Travel Dreams. Real Trends.

New Arrivals: Travel Dreams. Real Trends.

Wishing you were somewhere sunny...or just looking for ways to brighten gray days? Ash to the rescue! With pieces you can pack away for your spring trip (gauze dresses, shorts...) wear-now newbies you'll want to snap up STAT (white denim, epic sweatshirts...), and great bags from your favorite brand, Think Royln. Tune in, smile, and grab some fresh style.
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0:05happy Monday crew all right here we go0:07the thaw is here I don't know if any of0:10you I'm sure all of you were completely0:13deep frozen over the last week we were0:16here and today it's going to be a high0:18of like 30 and that feels like summer0:19when you're in the north but I will tell0:22you this all last week as I'm so bundled0:24up I'm already so sick of like all the0:26layers that have to go on top the boots0:28the jacket all the thing all I can0:30thinking about0:31was where am I going to go what trip do0:33I need to book Let's Get Away I need to0:35take away I need a tan I need a shave0:38let's get out of here so the best thing0:40about today's new arrivals are all the0:42things you're going to bring on vacation0:44or where spring break I don't know just0:46whatever that trip is that you booked to0:48get you out of the cold okay I'm Ash by0:51the way I'm everes director of styling0:54and every week every other week we talk0:57about all the things new arrivals and I0:59feel like this new arrivals was so1:01timely because it's all you want to do1:03when you leave the cold okay let's dive1:06into what I'm wearing because honestly I1:07think this would be an incredible travel1:09outfit because these bottoms1:13crew I mean if you knew how to do a flip1:16or gymnastics things you could totally1:18do all those things in these pants these1:20are from everie this is the Benny camo1:23utility pant I'm wearing a size 10 they1:26have all the stretch all the stretch1:28yeah I can kick that hi so good it's1:31sitting like a little bit more midrise1:33so not crazy high so if you're sitting1:34on a plane or your train or a bus or1:37your car whoever you're getting there1:38they're going to feel really comfortable1:39they're not digging in they're not1:41restricting love that it has like this1:43little bit more of a wider straight leg1:45hem so I'm wearing it with a sneaker1:46which is feels like the easiest travel1:48run around go to all the places protect1:51your toes you could easily do this with1:52a sandal could still do it with a boot1:55if you're living in 5 to 7 to 10 inches1:57of snow right now which I know some of1:59you all across the the country are still2:00living in but these bottoms crew holy2:03buckets they feel amazing so fun and I'm2:06loving this like brighter tone of the2:07camel just feels like brighter poppier2:10hello 2024 okay have it paired back to2:13our casy v-neck from Z Supply I'm2:15wearing a medium and this and this2:16heather gray and then let's just talk2:18about a Topper that like she got herself2:21a little glow up for 2024 check out this2:24new crop denim jacket this is from2:25pistola this is the Mandy crop jacket2:27I'm wearing a large obsessed I think2:30this is a fun New silhouette I'm so2:31excited to wear with like all my utility2:33bottoms this would just be easy with2:35leggings or joggers on the weekend how2:36cute is it going to be over like a2:37spring dress so so good but talk about2:40like your airport outfit this is totally2:42what I would travel with because I'm2:43going to tell you this a denim jacket2:45always needs to be in your carry-on in2:48your suitcase on your bag over your2:50shoulders this is going to be a2:51Workhorse in your wardrobe okay talk2:54about another travel necessity and crew3:00these are back in brand new colors3:03always flying out can't get enough of3:05them and we have some fun new colors and3:07then a really fun new little bag upgrade3:08look at this look at this cute little3:10like money pouch gum pouch I don't know3:13whatever you need in here accessible3:15you're set to go ID goes in there talk3:16about like going through security and3:19then they quickly need your ID and you3:20just whip it out here and you're have to3:21opening up all the things in your bag3:23obsessed so so cute so this is new think3:24royin love that black fun little bold3:28stripe this denim blue I think this is3:30the 2.0 is selling out crazy this is3:33like selling like bananas so really fun3:36new color again I love how easy3:39crossbody you could go around the