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Live Style: Everyday MVPs

Heidi's kicking off a new season with a bumper crop of daily go-to pieces: tanks and tees with extra attention to figure-flattering detail, hoodies and pullovers for those light-layer days, dresses, denim and (ready for it?) sandals...all with trending touches so you're right-now ready. Check it out and grab your new MVPs!
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0:02he hey everybody happy live day okay0:06here we go it is February this is kind0:09of like this is our pre-season right0:12this is our warmup this is when we're0:13really starting to think about how we're0:16going to get that spring closet up to0:18speed and I think one of the best ways0:22to start building your wardrobe and0:24getting that refresh in is to look at0:26all of those Essentials column Basics0:29column core column capsule I don't know0:32doesn't matter what you call it what it0:34really is are the pieces you're going to0:36wear again and again and again to become0:39those back of the chair items that0:41become the pieces that you just put on0:44over and over because they just work are0:47so versatile and so fantastic So today0:50we're going to run through some of my0:52absolute favorites for a spring season0:55and don't worry this is not going to be0:59boring1:00there is always a little bit of an eve1:02twist in every one of these pieces to1:05usher in this super fun everyday icon1:08Trend so here we go we're going to start1:11with what everybody needs to get their1:13denim closet up to speed a great cuffed1:16Jean you know this Jean we've had this1:19Jean in another wash and now in this1:21amazing powder blue wash it is the one1:24you got to get on your body this is the1:27Fran from a Goldie what do you need to1:29know about this one well number one it's1:31a relaxed fit and number two it runs1:33generous we are sizing down in this one1:36I went down a full size and yes still is1:39relaxed and easy on me it comes precued1:43which is a huge win it holds its cuff1:46super easy when I wash this Jean I even1:49wash it with a cuff let it dry with a1:51cuff super super fun so great one1:54because it works for a multitude of body1:56types I love it for tall I love it for1:58petite curvy and and straight it's a2:01no-brainer kind of like your new2:03boyfriend fit now if you are long-legged2:05which many of you are I'm thinking of my2:07friend Dylan who was on live with me a2:09couple weeks ago here is a really fun2:11alternative now the difference here2:14cuffed Jean as well still in that2:16fabulous powder blue wash but full2:19length so you're going to get that cool2:21cuff all the way down to the bottom so2:24for those of you who have been begging2:26pleading demanding fairly so a full2:30length Jean this is the one for you I'll2:32give you the name of this guy this is2:36the Dana highrise wide leg and again2:38with that great little cuff on the2:40bottom a really cool way to bring this2:42trend in as well as that relaxed fit2:46now if you are looking for something2:48with some good old stretch then cut is2:53your answer another great one again2:56pre-cued makes it so so easy you know2:59where it needs needs to hit and also in3:02that lighter wash you're going to notice3:03this lighter almost powdery blue denim3:08wash is happening in a really big way3:10right now it's a fun way to kind of3:12Nodge your spring season even when we're3:14still a little bit covered up cuz that3:15weather is all over the place this as3:18you know favorites fit this is the Meg3:21we just keep bringing it back in New3:24Killer Silhouettes this is your wardrobe3:28hero for sure again lots of stretch in3:31this one so if you like a gene with3:32stretch or if you are just a loyal Meg3:34fan this is a really fun way to get in3:36that great cuff3:38Jean what are we pairing it with well3:40we're going to pair it with a fabulous3:42sweatshirt so I had to grab this one3:44because there is a difference between a3:46core basic nothing going on sweatshirt3:49and something with a little personality3:52and this corset sweatshirt does it for3:54you so this has been a thing that's been3:55happening out there and it can go really3:57extreme really Kardashian really fast4:01what's so fun about this is that we've4:02taken that Trend and we've modified it4:04to make it flattering easy and fun so4:08little bit of seaming here slightly4:10shorter length notice not cropped but4:13shorter so you're really going to get4:15that great waist detail crew neckline a4:18little bit more of a relaxed sleeve but4:20not oversized