February Kickoff

Live Style: February Kickoff

This just in: spring IS coming and you'll be ready for it in new stripes, denim skirts, cool layers, trending accessories and more! Join Heidi as she rolls out all the right-now looks that'll have you skipping straight into spring.
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0:00[Music]0:04Go Happy live day everybody crazy this0:07is like real profession you can't see it0:11but there is a mic up here and we are so0:13hoping that this is going to help all0:15the audio ills despite my very loud0:18voice that I hear from time to time from0:20all of you so let us know if you can0:23hear me better this round because we are0:25trying something new and we hope this0:27solves the problem so here's the deal0:29gang0:30it's February 1st and if you thought0:32January was long just wait until0:34February because there's a whole extra0:35day in this month but we're going to0:36make the most of it all the brand new0:39fun0:40springish things are happening now I'm0:42not going to tell you to wear tank tops0:44and shorts right now because that's0:47crazy crazy crazy right but I am going0:49to help you figure out how to get0:51dressed for this transitional time some0:54fun things you might want to pack if you0:56get to go somewhere warm or even if you0:58live somewhere warm and and how to start1:00building that wardrobe for spring we're1:02going to start with what I'm wearing1:03right now so this is a jean that was1:05loved loved loved so very much we1:08brought it back in a brand new wash1:10sneak peek on a color that is going to1:13be so important for spring season this1:15powder blue wash is the color of denim1:19for spring and summer and in this brand1:21new pistola silhouette this is like a1:24nod to that Barrel leg it is a fabulous1:27Jean for those of you who are curious1:29ious about that curved shape but don't1:32want to go all in on that horseshoe1:34silhouette it's fun it's relaxed but1:37what I love about this particular Jean1:39the most is that it's still nipped in at1:41the waist so it gives you great shape1:43through your waist through your bum and1:46at that ankle length little sneak peek1:48of ankle now speaking of fun kind of1:51nods to Spring everybody needs a great1:55tea for the season now here's the deal1:57with spring we all love our teas we've1:59been stocking up of course you kind of2:01pull out those teas Every Spring and2:03Summer and you look at them you're like2:04uh do I need to refresh do I need to2:06refresh here's the deal with this season2:08the tea gets to be the star of the show2:11and we're having so much fun with it2:12when we're pairing it back to cool denim2:15some novelty bottoms I'm going to walk2:17you through some of those but if you're2:19going to buy one T-Shirt One t-shirt get2:22this one because guess what it's called2:24the perfect tea this is from every just2:26launched and I absolutely adore that2:28it's in Stripes which feels so fresh and2:30relevant for the season comes in this2:33great Navy and white stripe also comes2:34in this give me some vitamin D shot pink2:40and kind of this I don't know like2:42almost a coraly stripe it's so so fun2:45borders on neon but not too too crazy2:48this runs relaxed so I'm wearing an2:50extra small still feels relaxed on me I2:53gave it a little bit of a roll here and2:56a half tuck just to give some shape I do2:58think that is one of the most important3:00things about pairing with this more3:02dramatic denim is making sure that3:04you're still giving yourself a waist3:05giving yourself some shape a really easy3:07way to get into this is to pick3:09something that has a little bit more3:12structure to the top so that you don't3:14feel so overwhelmed top and bottom okay3:17so perfect tea got it on comes in two3:19colors so fun if you want to show a3:22little bit more skin or if you've been3:24working on those guns a winter and it's3:26time to get them out there and flashing3:28them here's the deal a tea newest3:30silhouette to hit that kind of t-shirt3:32World cross between a tea and a tank why3:36I love this shows off the shoulders but3:39still gives you just a little bit of3:40coverage on that arm so if you don't3:42want to go totally bare or if you just3:44hate the fuss and mus of a tank and3:46thinking about that bra strap this new3:48muscle tea is for you now this is from3:51Stateside fabulous fabulous new tea line3:54great Fabrications in Cotton really new3:58fresh Silhouettes they bring you move3:59forward without trying too hard so4:02really fun kind of contrast to what I'm4:03wearing now again just a little bit more4:05skin on this one also a really fun one4:08just to layer underneath pieces okay4:11Stripes clearly we are in a Stripes4:14cycle and I always say it wouldn't be4:16January and February if we didn't talk a4:18little bit about Stripes there's always4:20some sort of nautical is moment4:23happening but what's really fun as we4:25look to this upcoming season is thinking4:28about more of a coastal influence so I'm4:30looking at all of you who happen to live4:31by the beautiful ocean you are our4:34inspiration and stripes are a fabulous4:37way to start so starting with this great4:39little tea love love love this but let's4:41be real the weather right now kind of4:44perfect for sweatshirts it's what I want4:46to wear every single day and there are4:49so many fun sweatshirts that have just4:51landed I'm going to run through a couple4:53okay easy way to just nod in Stripes4:57this is from Michael Stars