New Pieces We'll Wear Nonstop

New Pieces We'll Wear Nonstop

Ash is back from maternity leave (we missed you!), and talking all things new arrivals—from new must-have clothes, to new must-snuggle babies.
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0:01 [Music] 0:07 good morning and hi 0:10 it feels 0:11 so good 0:12 so scary 0:13 so 0:14 um adrenaline rushing to be back but i'm 0:17 back i'm so excited if i could squeeze 0:19 the camera and squeeze all of you and 0:21 say hi and i missed you i would do it 0:23 but 0:25 i can't do that but anyways for those of 0:27 you who don't know who i am i'm ash i'm 0:29 our director of styling and studio and 0:31 i'm here in our studio with our entire 0:33 team who's actually 0:35 fyi going to be shooting september 0:38 product which is so delicious but i have 0:41 been on maternity leave for the last 0:43 three months haven't been on live i 0:44 think in like five months um as we 0:47 welcomed our third 0:48 baby into our family mr banks he's just 0:51 like a straight dream we're all in love 0:54 with him and today real exciting news he 0:56 rolled over from his back onto his front 0:58 and i think me and my girls were like 1:00 freaking out so really really exciting 1:02 but it feels so good to be back i want 1:05 to give a huge thank you to our entire 1:08 crew who covered the mondays for me 1:11 were they not amazing please give all 1:13 the hearts tap the hearts so hard for 1:16 those in incredible hosts and here's a 1:19 little like 1:20 little little tidbit for all of you 1:22 i loved them they gave us so many 1:25 tips education 1:27 i mean 1:28 i wanted to buy all the things and 1:29 here's the thing you did too so they're 1:31 going to stick around and every monday 1:33 we're all going to take turns walking 1:35 through new arrivals with you so that 1:37 amazing crew who were with us through my 1:39 maternity leave they're sticking with us 1:40 and yeah it's gonna be a blast but 1:43 i'm excited to be back 1:44 i'm excited to be back in real close 1:48 that feels amazing my leggings are so 1:50 shot and i'm over them and i'm done with 1:52 them so i'm like 1:53 excited to get back in some real clothes 1:55 especially like 1:57 some summer stuff which i realized i 1:58 don't have anything and for any of you 2:00 who are living in the midwest or in 2:02 minneapolis we are at a heat index of 2:04 what feels like 160 i mean they were 2:07 giving you warnings about sitting in 2:08 grass today sitting in grass is too hot 2:11 like what we're at 100 degrees 2:13 humidity i don't even know why i did my 2:15 hair so bear with me as 2:18 i go through my first live in a very 2:20 long time but let's get to the good 2:23 stuff all of the amazing product i'm 2:25 seeing all these fun little things 2:27 sweater vests sweaters i know it seems 2:29 crazy as i'm talking about 100 degrees 2:31 and i'm also talking about sweaters but 2:33 you do know 2:34 that if you're headed back into the 2:36 office or if you're at home and you're 2:37 sitting on your zoom call or if you're 2:39 meeting somebody for dinner the air 2:41 conditioning is blasting so what an easy 2:44 little piece whether it's a sweater tank 2:46 or the sweater i'm wearing you can throw 2:48 it on and you're totally set to go so 2:49 let's talk about what i'm wearing 2:51 i am wearing the john and jen i'm not 2:53 gonna remember the name i think it's the 2:54 lily pullover i cannot remember um from 2:58 john and jen the lily pullover okay 3:00 getting back into that groove really 3:02 nice open weave um kind of oversized 3:04 which i love so it's not sticking to you 3:06 could do off the shoulder i just have it 3:08 a little bit off the shoulder i'm 3:09 wearing with our best selling delilah 3:11 cami from z supply have it tucked into 3:14 these 3:15 how fun are these these little rails 3:17 this is the alina short so they're like 3:20 a linen half trouser i was telling the 3:22 crew here i'm in a 12 in this you guys 3:24 um because i haven't pulled up pretty 3:25 high hitting my belly button right here 3:27 i feel secure i feel held in the linen's 3:30 really nice weight um 3:32 legs booty it's all still there so it 3:35 gives me lots and lots of room and it 3:37 feels so good and then i have on this 3:39 little base slide from sam edelman just 3:42 a really fun slide with a little bit of 3:43 like woven texture inside of there um so 3:46 yeah here's my little summer monday jam 3:49 kind of back to the office so diving 3:51 into the rest of our wrap speaking about 3:53 sweaters check out these really fun 3:56 little polo tanks from jamison 3:59 this color is sam shell these are the 4:01 becca collar pull am i saying this right 4:03 you guys becca collar polo pullover said 4:06 that five times fast really beautiful 4:09 sandstone really beautiful kind of like 4:11 mavi pink this is the tandoor tandoori 4:14 spice how cute is this this would be 4:16 adorable tucked into these shorts a 4:18 little belt how fun is this lightweight 4:21 you don't need to pair anything 4:22 underneath it bra friendly and like not 4:25 too heavy of a sweater this is a huge 4:27 trending item going into summer and into 4:30 fall so so fun our little sweater busts 4:33 now if you want something just a little 4:34 bit more feminine check out this design 4:37 history obsessed with the stripe look