January Uniform

Live Style: January Uniform

There's nothing like a few fresh pieces to put some pep in your step, and Heidi is here with our January favorites to do just that. Say hello to epic sweatshirts, stripes of all types, and of course, must-have utility looks. It's a full rack of right-now to infuse some new into your year. (Yes!)
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0:00[Music]0:05hey hey hey welcome back happy New Year0:09happy New Year happy happy happy let's0:11get real gang the holidays are a0:15marathon not a Sprint and you have come0:18out the other side and I don't know0:20about you but I'm feeling a little beat0:23up and so I need some inspiration on how0:26to get dressed what to get dressed in0:30and frankly what to put together this0:33time of year when it's gray outside like0:36most places there is no snow on the0:38ground here so I'm itching to do0:40something so guess what it's going to be0:42it's going to be shopping we're going to0:43find a couple really fun things to pop0:45into your closet to give you that oomph0:48that everybody needs in January first0:50and foremost it's all about Comfort I0:52get it I hear you I know it you do not0:55want to put on anything tricky so we're0:56going to make it easy it is all about1:00the sweatshirt that you're not going to1:01sweat in let's be honest we're going to1:04be comfy we're going to be on the couch1:05we're going to do movie marathons we're1:07going to do all the things this month1:08and take the pressure off of whatever1:11expectations are out there the1:13sweatshirt is your answer and why we're1:16loving all of these amazing sweatshirts1:18right now is because they're so easy to1:20layer they're easy to pair you could1:21even wear them for work I'm not even1:23kidding about that so many options so1:25we're going to start with my favorite1:27the one that I have on right now this1:29Fab abous hoodie from ever Eve now what1:31is so terrific about this is that it is1:34light light lightweight that doesn't1:37mean flimsy it doesn't mean cold it's1:40going to keep you cozy but it's going to1:41be really easy to layer and that's what1:43I think makes sweatshirt so fun right1:45now pairing this back to this amazing1:47denim jacket and hear me out I know1:50you're going to say Heidi I have a denim1:53jacket do not try to sell me another1:56denim jacket but guess what I'm going to1:57do I'm going to try to sell you another1:59denim jacket because this one is so2:00fantastic the shape of it more like a2:03shirt the weight of it more like a2:05jacket crazy crazy stretch so this is2:09really what I like to call a twofer you2:11can wear it as a layer but you could2:13also easily wear it as a denim shirt un2:16tucked back to you got it the essential2:19part of this outfit a utility pant now2:22this is from velvet we're going to talk2:24about this whole velvet situation in2:25just a minute one of our favorite Brands2:28here at ever because I think they2:29interpret Trends so well right it2:32doesn't make you look like you're trying2:34too hard doesn't make you look like2:35you're trying to like I don't know do2:37something that is too far that your2:39daughter would wear or that maybe you2:41already wore once they take that Trend2:44they kind of spin it on its head and2:46make it fit perfectly these utility2:48pants are one exactly chef's kiss2:52example now why I love this number one2:54they're relaxed so I'm wearing my normal2:56size in these they definitely have an2:58ease to them if if you want something a3:00little bit more fitted you might be able3:01to go down a size I want it to sit3:05comfortably on my waist and on my hip3:07wider leg feels so fresh with this big3:10wide cuff and then I'm pairing it back3:12to the only shoes I'm going to wear this3:14entire month a sneaker now these are3:16great because if you're like me you like3:19a little bit of height when you're3:21wearing a more casual look and that3:24doesn't mean a heal this guy gives you3:27all that height and kind of pop and lift3:30in this really fun sneaker now here is3:32the deal this is from Dolce Vita has a3:36denim feel to it which I think is so fun3:39we've been talking about denim gosh3:41since fall season and we're going to3:43keep talking about it all spring this is3:45a sneak peek of what's to come but no if3:49you invest in some denim pieces now you3:51will not be sorry okay so let's keep3:54talking about these fun sweatshirts3:55because there's so many options so3:57hoodies yes it's a thing we love them4:01not just for your daughter they are4:03absolutely for you but we're going to4:04make them grown up and we're going to4:06make them cool so another really fun4:08version of this we had something like4:09this last year you loved it so much it's4:11sold out so we're bringing it back in4:13this must-have color for January a light4:17lilac now why I love this gives you a4:18little bit of Pop gives you a little bit4:20of comfort that racing stripe down the4:22side is so darn cute