Dial Up the Style

New Arrivals: Dial Up the Style

We've been easing into the new year with our favorite denim, sweatshirts, and sneakers...and today Ash is adding some new pieces like tops that are great for date night (and do we see dresses? Yes!). Tune in, take a look, and if you see something you love, hit that link—and dial up the style.
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0:05yay hi crew happy January I'm going to0:08be very real with you I feel extremely0:11Rusty going live today like have I ever0:13done this before how do you do this0:15again and has it been a year last year0:18since I've done this which it is that's0:19actually accurately very true but here0:21we are talking all things new arrivals0:24and we have so many goodies and first0:26I'm going to talk to you first this is0:29my January uniform this is my January0:30uniform this is I'm going to wear how0:33many days are in a month 30 so maybe0:35like 22 times out of the 30 because the0:37other don't question me in the math cuz0:39it's still early in the morning the0:41other days of the month I'm just wearing0:43sweatpants and sweatshirts and lounging0:44at my house and playing outside of my K0:46so this is my uniform sweater amazing0:49cozy yummy jeans and a great pair of0:51sneakers but okay crew sorry hot gossip0:55did everybody watch the gloves last0:56night like how pretty was everyone how0:58are like bright and bold were the colors1:00how excited were we of who won best1:02actor succession yeah were you excited I1:05am because that's one of my favorite1:06shows and I'm really sad it's still gone1:08but okay I just had to get that out1:10there because that was all I consumed in1:12this morning was on my social media1:14instead of getting my kids out the door1:16but let's talk about what I'm wearing1:17because it is so good I just I was just1:20telling the crew here I want to shop so1:23badly right now so badly like it's a1:25refresh it's January I just spent all1:28this money last month and I hit a point1:29that like I'm so over spending money and1:31now I'm like all I want to do is buy new1:33clothes and I think this might be it1:35okay so I'm wearing the pistola this is1:37the Run sweater the most gorgeous icy1:40baby blue how beautiful is this I don't1:43look at how cute this little like touch1:44of this white trim is it's right through1:46here on the bottom as well I'm wearing a1:48large in this it is cotton I think it's1:50like 60% cotton 40% polyester I'm1:52thinking about all of you who are1:54traveling who are maybe heading1:56somewhere warm this is the travel1:57sweater crew this is the one that you1:59toss on while you're on the cold plane2:01and it's like shooting so much AC at you2:04and then you get to your destination you2:05throw it over your shoulder and you got2:06your t-shirt on and a pair of jeans2:08throw on a pair of sandals or you put on2:09a little short you're good to go but2:11this color this sweater is just that2:14classic2:15basic never dies in your closet sweater2:18that you are going to rock so hard2:19especially going to the spring and then2:21a jean that is so fun fresh for us gals2:25who have a nice large booty strong legs2:28this is the AA bag become Citizens of2:30Humanity I'm wearing a size 10 I2:32probably put size down to a 29 because I2:35know with citizens as you wear them2:37they're going to stretch out and feel2:38really really relaxed comes precued but2:40you can uncuff it if you want so2:42thinking about if you're a little bit2:43taller you can unroll it a little bit2:45and then a go-to white sneaker these are2:47from New Balances just like their little2:48easy quartz sneaker goes with everything2:51and yeah like this is what I'll be2:53wearing all month long okay but if2:56you're like blue is not my color I don't2:57do blue I only do neutrals with this3:00other gorgeous little sweater from3:02pistola and this cream back to this3:04little natural oatmeal this is the Arlo3:06pullover I love this one because it's3:08like no fuss tuck anything like that you3:11toss it on you're pulled together like3:13how easy would this be if you don't love3:15a sneaker if you want something a little3:16bit more pulled together you throw this3:18on with a great little clog or um a3:21little ballet flat something in that3:23brown tone super super easy but loving3:25this in that wide rib this just and if3:27you're going back to work or you're back3:28at work you're in office this is a great3:30like casual office option as well but3:33this is pistola and crew I'd buy true to3:35size in all of your pistola sweaters is3:38your sweater you're wearing your true3:39size or did you size up I did true size3:42so this is a large this is from pistola3:44I think it feels really3:46great not too tight I don't ever like3:49anything crazy tight always makes you3:50feel self-conscious so yes true to size3:52and your consola sweaters okay so if3:54you're in a little bit more of a warmer3:55climate or I'm thinking true takeaway or3:57you like a little bit more4:00easy breezy air rning through you4:02awesome little open weave sweater from4:04vley how gorgeous is this color in this4:07like I don't know it's like a washed4:09Olive or or according to them it's4:11called Shadow this is the Kershaw sweat4:13pullover so pretty love