at 4:39 this little ruffle detail 4:41 so so cute again back to the little um 4:44 cream short but i would do this with 4:45 like a wide leg jean back to a black 4:47 short how cute is this again another 4:50 great little option for back to the 4:52 office 4:53 or just like if you guys have 4:54 graduations i feel like everybody's had 4:56 graduations these are some really nice 4:57 options 4:58 to wear to graduations 5:00 and for those of you who don't know me 5:02 when i'm nervous i talk fast 5:04 faster than i normally talk so i 5:06 apologize if you're feeling like oh my 5:08 gosh she's got a lot to say it's because 5:10 i'm nervous to be back in front of all 5:12 of you but excited at the same time 5:14 okay another little option that's really 5:16 comparable to the short i have this is 5:18 the z supply 5:20 this is the calista short and most gray 5:23 you guys these are under 80 elastic 5:25 waistband 5:26 right now my body is going through a 5:28 whole new world right now kind of 5:30 adjusting today i tried on i don't know 5:32 i think i wore my fifth dress in because 5:35 things are still not fitting so i'm 5:36 loving the elastic waistband in the back 5:39 to kind of give you that option 5:40 tailoring in the front with the pleating 5:42 so it looks a little bit more pulled 5:44 together but then super comfortable and 5:45 stretchy and kind of grow 5:47 with you on those days you're at a 5:49 barbecue and had too many hot dogs or 5:52 just those mornings you're feeling 5:53 amazing when you wake up you're like i 5:54 can fit into anything so loving this 5:56 little wash gray again really 5:57 lightweight linen so perfect for this 5:59 100 degree day 6:01 another really fun lightweight option 6:04 again i'm here for all this elastic 6:06 waistband these are the cloth and stone 6:08 cropped breezy paint like how cute i 6:11 wish you guys could feel these because 6:13 they're incredibly lightweight and maybe 6:14 you can just even tell in the hanger 6:15 like the whole wave motion that's 6:17 happening with them little button front 6:20 again elastic in the waistband but i 6:22 love the little flat pockets in the 6:24 front so what i would do here 6:26 is kind of pair just like a little um 6:28 sweater tank tuck it in the inside so 6:30 you're just showing off that really 6:31 great waistband but again if you're not 6:33 a gal who does shorts i love the idea of 6:36 these pants for you because you're going 6:37 to still feel really cool light breezy 6:41 but not having to expose your entire leg 6:43 so this is my cloth and stone you guys 6:45 and i'm absolutely obsessed with it 6:47 one thing i forgot to tell you if you 6:49 haven't yet gotten our june catalog make 6:51 sure you head to our site 6:54 so many goodies in this this we have 6:55 paired back to the super cute just easy 6:58 white and yellow tea so cute so easy but 7:02 so many inspirational outfits kind of to 7:04 get you through june or to find some new 7:05 goodies because i don't know if the rest 7:07 of you and again i i get that i just 7:09 came back from maternity leave so i need 7:10 to i feel like i need a whole new 7:12 wardrobe but when it hits this hot 7:14 you're like what am i wearing what do i 7:16 need i need a refresh and i need to kind 7:18 of make it through these hot hot days 7:20 so 7:21 okay 7:22 this is exactly probably what i needed 7:24 this morning check out this beautiful 7:26 dress this is my every so beautiful this 7:28 is the talia dress in blue print check 7:30 out how stunning this print in print is 7:34 super lightweight cotton does it have 7:36 pockets i'm a sucker for a dress with 7:38 pockets so so good elastic in the 7:41 waistband too so it kind of gives and 7:43 ebbs and flows with all different chest 7:45 sizes which i think is amazing i'd 7:46 probably do a strapless here a little 7:48 bit of that tearings which is a big 7:50 trend for spring and into summer that 7:52 tear dressing and again another amazing 7:54 option for these hot days throw it on 7:56 with a little slide a sunglasses you 7:59 could do this dress 8:01 maybe i don't even know which one i want 8:03 to do 8:04 this tiny little backpack which we're 8:06 going to talk about which is so amazing 8:09 if you're kind of getting together with 8:10 girlfriends or running around with the 8:12 kiddos i have a little like bridal 8:13 bachelorette 8:15 situation happening on sunday i'm like 8:17 this might be like the perfect little 8:18 pairing for a little winery we're going 8:19 to talk about this guy in just a second 8:21 um but really beautiful easy peasy dress 8:25 would you say those 8:26 pants run true to size and if you're 8:28 petite what are your suggestions oh good 8:31 question 8:32 um yes i would say that cloth and stone 8:34 runs true to size i also think by this 8:36 fabrication being so lightweight if it 8:38 were to feel just a tidbit snug this is 8:40 going to relax and let go just because 8:42 that denim is really broken down into 8:44 this really soft fabrication if you're 8:46 petite actually i would i would do this 8:49 i know that everybody feels really 8:51 confident to do this but i would just 8:53 kind of cut off the hem or you'd bring 8:55 it to a tailor if you kind of see it 8:57 looks like they kind of undid the hem 8:59 here to give it that length and that fun 9:00 little detail i