Fall Color Crushing

New Arrivals: Fall Color Crushing

Ash is back with her new fall favorites in a palette that pops. Tops, sweaters, coats, boots and some great pieces by Kut From The Kloth. These looks are the positive boost your closet is craving. Have a look. You're gonna love it!
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0:00[Music]Featured Looks0:03yay happy Monday crew all right today's0:07gonna be a really fun one because I have0:08a surprise I have a surprise for today's0:11new arrivals which is so exciting okay0:14for those of you who don't know I'm Ash0:15everes director of styling and Studio we0:18are talking all things new arrivals we0:20are talking new fall colors we're0:23talking some of the best jackets that0:24have landed right now because it is0:25finally cooling off here in the North0:27and then we're talking about our0:28favorite denim brand which is cut so0:30let's dive into my outfit cuz these are0:32so yummy these aren't denim but these0:34are just like an amazing cut pair of0:35bottoms so these are the new Charlotte0:37wideleg cord they feel so so good I feel0:41professional I feel comfortable I feel0:43yet playful with my sneaker and then H0:46check out this new evereve sweater this0:48is the Dakota distressed got a little0:51bit of edge to this modern prep look um0:53pullover I'm wearing a large in that I'm0:55wearing a size eight in these bottoms0:58they did feel slightly snug in the waist1:00but I think they're going to let go but1:00I love the way they feel in the leg so1:03we have so many fun things to dive into1:05and we're going to kick it off with one1:06of my favorite Blazers which is being1:09worn yes I'm inviting a guest today by1:11one of my favorite people you guys this1:14is Jamie hello everybody Give a Heart1:16Like Emoji because how cute is Jamie and1:19she's gonna be our model today because1:21we've been hearing you guys you want to1:23see things on and we're like let's bring1:25in a really beautiful model to Showcase1:27all the amazing things that we have so1:29Jamie who are you tell us a little bit1:30about yourself to the people who don't1:31know cuz PS Jamie has done new arrivals1:33before I have I have I'm Jamie I'm the1:35producer here at everie so I'm usually1:37behind the camera and making sure1:39everything gets organized but excited to1:41be here um as far as sizing just so you1:44know I'm a size four in the bottoms1:46small on top but I'm really excited1:48there's a lot of cute jackets so many1:49cute so the whole front half of the rack1:52crew is jackets and we're going to have1:53Jamie pop them on because I don't know1:55where you're at but it is starting to1:57cool off here I'm ready to to layer and2:00all the things but I'm really excited2:02about this Blazer So Jamie is wearing2:04this is the Bank St plaid blazer under2:08160 she's wearing a small great little2:12um there's like a dash of red through2:14here within this print but okay does it2:16my biggest thing does it have stretch oh2:18yes it's not one of those that used to2:20go like this and then you're stuck and2:21you're like no good stretch really2:23comfortable wearing a small in this yep2:26good fit so fun and crew kind of like2:29your total uniform I'm thinking like2:30this is such a great little back to work2:32look if you guys are going back to work2:34love this if you're have a little bit2:35more of like an after school or night2:38event with kids coming up you just toss2:40on the Blazer I mean Jamie's literally2:41wearing our cut Meg in a brand new dark2:44wash basic tea from Rag and Bone and2:47then I think what I love about this2:48whole like little uniform just toss on2:51any Blazer and you're throwing it over2:52the top absolutely and then so she has a2:54booty on right now which I great kind of2:56for work but if you want to do something2:58a little bit more playful or dinner and2:59drink with girlfriends you just slip on3:00a sneaker a little bit more casual but3:02so great and it just has a little is3:04this knit lining or yeah little poly so3:06so easy so really great every Blazer3:09okay another fun jacket that I want3:11Jamie to try on this new good American3:14um bomber how fun is this playing into3:16this whole modern prep Vibe loving you3:20have to get up close for everybody to3:21see all the details in this but again3:23white T-shirt good pair of jeans she's3:26wearing uh let me see what size you have3:28on in this small up the sleeves which I3:30love check out the details so it looks3:32like there's like a little bit of wool3:34vegan in here turn around it's so cute3:37from the back too just like that little3:38Varsity hit throughout the back but3:40really fun that oversized bomber from3:42good American you can do like sucker3:45Jam's constant her schedule is like none3:49other it's like what did you do last3:50night oh we went to dance we went to3:51gymnastics and we had a bike soccer3:53soccer yes I would love this with like3:55some sneakers cuz you could even layer3:57under this because it has enough like3:59comfort room with some stretch in it so4:02the run around but you still look like4:04really cute and fashionable when you're4:05going to all these kid things I would4:06hate that if I'm like sitting at a4:08soccer game and then Jamie shows up in4:09this and you're like oh look how cute4:11you are with your like little Varsity4:12bomber beautiful hair jeans look amazing4:14on you but so cute oh and it has a fun4:16little vegan hit too so that's good4:18American so fun okay I want to show two4:21more jackets on Jamie okay fun new rails4:23one crew check out the coloring on this4:25that great like little maroon with that4:27pop-up cobalt blue you're going to see4:29that calt blue kind of popping up4:30throughout everything I think what's4:31really fun here let's flip this on about4:34our October assortment is that we are4:37playing