April Catalog Drop

Live Style: April Catalog Drop

Our April catalog is here! (Which means spring is here…periodt.) And Heidi is busting out our best and brightest: dramatic denim from wide-legs to the coolest cutoffs, hits of neon, iconic basics you’ll want in multiples, fresh utility pieces, the best vests, and dresses! Have a watch, then a shop, and spring forward, friends!
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0:00[Music]0:04go hey gang good morning good morning0:06I'm going to tell you right off the bat0:08I'm coming hot off of the Redeye flight0:12from LA we just finished shooting all of0:16our amazing July content which is crazy0:19I feel like I'm in a Time Warp so my0:21voice is shocked but that does not0:24diminish my excitement for what we're0:26going to talk about today if you haven't0:28gotten it in your mailbox yet0:30if you haven't opened your email guess0:33what ging it is April catalog time we0:36have so many fun pieces to run through0:41this is such a weird month it's0:43transition it's hot some days it's cold0:44some days you got a lot of events that0:47are starting to stack up on that0:49calendar we are ready for it for you and0:52I'm going to run through some of my0:54absolute favorite pieces of the season0:57of this month today we're going to start0:59with one of my favorite looks some of1:01the most versatile pieces we have1:04starting with this great little Avery1:05top this is from everie in denim why I1:09love it it looks like it's got this like1:11really cool vintage wash but guess what1:15there is a ton ton of stretch in this1:18puppy and it is in the absolute color of1:21the season for denim this sun bleach1:24denim think really light blue makes1:28everything feel really fresh FR for1:30summer as we're looking forward a great1:33little piece now there's lots of ways to1:35wear this I love this paired back to an1:38equally lightwash denim example case in1:42point is this great Citizens of Humanity1:44you know this Jean I wore it a few lives1:49ago this is that Dalia baby roll we got1:52it back in this really light wash color1:54super fun pairing gang this is about the1:58softest version of Barrel you can get2:00out there and goodness knows you've got2:03a lot of thoughts about Barrel denim2:06Here's my thought about it the barrel2:08denim can be so easy when you think of2:11it more like a boyfriend fit and it's2:13just got a little bit of curve to it a2:16little bit of a relaxed silhouette it is2:18the Jean I reached for on the weekends2:20when I want something that feels easy2:22peasy so this little pairing in this2:25really fun cut that just has a little2:28bit of a relaxed leg is such a fun2:30compliment I wanted to elevate this top2:33just a little bit and maybe just give it2:35a little bit more of a dressed up feel2:37so I'm pairing it back to this great AA2:40Jean from Citizens of Humanity in this2:44beautiful neutral cream so this is a fun2:47kind of alternative to your white denim2:50white denim to me always feels crisp2:52fresh and dressed up this is just a2:54little bit softer and a little bit more2:57unexpected and I find that I get so so3:00much pun intended legs out of my cream3:03denim because they really go back to3:05everything and then pairing it back to a3:07little flatform such a fun shoe this is3:10from shs Cork footed flatform sandal3:15really simple easy one to kind of just3:18slide on with anything looks great with3:20dresses looks great with the Jean looks3:22great with shorts I'm just wearing it3:24here simple simple simple so so fun can3:28you guys stand it I feel like I'm like3:30Katherine he with this voice I mean3:31we're just going to go with it we're3:32going to rock it it's such a fun top you3:35guys such a great little top and what I3:37also think would be really cute with3:38this like you could also throw a little3:40jacket or a Cardon over this and treat3:43it like a shell now and then wear it on3:45its own later also would be so fun back3:48to a great little utility pant so this3:51is that Sanctuary reissue comes in a3:54couple colors I absolutely love the3:57great green this is a really fun one3:59action to roll up and cuff at the bottom4:02I also love it though full length which4:04I know has been hard to find as of late4:07definitely a full length moment4:08happening in this utility pant and you4:10can wear it back to this little top in4:12this green or in white this has been one4:14of my favorites I think this pant runs a4:16little bit generous meant to be a little4:19bit more relaxed so I actually sized4:20down a bit in this one okay let's talk4:24about some of the fun trends that are4:26happening this April the 1st and if you4:29caught the front cover of our catalog or4:32you open up our email you know what this4:34one is it is all about neon now what I4:38think is kind of fun about this trend is4:40that for most of us we've lived this4:42puppy right we did this we remember neon4:46we remember these amazing highlighter4:48colors but guess what it is all grown up4:51and here are some of my absolute4:53favorite pieces starting with this great4:56little sweater tank from everie here it4:59is in this great natural how