so a sweatshirt that gives4:22you shape uh sign me up I am here for it4:27love this and it's in a little bit of4:28just a slightly w on black so dare I say4:31even borders a little bit on night out4:33yeah you can wear this for night out4:35yeah like you're just going grabbing4:37like dinner in a movie look cute but be4:39comfy why not okay other really fun4:41options for sweatshirts there's lots of4:43ways in on this one one of my favorite4:46trends of course that's been happening4:47and that I think is an absolute4:49essential is a hooded sweatshirt so4:51here's the deal if you're like me you4:54walk down the street you see all the4:55teens everyone's wearing their Nike4:57hoodie right I'm here for it I love4:58myself a good Nike Nik hoodie but I want5:00a grownup version and I want the version5:02my kids are not wearing even if I borrow5:04it sometimes on the weekend so I'm going5:06to grab something that's soft has a5:08little bit of drape and some elevated5:10detail so from Stateside brand new5:13sweatshirt just came in two colors what5:17makes this a step up from your normal5:19hooded sweatshirt well let's talk about5:21that great taping detail I love the grow5:23grain ribbon that you have on the5:25neckline instead of that like classic5:28pole I think this notches it up just a5:31bit the split neck I'm going to show you5:33it actually in the way it's a little5:34easier to see the detail the split neck5:36here is a really fun I just think5:40elevates it kind of moment that's5:42happening not such a cinched bottom so a5:45little bit more relaxed in the bottom5:46which I love that cuz you can easily do5:48a half tuck or let your button down or5:50t-shirt hang out of it and the fabric5:54has a nice weight and drape and bounce5:57to it so it doesn't have that stiff my6:00hood is taking over my neck and my head6:02moment going on two colors easy to layer6:06under or over I love taking a hoodie6:08like this and popping it underneath a6:10little jacket this is absolutely one of6:12my favorites going to pop it on just so6:14you can see it because I'm also going to6:15talk through some of the fun ways you6:17can layer this and why this is such a6:18staple So speaking of which staple6:22fabulous fabulous tank top if you're6:24looking for a great layering tank this6:27guy can be your answer for sure6:30why I love it well the ribbing is really6:32fun gives a little bit of texture and6:34interest comes in white and black that6:36v-neck is great and adjustable straps so6:40hard to find a really good Cami that has6:41a deep V so if you're wearing this6:43underneath a button down or you want to6:45wear it underneath a like a v-neck6:47sweater you just want one more layer a6:49little bit of texture this is a great6:51one to pop up okay so State Side6:53sweatshirt yummers true to size on this6:56one you can see that this is not so so6:58tight take the little strings here that7:03have that great detail which I love love7:05love little cinch adjust it easy easy7:09breezy and not so weighty so you see the7:11difference between this and what we're7:12seeing the kids wear I love the kids7:15kids are amazing they make me crazy like7:18yesterday when I had to pick up two kids7:20because they were7:21both sick we using thats it little sick7:26managed to watch a lot of movies while7:27they were home yesterday7:30that was their day that was their7:31Journey they had to go on everyone's7:33back today back at it so here we go7:35fabulous fabulous sweatshirt love this7:37so taking the same idea gang giving7:40yourself a little bit of novelty and7:41interest so great little hoodie but7:43maybe here with a stripe this is from7:46ever this guy's got a little bit more7:49weight to it a little bit more volume so7:52if you are looking for that I need7:54something cozy sweatshirt but I don't7:57want to look like I'm wearing pajamas8:00this is your answer why I love this8:02takes in that really fun spring Trend8:06graphic in black and white that patch8:08pocket and a contrast detail so great8:11and really really quality make excellent8:14excellent product here if you want a8:16sweatshirt that isn't a hoodie my8:19suggestion here grab something with some8:21detail so we had that fabulous it's on8:23the floor putting it on the floor have8:25that fabulous corset sweatshirt that I8:26was wearing earlier great detail on that8:28one also just got this brand new from8:30everie has this really fun eraser stripe8:33down the side again another way to bring8:35some interest and Novelty to that great8:38little cuff Jean such a fun one and this8:42is also really nice because it's