New November Fashion

New Arrivals: New November Fashion

Ash is back with everything you need for a month that shifts us into dropping temps and a kicked-up calendar. She'll help you reboot your daily closet with all things warm and layered, and add a sprinkling of looks for stepping out and getting social. It's a gotta-see with lots of gotta-gets. Here's Ash!
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0:00[Music]0:05hello surprise okay hi crew I know0:09you're thinking why is Ash going live on0:12a0:13Thursday well I'm going to La next week0:16to shoot our February catalog I know0:19we're already there I will tell you it0:21looks really beautiful it feels like0:22sunshine0:24and stripes and skin it's super super0:27good but what I'm talking to you today0:29about our new arrivals November kickoff0:31here so fun all fun things new arrivals0:35hitting right now so yeah it's me it's0:38going to be fun it's going to be quick0:39sweet next week Heidi is going to be0:41taking my spot on Monday we are going to0:44be talking all holiday kickoff she's0:47talking Sparkles and cozy and color and0:50gifting and all the things and it's0:52going to be amazing so for those of you0:54who don't know who I am I'm Ash I'm0:56ever's director of styling and I walk0:59you through new arrivals each week so1:02fun little change up this Thursday but1:04I'm really excited about everything on1:05the rack because I don't know about you1:07I was on the phone with my sister this1:08morning and I didn't realize all the1:11things that were actually on my calendar1:13that I physically haven't put on the1:14calendar and I have some things that I'm1:16like I need a cute top I need a great1:18dress I might need a cozy sweater so1:20these are some of the items that I'm1:22loving for November for your calendar1:24dress up get a little bit cozy but we1:26know Thanksgiving is so it's going to be1:28so close because all of a sudden1:30November was here and now I'm like oh my1:32gosh I need all the things so let's talk1:34about what I'm wearing first because1:36this just feels like so easy cute top1:38great pair of jeans we're set to go I'm1:41wearing the nation um oh my gosh totally1:44brain fart on the name of the top but we1:45are totally going to tell you what it is1:47great little cutout oh it's the Shelby1:49cutout top there we go coming right back1:50at me on a Thursday this is the Shelby1:52cutout tea super lightweight loving this1:55color and the great thing about nation1:56is it just is like a oneand done does1:58all the little things for you2:00love that it's like a touch sexxy but2:02it's still in a cotton fabrication2:04little feminine top with a blue Sun2:06sleeve I'm wearing a large in here I2:07just did an easy tuck in into literally2:10I think one of my favorite jeans these2:11are the good American it's kind of that2:13wide hem trouser dark clean wash2:16honestly this color of Jean is going to2:18take you from every casual thing on your2:20calendar this month to everything dressy2:23on your calendar this month too so and2:26an incredible price point this is under2:28160 for a pair of jeans and a ton of2:31stretch holds you in a little bit higher2:33eyes absolutely amazing I'm 5'8 did it2:36with this tiny little booty so good that2:38suede color kind of takes you all the2:41places but really really good um all2:44right PS where are you guys all tuning2:45in from on a Thursday like I'm usually2:48doing my Monday things but like on on2:50Thursday who all Tunes in for Heidi and2:52now you get a fun surprise for me so add2:55that in here I want to know where you're2:56tuning in from so so fun okay let's kick2:59off the rack with one in doubt just a3:03great core sweater I should have done in3:05like a pun for the kaora sweater this is3:07the Kora turtleneck from John and Jen3:09crew this is such an easy oneandone item3:13I love for all you neutral lovers that3:15great Little Speckled this is kind of3:17like a creamy gray with speckles of like3:20a warm gray and then a black so again3:22think about back to this outfit you3:24could do with a pair of jeans you don't3:26need to worry about tucking half tucking3:27any of that you just pop it on great3:29pair of jeans je and I love it with this3:30like little suede shoe for all of you3:34who are those color lovers check out3:36this fun bubblegum pink how beautiful of3:38it what color is it actually oh it's3:40just pink it's just pink but I'm going3:42to call it bubblegum pink because it3:43looks like bubblegum pink and I think3:44it's crazy fun but what a beautiful3:46color on so many people okay and then3:49today this color is going to be on our3:50website we'll make sure whoever is3:52interested in this color you put it into3:55our comments and our team is going to3:56make sure you know when this is up and3:57live it's really beautiful icy blue how3:59pretty is that again back to the deep4:01blue this would also be gorgeous4:03actually any of these would be so4:05gorgeous with like a white or an e crew4:06Denim and we have so many options on our4:09site and in our stores right now too but4:11this is the sweater you didn't know you4:13need you need you get invited somewhere4:15you need to run out somewhere parent4:17teacher conferences whatever that looks4:20like to you school events you just want4:22to look a little bit more elevated you4:23pop the sweater on a pair of jeans a4:25great booty you're set to go this is the4:27cor turtleneck crew this is under $1004:31such a good good basic in your closet4:34all right we can't get enough of Stripes4:36Stripes is also trending for spring4:38check out this beautiful just like4:41classic sweater from rails loving it in4:44this really pretty cream love this like4:45little half zip