Chic would5:01this be back to this fabulous Jean kind5:04of a whole neutral story with just that5:07hit of highlighter yellow so fun an easy5:10way to kind of incorporate nean if you5:12don't want to go full5:13board this is a little bit more bold and5:16dare I say a little bit more sexy from5:18l& cutaway tank in this great neon5:21stripe perfect for summer and if you got5:24yourself a little bit of a spring break5:26tan rock it with this we all know5:29nothing looks better with neon than a5:31spray tan okay now here's like two more5:34bold choices this is our front cover5:37piece and this guy is going fast fast5:39fast why I love this it's that perfect5:42weight of a cross between a sweatshirt5:44and a t-shirt little bit more relaxed5:47kind of like that Nora muscle tea that5:49everyone was loving loving loving done5:52in this gorgeous gorgeous bright pink5:54now can you wear neon yes everyone can5:58wear neon it's it's all about what you6:00pair back to it to make it feel modern6:03fresh and new so be it in the silhouette6:06like this great little muscle or in this6:09really fun twist front kind of Terry6:13stripe sweatshirt love both of these for6:16the weight perfect for April and really6:19fun ways to do it so again pair this6:21back to a great little utility bottom6:23wear it with the Jean or pair it even6:26back to that fun powder blue so many6:28great ways to incorporate neon in it's6:31going fast you guys so grab this while6:33you6:34can okay couple other really fun trends6:38that we're really loving this season6:42is what should we talk about okay let's6:44talk about the vest especially for this6:47month so when you're struggling in April6:49to figure out what exactly to wear and6:51you need that one kind of extra piece of6:54vest is such a fabulous go-to and what's6:57really great about what's happening with6:59vest now7:00there's so many options so you can go a7:02little bit more elevated you can go a7:04little bit more casual or there's even a7:07little comfortable twist that I've got7:08to show you so starting with that more7:10elevated choice so this is from everie7:13great stretch in white now how I'm7:17loving wearing this wear it over a tea7:20wear it over a tank or wear it on its7:23own for kind of a sexy little night out7:25now I'm wearing this for my 3 days I pop7:28this into my April cab capsule you can7:30see that this weekend how I styled this7:32a bunch of different ways why I love7:34this though is that I'm getting a lot of7:36use out of this silhouette cuz I can7:37dress it up for work I can wear it for7:39night out or I can even make it a little7:41bit more casual so how to make a cash7:44gang grab yourself a great little7:46t-shirt or a tank if you want a little7:48bit more coverage so more casual way Z7:52Supply there's so much going on right7:55now with great easy teas this Z Supply7:59v-neck tea is a dream why I love it8:03wider neckline just enough coverage on8:05the sleeve a relaxed body but not too8:08oversized you don't feel like you're8:10getting swallowed up in it and it makes8:12it really easy to layer so I pop this8:15vest wear it open over a great little8:18v-neck tea this is one you can stock up8:20in white black a stripe really fun to8:24pair back I love the idea of actually8:26wearing the stripe underneath that vest8:29how cheat with that be really really fun8:31compliment we're really letting these8:33teas we're calling them everyday icons8:35be kind of the star of the show8:38especially knowing that there's so much8:40fun action going on in bottom so take8:43that great tea layer it under this vest8:46you got a great casual look or wear it8:48on its own buttoned up kind of sexy fun8:51little Night Out is that pink on top8:54true size or does it you know it's meant8:56to be a little bit more relaxed really8:58good question I actually tried the SI8:59like debated wearing it so darn cute I9:03actually ended up going down a size in9:05it and still felt like it was relaxed9:07and easy to wear and again that cap9:10sleeve that muscle silhouette is so9:12spoton for this season such a great9:16detail I love that little ribbon but I9:18do think it is just a little bit more9:20relaxed so if you want something with a9:22touch more shape I will go down a size9:25otherwise true size if you're a little9:27bit Fuller in the bus I'd wear my true9:28size in this name on that oh yeah good9:31question this guy is the Ali muscle9:35sweatshirt don't let the sweatshirt9:37portfolio though gang it's not super9:39heavy so it's a really great transition9:42piece it's kind of that cross between a9:43T-shirt and a sweatshirt like a swert if9:47you will so not not too heavy and again9:49that short sleeve makes it so easy to9:51wear the alley9:54yeah B oh my gosh yeah here let me pop9:57this down for just a second so we can9:58talk about how to style this so one of10:01the ways I love to style this is with a10:04more relaxed bottom I think this is part10:06of this whole proportion play we've been10:09talking about all season right is if10:11You' got something a little more fitted10:12on top you can go a little bit more10:14relaxed on bottom even what I'm wearing10:16today is a