Freedom Moses Two Band Slide

Freedom Moses Two Band Slide

Freedom Moses slides are injected with air for a super comfortable walking experience. Gently infused with essential oils with a milk & honey scent. All our slides are vegan, sustainable, and recyclable.

*Note - straps are not adjustable

US 6/7=EU 36/37, US 7/8= EU 37/38, US 8/9= EU 38/39, US 9/10= EU 39/40, US 10/10.5= EU 40/41

Style AFM002-ZB
Material: 100% PCU Plastic
small black hand-drawn heart

Why We Love It

"Oh what fun these slides are! They make a great addition to your warm weather wardrobe and a perfect gift! What I love most about our Freedom Moses collection is that they're a modest and lightweight shoe for a great price. I promise, you'll want more than one pair!"

Kiley K.

Assistant Store Manager, St. Paul, MN