Vacation Musts: Dresses & Jumpsuits

Vacation Musts: Dresses & Jumpsuits

Tune in as Mel takes us through her packing list, styling the easy breezy dresses and jumpsuits we're loving for vacay (and beyond).
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00:07 hi 00:07 every family it's mel with style curve i 00:10 am back in the fitting room 00:12 in naperville uh back at you today to 00:14 talk more about dresses 00:16 and jumpsuits i don't know about you i'm 00:18 hopeful if i 00:19 if i look a little golden i just came 00:21 off a vacation 00:22 i hope you are headed on one too if you 00:24 haven't already taken your spring break 00:26 so i'm going to talk to you today like 00:28 i'm packing these are the things 00:30 that would go in my suitcase for a trip 00:33 they're great pieces that will last all 00:35 through spring and into summer 00:37 first up first outfit this is by bb 00:39 dakota 00:40 this is the catch my shift dress 00:43 she is beautiful things i love about 00:46 this dress it is a deep v 00:48 which you know i love it's got this 00:50 great little flutter sleeve to it which 00:52 is super flattering 00:54 right around the arms it is a true shift 00:57 it hits just an inch or two above my 00:58 knee 00:59 it has pockets so it's incredibly 01:02 comfortable 01:03 my favorite real thing though is that 01:05 this is lined so i have just typical 01:08 undergarments on today i didn't even 01:10 have to worry about it they look great 01:11 you don't have to wear any special 01:13 underground 01:13 it's very bra friendly you can wear your 01:15 favorite bra 01:16 and it's going to look fantastic i'm 01:19 thinking this dress is an easy 01:22 day dress but something you can still 01:23 take out to dinner 01:25 and i think dinner is all about the way 01:27 you put on the accessories 01:28 so i will start up here and work my way 01:31 down 01:32 i put on these beautiful hoop earrings 01:34 they'll get kind of close and personal 01:36 so you can see 01:37 this is the cora wire wrapped hoops they 01:40 are adorable um and i think they're 01:43 great going out to dinner 01:45 uh earring i left the chest nice and 01:46 open hopefully you've got a little glow 01:48 let that shine against the white and 01:51 then i put on the maisy 01:53 bracelets they come in sets of three 01:55 this one is the really pretty yellow 01:57 and khaki and white they also come in 01:59 some gray and white options 02:01 and i have on two stacks so the one 02:03 little set will get you three 02:05 and i've layered them up the maisie 02:06 bracelet um then i also put on just a 02:09 little uh 02:09 stack of rings so this is the um 02:12 goldy stack goldy stack goldie ring 02:15 stack 02:16 yeah and so i put those on as well and i 02:19 just think the accessories are what's 02:20 going to get you into the evening 02:22 shoes let me pull this one up here i 02:24 have on dolce vita 02:25 this is the raffia sandal gosh don't you 02:27 love the bottom it's like 02:29 so sad you can't even see that once you 02:30 get the shoe on but it's a nice little 02:32 just braided jute 02:34 super super easy just a little bit of a 02:36 heel for you 02:38 and this i think is fantastic if you 02:40 want a little height 02:41 i know for me sometimes i like a little 02:43 height in my shift dresses too 02:45 i would get the cameron in the sorel 02:48 if you haven't already again nice little 02:50 jute pattern but 02:51 pulls in the black and i think that 02:53 would be great going out to dinner as 02:55 well 02:55 all right that was look number one let 02:57 me get on number two okay 02:59 look number two uh my next favorite to a 03:02 knit dress 03:03 a knit jumpsuit this one is by 03:06 z supply it is the summerland the color 03:09 code on it is called 03:10 wash black but i got to tell you i put 03:12 on a little black cosa bella 03:14 bralette underneath and so this is true 03:17 black this really reads deep gray to me 03:19 um but just know when you go to purchase 03:22 that um it's called it's called wash 03:23 black 03:24 um so fun midi length okay so it hits me 03:27 kind of mid 03:28 calf really easy i actually have on the 03:31 medium 03:32 i think it fits true to size i think 03:34 it's just personal preference right when 03:35 you wear these oversized jumpsuits 03:38 if you want to go all in on the trend i 03:40 would buy true to size for me 03:42 especially being on the curvy side more 03:45 of a size 10 12. i just feel a little 03:46 bit more comfortable in these if they 03:48 fit me 03:49 a little bit more um it's not bra 03:52 friendly i really would encourage you to 03:53 wear like a little bralette 03:55 or a little tank top underneath what is 03:57 friendly though 03:58 or adjustable straps so i was able to 04:01 play 04:02 with you know how much cleavage i wanted 04:04 to show if you want to wear this out to 04:06 dinner and give yourself 04:07 kind of a little bit of a longer drape 04:09 you absolutely can 04:11 so you definitely get to play with where 04:12 it hits you on your chest you just want 04:14 to think about what 04:15 undergarment you're wearing i'm kind of 04:17 layering this up with a jacket i'm going 04:19 to show you kind of thinking 04:20 out to dinner on vacay out to dinner 04:24 hopefully some on a patio somewhere 04:26 having a glass of wine 04:28 but anyway if you want to wear it 04:30 daytime i think it would be great just 04:32 with a little white tank top underneath 04:34 you could do some freedom moses 04:35 sandals with it definitely something 04:38 that would get you through a day outfit 04:39 as