:27 dress and then 08:29 remember parker clay we talked about 08:31 that great bag that i wore as a belt bag 08:33 the first school round second outfit i 08:36 wore to the crossbody here's another bag 08:38 by them 08:39 this fun little leather fold-over bag i 08:42 am obsessed okay so it's a more like a 08:45 bone color i would say with these fun 08:47 little um circular handles so when you 08:50 carry if you want to carry it like this 08:52 um you can just carry it like that and 08:53 then you can open it up fill her up or 08:56 if you're a kind of gal who likes to 08:58 carry more like a clutch you can just 09:00 carry it like that or even carry it 09:01 under your arm again for a little more 09:03 elegant look okay 09:06 this was so fun thank you for joining me 09:08 with all the things from z supply love 09:11 these blakely dresses i'm going to get 09:13 one in every single shape i hope you do 09:15 too these all each come in multiple 09:17 colors as well so go online check them 09:20 all out or come on in store and let our 09:22 stylist help you all right good to see 09:24 you again my friends and we'll see you 09:25 next time

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