a8:44little bit lighter weight so I'm8:45thinking of those of you that are8:47traveling that live in warmer states8:48that are looking for something that8:50keeps you warm but isn't so so heavy8:53that fabulous sweatshirt from ever is8:55your ticket okay so we were talking8:57about taking a sweatshirt layering it up8:59so there's kind of two ways that9:00layering is happening right now both so9:03important to how you're getting dressed9:05the first is that underpinning so talked9:08about again really quick flash that9:10great little Cami that I'm wearing this9:11is a must get it in white and black will9:14become a staple for sure the other thing9:16that we're seeing a ton of is thinking9:18about crew necks hoodies button Downs9:22sweaters all the pieces and you want9:24just a little bit of tea poking out9:27underneath also for in between season9:29which is where we are right now when9:31it's warm during the day cool at night9:33cool in the morning hot in the afternoon9:35you need pieces you can push and pull on9:37so we're going to take some of our9:39favorite layers walk through them just9:42came in screamed a little bit when I saw9:45this because we had a version of this a9:46few years ago from Z Supply I finally9:49had to get rid of it cuz I wore it to9:50death and now it's back the fabric is9:52what makes this t-shirt so incredible so9:56slub fabric so if you're looking for a9:58more casual tea this versus say the cuts10:01tea this guy's going to lean more casual10:05slightly shorter length so I love this10:07for my higher rice pants I don't have to10:09worry about tucking it in clean and easy10:12cap sleeve so it doesn't get too big on10:14the arms easy to pop on underneath a10:17jacket comes in three colors gang white10:20this really great Heather oatmeal which10:22is super hard to find really great10:24classic though and of course your black10:27so three incredible colors love all of10:30these this is a staple again from Z10:32Supply a must must have stock up and10:35they're a really good price $39 so get10:38all three because you're going to wear10:40them like crazy and again I just love a10:42little bit of t-shirt peeking out from10:44my kwx and my hoodies it just makes10:46things feel a little bit more polished10:48and then again when I get really hot cuz10:49I'm doing all the things I can pop that10:51sweater off and I still feel put10:53together tank top world when you're10:56thinking about the tea but maybe you10:58want something that's a little bit more10:59shaped and or a little bit more bare you11:02know what I'm going to talk about I'm11:03going to talk about that fabulous LNA11:06double layer rib tank say it with me11:09three times fast this is your new11:11favorite tank why we love this guy11:13number one so flattering that double11:16layer skims the body gives you some11:18shape is not see-through no matter how11:21curvy you are on top I also love the cut11:25of the arm it's not too bare it doesn't11:27come too far away from your arm so that11:31like spot that we don't all love so much11:34grazes it love that that is attention to11:36detail that cannot be beat also love the11:39length not too crazy long on this one so11:42it's an easy one to tuck in but not so11:45long that you're going to get bunching11:47bunching around your hips so pop color11:50wear it on its own with a fabulous cuff11:52Jean you've got a whole look going on11:55get your neutrals and layer them up so11:57white oh there it is again that great11:59Heather oatmeal and black really12:02fantastic piece and I'm telling you this12:05is one that we've been having so much12:06fun with as we've been styling into12:09spring season because you can really12:11elevate it and dress it up example a12:15take the blacking this is your new12:17nightout top and I'm not kidding this is12:19your new nightout top it's a tank top12:21that's how easy it is it's a knit take12:23this pair it with your cuffs and then12:27grab yourself a good belt to define the12:30waist a fun shoe and you are done dress12:34it up a little bit like you could take a12:35little strappy gold shoe which is a fun12:37contrast back to that cuff Jean so12:40interesting or go sporty where this guy12:44b spell hat how fun is This Love This12:46little hat from spiritual gangster and12:49then a great sneaker or even the shoes12:51that I'm wearing sporty casual I'm12:54thinking I don't know baseball gam12:56spring training what are you doing put12:58together easy so staple staple staple13:01wear these like crazy so since I brought13:05out the baseball hat we got to talk13:06about it accessories are having