I love this4:59little dopamine hit of that fun rainbow5:02grounded in a Cream Drop shoulder so5:06easy to pair back to Denim look at how5:08fresh and fun this looks back to this5:10lighter wash denim from pistola really5:13great sweatshirt here true to size on5:15this one meant to be a little bit more5:16relaxed note the neckline is not super5:19super high this is one of the features5:21of the sweatshirt that I love it doesn't5:22choke you up so if you want to layer a5:25tea underneath this or even like say a5:27denim button down it would be easy to do5:30also this is a great bring me on5:32vacation sweatshirt not too heavy really5:35really easy to5:37layer okay love Day is coming up and if5:41like me you are either spending your day5:43working or perhaps like doing something5:46family oriented this is the perfect way5:49to celebrate without feeling too on the5:51nose so great little sweatshirt from5:53everie love this in this red stripe back5:56to cream and I think that cream again is5:58what makes it so so fun right it's not6:01that bright white so it doesn't feel6:03super Fourth of July instead it just6:05feels relevant right this Dorito detail6:08I love the ribbing here little tiny bit6:12of a lift in that shoulder which gives6:14it some great structure again this is6:16another one that's meant to be relaxed I6:18wore my true size in this one really6:20really fun from every only ours and then6:24if you really just want to go all in on6:26the nautical you cannot go wrong here to6:29me this is like6:31quintessential French Chic does everyone6:33see that when you look at this I mean it6:35is so cool right this is from fairity6:38fabulous boat knck now this is kind of a6:40cross between a sweatshirt and a t-shirt6:42so it's like a Swit we're going to call6:45it s so why I love it heavier than a tea6:49lighter than a sweatshirt really really6:52sophisticated silhouette with this great6:54Breton stripe across the chest pair of6:57this with great little Jean and then did6:59I I mentioned these super fun gold esper7:01drills which are so darn cute done and7:04done this kind of me screams like take7:06me on a trip plain ride I don't know7:08throw a jacket over this and you're done7:10and done really great way to usher in a7:12season but not worry about being7:14cold okay one more Super Fun stripe that7:18I had to show because this puppy is7:20selling like hot cakes and no surprise7:23it's from one of our favorite vendors7:25from Spanx super Chic in the most yummy7:30of yummy7:31Fabrics striped dress now why I love7:34this couple reasons the weight of it you7:37guys this is not a flimsy seethrough7:40cling to everything on your body type of7:42dress this is a skim the body has some7:46good structure to it so flattering and7:49so Chic and check out the detail I love7:52this side slit shows a little bit of7:54skin which I think in a maxi dress like7:57this is really important for proportion7:59so from Spanx absolutely adore this How8:02Great Is This Crew neckline little cap8:06sleeve Again full length with that great8:08little slit selling like crazy so if you8:11are at all attracted to this and frankly8:14who couldn't be get this one while you8:17can because it's going to go go8:19go okay it's layering season right we've8:23all are thinking about how to stay warm8:25how to feel put together but again also8:27thinking in our heads like oh I'm just8:29kind of ready for spring to come so8:31there's some really fun ways to8:33incorporate layers into your closet8:35without having to completely upend8:38everything so we're talking a little bit8:40about the Tea right and that that's that8:41foundation for your wardrobe I'm also8:44looking for fresh new ways to kind of8:46update my looks and so let's talk about8:50great new layers so I think the most fun8:53forward layer that is happening right8:55now is the vest and there's really cool8:58way ways to do it so starting with this9:02great stretch denim vest now here's the9:05deal with this guy this can be worn9:07alone nothing underneath no jacket over9:11sexy sexy date night look Nails it if9:16you are wondering about doing that denim9:18on denim this is a really easy way to do9:21it because it shows a lot of skin and9:23you don't feel so fully denim fully9:26denim okay so great way to do this now I9:28would take take this I put it with a9:30nice wide leg Jean pop on a heel and I'm9:34ready for date night now layering this9:36up another great option take this great9:38denim9:40vest a fabulous Blazer these two have so9:45much fun together and it suddenly9:47becomes more professional ditch the9:49jacket for date night but you can wear9:50that Blazer to work really really fun9:52way to do it pair it back to a jean if9:54you want or you could even do a great9:56little utility pant would look so Chic9:58with that10:00I also love this just popped over a10:02great YT10:04unbuttoned and again back to a pair of10:06jeans or if you're not ready for denim10:08on denim a really easy utility it's10:11stretchy it's flattering it's such a fun10:14piece absolutely one of my Home Run10:17Heroes for this month you will be10:20shocked at how much you wear this and10:21how easily this folds into your wardrobe10:24super super fun10:26piece okay another way to go these are10:29going to be a little bit more let's add10:31some Edge Let's Have Some Fun black Moto10:35great little vest denim vest now two10:38things I wanted to show both these at10:39the same time because what I want you to10:41notice about both of these a little