this back to if4:16you're still living in leggings this4:17month I totally get it go for it um this4:20would be really fun just to pop over a4:21tank your leggings sneaker you're4:23totally set to go but this would also be4:25really really cute with these jeans4:26sneakers and Little White Tanks so this4:28is from barley with I typically do size4:30down though so if I'm running a large in4:33this pistola I do a medium in this4:34garley her shop okay if you're like yeah4:38I'm not doing sweaters I'm living in4:39sweatshirts because we know you're all4:41living in sweatshirts because the most4:43amazing sweatshirts we have on the floor4:44right now are selling like crazy because4:47we want to be cozy but pulled together4:48check out this new guy from barley just4:50a really great basic I wish you could4:52feel it it's like it feels so good it4:54feels like the baby blankets your kids4:56get and they're so soft and then you end4:57up wanting to sleep with them because4:58they like feel so so good this is what5:00the sweatshirt feels like fun little5:01like side zip detail so again shows a5:04little bit of leg love that for any of5:05you who are a little bit more petite5:07just giving yourselves a little bit more5:08length fun little silver I don't know5:10why I love this like yolk seaming I5:12don't know it just the most random touch5:14that makes me happy but fun little5:17neutral again goes back to these wide5:18leg jeans you can do this some bugging5:20you can do this some sweatpants but a5:22really good basic I know many of you are5:25probably living in tournament land where5:26you're either at the hockey rank or5:27you're on the sidelines you're at5:28tournaments all weekend long this is a5:31go-to piece along with this barley5:35pullover go-to piece this is becoming5:37your like tournament goto uniform and5:40maybe now every time I say uniform for5:42the rest of this live you should just5:43take a swig of coffee or your greens or5:46whatever you're doing because obviously5:47I can't find any other words this Monday5:50morning than the term uniform but5:52awesome awesome poll over here from5:54barley I have this guy in three colors5:57it is awesome it washes so well6:00sometimes depending on the climate it6:01totally acts as a dual jacket like it's6:04heavy enough where you're like out in6:06the cold for those of you who live in6:07the crazy North where you're6:08experiencing really coold temps this is6:10warm enough we have a t-shirt underneath6:11throw this on leggings or jeans you're6:14totally set to go or you're like sitting6:17on the sidelines and you just wear this6:18and you're totally set so I do I think I6:21have these all in medium so I've just6:23done mediums in this so I do size quote6:26unquote sides down in this it's nice6:28because if you want to wear longer you6:29can pull a little bit longer but I like6:31to pull mine up so it creates just a6:32little bit of blousing through the top6:34but you guys this is handsone probably6:36one of my favorite barley pieces this is6:38the vine half zip in black and it she's6:42on rotation all of the time I have a6:45question for you yes um can you talk6:47about your shoes are they true to size6:48do they run tight oh good question so6:50asking about the fit of these shoes so6:53I'm wearing a size 10 um I'm in between6:55a 10 and 11 so sometimes sneakers run a6:57little bit smaller some run a little bit6:59bigger I do a 10 so I guess they run a7:01little bit bigger um they're nice and7:03long I have really wide feet these are7:05probably one of the only sneakers I can7:07wear when I'm on set or when I'm7:09traveling and my feet do not hurt um7:11what I love about these two is it's all7:13Leather So at the end of the day if7:15you're kind of walking through all the7:17elements you just give it a good da dish7:20soap and a washcloth and you're totally7:22set to go but they are crazy comfortable7:24and I think with these qus that they're7:25like 110 I think the price point is7:27awesome for the sneaker that you're7:29getting7:29so I hope I answer that question7:31correctly I have one more for you quick7:32oh yeah how low would you say that7:35v-neck is on the pistola sweater how low7:37oh I think this is completely BR7:40frontlet you do not need an extra layer7:41underneath I think it's if you're going7:43to do this for work you could just7:44literally pop this pullover on and7:46you're totally set to go so nothing7:48crazy low where you're showing the7:50ladies so easy but if you wanted to7:52throw a layer underneath and have7:54something a little higher neckline and7:55have your necklaces sit inside of that7:56you totally could do this but I don't7:58think you have to worry about being7:59completely exposed in the sweater that's8:00a good8:01question speaking of more exposure to8:04the ladies check out this adorable8:06little LNA going out sweatshirt yes a8:09going out sweatshirt um I don't know if8:11any of you have seen the memes it's like8:13in 2009 all you want to wear is a going8:15out top and a pair of jeans well going8:17out top is back and it's in this amazing8:18sweatshirt from LNA it's called The Roxy8:21brushed top and Heather oatmeal how cute8:24is this just like a little hit of8:26sexiness through here super cozy BR8:29friendly you do a pair of jeans you