Your Spring-To-Summer Mix

New Arrivals: Your Spring-To-Summer Mix

Ash is here to help you straddle the seasons with a great mix of musts to keep you seamlessly on trend: great denim, versatile tops, your new favorite sandals and so much more. Check it out, then jump in to what's now (and next!).
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0:01you don't want all right crew happy new0:05arrivals I'm Ash ever's director of0:07styling and we are walking through an0:10amazing rack of new things that just0:12dropped on their site in our stores and0:15yeah let's dive into it we're going to0:17start with my look first because I think0:18I might need to walk out with this0:20entire thing like who doesn't need an0:23amazing gray cropped sleeveless0:27sweatshirt I don't know I do you do like0:29this this is so so cozy we also talked0:33about that it's just like easy breezy0:35you can still layer it this is from0:36Reagan bone it's a little bit shorter0:38loving this little raw hem through here0:40again I'm a big believer in the half0:42tuck cuz it creates a longer leg create0:46shape in my waist and let's talk about0:49these jeans okay Citizens of Humanity0:51does the best vintage washes so I'm like0:54obsessed with the wash but can we talk0:55about this like trouser silhouette easy0:59to dress up wear it a little bit more1:01casual and this denim feels really1:03really really lived in feels so soft I'm1:06wearing a size eight in here which is a1:0829 it feels a little snug throughout the1:10thigh but as I as I wear this throughout1:13the day I know it's going to really1:14start to relax and feel really yummy I1:17am also 5'8 and wearing this back to a1:20flat sandal which is awesome because a1:22flat shoe is the most functional for me1:25in my lifestyle so I love that so for1:28you tall girls you can rock a flat shoe1:31with these jeans all right so let's1:33start with a few of our favorites that1:35have just dropped I'm thinking about all1:37the things that are on your calendar1:39this is a new top from everie how1:41beautiful is this like print this floral1:44it's kind of feminine the sleeve length1:46again a little bit more of that muscle1:48silhouette which I think is really1:49flattering in the arm but it's still1:50giving you great coverage easy v-neck so1:53it's showing some skin this is the1:55Phoebe dolman top crew banded bottom how1:57easy you don't need to worry about1:59tucking it just land right there how2:01cute would it be back to these jeans2:03actually you could Rock these sandals2:04too you could a little wear it a little2:06bit dressier with a pair of white or E2:08crew jeans so easy peasy under $80 such2:12a great top for all the events you have2:15on your calendar in this next month all2:17right open weave sweaters are flying2:19through here this is a new one from2:21velvet again how cute is this this gives2:24me like the best pickle ball tennis2:26Vibes I don't play either but I just2:28this maybe looks like I do it2:30more elevated um super fun this is the2:32tap pullover from velvet again white2:35Cami throw it on with these jeans2:37actually you could do these shoes too2:39you're absolutely set to go this would2:40be so fun back to utility bottom as well2:44but2:45again all the things on your calendar2:47throw an open weave sweater on and2:48you're set to go I also love that this2:50is just a little bit more of a true tank2:52so if you wanted to layer this under a2:54jacket you'd be totally ready to rock2:57all right a few other easy peasy2:59sweatshirts that just like right now3:01isn't that all we want to wear is just3:03pop on that easy top I know that's what3:05I want to do that's why I threw this Rag3:06and Bone on again feels so yummy this is3:09from Splendid how beautiful is this3:12color I don't think like I'm just going3:13to keep like doing this to the shirt so3:15you know how gummy this fabrication is3:19this is the Macy scuba sweatshirt um the3:22color is foror how pretty is that right3:25again a little bit more of a shorter3:27length so if you don't want to half tuck3:29it you don't want to tuck it in you can3:30just pop it on cute back to jeans but3:33again you could do this with your3:34leggings this is such a fun color and so3:37yummy yummy for that everyday wear and3:39then barley one of our favorites this3:42fabric is so good so comfortable they3:45are like number one in the game of doing3:48fth Leisure a little bit more elevated3:50so if you wanted to pair this back to a3:52pair of jeans again or a utility pant3:55you look more pulled together than just3:57that goto athletic wear and I'm loving4:00all this this is I think a Navy piping4:03um throughout portions of the sweatshirt4:06little um slit through there and loving4:09that Gold Hardware fun little elevated4:12sweatshirt okay leaning into a few of4:15the brands that just hit some fun little4:18collections new like oneand done4:21dressing from fairity we had this4:23awesome dress we had this last year4:25loving it in this like denim wash denim4:28blue back to this like um easy cream4:31stripe here's what's really fun about4:33this dress one and done got the little4:36buttonfly so it shows like a button fly4:38that's for jeans not a dress there a4:39little button down um gives you a little4:42slit at the bottom to show some leg but4:43here's what's so key about this dress4:45from the front