Weekend Chic: October Edition

Styled With Heart: Weekend Chic: October Edition

Cue the fall activities...and never wonder what to wear. Meg is here with a Weekend Chic box reveal with looks for everything from sideline Saturday mornings to cozy nights by the bonfire. It's an autumnal A+ and Trendsend stylists are standing by to make it all yours. (Yes!)
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0:00[Music]0:10thank you0:24[Music]0:26I'm so excited to be with you this month0:29to talk all things weekend Chic and our0:32new trenson box that we have styled just0:35for you0:37fall is officially here weekends are0:41fully booked with all things Sports0:44pumpkin picking apple orchard fall0:47festivals you name it all the things are0:49happening and we've got just the great0:51looks for you for this month's box so0:54stay tuned to see what we have in store0:55for those of you that are new to ever0:57Eve and New to trendsend transcend is1:00our style subscription box that we style1:02here in our stores by real human beings1:05Trenton is an awesome service for you if1:09you are busy and on the go and don't1:10have the time to come in and Shop maybe1:13you don't love to shop we can do the1:14shopping for you you want to make sure1:16that these boxes are curated for you if1:20you keep four or more items you get 101:22off those items so make sure that you1:26read that love note to see all the fun1:28different ways to style it to really get1:30the most bang for your buck we also have1:33themed boxes so this month's theme is1:35weekend Chic because I a I am packed to1:39the brim of all the weekend activities1:41we've got sports with the boys all1:44weekend we've got some fun family1:46activities a few quick little trips out1:48of town so we want to make sure that you1:51are stylish and Polished to check all1:54those fun activities off of your list so1:56for your first look we've got a good1:58go-to great pair of denim this is cut2:00from the cloth they are tried and true2:02there are friends from so many years and2:05they are coming out with some Banger2:07Silhouettes I love this new one this is2:10a Reese straight leg first off that2:12pocket detail everyone has been loving2:14the pocket details on our denim I'm also2:17loving the clean wash here and the fun2:20little thicker hem if you you can wear2:22denim to work this is a great option2:24because of that clean a little bit2:25darker Silhouettes so keep that in mind2:28but for running around town doing those2:30fall festivals maybe you're picking some2:33apples maybe you're doing family2:34pictures remember to dress yourself2:36first this is a great little colored2:39sweater that we have from evereve you're2:42not going to find it anywhere else it's2:43the Delaney stripe pullover I just love2:46the Bold color in that stripes are a2:49safe print as well so just give that a2:52little front tuck into the denim to help2:54create a waist and um show off that2:57waistline this is a super lightweight2:59material so you're not going to sweat to3:01death that's what I look in for sweaters3:02and everything like that making sure3:04that it's not too heavy this is a3:06perfect little layer thin but will still3:10keep your arms covered3:12if we're on that sideline cheering on3:15the boys and all the things or the kids3:17I have boys so I only know boys this3:21Spanx little quarter zip is the bomb.com3:25I cannot say this enough I share and3:27show it to everyone because I would be3:28doing a disservice if I did not show3:31this to you first off the color is3:34amazing also comes in Black also has3:36pants that match this you should3:38probably get those as well this is just3:41such a delicious material popping this3:43on together with a fun little sneaker3:45remember sneakers don't come and shoes3:48don't come in your boxes but our stylist3:50will let you know what best shoes will3:52go with your outfits and that love note3:54that we send you so this is just a great3:57little easy Saturday morning sideline4:00look your polish put together but still4:03really comfortable this feels like4:04pajamas I cannot say this enough about4:07that and then we can easily pop over a4:10little crossbody bag think Royal and of4:13course killing it per usual as always so4:16that way you can keep your phone4:17sunglasses maybe a little snack in there4:20as well while you are cheering on your4:23kiddos on the sideline we always like to4:26send something just slightly elevated to4:28in the boxes because weekends are not4:31just for the kids we need adult time as4:34well so maybe you're going out to a4:36brewery maybe you are headed out for4:40like a nice little Day dates whatever4:42the case may be these fun little black4:45Sanctuary pants are amazing I love the4:49nice little seam detail going on here it4:52does have a really cool fronts slits let4:54me see if I can show it to you do you4:55see that yeah you can see that that4:57little front slit right here allows us4:59to do any shoe possible with it we can5:01keep it super casual with a great little5:04sneaker you can pop on a booty with it5:06it's going to make your legs just look5:08super long and lean which is5:11I always love a long lean lay but let's5:14pop on this has been a hands down best5:17seller she does run a little bit big and5:19oversized so if you like that stay your5:22true to size if you want a little bit5:23more of a tailored look I suggest sizing5:26down but you do you boo on how you want5:28to wear that you can leave this out and5:32just have it long give it a little front5:34tuck right here which will again help5:36highlight the waist and another5:37lightweight sweater the material is thin5:40enough that you can just give it a nice5:42front talk and you won't have that bulk5:44or anything all right as you know those5:46temperatures are getting a little bit5:47cooler so we're going to need a nice5:49little layer to go over this this is a5:51new jacket from evereve it's the Simone5:54jackets first off the colors stunning5:58it's just the lightest shade of blue it6:01can also lead a little purple too with6:03it but just love that plaid look going6:06on there it's such a traditional little6:08false jackets pop your sweater on6:11underneath this6:13and you are set to go you're so Chic6:16you're gonna be warm you're not going to6:19need a big bulky jacket or anything and6:22you are good to go pop on a brown booty6:25with this to elevate it a little bit6:26more for those Brewery and dates out pop6:30on a little sneaker if this is your6:31sideline look as well or fall festivals6:33activities things like that you can6:35definitely pop on the jacket and sweater6:37with the jeans let's not forget about a6:39great little baseball cap if you didn't6:41want to wash your hair earlier in the6:43morning so that is such a fun little6:45look right there you can even do6:49the sweater and the shirts with the6:52bottoms too to just Elevate that and6:55have a good little go-to6:57legging and sweatshirt sweater situation7:00as well so Endless Options and7:02opportunities with all of these looks7:04for this month you're going to look so7:06cute and stylish on the sidelines at7:09those fall festivals picking your7:11pumpkins maybe even taking some family7:12pictures so I hope that this gave you7:16some great ideas to add to your weekend7:18wardrobe items are coming in quickly and7:22leaving just as fast this fall7:24assortment I say it every year is so7:27darn good ever Eve does fall so so well7:31and I don't want you to miss out on all7:33of these great pieces I hope you have a7:36great rest of your day and I will see7:38you next time7:39foreign

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