great example little bit more10:18shape show some curve here and then let10:21my jeans be more relaxed I love that10:24same pairing here something with a10:27little bit more shape this really is so10:29flattering and pairing it back to a jean10:31that's a little bit more relaxed another10:34great Jean that I think would be10:36knockout with this is you got it that10:39cut Meg and this is with the cuff so if10:43you're looking for a little bit of drama10:45you want a little bit of a darker wash10:47that cut Meg with cuff is so great lots10:50of stretch in this one gang really10:52really flattering bestselling silhouette10:54from Cut month after month after month10:57and we just keep getting new iterations10:58of it so really love that pairing too I11:01think that kind of horn button is a11:02really fun detail now you could dress it11:05up a little bit with that shoe that I11:07have on or you could go more11:10casual pair it back to a little Burk11:13here which would be really cute yes you11:15can mix your neutral so don't worry11:16about wearing white with cream we're in11:18a neutral cycle or we're in a big burst11:23of color so either way to do it looks11:25great or I also love this idea if you're11:28looking something with a more of a close11:30toe or a little bit more coverage this11:32is where your fisherman sandal comes11:34into play this is such a fun one from11:36Sam Edelman I love this guy I cannot11:38believe we still have this in stock11:40because it's such an easy shoe to wear11:42right now when you're kind of in between11:44or you can have some fun and go with11:48that fisherman from dolj Vita which has11:50got that big lug soul in that cool11:52silver a little bit more playful a11:54little bit more fun does that V have any11:56stretch to it it does it does which is11:59why I love it so some really really like12:02actually quite a bit of stretch so if12:04you remember that great denim vest that12:06we had last year and then we had another12:08version earlier this year similar fit12:12you guys so lots of stretch in this one12:14and really really comfortable not too12:17heavy other reason I love it they're12:19also wondering if you can wear that with12:20shorts for sure you can okay do you want12:22to know my favorite like dream outfit12:24with this let's talk about it let's just12:26get into it these are such good12:28questions oh oh yeah baby we're going to12:30wear it with a longer denim short so12:34again if you got our catalog you might12:36have seen this and you might have12:37earmarked that page because this is a12:39dream this is from Cut longer denim12:43short so for those of you who are12:45craving something fresh and new in your12:47short wardrobe here we go here it is12:51something a little bit longer a little12:52bit more leg coverage also what I love12:55about this is the juxtaposition of what12:58feels like a more casual short back to13:01something a little bit more elevated13:03same rules apply for Footwear if you13:06want to elevate it and have some fun I13:08would grab this great little platform if13:10you want to go a little bit more casual13:12this is where that bur can come into13:14play or something neutral like the cork13:16I have on right now I adore adore this13:20short it is such a great way to kind of13:23put your toe into this longer denim13:25short Trend it is not tight it is meant13:29to be a little bit more relaxed so13:31you're not going to get that sausage13:32casing leg thank you for that cut lots13:35of stretch in this one I find in cut13:38shorts I run true to size my normal size13:41in these versus when I wear cut denim I13:44usually go down a size but in shorts I13:46like to wear my normal size so this13:48paired back here on its own kind of a13:50fun little unexpected night out or you13:53can go more casual again layering this13:55over a t-shirt or a tank such a good13:57question love it let's just stay on this13:59for a hot second because I think this is14:02such an important short of the season so14:04we know we love this we like the14:06destruction on this you can dress it up14:09and you can kind of elevate it I'm going14:10to show you one more way to do that and14:12I'm going to show you a more casual way14:14got to bring this sweater out so this is14:16from John and Jen this lady like14:19cardigan is a thing gang and you loved14:22it loved it loved it when we brought it14:24in a solid cream and a little bit of a14:27stripe earlier this season it sold to14:29piece we've got this great new version14:31back it's Navy and cream I love this14:34gold button detail the secret to this is14:37making sure you're styling in a way that14:39it doesn't feel too sweet this can go a14:43little lady like in a little prim and14:45proper but not when you mix it back to14:48something a little more unexpected so14:49that's why I love it love it love it14:52with a short like this so little bit14:54unexpected right get a little bit of a14:56destruction now you can either wear this14:58button up and kind of wear it just as a15:00solid sweater or you can treat it like a15:03true cardigan and pop a little tank15:06underneath so what I would grab for this15:09my favorite