Beautiful Blue Versatility

3 Days 3 Ways: Beautiful Blue Versatility

In this episode, Heidi takes our very own Jessie Sweater and styles it to go from date night to the hockey rink, then a fun girlfriend brunch—over her BIRTHDAY weekend! (Confetti, balloons, marching band.) You'll be amazed by the incredible versatility of this piece and the gorgeous pop of color it adds to each outfit. Check it out...and cheers, Heidi!
Show Transcript
0:00hey hey hey 3 days three ways I've got a0:03birthday weekend coming up with tons of0:05activities packed in the calendar and0:08I've got the perfect sweater to wear no0:10matter where I'm0:16headed0:18including the essential date night0:22birthday look so you want to do0:23something fun you don't want to look0:24like you're trying too hard but you want0:26to feel put together and have a little0:29bit of fun with your look so here is the0:31deal I'm taking this fabulous sweater0:34this is the Jesse from everie what I0:36love about it little bit of shoulder0:39here so wear it off the shoulder it's0:41meant to be relaxed I went down a size0:43in this one because I didn't want it to0:45be too overwhelming I do think though0:48that you could wear your normal size in0:50this and it would just give it a little0:52bit more slouch I just wanted something0:54to be just a touch more tailored now how0:56I'm turning up the volume on this it's0:58all about the parent1:00these amazing vegan pants from good1:03ameran fit like a glove true to size in1:06this one I'm wearing a four super super1:09comfortable with that little crop kick1:12at the bottom gives them a bit of1:14attitude and the perfect way to show off1:16that incredible silver pump if you have1:19not invested in something metallic this1:21season this is your moment fabulous way1:25to do it get yourself a shoe with a1:27little bit of shine add some element of1:30unexpected to any look and then the bag1:34CLA V midi sack what I love about this1:37is that woven detail dress it up dress1:40it down now I'm going to be carrying1:41this you know like a little bit of a1:44clutch when I'm going out but I'm going1:46to show you later how to style it when1:48you are running around and need to be1:50handsfree birthday dinner in the Jesse1:53sweater done I've got a fun runaround1:56look coming up look number two it1:58wouldn't be a birthday weekend if it1:59didn't didn't involve running to2:01multiple ice arenas maybe some dance2:03drop offs errands for the kids and2:06getting life done the benefit and joy of2:10being a grown-up right but let's embrace2:12it and have some fun doing it put2:15together a look that is easy and Chic so2:18here's the deal we're taking that2:19sweater again it's the pop of color we2:22all need this time of year2:25when just losing all that summer Spark2:30we're going to pop it on underneath this2:32fabulous blazer from Z Supply now this2:33is stretch and secret sauce it's nicked2:37so you can treat it like a jacket so2:40much stretch in it it looks put together2:42without any of the effort and I love the2:45kind of just relaxed nature of it it2:47doesn't2:47require super dressing up but it2:50definitely helps you pull it all2:52together now how we're going to have I2:55don't know a little bit of the ever2:56twist with this well we're pairing it2:57with caros and they're G going to be3:00camo this is from Sanctuary true to size3:04in these they are meant to be relaxed G3:06now they come in the green as well as3:10this camo now I add a camo because I3:12wanted something with a little bit of3:13print and pattern in here but if you're3:15more of a solid green girl go for it you3:17can wear that too now here's where the3:20fun happens remember that conversation3:22we were having about metallic if you3:24don't want to do it in a shoe do it in a3:26bag think royland crossbody love the3:30shape of this little bit bigger packs3:32all the things and remember multiple3:35straps I'm wearing it as a cross you can3:37also wear it as a belt bag with that3:38shorter strap and then ah New Balance3:41can we take a hot second for these kicks3:45all the kids are wearing them we get to3:47have some fun too it's a high top in3:50black and white so darn comfortable so3:53fun remember I always forget this when3:56you look at sizing men's sizing3:59converting to to women sizings just make4:00sure you order your right size in these4:02I love this because it's a cleaned up4:04version of a really cool Trend that's4:07happening and it feels grown up okay4:10we've got the errands done we've got all4:12the sports things complete I've got one4:15more way to wear the sweater for a4:16little girls brunch maybe look number4:19three meeting the girls for brunch it's4:22going to be casual I don't know I want4:24to just kind of be relaxed but still4:25feeling put together so here is the deal4:28I'm going to go with my uniform killer4:31pair of jeans great white shirt4:34statement making accessories and just a4:36pop of the unexpected in this case it's4:39the sweater I'm throwing it over my4:40shoulders if the restaurant is cold4:43which feels like they always are this4:45time of year I can throw this on over4:48but for now I'm treating it just like a4:50fun little layer now here's the deal if4:52you have not invested in some of these4:54staples yet now is the time couple of4:58favorites starting from the top cloth4:59and stone Lux shirt in white relaxed5:03soft this is not a starched serious5:06shirt this is meant to be easy breezy I5:09love the drape of it little feminine5:11detail notice I didn't even button the5:14sleeves I just wanted to feel like I5:16threw it on and ran out the door but you5:18and I both know I put a little thought5:20into it then pairing it back to a killer5:23pair of jeans Citizens of Humanity so5:27much stretch I love these are that great5:30mid blue so they work for just about5:33anything this time of year dress them up5:36dress them down raw him on these to give5:38it a little bit of scratch and then5:40speaking of scratch let's talk5:42accessories if you have not gotten on5:44board yet with that fabulous lug so5:47loafer this is the one you've been5:49waiting for what I love about it little5:51bit of stud detail they're slightly5:55lower profile than some of the other lug5:57Soul sufers we've been wearing and and5:59showing so gives you just a touch more6:03feminine feel to these still kind of6:06nodding into and chasing that prep Trend6:09but not so like on the nose with it6:12which I really really like and then I6:14promised you I'd show you the bag again6:16here's that Clair V but with that cross6:18body strap handsfree for all the6:20toasting and celebrating there you go6:24fabulous sweater three ways can't go6:27wrong with it in this yummy color it'll6:29also comes in Black of course but I'm6:32partial to this little bit of Pop hope6:34everyone has a fantastic weekend hope6:37you're getting it all done and we will6:39see you soon take care

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