well 04:40 so i pulled this sanctuary bomba it's 04:42 the havana fever 04:44 and i just think she pairs really 04:46 beautifully with this deep gray 04:48 it's super lightweight so it's just that 04:51 little layer piece that you need if 04:52 you're doing air conditioning you know 04:54 for dinner 04:55 i kind of rush up this sleeve it's got 04:57 this great piping 04:59 that gives her that bomber look kind of 05:02 stand back so you can see 05:04 so just a really great piece um this is 05:07 a super pretty kind of a camo and it's 05:09 got blush 05:10 and it's got light gray and a deep gray 05:13 again it's just a really pretty pairing 05:15 because this has such a strong print to 05:17 it again i chose not to do a necklace 05:19 but i did put in just a little paper 05:21 clip earring i love these sew on trend 05:24 and they come in a pack so this is the 05:27 elliott earring pack and you get three 05:29 you get this little paper clip 05:31 you get a nice little small hoop and 05:33 then she's super fun 05:35 this is actually a little lightning bolt 05:37 kind of playing off of that trend these 05:39 packs are fantastic they're 38 05:41 you get three earrings they're just a 05:43 wonderful value 05:44 um i kind of kept it cash and so the 05:47 shoe i've got on is our sam edelman 05:50 annalisa it's just that platform sandal 05:52 i've been wearing this one a lot she's 05:54 super chic but she's also just 05:56 incredibly comfortable okay that was 05:58 look number two let me get the last look 06:00 on 06:01 okay i saved the best for last the 06:04 reverie dress 06:05 z supply she's back in stock you've got 06:08 to get one of these i've had this in my 06:10 closet now for a couple years and it is 06:12 my go-to 06:13 and if you are in warm if you're in warm 06:15 weather you're wearing this thing right 06:16 now 06:16 but what i really love about this dress 06:19 is that if you are 06:20 in cold weather like myself in illinois 06:22 it's 50 degrees today and we're going to 06:24 see the 60s over the weekend 06:25 this will be one of the first spring 06:27 dresses that you get yourself into 06:29 because it is so 06:30 easy to pair with a denim jacket to put 06:32 with sneakers 06:34 if it's not quite warm enough to get 06:35 into your sandals 06:37 it's just the perfect dress z supply 06:39 reverie dress 06:40 69 dollars you need to get one of these 06:43 did you watch meg this week she did a 06:45 reels on this and just 06:46 adorable showed you all the ways to 06:49 style it 06:49 i'll go in a little bit closer so you 06:51 can kind of see your colorways here 06:53 we've got this lime green 06:55 great tie dye black and white stripe 06:59 this is a coral with a little bit of a 07:00 tie dye at the bottom 07:02 and then you've got your go-to standard 07:04 colors your all of your navy 07:06 and then i've got on the black okay 07:08 let's talk about how i chose to style it 07:10 so i am thinking reverie dress kind of 07:13 out 07:14 running errands um or if you're on vacay 07:17 like what's that 07:18 going around to museums doing all the 07:20 things so i've layered it with a denim 07:22 jacket this just came in and this is 07:24 going home with me today so this 07:25 is cut it's the cara denim jacket 07:28 super washed out fits really like a 07:32 shirt and then it has a raw hem here 07:35 i just love it did really dark uh 07:37 buttons here 07:39 and just super super fun i'm in an extra 07:42 large i will tell you if you're buying 07:43 cut 07:44 jean jackets this year they run a smidge 07:45 on the small side so i would normally be 07:48 in a large but i'm taking an extra large 07:50 in this 07:50 and i just love it um i popped on my 07:53 think roilin 07:54 this is the navy and then it's got a 07:56 great strap it's got navy black 07:58 and a pop of white and gray just really 08:00 sporty 08:01 and i thought do the navy because i also 08:03 pulled out these 08:05 um think moses slides fifty dollars if 08:08 you have not picked up a pair 08:10 sustainable materials they are easy easy 08:13 on the go 08:14 faux strap to them you just slip them on 08:16 everything from 08:18 go to flip-flops to pool slides they're 08:21 fantastic 08:22 but i just thought this is kind of fun 08:24 in the blues and the tie-dye 08:26 and then back to the think roy lynn i 08:28 thought it was a great pairing 08:29 okay last on the accessories i went back 08:31 do you remember the mazies that i had on 08:33 with the bb dakota dress they come in 08:35 yellow they also come in this gray 08:37 i took off my rings kept on a simple 08:40 earring definitely thinking day sporty 08:43 look 08:43 um so let's talk about this dress for a 08:45 minute though because i want you to 08:46 see it i could be shocked if you have 08:48 not seen the reverie 08:50 but it's great it's just your standard 08:52 v-neck super 08:54 bra friendly again this is the black i'm 08:56 in a large fits totally true to size 08:58 but what i think is really fun is kind 09:01 of this handkerchief bottom to it so 09:03 it's 09:03 super flattering on all body types 09:06 again if you haven't caught meg's reel 09:08 check hers out she shows you different 09:10 ways to style it 09:12 all the way from denim jackets to 09:14 knotting it to layering things 09:16 underneath 09:16 so it's just a great go-to look okay are 09:19 you vacation ready 09:21 are you ready for spring are you ready 09:22 for summer check us out at every dot com 09:25 or come into our stores to get styled 09:26 and have some fun 09:28 see you soon

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