with so many I'm not helping you4:39at all I'm not helping you at all we4:40have so many fun pop colors coming in so4:42whether you see that cobalt blue if you4:44received our October catalog there's4:45like hits of pink in there and gray4:47which feels just like a fun little new4:49hit especially as like all these Autumn4:51tones hit just have a fun pop of color4:53okay so this is rails how tall are you4:55James again I'm about 54 5'4 so it's a4:58longer length but I think it hits fits4:59her really beautifully because it's a5:01little bit more slim it fits her really5:03nice throughout the shoulder again5:05t-shirt jeans I actually love about that5:07little booty how does it feel oh it's5:09really good and it's actually really5:10soft so even if you are wearing like a5:12t-shirt or lightweight shirt under it5:14it's not itchy or anything like that so5:16cute it's really cute it's really cute5:17turn around I want everybody to see the5:18back too because I just think like that5:20statement plaid so cute and it be cute5:22with like I think they have a new ever5:24hoodie you could throw on in the inside5:26for like soccer games or yeah all just5:29on a Monday when you want to be casual5:30or just want a Monday or just on a5:32Monday we got really glammed up today5:34okay I want to do one more with Jamie5:35because she's a great model fun now as5:37it gets a little bit cooler you need a5:39little bit of extra layer new another5:41one from rails this is the shade jacket5:43but how fun is this collar and I think5:45for petites it's a really great L for5:49you this is soft so this is the jar coat5:52that Jamie just hadit on super cute so5:55another like little bomber esque5:57jacket little bit more you zip layers6:00let's I would say zip it it's giving me6:02like Maverick Vibes right with the6:04collar oh gosh now I can't see here we6:07go here we go are you wearing a small in6:09this yes I think6:11so the small feel good yeah well cuz I6:15would probably have another I would have6:16like a sweater on a layer underneath6:18layer so cute so a little bit longer6:20would be cute with leggings loving the6:22little detail in here but just like that6:23fun in between you're not into a winter6:25jacket but this almost like feels like6:28you have the warmth with like a nice6:29scarf around in there yeah super comy6:31yeah all about the Stars6:34I'm keeping warm in the north yes okay6:37fun very fun okay crew Jamie was an6:41amazing model as always give her all the6:44hearts and the likes and all the things6:45to as you're a round of applause but6:47thank you for joining me you can you can6:49dive off with that jacket will and we're6:51gonna go through we got some fun little6:53color than jeans okay thanks James so6:55fun how F should we have bring more6:57guests on every Monday that like brings6:59me so much joy so fun to have Jamie okay7:02two other jackets I just want to show7:03you guys real quick just like a fun7:05little sweatshirt version from Z Supply7:07this is the Mason coat under 200 really7:10lightweight if you don't want that7:13warmth of this like little rails one7:15that Jamie had on and you want something7:16a little bit more lighter weight because7:18you're in a warmer client I think client7:20climate happy Monday this is going to be7:22a really nice lightweight option for you7:24again I think throwing that over7:25leggings and just keeping it on the7:27sidelines would be really cute too and7:29another fun little modern prep jacket we7:32have this one from Sanctuary crew we had7:34this in a plaid version last year it7:36sold out super crazy fast again you go7:39back to Jim's little uniform white7:41T-shirt wideleg jeans you toss this on7:43and outfit is done and how fun again7:45like mixing in a little sneaker that7:47contrast between a preppier jacket to7:49the sneaker you're totally set to go7:51actually be really cute with these7:52little cords too and these sneakers as7:53well but we are jackets Mania right now7:56there are so many so many good ones in7:57our stores online so so fun okay but I8:00know we were going to talk about a8:01little bit more about color and the8:03color that's happening right now again8:05here's a another fun little pop color in8:08this cobalt blue this actually might be8:12a really cute outfit back to the jeans8:14that jamy had on that really dark Meg8:17wide leg and oh sneaker you're like done8:20just pretend you see pants right here8:22they'd be really really cute but really8:23fun little color combo so those bright8:25bold colors are kind of coming through8:27for this um fall8:29more colors fun new tops from cloth and8:33stone crew cloth and stone is that8:35awesome transitional top this is like8:37your we to work this is for your like8:39night activities this is for maybe night8:42out with friends or your partner so fun8:45but check out that really beautiful8:46purple this has a banded bottom so it's8:48those tuck free you don't need to fuss8:49with the tuck just pop that top on give8:52it a little jge so you get a little like8:53blue sa through there fun earring jeans8:56and shoe in your set I am partial to8:58Pink I don't know why I feel like I'm9:00going to maybe it's Barbie inspired by9:02what's happening this year but this is9:04the Luxe satin smok top bra friendly9:08super easy this is totally just like a9:09oneandone toss it on but loving this for9:12petites as well this would be a great9:13back to work option but I'm kind of9:16obsessed with this really beautiful9:18printed top from everie this is the9:21Kelsey smocked blouse check out all the9:24Paisley detail in here how pretty is9:26that love that it' be so cute back to9:27these cords can be definitely dressed up9:29love it back to a pair of jeans a little9:31lighter wash vintage watch just to give9:33a little contrast again night out these9:36have buttons through here but