through here this is the4:47Tessa pullover the quality of this feels4:50incredible and again this is that one4:52andone sweater you're not fussing with4:54like a half tuck full tuck for um4:57actually you probably do this with a4:58legging it just you know hides all the5:00things right there for petites this is5:02going to give you a little bit more5:03coverage but I don't know why do I like5:05this sleeve it's wide it's beautiful it5:07has this little cream trim that just5:09feels really special I don't know she's5:11just like a classic with like a touch of5:13like novelty to it this is by rails yeah5:16how do those run true to size oh got it5:18so the question is how do the Cora5:20turtleneck sweaters run true to size I5:23think you can run true to size you're5:24totally set to go I think the silhouette5:26of it just being I don't want to use the5:28term boxy you don't want to go too big5:30because then it looks too big on you so5:31true to size is the way I would go on5:33the core tle neck good question I should5:36have mentioned that by the way too all5:38right another event this one feels maybe5:40a touch sexier than what I have another5:42great cutout top this one's from LNA5:44they do this so so well crew bra5:47friendly I think it's just like that5:49touch of sexiness but still feeling like5:51a really great basic comes in that5:53ribbed fabrication so you feel like5:55suckon is a really bad word but you feel5:56like secure but like lightweight I don't5:59know I just feel like rib fabrication6:01always feels amazing long sleeve a great6:04layer you can do this top on its own6:06just like with a great pair of jeans or6:08you could layer a little jacket I don't6:09have any jackets to put over the top of6:11it but if you have a jacket that you're6:12obsessed with maybe that Marin Moto that6:14you bought earlier this fall toss that6:16over here pair of jeans again another6:18great little event top but again good on6:21its own all right when it comes to the6:24holidays when it comes okay time out can6:27we just talk about the holidays real6:28quick I I don't know if you've been6:29following our socials last night but we6:32did our holiday kickoff last night we6:35have so many fun things headed your way6:37over the next six weeks um we have tips6:40we have tricks Heidi and I have a lot of6:42info we're giving you your way and then6:45also things headed your way giveaways so6:48stay tuned on every you social here all6:50through the holidays fun giveaways6:52friends of every you joining just so6:53many fun things to guide you through the6:55holidays because we know there's so much6:57on your calendar there's so much on mine6:58that I didn't even put it on the the6:59calendar and yeah we need the help we7:01need all the help we can get so we're7:03going to be your girlfriend to help you7:04get through that so here's one of my7:06tips through the holiday season one and7:08done dressing that one dress you put it7:10on you're set to go you don't need to7:12fuss and think about all the things7:13you're pairing back with it so I have7:15about five killer dresses that I want to7:18walk you through that I'm really7:19obsessed with right now they just hit so7:21good two of them more hopping online but7:24so so good okay I don't even know this7:28is so cute this is just is so cute I7:30want it it brings me back to the third7:32grade in that little jumper I'm obsessed7:33but now it's like a grown-up version7:35it's in vegan and has this great like7:37v-necks just like a touch sexy love the7:40seaming okay this is from everie this is7:42the LED shift dress make sure you're7:44checking Heidi's three days three ways7:46on Saturday because I think she pops7:48this on and teaches you fun new ways to7:50wear it but this just feels like a7:52grownup version to that easy little7:54shift dress if you're in a warmer client7:56you don't need to layer anything7:57underneath it if you're here in a cooler7:59clim it you can throw a little top8:01t-shirt layer underneath it to give8:03yourself a little bit more coverage8:04easily could go over a dress loving this8:06even like a fun like new version for8:08work I don't know just a really classic8:10silhouette but that vegan just makes it8:12so much more grown up and just a touch8:13of edge so obsessed with this I think I8:16would run trud to size on this guy um in8:19that great like little shift and this is8:21under 120 just a really fun I don't know8:23it just feels special enough that it's8:24going to live in your wardrobe forever8:27okay another fun hit from every I'm8:30thinking you're hosting for Thanksgiving8:32you're I feel like there's thanksgivings8:34and I don't know for you guys like8:35there's either the thanksgivings that8:36are super casual and you like are cozies8:38and football and sweatshirts or you go8:40to the the house that's like or you are8:42the house that's like dressy we really8:43get dressed up this is your like8:45beautiful Thanksgiving beautiful dressed8:47up dress I feel like it gives you all8:49the Thanksgiving colored Vibes so8:50beautiful this is from every look check8:52out that little burnout sleeve great8:53coverage comes with a self belt but also8:56that great elastic waistband so turkey8:58pumpkin pie you need a little bit more9:00room and give this dress is giving it to9:02you so you have the button if you want9:03more coverage you can do a little9:04Keyhole I love a v-neck I think it feels9:07really watch me struggle to unbutton9:09this and maybe I won't unbutton it um9:11but I love something with a little9:12v-neck so you can unbutton it and then9:13it just gives you a little bit more of a9:15flattering neckline but isn't she cute9:18do this with a tall black boot or9:20actually you could even