wear8:31like a little sexier shoe whatever that8:33means to you whether that's a booty or a8:35heel or a flat or a sneaker whatever8:38that looks like you go have your drinks8:40you go have your apps you go chitty chat8:42with your friends and then you go home8:44and you go up to movie this is that8:46going out top and I love that there's an8:47alternative for that so like when you're8:49like I don't know what to wear pop this8:50on one and done you're totally set to go8:53and with L in this little silhouette I8:55might go true to size but I think if you8:57wanted to size down you could but but it8:59does have a little bit of this bsan and9:00the fabric is just like super ooey gooey9:03soft yummy so okay I know I'm like9:07hopping from one holiday to the next9:09holiday but um and I'm not going to put9:11up any of my decorations until the 14th9:13so I'm giving myself one solid month9:14before hang up any of my Valentine's Day9:16decorations because I just like totally9:18clean slid in my house but some really9:21fun options for Valentine's Day I know9:23right I can't believe I'm saying that9:24but I'm saying it okay fun new button9:27downs from rail it's really beautiful9:29peachy color color of the year if people9:31didn't know that this feels like a9:33really easy transition back to work9:36again could be a really cute little um9:38outfit her back to these jeans in a9:40sneaker making this button down feel a9:42little bit more casual also if you're9:44like volunteering at your kids school9:46and you like don't want to wear a9:47sweatshirt or a CP of red but you still9:48want to be festive how cute would this9:50combo be this adorable little black and9:53white heart um button down and then a9:55pair of like baggy jeans and a white9:57sneaker how cute9:59cute but like totally pulled together10:01loving this with rails I typically go10:04true to size or sometimes with the10:06button Downs I like to size up cuz I10:07just like the relaxedness of it so it10:08doesn't feel too fitted but these feel10:10really fun and festive um another little10:13top which feels great for going out10:16going back to work this could lead to10:18Valentine's Day but this also could be a10:19little bit just easy work or night out10:22top this is from every of how beautiful10:24are these colors this is the Lula blurry10:27floral blouse multicolor what I love10:29about this crew is all the colors that10:31are in it it's based in black but it has10:33some of these brown tones within here so10:35when I'm thinking back to Footwear what10:36am I going to pair back to shoes you10:38don't have to just do black you can do10:40anything in that brown tones you can do10:42anything black it also just like has a10:44really easy fit fun little sleeve this10:47is just that one and done you pop this10:49top on you throw on a pair of pants or a10:52pair of jeans and you're totally set to10:53go this is like a no-brainer top to me10:56is that light pink button- down10:58see-through10:59or sheer that's a really great question11:02maybe but I think if you just do like a11:04skin tone bra I think you'd be11:06completely fine but if you're a little11:08bit um nervous about seeing through it11:11you could totally Rock a layer11:12underneath it so whether that just be a11:13tank top um Hannah one of our stylists11:16on today has a button down on she has a11:18little white t-shirt underneath it kind11:19of unbuttons it a little bit more so it11:21reads tid bit more like a a cardigan11:23which feels really fun to give your11:25button Downs a little bit of a new life11:28but it might be it seems really11:30lightweight but I think if you just wear11:32a skin tone bra you'd be totally fine11:34and then watch me and then it's11:35completely see through and you're11:36wearing it like to the office you meet11:38say hi to your boss and they can see11:40through your shirt and I'm so sorry if I11:41guided you in the wrong way so don't11:44make my mark my word on it but now I11:45feel like I need to give it a test on11:47double make sure okay I don't know if11:50any of you just some days you're just11:52like I don't know what to wear to work11:53or if you even have an event coming up11:56that easy peasy oneandone dress it just11:58feels is like the easiest answer to your12:02outfit12:04like problem that's not even a problem12:06that sounds really terrible how12:07beautiful is this dress through I feel12:09like just wearing this to work back into12:11the office a tall boot you could wear12:13tights depending if it's too warm it's12:14too um cold out I'm thinking if you have12:18an event coming up this just feels like12:19it could be dressy it could be really12:21casual just depending what you're doing12:22with your accessories this is from ever12:24this is the ISA flirting dress and I12:26will tell you look the skirt on this is12:27where all that flirt comes this has12:29these fun little um Kick flares result12:32so as you move it's just going to um12:34shift all around all around not wrong12:39shift right um bra friendly but again12:41back to what footwear am I wearing with12:43this if you see in here it has these12:45really beautiful copper and neutral12:46colors it um has some black and some12:49cream so again back to your Footwear12:51black and brown Footwear your tot going12:53to