a moment13:09and in a way that's not like crazy that13:11accessory I'm only going to wear one13:13time and then I wish I wouldn't have13:14bought it this is a accessories are13:16having a moment as in I'm going to wear13:18these all the time and they are going to13:21become my new staple so so many of you13:23already are baseball hat wearers you13:26rock them you love them they really13:29finish your look we have so many fun13:31options I showed you this great13:32spiritual gangster which I'm a fan of13:34more of a trucker trucker Style gang and13:36this one also comes in a couple13:38different versions I love the love one13:40of course because you know all the love13:42but there's also a great blue and a13:44really fun green so different ways in13:46what I think is so fun though whether13:49you are a New York gal or an LA gal or13:53you just want to pretend that you are13:54from one of the coasts or you just love13:56the logo which who isn't here for that13:59new brand new hats here at14:01evereve 47 what makes these so cool is14:05they had this great vintage feel to them14:08but they went fashion so looks like14:11you've had it forever great wash down14:14colorway I absolutely adore this camo I14:17think this is such a chic chic way to do14:20a cap love these for your Saturday14:23morning getting it done didn't have time14:25to brush my hair walking to the bus stop14:27grabbing a coffee meeting girlfriends14:29for a croissant baseball game hockey14:31game lacrosse season whatever your14:33weekend brings you or maybe even just a14:35Target run you're going to be the q's14:37one in there because you're wearing this14:38hat grab more than one and they are14:40going fast fast fast so make sure you14:42get your perits on them before they14:44disappear and then that belt so I nodded14:46to it when we were talking about the14:48black belt what I think is so fun about14:50belts in general is that they really14:53finish the look and as jeans are getting14:55a little bit wider and a little bit more14:57relaxed dip that waist in and nothing15:00does it better than a belt we've been15:02beltless for so long maybe in the back15:06of your closet you have one or two back15:08there what I'm going to bet is the belt15:09that you have is from way back in the15:12day when you wore a lower rise Jean so15:15you're going to put that belt on now15:17with your higher rise Jean and you're15:19going to be out of belt holes right15:21you're going to put it on and be like oh15:22I can't close it because this was meant15:25to be down here and I want it to be up15:27here and it's not working so here's the15:29deal you need a new belt get yourself a15:31new belt it's time cheater way to do it15:34a woven belt no belt holes needed and it15:37works with your lower and your higher no15:39matter what rise you opt for I love this15:42one because of the mix of all the Browns15:44in here mix it neutral and easy so fun15:46to wear but there's also some great15:48little combinations as15:50well Hardware is absolutely a thing on15:53belts now so getting something with a15:55little bit of that kind of burnished15:56brass gold feels really important a15:59neutral Brown is really pretty love this16:02guy and then total sucker for mixing a16:05woven and a suede how Chic is this with16:07that great detail again t-shirt jeans16:11belt little shoe done and done and then16:15if you didn't have time to do your hair16:16that day throw on a c out the door okay16:19layers so important this season and the16:22jacket is absolutely the way to go in16:26some of my absolute favorites first and16:29foremost brand new jacket from cut two16:33colors in this one a great cream as well16:35as a really fun wash down red now why I16:39love this is this is kind of your answer16:41to an update to a denim jacket a great16:44alternative to16:46utility feels like you could dress it up16:48a little bit you could also go more16:50casual also what's really great about16:52this little teeny bit longer length so16:55when you're popping it on say over a16:57sweatshirt it doesn't doesn't feel like16:58the sweatshirt or your shirt is poking17:00out from underneath lots and lots of17:03stretch in this one really fantastic17:06option okay Shack it they're not dead17:09they're not over you just need to find17:11the cool fresh new ways to do it and17:13here's one from a Goldie why I17:15absolutely love this it has some of that17:17just nod to Western detailing with the17:19patch pocket and the snap closure17:21Western little bit of a thing and you're17:23just getting it in small doses this is a17:26fun way to do it