do like a brown9:21boot because there's such warm colors in9:22here so so beautiful this is the Ashlin9:26dress from everie again under $1209:29so pretty I would probably with every9:31run true to size on this too I think9:33with the elastic waistband and that this9:35fabric feels incredible true to size9:37would be the way to go all right so if9:40any of you have Gallas weekend events9:44you're going all out for girls night you9:46have maybe you're going to kick off your9:47holiday gift guide or gift exchange with9:49your girlfriends I don't know what it is9:51we got are you just going on date night9:53this is a hot hot dress from good9:55American Crew fun rib um ribbed9:58fabrication it feels absolutely10:00incredible all this rushing on the side10:02that this crazy flattering and for those10:04of you who even feel like I carry my10:05weight in my tummy I love any of the10:07rushing through your tummy or your hips10:10because it totally like CL camouflages10:13camouflages all the things adds a little10:16bit of sophistication with that mock10:18turtleneck but hot dang she is just sexy10:21just like a classic little black dress I10:23mean she's a long black dress but this10:25is going to be a Workhorse again it also10:27is thick enough it can be warm on your10:29own but thin enough that you could10:31totally layer this under like one of10:33your favorite jackets or a vest10:35something really fantastic for the10:36holiday so this is from good amican this10:38is the shine rib funnel tick midi dress10:42it's a mouthful but she's gorgeous and10:45so so good all right last10:49two favorite brand faity she just feels10:52fairity in general for November just10:54feels so right we have our Legend shirt10:56that we're absolutely obsessed with it's10:58got got that great stretch it's super11:00classic it's really cozy you can still11:02layer underneath it and they put it into11:04a dress like how yummy is this a great11:07little Maxi do this with a taller boot11:09give yourself a little bit unbuttoned11:11you could layer a shirt underneath here11:13too if it feels really really cool but11:15like still that great shape and seaming11:17and if you kind of look here there gives11:19you just a touch of shape through the11:21side so even though you're getting all11:22that length it's still going to skim the11:24body and create shape where you need it11:26has pockets I absolutely like to you it11:29does not have pockets reverse does not11:32have pockets has great shape and11:34something that's really fun that Heidi11:35did last year she wore this and actually11:37you could do a T-shirt and jeans11:39underneath and you're just creating kind11:41of like that Maxi cardigan with this as11:42well so the versatility of this is11:44really really fun you want to dress it11:46up for um all the holidays or what you11:48have on your calendar for November where11:49it do a dress want to wear more casually11:51but make a statement unbutton it and you11:52got yourself a cardi with a T-shirt and11:54jeans so so good okay oh answer about11:59your jeans and shoes yes my jeans okay12:01so I'm wearing the good American trouser12:03I'm wearing a size eight in here12:05obsessed with this wash crew it's nice12:07and dark I think it's crazy flattering12:09I'm 5'8 so if you kind of look at where12:12the length is it's hitting me perfectly12:14and then I'm pretty sure these are vins12:15Camuto oh these are Dolce Vita just a12:17great little suede booty in like the12:19most beautiful color so you can that12:21taupe goes really great with warm tones12:23we comp pair it back to black watch me12:26balance here this is this is quite a12:27show in itself but like that perfect12:29little kitten heel so you don't feel12:31like your feet are so unbearably12:33uncomfortable but it's giving you just12:34that touch of lift so you feel a little12:36bit longer so good American that great12:38little trouser hem so so yummy I'm12:40wearing a size eight and my number one12:43feature does it have stretch it does it12:45feels absolutely incredible good12:47question okay speaking of more shoes12:49another fun option from Dolce VA this is12:51that great little booty hiker booty12:54that's getting you through that weather12:55we had snow here on Halloween in awesome12:59that felt great that was not fun but the13:01shoe would have been fantastic because13:03you can go through all that weather but13:04give you a little bit of lift it's great13:06with that more of a um chunk of your13:08heel so you don't feel like you're13:09teetering ton you feel you know secure13:12in that snow but still really sexy with13:14that longer shaft in a great color combo13:16that can be worn with black Grays Browns13:18all the things and then when you don't13:20want to wear13:21heels Yep they're back our Min Tonka13:24slippers so cozy if you're already13:26thinking about gifting I started adding13:28to my cart last night for my kids this13:30is such a fun unexpected treat these13:33little slippers they're so yummy they're13:35cozy I think this is definitely that one13:37for you one for me but they just hit and13:39I'm just like yep get yours now because13:42over the next six weeks these will be13:43gone so treat yourself this month with13:46all the things on your calendar to a13:47great pair of slippers but crew thank13:50you so much for letting me join you on13:52this Thursday Heidi's going to be13:54joining you next Monday here we go13:57November's here we're going to do this13:59we're going to kick it off and make sure14:01you're following every social for all of14:03our girlfriend gift guide all the things14:05coming your way it's going to be a14:06really fun holiday14:12season

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