What We're Buying: Bottoms

What We're Buying: Bottoms

What Meg is buying during our Spring Sale? These best-selling bottoms. Tune in as Meg shares the joggers & skirts to stock up on ASAP.
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[Music] 00:09 happy friday everyone we are talking 00:11 bottoms 00:13 bottoms are coming in hot and they are 00:15 important for our closet 00:17 because we need them to do things in the 00:18 world so i'm super excited to share 00:21 three awesome bottoms that are going to 00:23 be great staples for your closet 00:26 all right come spring and summer time 00:29 skirts and 00:30 dresses are pretty much my jam so when 00:32 the saturday skirt came back 00:34 i immediately grabbed all of them 00:37 because they are just such 00:38 great staples for my wardrobe and it's a 00:41 great short alternative 00:42 and you can do tons with it dress it up 00:45 dress it down 00:46 keeping it a little casual today the 00:48 saturday skirt from sundry 00:49 is back this is the skirts of all skirts 00:53 it is the best thing in all of the land 00:55 consider this 00:56 like the sundry everyday jogger 00:59 just in skirt form because it's the same 01:01 material hugs your curves nicely 01:04 it's just it does all the things it's a 01:06 great workhorse skirt for you 01:08 kept it simple with the michael stars 01:11 mussel tank 01:12 these are the best it's another great 01:14 alternative to 01:15 the scoop the boat neck tank that we 01:17 have just a thicker strap comes in a 01:19 couple colors 01:20 popped on the cut denim jacket 01:23 brings in my waist gave it a front tuck 01:26 finished it with 01:27 a great p448 white snake because those 01:30 are important for our closet as well 01:32 and i just love the ease and simplicity 01:34 of this look 01:35 but i'm super elevated and ready for all 01:38 the things 01:39 all right another great bottom to have 01:41 in the wardrobe is a jogger 01:44 something that you can dress up but you 01:46 can still put something casual with 01:48 it enter the erin utility jogger 01:51 from level 99 i'm in my true to size and 01:54 level 99 in this 01:55 i just feel it's going to relax just a 01:57 little bit not as 01:59 generously as some in the past it has a 02:01 wonderful draw 02:02 jaw string say i can't talk today just 02:05 can't talk today 02:06 we're going to keep going um hugs my 02:08 curves nicely the pocket detail i really 02:10 like this because it doesn't add 02:12 anything to these powerful thighs of 02:14 mine 02:15 which is really really nice hits me a 02:17 little bit above my ankle again 02:18 elongates our legs to show off our cute 02:21 shoes 02:22 these are the sorel slides these are the 02:24 ella 2 slides i believe that they're 02:26 called 02:27 and then on top we have this amazing 02:30 michael stars top 02:31 it is the gauze v-neck i love the super 02:34 flattering 02:35 line right here it brings in our waist 02:37 when you give it a front tuck 02:38 but it's just like your easy go-to 02:41 summer look i'm actually in a medium in 02:43 this too i feel the small wood fit 02:45 but i like that it's just a little bit 02:47 oversized but not revealing too much 02:49 really 02:50 love this and finished it with a great 02:52 pendant necklace because they've got a 02:54 nice v-neck going on here 02:55 but super easy you can even pop on 02:57 tennis shoes with this in a denim jacket 02:59 and you are good to go 03:00 i have a buddy right here hello everyone 03:03 this is zeke everyone 03:05 this is my youngest so he came to help 03:07 me out today he was 03:08 wanting some mama time so you can't 03:10 refuse that right 03:12 can i have you scoot over really fast so 03:13 i can show them my the joggers 03:15 this is a nice outfit right all right 03:17 last look favorite look 03:18 we have an awesome jogger from commando 03:22 and it's called the butter jogger and 03:24 it's called the butter jogger for a 03:25 reason 03:25 because it's butter baby oh my gosh i 03:29 can't believe i just did that okay 03:30 so commando jogger i'm in my true to 03:32 size with this it is 03:34 a such a flattering fit it's super soft 03:39 forms nicely to my body it feels like 03:42 i'm not wearing a pants 03:44 but we need pants to to do things in the 03:46 world hits me 03:47 super awesome at my ankle here showing 03:50 off those 03:51 really great kinetic sneaks with the 03:54 neon papa neon it has a 03:55 wonderful high rise here if you're a 03:58 little bit of a shorter torso 03:59 you can totally like roll it down and 04:01 it's not going to give you bumps or 04:02 anything 04:04 we've tried it on so many body types and 04:05 it's just fitting so so beautifully 04:08 keeping it casual with a great graphic 04:10 tee from spiritual gangster 04:12 and then popped on this really amazing 04:15 um 04:16 just it's at the no chills jacket from 04:17 bb dakota this is perfect for 04:20 we are in lacrosse season so this is my 04:22 jacket for when it's raining 04:24 we're in indiana so it might snow it 04:26 might sleep it might do all the things 04:28 but look at all the fun little details 04:30 here on the sleeves 04:31 like you can stuff a key in there if you 04:34 go jogging 04:35 you can put a pen in there if you need 04:37 to write something when you're jogging i 04:39 don't know but it has 04:40 really fun details here i really like 04:42 the drawstring as well because it just 04:44 brings in your waist 04:45 which is really nice this would be great 04:47 to travel with it also has 04:50 a hood and it's really cute i just said 04:54 cute 04:55 it's really nice with um another hood in 04:59 there because this does lay so flat that 05:00 you can have like a double hood action 05:02 going on 05:03 really enjoy this outfit it's my 05:05 favorite these pants 05:06 are so awesome and they are so 05:08 flattering all right that's my time for 05:10 this week 05:11 thank you zeke for being my helpful 05:13 little buddy and thank you for everyone 05:15 for watching 05:16 i hope you found some awesome bottoms 05:19 for you to try bottoms are super 05:21 important 05:22 and it's just a great alternative to 05:24 denim and we have so many great things 05:26 coming in so hit up your local ever eve 05:29 asap because things are going to go 05:32 fast talk to you later 05:40

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