waist3:41has multiple straps inside the bag so if3:43you haven't invested in one yet um or if3:45you have you have a couple different3:47options for sizing of how you're going3:49to wear the strap because it can go3:50cross body over the shoulder you can3:52wear it as a little Fanny so so good and3:54all the pockets I love when you just3:55have that easy pocket to like tip your3:57phone in pull it back out and then I'm a4:00sucker for color so loving this hot bold4:03pink just feels good in January right4:05when it feels like so gray and we4:07haven't seen Sun like just a little pop4:09accessory feels really really good okay4:12and then for those of you who need a4:13really amazing new travel bag talk about4:18an easy under the seat bag and this is4:21this is what I checked right away fun4:22new from think royland you know like4:24when you like have your carry on but you4:26want it to like sit on your suitcase and4:27as you're buzzing all around and if it4:28doesn't have one of these I don't know4:30what the technical term is for this the4:31strap to go over your handle and then4:33all of a sudden your bag tips over and4:35then you look like the biggest hot mess4:36at the airport cuz your bag tipped over4:38and then you're trying to get it over4:39and it's like swinging around your like4:40car your suitcase and you just look like4:42a mess it has one of these straps like4:44what how awesome super lightweight4:46that's what I love about think Worland4:48too is because you can stuff it so full4:50with all the things because I like to4:52make sure I have five pairs of shoes4:53packed for a two-day trip just in case4:55you don't know what's going to happen or4:57XYZ you can stuff it all the way in here4:59but it's super super super lightweight5:01all the pockets good little cross body5:03strap but fun new little travel tote5:06from think royland okay if you have your5:10trip booked and you know you're going5:11somewhere warm I know someone here is5:13going on a fun little mom's trip here in5:15two weeks and she'd be absolutely5:17adorable in this gorgeous emerald green5:21Gauzy Michael Stars dress this is a5:23fabrication that we have had season5:26after season we have another option for5:28this spring but this would be absolutely5:30gorgeous you do it as a pool cover up5:31you throw it on with a sandal for run5:33around throw think grilling over the5:35side you're checking out the city take5:36the denim jacket throw over your5:38shoulders for night how beautiful is5:40this so it's just that little tearing5:42this is the Sonia dress this color is5:45just absolutely gorgeous it is 168 this5:48is going to be a Workhorse it's double5:50line oh maybe I lied I just lied it has5:52pockets it's just a thicker like linen5:54fabric so it's lightweight but you still5:56feel really secure but this just is like5:58a no-brainer pack it up in this6:00fabrication you don't even need to worry6:01about the wrinkles you just like put in6:03your bag you take it out and you're set6:04to go new for Michael Stars okay really6:08beautiful little pop over top6:11lightweight easy for travel I mean even6:13if you're just going someplace warmer6:15you don't want all that full sun6:16exposure gorgeous new popover top from6:18rail super lightweight loving this6:20paired back to white shorts white denim6:24a pair of denim this would also be a6:25really great um little flight top to do6:28with a pair of yummy pants or like an6:30easy jogger um but I love this as a6:32swimsuit cover up too cut off shorts6:34this is rails the tag is barely exposing6:37anything this is the L shirt but loving6:39this little pinstripe super lightweight6:42no fuss pair of sunglasses I'm like6:44envisioning all of you on the beach6:45somewhere as I yet to book anywhere warm6:48um I'm just dreaming but this is just a6:50really easy breezy rails top and you6:52guys if you own a rails button down you6:54know the quality of this is going to6:56last forever but really really really6:58beautiful little pull over top question7:00pretty quick yeah um does the Michael7:01star's dress hit above or below theee oh7:04good question so does the Michael star's7:06dress hit above or below the knee I7:08think it totally depends how tall you7:09are so I'm about 5'8 5'9 and it looks7:12like it's going to hit right above the7:13knee but nothing too crazy or looks too7:15short I feel like Michael Stars totally7:18understands a woman's body type so7:20everything that they do is like within a7:22really flattering length so if you're a7:24little bit taller I still think