bit10:44relaxed little bit oversized whole lot10:47of attitude so questions on how to wear10:50this well again both of these to me are10:52so easy to wear for date night pop them10:54on over a tank with a great little Jean10:57or utility pant good to go one of my11:01favorite tanks that I think is easy easy11:03to wear underneath is the LNA now you11:05might remember we've had versions of11:08this in a long saeve t-shirt this fall11:10it's back in a tank and it is so so good11:12this is the Jones tank this will become11:15your staple what I love about this is11:17the fabric it's double lined so it is11:20not sheer fits like an absolute glove11:24and it's so Chic underneath right so11:27that's an easy way in right slip a11:28little tank underneath wear one of these11:30great little Moto and then pop on a11:33utility now there's a really fun way to11:36style these as we get into warmer11:38weather and that is taking either one of11:40these and wearing them over a dress that11:42might be one of my favorite ways to11:44style this it adds Edge to any sundress11:47looks fabulous for date night little11:50unexpected twist and oh so fun really11:54really great would you recommend your11:55true size in this spanks dress yes I11:58would wear my true size in the F stress11:59tried it on felt really good in my true12:02size for sure yes here's a little tip12:04gang I would also say about that12:06fabulous F stress if an all over stripe12:10head to toe feels like a lot and if it12:13just feels like it's overwhelming you12:14especially I think for those of us who12:16are you know a little bit more12:18vertically challenged take a denim shirt12:21easiest most versatile piece in your12:23closet tie it around your waist to break12:25it up now here is the deal I'm going to12:27tell you a little tip about that denim12:28shirt around on the waist trick make12:30sure when you're tying it around your12:31waist that shirt is all the way buttoned12:33up because if it's not it's going to12:34flare out and it's going to end up being12:36really wide on your backside so treat it12:38almost like a jacket have it all the way12:39buttoned up fold it over once tie it12:42around your waist it'll help break up12:43the top and bottom as well as the back12:46side and just gives you a little bit12:48more shape if that head to toe stripe12:50feels a little12:51overwhelming okay so got to get a vest12:54because they're amazing we've talked12:56about Stripes including that great12:58sweatshirt13:00let's talk about some of the new layers13:02that I'm just loving right now and that13:03really gang is the Blazer so I flashed13:07this fabulous great railroad stripe bler13:11why I love this it's grounded in a13:13warmer cream so it doesn't feel too13:15spring forward so that makes it really13:17easy to wear now the neutral Navy on13:20this works fabulous with denim it's so13:23so great to13:24wear really nice length on this one too13:28so it's not super overwhelming in the13:30silhouette and then that great light13:32horn button really helps it feel13:33finished again this paired back to that13:37great little denim vest such a great13:39combination but also could not be easier13:43paired back to just a simple tea in a13:45jean this is my uniform of life when I13:48am doubting what to wear when I am13:50standing in my closet half dressed with13:52a pile of clothes next to me it happens13:54to all of us some mornings for sure when13:57and doubt the first thing I grabb13:59t-shirt Blazer jeans it is my absolute14:02go-to and on days when I don't feel put14:05together turns things around in a Flash14:07it's also my travel uniform is what I14:09wear almost every time I'm on a long14:12flight to La when I go there almost14:13every month Blazer tea Jean so so easy14:17to put together so love this and that14:19pop of fresh white underneath that14:21really great neutrally cream feels so14:22fun this t-shirt gang is from Cuts it's14:25another really fantastic tea that I14:28think everyone needs to give a great try14:31lots of Bounce in this Fabric and really14:33really soft and you'll notice it's not14:35crazy oversized so it's an easy one to14:37half tuck full tuck and the sleeve isn't14:40super wide so easy to slip on under a14:42jacket would you be able to try on that14:44blazer for14:46sure for sure I'm going to take this te14:48CU I think this under it's going to look14:50kind of crazy right we're going to look14:51crazy and I have a tank on so look at14:53that14:55hooray okay so let's talk about some of14:58these fun14:59layers all right this is from15:02E not lying I know that's always a15:04question really really soft cotton so15:06easy one it's not scratchy not15:08itchy I like that it's not line because15:10it helps it feel a little bit more15:13relaxed okay so this is a small15:16gang little arm squh here right to give15:20it some attitude it's got a small15:23shoulder pad which I think I have it all15:25screwed up in here yep straightened up15:26okay so to give it just a little little15:28bit of structure so easy you can see15:31it's got a little bit longer length on15:33this one which I think helps it feel15:34really polished I mean Done Right tank15:37jeans Blazer done so another way to go15:40Blazer which I think is so fun is this15:42guy now what I love love love about this15:45jacket is that it looks serious but it's15:47not at all that double breasted15:49silhouette is meant to be relaxed and15:51open don't worry about feeling like you15:53always have to have this closed