would either take it to 9:02 a tailor if you're 9:04 depending on how petite you are how tall 9:06 you are this would pair great with a 9:07 little wedge um but i really would just 9:10 cut it off because if you can see the 9:12 hem on this guy right now it's just a 9:14 raw hen that basically got cut off by 9:16 the 9:17 manufacturer anyway so that's kind of 9:19 what i would do but again depending on 9:21 how tall you are how confident if you'd 9:24 love to wear a flat or can't wear a heel 9:25 i might wear a wedge as well so petites 9:27 you can do this 9:29 um i think just playing with the length 9:30 tailoring or cutting it off it would be 9:32 my option for you 9:34 you feel good 9:40 oh this dress with a baby bunk um 9:42 question is could you wear this dress 9:43 with a baby bump yes i think you totally 9:45 could just because if you look at the 9:46 seaming and depending if you're carrying 9:48 high or low this would fit nice and snug 9:50 right underneath the chest and it does 9:52 have a little bit of gathering right 9:54 underneath there that would give you 9:56 some room through the bump so it is 9:57 cotton um this would be easy and really 10:00 really adorable with a little little 10:01 baby bump so cute 10:03 okay another dress this is a dress it 10:06 was like just gonna make sure this is 10:07 from ron and ryan you guys this is the 10:09 tessa shift the tessa tank shift dress 10:13 i'm really getting tested with all these 10:15 descriptions today but how easy peasy is 10:17 this this to me feels like backyard 10:19 barbecue poolside 10:22 got your swimsuit thrown underneath 10:23 you're just throwing on a hat sunglasses 10:25 a little slide this dress 10:27 so beautiful love the black and little 10:30 white um print i pair it back just like 10:33 an easy little white slide also again 10:36 has pockets we love a good pocket i'm 10:38 here for it and look at all that ruching 10:40 through the front and the back so you 10:42 know what this guy is just going to be 10:43 an easy throw it on throw your hair back 10:47 toss a hat on and you're set to go so 10:49 loving that guy by rowan ryan okay 10:51 [Applause] 10:52 we're going to talk about one of my most 10:56 see i can't find words still learn still 10:59 still bringing my vocabulary back here 11:00 as i transition back to work i have been 11:02 dying for these bags to come in like so 11:04 excited we have a limited quantity you 11:06 guys so if you want them i would hop 11:09 online or into your every store right 11:11 now and grab them we launched a new 11:13 brand called cleo bella i think in may 11:16 and they have amazing little accessories 11:18 so check out this little bag it's super 11:21 lightweight leather feels really really 11:23 good um just like great i'm sure all of 11:26 you which we do as well have every event 11:29 in the book coming up here weddings 11:30 graduations birthday parties 11:33 bachelorette parties like we are ready 11:35 to go out and this is just an awesome 11:37 little bag to toss with you love this 11:39 little like tan cognac color that can 11:41 kind of pair back to everything i think 11:43 heidi had this on in her stories on 11:45 saturday with this really cute little 11:47 monochromatic going out look but super 11:49 lightweight easy little bag 11:53 next one which i love a backpack i want 11:55 to be hands-free check out this guy 11:58 super lightweight lightweight tan it's 12:00 got breeding through the front and the 12:02 back 12:05 zipper through the top 12:06 again has a cell phone pocket why does 12:08 that matter it matters to me so much i 12:09 don't know if any of you else feel that 12:11 way like if a bag doesn't have a cell 12:12 phone pocket i like 12:13 i can't i can't it's i just need to have 12:16 it so really easy nice big for me can 12:19 fit a bag of wipes i'm good to go and a 12:21 nice easy handle so if you don't want to 12:22 wear it as a backpack you can just toss 12:24 it over your arm and you're set to go 12:27 loving loving so pretty soft beige and 12:29 then 12:31 the winner of all 12:33 winners this amazing like little 12:36 overnight 12:37 work big tote situation 12:40 how stunning is this big absolutely 12:43 obsessed so nice big handles it's like 12:46 it's like the modern day version of the 12:48 mary poppins bag like you can fit all 12:50 the things i think it's so cute 12:52 um maybe this one will come home for me 12:54 it has a cell phone pocket that's what's 12:56 most important right lots of room in 12:58 here you can do it cross body i don't 13:00 know if any of you are traveling this 13:01 summer but this would be such a great 13:02 little airplane 13:04 carry-on bag absolutely 13:06 obsessed or if you just have a lot of 13:09 things in your everyday life bag this is 13:11 your new life bag so cleo bellow you 13:13 guys these are flying through our doors 13:16 we don't have a lot so if you want them 13:18 i'd grab them right now but 13:21 you guys thank you for bearing with me 13:23 it says 13:25 it's all coming back to me it's like 13:26 riding a bike right but i'm excited to 13:28 be back i'm excited to see you i hope 13:30 you all stay cool i know that everywhere 13:32 is 13:33 hotter than ever right now and yeah i'm 13:35 going to see you in a couple of weeks 13:36 thanks crew

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