above 597:27you're going to have a pretty um it's7:29going to be obviously above the knee but7:31I think it's G be a really flattering7:32length and if you're more petite I think7:33it might hit you right below the knee7:35but again with that lighter weight7:36fabrication even if it hits you below7:38the knee I don't think it's going to7:40overwhelm a lot of body types because7:41that fabric is just going to move and7:42groove with you it's good question7:43question yeah what's the material on7:45that rails on this rails top what's the7:47material on this rails top good question7:50watch me7:52search oh 100% rayon super7:55lightweight7:57casual easy breezy7:59fun in the sun little top so gorgeous8:01I'm just loving this like easy stripe8:03because then I think about when you're8:03not on vacation and you just need a new8:05top for work how cute would this be with8:07a classic pair of jeans one more8:08question came in what's the color of the8:10Pinstripe oh the Pinstripe you guys the8:12Pinstripe is a white but then it's like8:13this like denim black I don't know it's8:16not gray it's not black it has this like8:18denim um wash to it almost I don't know8:21it just feels like it's totally bringing8:23in Spring and then I love this like the8:25stripes going one way and then8:26elongating the back the whole thing just8:28feels so easy breezy I don't know I it's8:32get yourself a pair of white jeans or8:33shorts and go somewhere book a trip book8:35a trip that was a good question so ran8:38um8:39okay you guys have heard us you've heard8:41us talk about the denim skirt and if you8:44watched Heidi's three days three ways8:45this weekend and if you haven't go ever TV check out her story she8:49thrs you three different ways to wear8:52denim skirts right now we kind of have8:53it all over our site this is a total8:55item we believe in for this season and8:57if you're going on vacation spring break8:59somewhere or you know what you just want9:01some like fun fresh new color check out9:03this brand new white one from frame how9:05gorgeous is this I love it cuz it's a9:07little bit more of an e crew color it's9:08not crazy crazy white so if you're going9:10to bring it back to like brown boots9:11black boots you want to throw it on with9:13a chunky sweater over for now it's going9:15to look really really beautiful again9:17such a flattering slit in the skirt9:19that's going up through the middle so if9:21you're a little bit more petite you're9:22exposing your leg which is going to9:24elongate you if you're taller still9:26creating really great shape and9:28elongating you just a really flattering9:30silhouette and Denim and then has that9:32little raw hem so it makes this like9:33longer skirt not feel so conservative9:35but a little bit more playful loving9:37this e crew but I was like okay how cute9:39would this be if you just packed like9:41that go-to favorite tank you have you9:43tuck it in all the way with the skirt9:45sandals you slick your hair back a fun9:47earring out for dinner totally spring9:49break ready but then if you're here at9:52the office throw it on this little9:54popover tuck it in all the way to create9:55shape create a waist black Boot and9:58you're totally set set for the office9:59here while it's still10:0130°10:02okay what are you wearing on that flight10:05if you're not wearing this outfit which10:06I would highly highly recommend because10:08it feels so incredibly comfortable you10:12probably just want to wear an amazing10:14sweatshirt and a cozy pair of bottoms or10:16your leggings and God bless all of you10:18who actually wear jeans on the flight10:20cuz you're amazing crew we got such an10:24awesome little collection these two are10:25from Spanx so loving this little half10:27zip sweatshirt with the little racing10:30stripes so flattering I mean just look10:32at the drape if you guys know this10:33fabrication that air Essentials fabric10:35it feels so good it's like you're10:37literally wearing air but white T-shirt10:40throw this over actually this might be10:41really cute with a camel and these10:43little pants and then need your little10:44white t-shirt underneath this would be10:45an easy easy outfit again you roll it up10:48you toss it in your bag once you get to10:49your destination but Spinx is an10:51ultimate travel little top to go over10:54the top a top to go over the top a top10:57to wear on top goodness gracious happy10:59Monday everyone okay this is the air11:00Essentials track jacket and it is so fun11:03black and white this would be so cute11:05going into