and this15:55great neutral so fun shades of kind of a15:58taupe and a brown again grounded in a16:00little bit brighter white makes this an16:02easy one to wear with just about16:04anything pop it against a light denim16:06wear it back to a fabulous utility also16:10would look great16:12even back to black which I absolutely16:16love that kind of dresses it up a little16:17bit this is from Cut brand new denim16:21skirt this is another really fun option16:24that you can grab in place of what16:27you're wearing is like a full link denim16:29usherin spring with a little bit more of16:32a bare-legged silhouette so this is16:33really front from Cut grab this one lots16:36of stretch in this one if you haven't16:37tried it really really great and then16:40last but not least and this is probably16:42my favorite favorite Blazer and I'm16:44going to pop it on so you guys can see16:45it is the Dawson blazer from ever so now16:48if you have not captured it or seen it16:51yet our February catalog is right around16:55the corner and this is on the front16:57cover and gang this Blazer is so so good17:02so here's the17:03deal Navy which in my opinion humble17:08humble opinion Navy is the New Black for17:10spring right so many great ways to do17:13Navy but what I adore about this is the17:17incredible versatility of this Blazer so17:20here's the deal it comes with this great17:22little zipin hoodie Dicky okay looks17:25like a little striped sweater how cute17:26is that easy breasy leaving it open this17:30sticky is removable so now you've got a17:34clean simple super stretchy and easy to17:38wear Navy Blazer on its own you can also17:42uhoh you can also fully zip this guy17:46which gives it a completely different17:48look too right so now it looks like I've17:50got this fullon sweater layered17:51underneath my blazer so darn cute this17:56is exactly how I'd wear it back to to17:58Denim with this little esur if you want18:00to go a little bit more casual grab18:02yourself a little sneaker this is brand18:04new from p448 with this hit of denim on18:07the back which I think is absolutely18:09adorable or you can also bring in some18:11great metallic another fun trend for18:14spring in the18:16p448 so absolutely hands down if I was18:20going to buy one Blazer this season this18:22would be it for sure love love love the18:25Dawson and again it's the stretch that18:27got me in the DOR this one it's so so18:30comfortable and the versatility is a18:33right up there second because you can18:35wear it so many18:38ways okay let's talk about bottoms for18:40just a second because obviously we're18:43loving this great Trend that's happening18:45in denim which is a little bit more18:46relaxed has some kind of statement18:48details to it whether it's a wash or a18:50fit there's also some really cool stuff18:53going on in non denim bottoms and18:55alternative Silhouettes so the utility18:58pant without a doubt for me is a staple19:01so there are just days when I don't want19:02to wear denim or frankly I'm wearing a19:05denim shirt I'm wearing a denim jacket19:07or a vest and I want something to break19:09up that denim on denim look utility is19:11what I reach for every time this has19:13been a staple in my closet for at least19:1510 years and I just keep looking for new19:18iterations this Sanctuary reissue cargo19:21is absolutely a fun one to get into your19:23closet because it's versatile so here is19:26the deal on this one you get some fun19:28utility details with that little draw19:31tape here full zip button fly cargo19:35detail on the side but it's not huge and19:38it's not heavy so it doesn't add weight19:40but what I love about this pant the most19:42is that you can dress it up because it19:44is more of a wide leg so not having that19:47jogger bottom makes it feel modern fresh19:50and new it comes in this fantastic green19:53but I'm kind of obsessed with this white19:55which I think is so so fun this just19:58screams bring me to summer I think this20:01guy runs generous so I actually went20:03down a size in this one and it still20:06felt relaxed for me but a really really20:09fun way to update your closet and again20:12it becomes kind of your denim20:14alternative but equally comly com comfy20:18not comfy equally comfy and fun to20:21wear and I flashed that great cut skirt20:24I had to flash another version of a20:27denim skirt gang this is from good20:29American here is why this is your like20:32absolute hero denim skirt stretch20:35stretch stretch if you caught my live a20:38few weeks ago when I had all of my20:40girlfriends on here and we were talking20:41about different denim fits Stacy was20:43wearing a pistola skirt she looked20:46fabulous in it the good American just20:48hit we love this one just as much and20:50again to me this one is all about the20:53great stretch through the waistband20:55through the hips and thighs and that20:57front lit makes it really easy to wear21:01even if you have shorter legs so must21:03must have and how to wear this great21:05little blazer pair it with a sweatshirt21:07and a sneaker crazy crazy21:11versatile okay gang I mean it's February21:14let's make the most of it and have some21:16fun Stripes sweatshirts great tanks and21:19teas you cannot get enough of and of21:22course that unsung hero the Blazer that21:25has to go into every closet and will21:27become your new favorite layer this21:30month I promise hope this gave you some21:33great ideas and we will see you21:40soon

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