Sidelines Style

Sidelines Style

Sidelines season is here in full force—and Meg is back with your game day uniform (perfect for rocking the sidelines in style).
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0:03 [Music] 0:09 happy friday friends i hope you are 0:11 having a great week we are talking all 0:13 things 0:14 sidelines games and sports and all the 0:17 sorts are all on deck for this summer 0:20 and i need you looking super cute so 0:23 i've got three looks coming your way 0:24 stay tuned all right summer has sprung 0:28 in the goings household we are in the 0:30 thick of lacrosse season we've got golf 0:32 and tennis action going on as well i 0:34 think there's a flag football now being 0:36 talked about 0:37 i'm really unsure of that but 0:40 we are on sidelines for most of this 0:42 summer i'm okay with that but i gotta 0:43 look cute at the same time we got a new 0:46 top in from goldie it's the raglan terry 0:49 top the softest thing ever i love the 0:51 navy of this i love that it has a cap 0:54 sleeve i'm in my true to size which is 0:56 this small but it's the softest darn 0:58 thing but it's also really lightweight 1:00 which is a plus for being on the 1:02 sidelines 1:03 and it's going to be hot and warm out 1:05 there i gave it just the slightest front 1:07 tuck into these are the ever shorts so 1:10 it's a higher rise i wouldn't say it's 1:12 like super high like my belly button's 1:14 here and the rise is right here i'm in 1:16 my true size which is a 27 because i 1:19 know it's going to relax a little bit 1:20 and give me more of that boyfriend fit 1:22 it's also a four and a half inch inseam 1:24 so it covers the tush nicely 1:27 it shows a great definition of the legs 1:29 and it's not too short for this powerful 1:32 thigh of mine 1:34 finished it off with the 1:36 these are the tevas i have them in white 1:39 i have them in black they are my go-to 1:42 for all things sports because it is like 1:45 a sneaker but my feet can breathe and i 1:48 often take off my shoes 1:50 during the games because i like to be 1:52 bare feet as much as possible 1:54 and then when we're traveling from game 1:57 to game and sport to sport i gotta have 1:59 a cute bag to have 2:01 any extra change of clothes shoes we 2:04 just got a new puppy so 2:07 puppy bags and treats and all that stuff 2:09 in there and i love the color of this 2:12 it's just very bright and vibrant and 2:14 ready to go 2:16 when i need to there is an extra strap 2:18 in there if i need to do a crossbody but 2:20 this bag is a wonderful i have it in 2:22 another color hue and i it's my carry-on 2:25 so it's the perfect little carry-on for 2:27 you but just love this really easy 2:31 look for the sidelines and i'm ready to 2:35 go and be with the boys all right the 2:37 second look is for 2:39 a one-and-done look sometimes pants just 2:42 aren't an option it's just too darn hot 2:44 outside and you just need an easy one 2:46 and done look let's pop on the michael 2:49 stars ruby tank dress i love this for so 2:52 many reasons first off it's a stripe i'm 2:54 a sucker for a stripe i think it's just 2:56 a great classic 2:57 print if you will to have in your closet 3:00 i also love that it's navy and gray 3:03 together super lightweight material i'm 3:06 in a small which is my true to size for 3:08 reference i don't think i would go to an 3:09 extra small because i do want this to 3:11 just be 3:12 an easy lightweight 3:15 not body 3:17 contoured at all but it shows off the 3:19 curves really nice has a great little 3:21 side slit here it is a true midi for me 3:23 which is hitting just a little bit below 3:25 the knees 3:26 to show off the great little berks these 3:28 are the silver arizonas 3:30 from birkenstock there we go my train of 3:34 thought just stopped for a second popped 3:36 on a little small bracelet stack right 3:38 here just to glam it up a little bit you 3:41 can easily pop on that bag from look one 3:44 to 3:45 carry around and tote around all the 3:46 things that you need you can have your 3:48 sun hat in here sunscreen 3:50 and then be able to go back and forth to 3:54 all the games that you have all right 3:56 last look is going to take us from 3:57 sidelines to happy hour you've been 3:59 cheering your little ones on all day you 4:01 deserve to reward yourself at the end 4:04 pop on your michael stars luna henley 4:07 tank this is a great basic basic build 4:09 wardrobes this comes in black and a 4:12 really pretty uh striped option as well 4:15 i'm in a small which is true to size for 4:17 me gave it a full tuck into this is the 4:21 sundry 4:22 sunday skirt 4:23 say that 10 times fast i could not do 4:25 that so that's why i said it real slow 4:27 for you this sunday sundry skirt 4:31 this is a one which is my true to size 4:33 in this i love this for a lot of reasons 4:35 it has just the smallest little 4:37 drawstring here which just shows off my 4:39 waist really nicely it's not too short 4:42 it's a great shorts alternative if 4:44 you're not really loving shorts this is 4:46 a great short alternative and you can 4:48 also if you're a golfer this is a great 4:50 golfing skirt too just keep that in mind 4:53 the price point on this is 48 4:56 yes 48 dollars it comes in another color 4:59 hue and it also comes in two knit 5:02 fabrications so check those out right 5:04 here they're gonna link that for you but 5:06 i just like that it instantly gives me 5:09 shape right here and then i popped on 5:11 this is the sundry pop stripe button 5:13 down and a new color hue i love that 5:15 it's a more of a neutral color and it 5:18 has just like that very vibrant pop of 5:20 neon yellow right there so it just 5:22 really 5:23 just goes well with that olive color and 5:25 then finished it with the teaks this is 5:28 just a great nude color i love a nude 5:31 sandal because it just makes your legs 5:33 look long and lean and then a fun little 5:35 bracelet stack right here to 5:39 have a little arm candy while you're 5:40 cheering everyone on my husband can 5:42 always hear me because i always have a 5:44 lot of bracelets on and 5:46 i jingle and jangle and so that's how he 5:48 finds me if i ever get lost in a crowd 5:51 so just that's why i always have 5:52 bracelet stacks on but that is just a 5:55 really easy look takes you from 5:57 sidelines you can go grab a bite to eat 5:59 maybe grab a little cocktail afterwards 6:01 because you also worked really hard 6:03 turning on your littles that is my time 6:06 with you today i hope you were able to 6:07 find some great sideline looks to cheer 6:10 on your littles if you see something 6:12 make sure that you click it and grab it 6:14 and scoop it up because things are going 6:15 very fast if you are local to never eve 6:18 come in and visit us we would love to 6:19 see and style you if not check us out on 6:22 or get a box sent to you 6:25 from trendsend and we can come to you i 6:28 hope you have a great rest of your 6:29 friday and i will see you next time 6:38 you

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