be set to go you could do a tall Boot12:55and you're set to go loving that little12:57sheer sleeve so if you wanted a layer12:59this underneath a jacket you'd be13:01totally capable to do that what's the13:03price point on that the price point on13:05this dress is 118 so really really great13:08price point and I just think the colors13:10and the versatility and the fit of this13:12is going to be awesome going into spring13:14because you know when spring hits all13:15those events start to add onto your13:16calendar this should be really really13:18beautiful so gorgeous dress from everyy13:22two more dresses from ever which I13:24absolutely love um these are like your13:27new basic dresses to all the amazing13:30jackets in your closet and again this is13:32like your one and doubt what do I wear13:34today you can pop on a dress that one13:36and done dressing these are amazing from13:38every these are the Cassie dress this13:40one's in black with like a little bit of13:42a khaki hit okay so now you see this13:45great little wrap um across the front13:48This Crew especially for somebody who13:49carries a little bit more weight in your13:51tummy or just sometimes you feel13:52self-conscious when you're in a fitted13:53dress this is a magical little thing13:56wrap added to your dress because it's13:57going to keep the eye moving so it's13:59definitely not going to stay through14:01here it's going to move your eye over14:02and up you can throw a little utility14:04jacket over the top of this you throw14:05over a little denim D jacket you pair it14:08back to a white sneaker you can do it14:10with like a little tan clog you can do14:12it with a tall boot this is going to be14:13a Workhorse dress in your wardrobe14:16starting now truly all through spring14:18it's an amazing like ribed fabrication14:22um so it's going to be like secure but14:25stretchy all at the same time and I14:26think all through spring crew this type14:29of silhouette of a dress is going to be14:31a game changer in your closet and you're14:32going to see new iterations after14:34iterations all through the spring but I14:36love this because the sleeve is at a14:37really flattering um length easy to14:40layer and again the versatility of14:42dressing it up or making it a little bit14:44more casual I think if you're going on14:45vacation how easy this guy going to be14:47to pack up and you throw on a sandle14:48like well for dinner but then if you14:49want to just make this your travel day14:51dress sneaker denim jacket you're set to14:53go this is so good again this is the14:55Cassie dress too just in the ivory14:57leeting so awesome and these two are 10815:01so really great price point for this15:04dress oh my gosh I obviously haven't15:06done this in a really long time CU I'm15:07so out of breath from talking so fast so15:10I apologize to everyone if you couldn't15:12catch a word I was saying but I'm just15:13excited to be here with me today so any15:16more questions can we quick see one of15:18your pant legs um uncuffed oh yes the15:21question is if you can see one of my15:22pant legs uncut so again this is the Aya15:27so here's another thing that I love15:28about these jeans I have them as well15:30and I love them just because when I15:32think about all the denim Silhouettes in15:34my wardrobe I love a great booyfriend15:35Jean and this is a fun iteration of a15:37boyfriend Jean um some days I do wear it15:40just with the one cuff kind of grazing15:42the top of my sneakers doing it with15:44like a little bit more of like a little15:46booty or a clog but last15:50week I did wear them all the way down so15:52it's kind of creating a little bit more15:53of a puddle can you guys see all of this15:55um creating a little bit more of a15:57puddle and it just feels like a fun fun15:58little relaxed trouser Jean I might do16:02something a little bit more fitted on16:03top so it gives you a little bit of16:04shape that is a great tip that I should16:07have shared with you in the beginning16:09these jeans when you first try them on16:11can feel a little aggressive CU you're16:12like okay these are really baggy16:15something a little bit more fitted a16:16little bit more structured nothing crazy16:18long that's why I threw the half tuck in16:20here just cuz creating a little bit16:21longer length to the body is really16:24important but just a fun really relaxed16:26look if you wanted to try them uncuffed16:28but I think the biggest Trend that's16:30happening in denim right16:32now um that's kind of fun are these16:34really large exaggerated um cuffs so fun16:38pair back to all the great sneakers we16:40have um on the floor that was a really16:43great question and again I'm wearning a16:4530 but I think I do a 29 and I'm in16:47between all of my denim right now I do a16:4930 in some 29 in others but knowing16:51citizens will relax for the first time16:53you slip them on and you're going to16:55button them it's going to feel really16:56tight but as you wear that denim16:57throughout the day they are going to16:58relax so I would don't so crew happy17:02Monday I'm so glad I got to be back with17:04you happy shopping I know I'm going to17:07be happy shopping so yeah I'll see you17:09in a couple weeks Happy New17:15Year

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