you're like H I don't4:47know if it's creating a lot of shape4:48look at this amazing detail they did4:50here to create shape so this is a button4:52to create waist so it's not so oversized4:56but if you want just like that easy pull4:58on dress like not to think about it5:00sandal sun hat sunnies you could easily5:02unbutton it and it's not so fitted as5:04well again this is in like a heavier5:06linen so it just feels so spring ready5:10and one of our bestselling dresses from5:12last year but back in this really fun I5:13guess it's called ocean vintage strip5:15from fairity all right another fun5:18fairity option this great Olive jumpsuit5:21I love this because it feels a little5:23bit more dressed up but because it's in5:25this like heavier linen fabrication5:26there's still this like casual and ease5:28about it so I'm just thinking showers5:30you have graduations coming up this5:32would be an awesome jumpsuit to toss on5:35and again I just feel like that neckline5:37so flattering thicker straps so it's5:39going to be easy with a bra all right5:42fun more cozy sweatshirt options these5:45ones are from CLA V how fun is this5:48color right it is so good it's like this5:51really beautiful washed gray blue with5:53that fun little pop blue and then just a5:56classic gray and black graphic these are5:59just those items that are going to live6:01in your closet that graphic will never6:02go out of style so so cozy a little bit6:05more oversized so I would buy trud to6:07size or maybe a size down in this but6:09CLA V Graphics totally trending right6:12now easy to go with all the things all6:15right like I said I am wearing a Ragan6:17bone top we got so many great Ragan bone6:21top options in right now great Basics6:24just with a little bit of twist gray6:26sweatshirt but make it sleeveless how6:28fun is is this little it's almost like a6:31mixed media shirt um fabric feels6:34incredible just a little bit6:36heavier that which tells me it just6:38feels quality um fun little cotton um6:41base on top so it's just an elevated tea6:43raw hem through here a little bit longer6:46and like look at that smart little6:47detail here so you're getting the effect6:49of a muscle um sleeve which again I6:51think is so flattering on multiple body6:53types just kind of like lengthens the6:56arm honestly where it just kind of thins6:57it out um so if you feel feel6:59self-conscious about your arms I feel7:01like a muscle tea is always a great7:03option if you're diving into a tank but7:05look at this like little bra friendly7:06Notch here so it just kind of keeps you7:09um protected if you don't want to expose7:11all the things under your armpit and7:13then I think this which sounds so7:15unattractive right why does armpit like7:17the world's worst word okay but again7:20just a really beautiful green I think7:21you could totally Elevate this put it7:22back to these trousers put on a belt and7:24you're totally set to7:27go all right check out this fun neutral7:30snake print I have this tea just in the7:32classic solid colors awesome it's not7:35see-through it feels incredible you7:38don't feel totally exposed I think the7:40sleeve length is awesome and I love that7:42it's like in this easy print so if you7:43are a jeans and t-shirt gal which is7:45fantastic cuz that's having a complete7:47moment right now this little snake print7:49is just an easy upgrade to your everyday7:52basic all right and then Reagan bone7:55does incredible classic button- Downs7:58loving the spring version in this more8:00khaki and white stripe version how fun8:03is that little Chevron pocket but just8:06as I'm like easy little pocket um one8:09one in doubt white jeans easy button8:12down you're totally set to go and pulled8:15all together so that's a little Rag and8:17Bone um collection along with this8:19little sweatshirt I'm wearing and I'm8:20wearing a medium in this all right then8:22our last drop is one of our favorites8:25all things citizens these are the jeans8:27I'm wearing again crew they are so8:29drapey that denim is incredibly soft8:32loving that little wide leg one of my8:35personal favorites this is the gouto8:37this is kind of like an ineter of a8:39boyfriend Jean and a wide leg I obsessed8:42obsessed with this wash I just love like8:45the the darkness of it I don't know it8:47just does this really beautiful lived in8:49vintage look one of my favorites um I go8:52pretty true to size on these um this8:55style and then when in doubt denim's8:58having a moment whether it's denim on9:00denim um so if you love a great button9:03down you want to treat your button down9:04as a layer these Citizens of Humanity9:07button Downs are awesome and I love the9:10wash of this denim oh my gosh it's a9:11popover I had no idea I thought it was9:13just an easy button down it's a popover9:15what how this is fantastic this is9:17making me really excited so more fun9:21things with this you could easily tuck9:22this in you could wear this out how cute9:24would this be with an easy little white9:25jean you're totally set to go that9:28really made my day um but fun little new9:31update here from our citizens denim9:33shirt in this little popover option okay9:37so many new arrivals like obviously so9:40many so many hop into a store right now9:42hop online and yeah have a great end of9:45April

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