I also love that this17:28is more of a cream than a white so easy17:30to wear again in this kind of bumper17:32season before we get into high high17:35summer when you want something that is17:37easy to pair back to Denim also helps17:40these jeans I think in this powder blue17:42wash not feel so so17:44bright if I was going to though tell you17:47your one home run got to have it best17:50inclass jacket I'm always going to vote17:53for a utility jacket so this is from17:55Sanctuary what I will tell you I have17:58have multiple utility jackets in my18:00closet I wear them all the time over18:03dresses over tanks with a t-shirt with a18:05button down dressed up for work more18:08casual on the weekends I bring a utility18:11jacket every single time I go to La I18:14have one with me because it's the18:16perfect quintessential layer so here's18:19the deal why I love this particular18:21jacket from Sanctuary number one it's so18:24lightweight so it's not going to be18:26super heavy depending on what you put it18:28on over I love a little bit of the18:31fashion detailing here so check it out18:33great little articulation around the18:35elbow so gives it some fun fashion18:38detail drawring though is what I think18:40is what makes this so incredible so give18:44yourself a little bit of a cinch in the18:45back suddenly you have shape super easy18:48just do yourself a18:50little not there covers it up and18:53suddenly shape is given in this18:56fantastic jacket you're going to wear18:58this like19:00crazy this will be your new staple so19:03layered over a hoodie fun little put19:06together19:06outfit easy right but I don't know that19:09extra layer really helps things feel put19:12together now a different way in on this19:15utility jacket and a fun piece to layer19:17over it would be an easy knit dress now19:20this is a dress you know right it's the19:22dress you throw into your suitcase no19:24matter what trip you're going on because19:25you can dress it up and dress it down19:27this is a dress that's flattering on so19:29many body types because it skims the19:32body isn't super super tight also great19:35for warmer weather it's not going to be19:36hot hot hot but still feels really put19:39together so two incredible versions the19:41first one from sunry kind of multiple19:44ways in first in a stripe I love the19:47snap19:48detail really creates a great slit on19:51the side so go as high or as low as you19:54want but what I love about this is the19:56ribbing on here so makes it really19:59really great fitting ribbing just helps20:01to give some ease to fabrication also20:04comes in a great black and then if you20:06want to go and have some fun why not20:08wear this super great blue pink great20:11color on everybody and a nice we in to20:14Spring season love how the snaps really20:17stand out here so this to me feels like20:18kind of20:19playful kind of sexy Coastal Chic20:22something in20:24between if you're looking for that more20:27Rouch detail so you know what I'm20:29talking about Michael stars is is better20:31than anybody so so crazy flattering I20:34always call this the miracle dress20:35because it looks good on everybody20:38everybody here's a new version of it20:40we're calling this one the Cali so why20:44do we love the Cali well number one it's20:47taking a very favorite style that we've20:50had in past years and we're updating it20:53so great rushing on the side same rib20:57detail little tiny bit of that muscle21:00sleeve which is so fresh and current and21:03fun great with this jacket over it but21:06what you really need to know is that21:08ring looks so so on the hanger looks21:10like a million bucks on the body because21:13you can adjust this to really skim over21:16your tummy skim over your bum give21:18yourself some shape through the waist so21:21flattering and then a not too tight crew21:23neck makes this chef's kiss perfect one21:27of my absolute it's tottal unsung hero21:29in the store right now and a dress21:31you've got to get on your21:32bed okay so we've talked about great21:35tops and tangs we've talked about those21:37fabulous sweatshirts we've even talked21:39about great layers like the sanctuary21:41jacket what if you're looking for21:43something that is an alternative to your21:45cuff Jean well I've got some great21:47answers for you first and foremost is21:50kind of the sister to the utility jacket21:52it's the utility pant can't go wrong21:56with one of these and we've got so many21:59iterations that are hitting the floor22:01now starting with some versions from22:03citizens from Sanctuary from a Goldie so22:06if