A Versatile Varley Weekend

3 Days 3 Ways: A Versatile Varley Weekend

This brand never ceases to amaze us, and Heidi is here with three reasons why—weekend looks featuring Varley that go from sporty to sleek to even a little sexy. Tune in to see what's new, then grab it all, for a weekend capsule that does it all.
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0:00hey hey hey 3 days three ways it is a0:03barley drop and we are going to walk0:05through three incredible looks that will0:08take you all the way through the weekend0:10and head to to Barley starting with this0:13incredible dress who knew that kind of a0:16sporty athleisure brand would make the0:19dress we're all dying for from our April0:22catalog finally here it's a knit in this0:25fabulous slightly open weave but not0:28seethrough0:30great0:31crochet cream dress with black trim why0:35I love it slit it is skimming but not0:39tight wearing my true size in this one0:42fits like a glove not seethrough at all0:45which is always my worry when I have a0:47cream or white dress if the weather is0:49not quite cooperating with you yet grab0:52this great little cut jacket in more of0:55a creamy white which I love love love0:57the contrast against the dress pick Mi1:00up all the detail and then my favorite1:02black Splendid slide with that little1:04hit of gold I see this for your first1:08patio perching night they are finally1:11here gang let's get outside and enjoy it1:14but we know weekend would not happen if1:17we didn't have a little bit of a1:18runaround in between so let's see that1:20look coming up next do you know what's1:23so fun about barley kind of sells itself1:25so here's the deal I'm telling you about1:27this outfit because it's going going1:29fast and it is exactly what you want to1:31wear for that weekend runaround this is1:34the Odus sweatshirt the olly short what1:37you need to know crazy crazy soft and in1:41this really fun Navy which feels like a1:44I don't know a nice Twist from our1:46typical blacks and Grays and creams that1:49we wear all weekend still acts like a1:51neutral gang you're going to want to1:54live in this and what I love the most1:56about this throw this great sweatshirt1:57on it's got a drawstring bottom with a1:59pair of jeans or chinos mix and match it2:02like crazy or take these shorts pair it2:05back to a t-shirt lightweight runaround2:07but I'm wearing it as a set right now2:09because it is so darn fun now Essentials2:13for that Saturday runaround you need a2:15great sneak and you need a great2:17handsfree bag so let's start with a2:18sneak New Balance everybody needs a2:22great Court sneaker if you haven't2:23gotten one this is one of my absolute2:27favorites you might have noticed that2:29some sneakers are starting to get a2:31little more low profile a little bit2:34quieter I'm loving this sneaker for that2:38reason it is a neutral that goes back to2:40everything still gives me a little bit2:42of lift which thank you in a short I2:44love that but it's not too noisy so it's2:47going to be the one I reach for again2:48and again and again and with that gum2:50Soul shoe that brown sole really2:54trending who knew kind of fun and so a2:57nice touch to tie back to oh yeah CLA V3:01bag the bag everybody needs it's the3:04perfect size not too big not too small3:06so holds all the gear lets you be3:09handsfree and what I love about this is3:11that it turns it up just a notch so we3:14all have our fun fabric bags I love3:16those I can just beat them to death I3:18want something that just gives me a3:20little bit more elevation to my look3:22switched out my strap one of my absolute3:25must dos when you get a clair bag get3:28yourself another strap and then it makes3:30it sporty I'm going to show you how3:32we're going to elevate it a little bit3:33with the next look but this neon strap3:35is so darn fun and the way that they3:37matched the trim with the bag oh so so3:40good so perf leather neon strap New3:43Balance barley head to toe I have got3:47Saturday taken care of now what if I3:50could squeeze in a little brunch with3:52the girls or maybe I'm running around3:55with the fam on a Sunday I've got just3:58the look for it and it's perfect cuz4:00it's kind of in between them he last4:01look versatile easy exactly what we want4:06to wear this month when the weather goes4:08from 80 to 40 to 80 and back again even4:12sometimes in a single day so I'm going4:14to take a fabulous pant an open weave4:17sweater Gang This is the sweater that4:20you need this spring and summer and then4:22of course some fabulous accessories so4:24let's start with the pant you know this4:27pant we've just updated with a brand new4:29leg openings this is the sanctuary Rebel4:32a fan favorite always done in a jogger4:36silhouette guess what now it's in a wide4:38leg so that same black top that you know4:41and love what's great about this pant4:43it's not a crazy highrise but it's got4:47that wider waistband that is so4:49flattering so really gives you some nice4:51shape if you are more of a midrise fan4:54this pant is absolutely for you on seam4:57Pockets always great to have a little4:59pocket but I love it when it doesn't add5:00bulk this one doesn't and then you've5:02got some utility detail here again same5:05thing on that one not too much when it5:08comes to a pocket just enough to give5:10you some great interest now seaming down5:13the front so crazy flattering and5:15there's fun wide leg I love it in this5:18cream it feels fresh and just right for5:22spring now how we're styling this well5:25like I said everybody needs a great5:27beachy open weave sweater this this5:29spring and summer vley nails it this is5:34the kersa sweater we have it in multiple5:37colors I'm a huge fan of this great kind5:40of neutrally taupe because it really5:43goes with everything and a head to toe5:45neutral look is so fresh and fun now5:48open we sweaters what do you wear5:49underneath them tank or a cami I've got5:52on that great LNA Jones tank in that5:57more oatmeal color it's a great one to5:59have because it also looks really nice6:02on its own so you can pop that sweater6:04off throw it on over your shoulder you6:06got a whole new look perfect accessories6:08to go back so now we've got that Clair V6:10bag promised you I could Elevate this a6:12little bit switched out with the strap6:14that it came with to keep it neutral and6:16then my Burks yes Burks my favorite6:20favorite shoe of spring and summer what6:23I Absolut live in I can't buy just one I6:25always buy multiples I'm a huge fan of6:28this new D big Buckle just a little bit6:32more elevated so for those of you who6:34don't like the weight and the half of6:35the double buckle I see you I hear you I6:38get it this is a great way in on a6:41Birkin stock feels just a touch more6:44elevated especially with that big kind6:45of gold accent there you go vley in a6:49nutshell it's going to take you from6:51that first patio porch to your weekend6:54runaround to frankly everything in6:56between can I get like a girls brunch6:58maybe in this would be so darn fun7:01pieces that you're going to absolutely7:03live in did I mention how soft they are7:05and how fabulous the quality is if I7:07didn't I'm going to say it again get7:09yours now for the perfect capsule to7:13wear through the weekend we'll see you7:14soon take care everybody7:19[Music]

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