A Little Valentine Love

3 Days 3 Ways: A Little Valentine Love

Heidi's got a few looks you'll be sweet on whether you've got Valentine plans with the kids, the girls, or your one-and-only. Tune in, find something a little festive, and spread the love.
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0:00three days three ways it's been a minute0:03but let's talk about the0:06[Music]0:09day this is a fun day to get dressed for0:12it's frankly just a fun day overall show0:14a little love little extra care tell the0:18people in your life they mean something0:19special to you and let's take a little0:22extra time to make outfit special too so0:25here's the deal three easy looks for0:28getting dressed for Valentine's Day with0:30whether it's a kiddo runaround a gal pal0:32get together or I know kind of a0:34sizzling hot date night we're going to0:37start with the kiddo Gathering so maybe0:39you're volunteering in the classroom0:41maybe you're just having a fun family0:43Den whatever it is you want to pop0:45something on that I know feels in the0:47spirit but not too on the nose this0:50Amber sweatshirt from ever is your0:52answer now one of the things I love0:54about it naturally relaxed but not too0:57oversized so you got this fun rib detail1:00here as well as that little Dorito on1:02the neckline some volume of the seeve1:05but not too much I'm wearing my normal1:07size in this one think it's so darn fun1:10and then that ribbing at the bottom1:11makes it easy for no tuck no fuss no mus1:15now here's what I think makes this1:17outfit interesting I could have gone1:18with a clean denim jean would have1:20looked great but I wanted to add a1:22little bit of Sizzle a little bit of fun1:24and this cut Reese utility does it all1:29lots and lots that's a stretch in this1:30one now I don't know about you but I am1:32definitely getting used to that more1:34relaxed denim feel so here's what I did1:38in this cut I wore my normal size1:41typically in cut in denim I go down a1:44size I went with my normal size in this1:46one gang and I like the way it fits it1:48doesn't feel too skinny doesn't feel too1:50tight it will give a little bit but I1:53think that's okay I think the ease of1:55this kind of silhouette and the utility1:57details is what makes this fit chef's2:01kiss now finishing touches New Balance2:04courtz sneak get yourself a white sneak2:06you will not regret it I promise you2:08will wear this all spring and summer2:09season and then handsfree think warland2:12bag in this fun white patent I know2:15right now it might feel like spring and2:17summer are miles away but they're not2:20and this pop of white I think kind of2:23ushers in the season that we are all2:26looking for plus so versatile and the2:29thing I love the most patent just wipe2:31it down if it gets dirty so easy okay2:33kids look for vday done I've got a fun2:37night out with the girls coming up look2:39number two girls night out it's going to2:43be a fun one we're going to Nodge a2:44Valentine's Day but not too much just2:46enough to I don't know feel in the2:48spirit with this fabulous little bommer2:50from blank so it is layering season and2:54frankly that is not going away it's a2:56trend and it's practical it's one like2:58the two best things happen together I3:00love this jacket from blank because it's3:02not too long but not cropped so you're3:06going to hit right at your waist really3:08help to Define your shape super3:10flattering and this blush color is3:13surprisingly versatile so a really3:16really easy one to pair with anything3:19don't think that this is just something3:21you can pair with your neutrals this is3:23going to look fantastic with denim I3:25love it with black really Chic and kind3:27of an unexpected feminine pairing3:30also will look great with your whites3:32but you can have some fun with this one3:34gang and don't let it kind of sit in the3:35back of the closet this is going to be a3:37Workhorse you never knew you needed now3:40how we're styling this well number one3:42took a fabulous utility pant that is3:44what I think as little bit of edge to3:47this look this is the Meg from cut I3:50mean can we go wrong here we can3:53impossible wide leg more of a cropped3:56ankle length silhouette on me little bit3:59longer counteracting that with a bit of4:02a heel and an unexpected detail in4:05metallic this is from SE shells fabulous4:08fabulous shoe gives you some interest4:11and Novelty in a clog I've been loving4:14anything clog related for gosh I don't4:16know at least a year now if not longer4:19it's a fun way to get a heel on without4:21feeling too I don't know perfect dressed4:25up as a little bit of edge so taking4:28again that sweeter color in the jacket4:31with I don't know a little bit more4:33playful silhouette and then pairing it4:35back to aity Edge pairing it back to4:38metallic Edge and then because I can't4:41get enough Stripes velvet tea in this4:43great neutral now if I was to lose the4:46jacket throw on I don't know let's say a4:48denim jacket this suddenly becomes and4:50maybe I don't know I take those sneakers4:52from my last look becomes a fun little4:54play runaround look but little bit4:57dressed up a little bit elevated here4:59with that great bomber and I'm ready to5:02go grab a couple of glasses of wine with5:05the girls so fun happy be day okay one5:09more look coming up I see a hot night5:12out in your future and I've got just the5:14look for it last look we're keeping it5:17easy a little unexpected and a whole lot5:21of sexy is there anything better than5:24feeling comfortable in your own skin and5:26that is what this look does for you it5:28doesn't try too hard5:30doesn't complicate matters but it brings5:32a little something something to date5:34night so here's the deal it's all in the5:38details we're taking this fabulous rail5:40shirt pinstripe kind of unexpected with5:44this great Little Feather detail gives5:47it I don't know slight Bohemian Edge but5:50in this relaxed silhouette I love how it5:54just drapes on the body now here is the5:56deal I didn't do a full talk I let it be5:59relaxed with that little Infamous half6:01tuck like I didn't try too hard open up6:04the neckline How Low Can You Go I dare6:08you to get comfy and then one of my6:11favorite non styling styling tricks6:14unbutton the Cuffs so when I'm sitting6:17at dinner sleeves kind of just ease6:19around it doesn't feel too stuffy now6:23best jean ever for date night is a sexy6:27boot cut and the fair from AG can do no6:31wrong for you I promise love this Jean6:35lots of stretch in a darker wash so so6:39flattering with that great little kick6:41gives us some attitude I've always said6:44when in doubt when you're looking for a6:46great Jean that does all the things boot6:48cut is the way to go now for accessories6:51really fun shoe from Dolce VA and this6:54really washed down kind of gold metallic6:57picks up that feather print in and the6:59blouse works with gold or silver jewelry7:02so you don't have to worry about trying7:03too hard and yes gives you a little bit7:06of lift which means a little bit of tush7:08lift in the Jean as well now pink little7:11clutch from Prime Cut this is my staple7:14if you are traveling and you need to7:16have a night out bag throw this in7:19because it takes up zero room perfect7:21size handmade in Portland one of my7:25favorite Brands and a total unsung hero7:27I promise also a really great gift gift7:29if you're looking for something fun for7:31someone for Valentine's Day this would7:32be cute and then necklaces layering up7:35the necklaces here is the deal it can7:37get tricky it can get tangled we want to7:39keep it simple so this Jenny bird little7:42lariat necklace is one of my favorites I7:45doubled it up and let the bead just drop7:47down and then I have one snake chain7:49layered with it kept the rest of my7:51jewelry simple personal easy date night7:55Done Right without trying too too hard7:59if you want to show a little bit more8:00skin an easy way to do it too would be8:03just to roll up those sleeves love that8:06as well done and done hope this gave you8:09some fantastic ideas for Valentine's Day8:12sending all the love from me to you and8:16we will see you soon take care8:22everybody

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