you want that great on the nose trend22:10for utility this is a really fun one to22:13do this is I want to give you the right22:14name for all of these the Delina cargo22:19so why I love this one this is taking22:21the utility Trend and absolutely going22:24for it this is going to be a relaxed fit22:26it's going to be full length it's going22:27to puddle a little bit at the bottom how22:31to wear this my friend get yourself a22:34more fitted top so if you go relaxed on22:37top relaxed on bottom it's going to feel22:39a little bit too baggy a little bit I22:43think too generous and you're going to22:44lose yourself in it this is when I go22:46and I say okay I'm going to either take22:48kind of a fun more shaped tank this is22:51so cute from every this is the ever tank22:53one of my absolute favorites so pair22:55this back give it a little tuck and and22:58you're going to get some shape through22:59the waist and then your volume is going23:01to be on bottom you can also take a tea23:03That's just a little bit shorter like23:06that great little Z Supply tea because23:08it's not going to absolutely swallow up23:11and be really relaxed and oversized so23:13really thinking about proportion play23:15here when you have a more relaxed bottom23:17it's really flattering it could be23:19really fun to give yourself a little bit23:21more shape on23:24top another great option for that23:27utility Trend this is from Sanctuary oh23:30this is so fun and why I love this it's23:32kind of a twofer so it has a draw cord23:35at the bottom so you can make this pant23:37into a jogger or let that draw cord be23:40relaxed and it becomes a straight leg23:43pant in this beautiful green with this23:46fun drawstring detail kind of like a23:49jogger kind of like a pant it's a whole23:51lot of comfy and this is a really one23:54it's great again for something that's a23:56little bit more shaped into it and then23:58last but not least for those of us that24:00are more petite just got this in this is24:03from a Goldie washed down black in a24:07utility again this one is a little bit24:09more oversized and has a crop leg I like24:13this for us with something that's a24:16little bit more shaped and fitted24:17another great way to do this if you24:19don't want to go so bare take that24:22fabulous LNA tank shaped right and then24:26get yourself24:28a terrific denim jacket this is an easy24:31easy way to wear this trend and give24:33yourself some shape this jacket is from24:37where's this guy from this is from AG24:39lots of stretch in this one so almost24:41can even act like a shirt if you wanted24:43to paired back to that more relaxed24:45bottom no24:48brainer and last but not least I've been24:51talking about it four months now you saw24:54Stacy wear a fabulous skirt I wore a24:57great skirt a couple weeks ago from good24:59am pistola good am so many versions but25:03what you need to know is that everybody25:04needs a denim skirt and25:07so pieces that are kind of critical to25:10this fitting and looking like perfect is25:14stretch stretch stretch stretch stretch25:15stretch stretch stretch stretch so lots25:19of versions out here we've got a great25:20new version from farity why I love this25:23one buttery sta fabric super super25:25stretchy and almost more of a midi25:28length so if you're feeling like you're25:29getting swallowed up in that longer25:31length this is a really nice version to25:33do great from good Amer I love that25:37little zigzag detail and you know that25:39if your waist is your best asset good25:42Amer is one of the best Brands to try on25:45lots of lots of stretch of this one25:47little bit higher rise I found and25:49really tucks me in at the waist and then25:52a skirt I just tried on and if you want25:54to see this I wore this in stories last25:57week this this is from mother oh yeah26:00mother is here so fun so exciting some26:04great new pieces including this26:06incredible skirt why I love this front26:10front slit lots of stretch and really26:13easy to26:15wear okay gang we went through it all we26:18talked about tanks we talked about teas26:20we talked about those great essential26:22layers sweatshirts with some detail26:25jackets that make the outfit a cuff26:27jeans a denim skirt and don't forget26:30those accessories NAB them all you can26:33cuz it's going going gone hope this26:35great you some great ideas on how to26:37start building up that wardrobe for26:39spring season any questions comments26:41concerns let us know we're here to26:43answer them take care everybody see you26:44soon

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