Summer Holiday Style Solves

Summer Holiday Style Solves

Summer holidays are upon us (who's ready to celebrate Juneteenth and the 4th of July?), and Meg is here with what to wear—whether you're hitting a backyard bash, the golf course or a firework show!
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happy friday friends we are talking all
things 4th of july it is quickly
approaching and you need some great
options to look your best for that fun
holiday weekend let's start with the
sundry dress this is the sundry square
neck roost dress comes in this amazing
coral color i look instantly sun kissed
which is amazing but it also comes black
if you
are just a great little neutral gal this
is a great little
black dress for you but i'm going to
stick with the coral i love this for so
many reasons
strap right here super thick you can
wear your regular bra with that so
winning i love this square neckline
which is just super nice very flattering
i'm in a one which is my true to size in
this sundry dress i love that it has the
elastic waist right here i have it go at
my smallest point of my waist and then i
just give my shoulders a little judge
and it gives a natural blouse which is
never met a ruched dress that i didn't
love i loved a ruce dress it hides and
conceals shows and reveals and you can
have it come a little bit shorter come a
little bit longer whatever the case may
be for you i kind of have it right in
the middle right here to show off the
legs quite nicely i'm in the dolce vita
this is the hazel sandal right here so
just an easy flat i think this is going
to be a great
look for
the fireworks that might be going on
around you if you're traveling for the
fourth of july i think this is a great
little number your your dress but you're
still super comfortable
put together i think this also is a
great look with you can do a pop of
sneakers tevas if you want a little bit
more of a sporty vibe when it gets a
little bit cooler
at night because you always know i get i
run cold guys pop on a great little
denim jacket you can have just this
easily pop over your shoulders this is
the new cara
uh no it's the julia
it's the julia the girls will tell you
right here but i love the wash on this
because it lends a little bit lighter
but has that fun little vintage vibe to
it so just an easy
one and done look for you to go and see
those big awesome firework display all
right a sucker for a sporty chic look
former college soccer player and a boy
of three that are in all the sports of
all the sorts so
when you have a sporty chic vibe
i'm in it to win it
loving this new chloe stripe vest from
evereve not going to find that anywhere
else in-house design i love just the fun
thick v-neck going on here not too deep
of a v i'm in an extra small for a size
reference so just keep that in mind i
felt it was a little roomy underneath
the armpit and we just don't need any
side boob action going on there so
keep that in mind this is a black stripe
too some people were thinking at lens
navy it is white and black so good
traditional go-to summer color that you
can do so much with just gave it a small
little front tuck this is the sunshine
shorts say that 10 times fast from spanx
so just a great black
shorts four inch inseam it does have a
pocket that you can put your hands in
because we all know pockets save lives
and everything but i think this is just
a great little fun sporty look
we're talking about going and hitting
nine on fourth of july and then going
immediately into the pool after that
because it's going to be hot as hades on
here but i think this is just an easy
fun look to totally take you from the
golf course and then you can go
immediately into the clubhouse grab a
you can keep on your white sorels if you
want to have just that fun sporty chic
vibe if you're too hot then you can
totally pop on just an easy dulce vita
sandal i think the black would be very
chic dresses it up a little bit and then
of course you got your jewelry game this
is the francine pack it comes in a pack
of three i like the white with this but
it does have just a traditional gold
hoop and then a fun um
resin black one as well so
loving this little sporty chic vibe for
your fourth of july plans all right last
look is for the backyard barbecues that
you are gonna be having for fourth of
july weekend you might have one you
might have nine who knows but you gotta
look amazing and cute along the way we
gotta start off with a pair of cut off
shorts you know i'm loving the parker
cuff i have it in the covet and i have
it in the darker wash too i size up in
my shorts just because i like a little
bit of a slouch in that that is my
personal preference you do you boo with
that but i just love this easy go-to
cut-off elevating it just a little bit
with the new nation smocked flutter top
i love the color of that that fun little
coral color gives you instantly
sun kissed and then that smocking detail
we're gonna see a lot of that in all a
lot of the tops for the rest of the
summer but i just love that it
it's fitted but it's not revealing it
shows off the curves quite nicely square
neck line right there has a little
coverage if you don't love to show your
arms but it just has a little coverage
there and it's just a great little
flutter sleeve i didn't tuck this in at
all it was hitting quite nicely right at
the belt line and i thought that was
just a really great look you can totally
pop on a belt with that if you want to
bring in and define your waist a little
bit more but just an easy fun backyard
barbecue look finished it with a pop of
color with a fun little necklace right
there and then i when i wear my shorts i
like to make my legs look long and lean
i've got a powerful thigh so when i make
my legs look long and lean i just feel a
little bit better these are just the
good new teaks right there