leave it9:37open to give you a little bit of9:38neckline but this blouse is stunning I9:40don't know if you guys can see like it's9:42so I don't want to say hot pink in a bad9:44way it's like a really beautiful grownup9:46fuchsia if fuchsia pink so okay and then9:51one more C well actually here just like9:53cute tops and jeans cute tops and jeans9:54here we go fun little vegan top so we9:57have the cream version that landed in9:58our October book but we also have in10:00this really beautiful this is hands down10:02the going out top you need through this10:05fall from every this is the Selena faux10:08leather top um under $100 fun little10:11sleeve detail again you don't need to10:13worry about tucking you just pop this on10:15you just I don't know it looks like you10:17have like a really pulled together10:18outfit but it's just like the fun little10:19vegan hit of this top again back to a10:21pair of10:22jeans maybe a fun little pair like this10:25from Cut which we'll talk into but how10:27easy is that just cute top jeans and10:29you're ready to go out and then another10:32sweater option this one's just a little10:34bit more classic um fun new one from10:37opt this is the tasa pullover this would10:40be great for work how cute actually this10:41would be so cute together if you are10:43somebody who doesn't like I think this10:45top isn't like wide it's just easy10:48pullover but if you are somebody who10:49likes to show off that waist this would10:51be a great alternative to this outfit10:53because this is going to skim the body10:54just a little bit more has that wide rib10:57so you're going to feel a little bit10:58more secure than a thin ribbed but11:00loving that little collar neckline again11:01that modern prep hip hit that's11:03happening right now but this would be a11:05really fun little sweater alternative as11:07well okay crew you know we've been11:10talking about cut all fall along it they11:13literally have been one of our favorite11:14Brands this fall so many brand new11:16Silhouettes Styles they are selling like11:19bananas and I just wanted to give you11:21like a little sneak peek of what our11:22October assortment looks like again I'm11:24wearing the Charlotte this is the wide11:25leg this is a little more of a trouser11:28style to the me of what Jamie just had11:30on um and a little bit longer but in the11:32stretch cord which is so fun and how11:35cute would this outfit be if I just did11:37like a little bit of a graphic and11:39actually maybe even just throwing on a11:40bomber just to take this a little bit11:41more casual be super easy but this is a11:43great little like ready for work work11:46Leisure type of vibe that I feel like I11:47have going on today but let's kind of11:49rock through the Styles we currently11:50have I'm going to talk about this one11:52first because she is already flying11:54through here awesome little silhouette11:56so we had the vegan Meg wide leg hit in11:59August now we have the Anna flare so the12:02Anna flare is just going to be a little12:03bit more Slimmer through the leg this is12:05going to be longer which is great for12:06you tall gals she's definitely a sexy12:08Jean but you're still having that great12:10little stretch um with that vegan but12:13this is just a hot little number that I12:14think going into fall and the holidays12:16you are going to12:18love here is I think this is the Rachel12:21Yep this is the Rachel straight Jean so12:23we did a cut event I think it was two12:25weeks ago I was saying this is one of my12:27favorite straight leg skinny jeans that12:29I like to put in every dressing room12:31it's a nice high rise you feel held in12:34this is in a classic clean wash and then12:36again petites she's thinking about you12:38Cut's thinking about you little raw hem12:40so even though you have this really nice12:41dark clean wash you need a little um12:43height length taken off just can cut it12:45right off and you still can get the same12:46effect but I just think through your12:48butt hip thighs the Rachel fits so so12:52beautifully all right two more oh let's12:55talk about this is another Anna flare12:56just like in a great little wash this12:58one's called called ennobled you guys13:01104 Great Value really beautiful wash13:04like how cute would this be back to this13:06little sweater gives this sweater a13:07totally different vibe versus the13:10Charlotte making this a little bit more13:11P modern prep this just feels a little13:13bit more fall with a lighter wash you13:15could do a lighter suede boot so so cute13:17but again higher rise you're going to13:20have a sexy leg when you put the anif FL13:22on so this one is real good all right13:25watch myself here okay and then last but13:27not least awesome this is the Rosa13:30straight Rosa that silhouette from Cut13:33has been blowing out from us this it's13:35just a great little skinny straight this13:37is going to be an awesome option if you13:38wanted to tuck this into a boot still13:40good with a flat sneaker loving loving13:43loving this like wash B black it's13:45almost like a gray it's gorgeous feels13:48really vintage and lived in but again13:50check out how long that rise is so it's13:51just going to be completely held in just13:53feels awesome and again I don't if13:55you've never tried cut cut has the most13:58amazing like stretch and flexibility so14:00you feel secure but you feel comfortable14:02all at the same time okay crew do we14:06have any questions I feel like I flew14:08through that so quickly ready to go okay14:11so fun hop into a store hop online so14:15many amazing jackets that we have in14:17right now if you're hungry for color we14:18have all the color and then again get14:21your hands on some cut because we're14:22moving really really fast and have a14:24great week see you14:27later

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