summer two Sidelines you're11:07set to go and then I'm loving this11:09really beautiful it's like a wash Navy11:11it's called Dark Storm this is the air11:13Essentials crew like no fuss how cute11:16would this whole look be actually if you11:18just swapped the T-shirt through this11:20sweatshirt underneath and then you had11:22your denim jacket to layer so that you11:24don't have to carry a jacket with you11:25when you're going in out of the car if11:26you're going to a destination that's a11:27little bit cooler this would be such a11:29cute combo um just laid under here and11:32with these C bottoms so right there that11:33could be a really ad oh my God okay if I11:35had enough11:36hands how cute is this airplane outfit11:40do this jacket you pull that blue stripe11:42right out of the the the blue stripe11:45into the blue sweatshirt camel bottom11:46like so Chic to get on your flight but11:48air Essentials and I feel like with11:50spanks you want to buy true to size11:51totally set to go C anything camo is is11:55a neutral in my perspective it goes in11:58the same place place is like creams11:59blacks whites and Camo everything goes12:01with Cam you can do prints back to camo12:02it's a total total12:04neutral okay then another amazing12:08Feelgood little um sweatshirt this one's12:10from Varley this is the Davidson sweat12:12vley amazing quality you're still12:14getting a great fabrication the same way12:16you'd be getting the air Essentials and12:17I'm thinking okay you're not a denim12:20jacket don't want to wear a t-shirt like12:22what how cute is this little combo12:24another airplane outfit so yummy so easy12:27and just those easy like like toss on in12:30the morning to go get coffee or a little12:32breakfast you want something that's like12:33Chic but pulled together this crew is12:35going to be awesome okay for those of12:39you who are not going on vacation or12:40anywhere warm yet and you just want12:43something fun and fresh and you might be12:45telling yourself you don't need a new12:47Valentine's Day sweatshirt because you12:48have enough pink and red in your closet12:50or you bought the Valentine's Day12:51sweatshirt last year and you're just12:52going to wear that again but then you12:53see all the super cute Valentine's Day12:55stuff and you're like yeah I lied I'm12:57going to need to buy it check this out12:59how cute is this like this is like such13:01an amazing nod to vday without being so13:04completely overt this is from sunry this13:07is the stripe heart sweatshirt under13:09$100 how cute is this are you if you're13:11volunteering in a classroom or meeting13:12up with girlfriends for brunch or13:14something or you just want to be festive13:16how cute is this okay and what I love13:18it's a little bit on the shorter side so13:20no tuck no fuss you don't need to worry13:22about anything you just pop that on and13:24you're totally set to go favorite pair13:26of jeans good little sneaker you're tot13:28totally set verv and now I'm like I feel13:31like I need this but this would be so13:32cute the blue and white stripe cuz it's13:34such a big trend for spring even just13:35wearing that all through spring it13:36doesn't read so over Valentine's Day so13:39be so so good so obsessed with this13:41maybe you need to treat yourself to a13:43little sweatshirt okay any other13:46questions one last question who makes13:47your pants okay every makes these pants13:49crew these are the Beno Benny camo13:53utility and I'm obsessed I think even13:56the pockets are like adorable if you've13:58missed this and watching all of my um14:01stretching abilities you guys I can't14:03even they're so stretchy they're so so14:06stretchy I'm like if you're not wearing14:08a sweatpant or a legging on a jean you14:10are wearing these B these bottoms for a14:13travel day because they are absolutely14:16so incredibly comfortable and I love14:17this like brighter color in the camel14:20and as a reminder I'm wearing a 10 in14:21these I think this is a size 30 feels so14:24good um yeah I'm kind of obsessed I'm14:265'8 so I love that even where it's14:28hitting at the ankle you see a little14:29bit of skin but they're not tooo short14:30not too long but good job every these14:32are so14:33good okay crew I hope it's warming up14:37where you're at and if not book that14:40trip or just sit in the sunlight to get14:42some vitamin D in here because I'm so14:44hungry for it but I hope you have a14:45really great rest of the week and we'll14:46see you14:52soon

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