pair it back to a4:25utility pair it back to a jean I love4:28again the hood this because it's so cozy4:31or frankly wear it back to your joggers4:33done and done now if you want something4:36I don't know gives you a little bit of4:38that color pop and a little bit of4:40interest but you're not wanting a hood4:43I'm going to give you a new Option this4:45is so darn cute now this is from the4:47upside nobody does cozy better than the4:51upside fabulous sweatshirts great sets4:55and here it is again that perfect lilac4:57color it's really nice color we this5:00time of year when we're all feeling a5:01little bit drawn got a little bit of a5:04Kind of Green tone in our skin this5:06gives you a little bit of Pop I love5:08this with that little hit of Navy5:09embroidery again this color is so5:11complimentary back to utility but I also5:14love this with denim so a different way5:16to get this color into your closet but a5:18really fun sweatshirt now this guy is5:20going to have a relaxed drop sleeve a5:22little bit shorter length this is great5:24with your high-waisted denim I'm going5:26to find when you see this silhouette5:28gang that's really really drop shoulder5:30in a true kind of ter sweatshirt this5:33one's going to be a little bit trickier5:34to layer something over so guess what5:36we're going to do we're going to pop5:38something under and this is all the way5:42to make a sweatshirt feel a little bit5:45more elevated I grabbed this fabulous5:47Levis denim shirt tons of stretch in the5:49sky under 100 bucks Great Value picks up5:52the navy blue embroidery on this and5:55it's going to be a really fun pairing5:56this is literally the exact outfit I5:58wore in today day in a slightly6:00different version but denim shirt easy6:02sweatshirt utility pant done a great6:05combination and a really good way to6:08layer up CU it's about layering up okay6:11another really fun sweatshirt again a6:14crew neck that is so great is this kind6:17of neon hit so you'll see as we go6:20further and further and further into6:22spring season I'm like looking as if6:23spring is over here there it is we go6:26further into the season you're going to6:27see more and more color more and more6:30versions of neon so everything from6:32brights to really wash down this is a6:36fun way to infuse this into your closet6:38right now great super super soft super6:42super cozy this will be another one that6:44would be fun to layer over a denim or6:47one of the things I'm loving that takes6:49a look from kind of good to great is6:52that extra attention to detail great6:54little tea pop a t-shirt underneath and6:57let that ring just show around the6:59collar it's a very kind of minute detail7:04that takes that look from not styled to7:06styled from not intentional too7:08intentional and we're going really7:09casual right now it is those little7:13details that really make the look so7:15grab your white T-shirt If you don't7:17have a good one right now I'm going to7:18tell you either the t-shirt from Cuts or7:21this fabulous t-shirt from Rag and Bone7:22are my absolute favorite workhorses pop7:26that underneath and you're good to go7:29now if you're looking for just a great7:31Workhorse staple that sweatshirt you're7:34going to reach for again and again we7:36call it here at every the chair item you7:38know the chair that you have in your7:41bedroom at home that like you treat kind7:44of like a closet you throw that thing on7:46there that you wear all the time then7:47you go back and you grab it again and it7:49never even makes it on the hanger and it7:50certainly never makes it back to the7:52closet this is your chair sweatshirt7:54comes in two colors little infusion7:57here's a knot again to that right color8:00but wash down right so it doesn't feel8:02so jarring this time of year although8:04this would look lovely with a little8:06little bit of sunkiss maybe you're8:07escaping the cold weather in January or8:10February so why I love this sweatshirt8:12relaxed silhouette that fun pocket8:14detail this gives it a little bit of8:16Personality that raw hem here is so cute8:20and it's shorter but not short so two8:24ways again to style this gang I love it8:26with the denim shirt underneath or8:27popping a t-shirt on now if you're not a8:30bright scale then the gray is your8:34secret sauce and here's a little idea8:37instead of pairing it back to a white8:39tea underneath grab a black tea8:40underneath gives it a little bit of8:42scratch and Edge either one of these8:44back to Denim or a utility would be so8:47fantastic what I also love about this is8:50the silhouette's not too too relaxed so8:52it's a really easy one to do a little8:54half tuck again these are the styling8:56details that really make the look come8:58to life9:00okay fun little Varsity sweatshirt9:02detail it kind of is a combination of on9:04everything that I've shown today that is9:07this fabulous sweatshirt from Z Supply9:09v-neck unexpected really really fun9:13looks terrific underneath this I almost9:15wore this today actually and like we're9:17like the hoodie and the v-neck the9:18hoodie and the v-neck which way to go9:20but really really love this one I think9:22because again lightweight very similar9:25material to the one that I'm wearing but9:27that fun hit of bold stripe always gives9:29a little bit more9:31personality and frankly if you're just9:34you're over it I'm not wearing pants9:35this month Heidi I'm over it I'm not9:37wearing pants I'm going to be9:39comfortable and nothing with a button9:41then we're going to give you a set we're9:43going to make all your dreams come true9:44so v-neck sweatshirts it's a thing I9:47love this washed Down super yummy almost9:51has kind of a slinky hand to it9:53sweatshirt in a V check out the detail9:55on this that little ribbed kangaroo9:57pocket so darn cute and and it has a10:00fabulous pant to match again utility10:03details being all the rage and I love10:05this because this is like walk me to the10:08bus stop I'm going to the grocery store10:10meeting girlfriends for lunch whatever10:13it might be put together but so so comfy10:17I also know a lot of you were taking10:18some ski trips like let there be snow10:21this would be a fabulous fabulous piece10:22to bring because you can also break it10:24up pop on that great pant with a t-shirt10:27with a sweatshirt with the Jean done and10:29done speaking of denim I just I got to10:33tell you if you're GNA wear denim this10:34month it's going to be relaxed it's G to10:37be comfy so a couple of really fantastic10:40options for you starting with citizens10:43now why I love this nice wide relaxed10:47leg if you have been curious about10:49getting into that relaxed silhouette the10:51citizen style is absolutely fantastic if10:53you are blessed with long legs and you10:57want to elongate them even further this11:00pig denim is absolutely for you it's11:03another more trouser silhouette a little11:06bit Slimmer than the citizens I love11:09them both but they have a different11:10effect I think this is really leg11:12lengthening this can be dressed up a11:14little bit which is super fun and I11:16think the citizens version a little bit11:18wider a little bit more casual tons and11:21tons of stretch tons and tons of room11:24both equally cozy11:27comfy okay gang big news big drop velvet11:33collection exclusively ours at Eve and11:36these are such fun pieces I'm thinking11:37about all of you that live in slightly11:39warmer places or are taking a vacation11:42or are just ready for something that11:44feels a little bit more spring forward11:48in your closet couple great pieces I11:51just had to flash starting with you got11:53it that layering tea in a fabulous khaki11:56stripe as well as a navy and white11:59stripe I mean it's kind of calling your12:01name to layer with it it'd be so fun12:03throw this over your shoulder tuck this12:04into a pair of utilities pants I have on12:07now so cute so fun to12:10wear Global prints Global inspired12:13prints anything that feels like it's I12:16don't know got some history and depth to12:19it this beautiful blous and velvet is12:21one of my favorites wear it now layered12:24under a denim jacket wear it later with12:26a pair of cut offs you will not regret12:28also this Square neckline is so12:30flattering one of my absolute favorites12:34but you guys I'd be insane if I didn't12:35tell you about the things you can wear12:36right now so couple things number one12:40bestselling sweater vest we've had this12:42before it's back it's amazing get it now12:45layered over long sleeve tea today wear12:48it sleeveless in the12:50future uh if you're not going to wear a12:52sweatshirt you might as well wear this12:53sweater cuz it's so cute little Papa red12:55nautical nod back to cream absolutely12:59adore this and is there anything better13:00than this back to utility speaking of13:03which the Peace Day resistance you got13:06to get a utility jacket you got to get a13:09gang and here it is this from velvet13:12lightweight this is pack me up throw me13:16in my bag put me in the backpack put me13:18on a plane wear it over a swimsuit I13:21don't know what you're doing but you13:22guys you got to get this one because13:24it's the perfect layering piece that13:26isn't too heavy I love the length of it13:29and then secret styling sauce detail it13:31has an inside drawring to give you shape13:34no boxiness here all fit and flatter an13:38absolute must have we're topping it off13:41with sneakers I showed you my dolj vas I13:43absolutely love those Goa so many fun13:46options right now you got to get those13:48but if you really want to have a little13:50Glam you're going to go p448 with a13:52little bit of gold there we go gang it13:56is all about the Casual spirit right now13:59embrace it have fun with it sweatshirts14:02sneakers utility denim it's what you14:06need to get your closet up to speed in14:07January thanks so much and we will see14:09you soon take14:15care

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