favorite favorite hands down15:13is that great LNA Jones tank can't get15:16enough of this guy double rib holds you15:19in not too tight super flattering layer15:22this underneath that great cardigan15:24you've got a really Chic look let it be15:26open and then you've got your neutral15:28shoe on so really really fun piece this15:31is sure to fly out the door grab this15:33puppy while you can it is a good one for15:36people just joining can you go your15:37jeans once more for sure so gang we're15:40talking about just like we are15:42definitely entering into that white15:44light denim cycle season and there's so15:46many ways to do it we know about white15:49we love white right like that is like15:50your go-to dress up I though am also in15:53love with this ECU this is the Aya Raam15:57from Citizens of Humanity wearing my15:59normal true to size in this one you can16:01see the leg is a little bit more relaxed16:03meant to have a little bit of that kind16:06of eased feel to it and I love that raw16:09ham it just gives it a slight Touch of16:11Edge and also I think there's just16:13something a little bit more I would say16:17like like less dressed up about this I16:20think when you go white it feels really16:22crisp and bright and spring I love a16:25good ECR jeene for this transitional16:27time frame cuz I know that I can wear it16:29all summer long it looks great with16:31white but even into fall and dare I say16:34like kind of all winter long like looks16:36so good with cream looks so great with16:38white so easy to wear and then this16:40great little denim shirt from every16:43which I love love love with tons and16:44tons of16:45stretch okay so we were talking a little16:48bit about that great vest and the really16:50fun ways to elevate that Men's Wear16:52there's so many other ways to do it16:54especially on the more casual side of16:56the spectrum so wanted to throw a couple16:58of my favorites16:59this fabulous vest from sanctuary in17:01utility so utility is still a big Trend17:05as we look at Spring and going into17:07summer what I love about the vest is17:09it's kind of this unexpected third piece17:12layer and that is something that we're17:13going to be talking about now all the17:16way into fall season really kind of17:19brings a Finishing Touch to almost any17:21look and especially when you're leaning17:23into some great teas and tanks I also am17:27a huge fan and this is one of those17:29sleeper Styles because you cannot see17:30how fabulous it is online from Z Supply17:33a Denim and I'm going to put that in17:35quotes vest because guess what gang it's17:37a knit it feels like a Terry sweatshirt17:41but has a great denim wash in both blue17:44and black this is a really fun one to17:47wear on its own buttoned up like a shirt17:49leave it open back to a t-shirt a little17:52bit more I'd say on the Casual side both17:55of these would be so fun with the eot or17:57I also love the idea of pairing this17:59back to a great little utility pant18:02would be so great18:04or this really fun utility skirt from18:08clo and stone this is a great18:11alternative if you are not a short scale18:14comfortable easy breezy lots of stretch18:16and really18:18relaxed so how I'd style this or how I'd18:21style the sanctuary we ran through that18:24great Z Supply v-neck te we talked about18:27our favorite Jones tank which comes in18:29so many great colors this is your stock18:32up item for summer grab this while you18:35can you will not regret having every18:36color in this but if you want something18:39that has maybe like a little bit more of18:41that kind of modern silhouette we're18:43seeing in te's right now which is just18:45little bit just a touch shorter and when18:48I say that I don't mean cropped I just18:49mean giving yourself some great18:51definition around the waist and really18:54really fun sleeve detail great new tea18:57from every this is that fun pocket tea I19:00love that it comes in color this kelly19:03green white and then Coral would be a19:05really fun compliment back to either one19:08of these vest Styles and then you just19:10throw it on with a pair of jeans or19:12utility bottom and you're19:15done okay so we talked and I touched on19:18for just a minute that we know that19:19April is that sneak peek time of year as19:22we start to look towards occasions so19:25many things on the calendar May seber is19:28right around the the corner when you've19:29got a million things and so why not19:32start planning now and snag the best19:35dresses for it while you can a couple of19:38my absolute favorites let's start with19:41the aster because dang it this dress is19:43good you guys if you haven't seen Mel19:46wearing this she modeled this for us and19:49talked about the fit she looks Chef's19:51kissing this it is a home run dress19:54because everybody looks fantastic when19:57they slip this on why do we like it rib19:59detailing skims the body not tight tie20:03detail gives you a waist where you need20:06it really beautiful shape and so so20:10flattering I love the trim detail on20:13this it also has a slit show off that20:17leg girls and it's knit so comfortable20:22not too hot really easy to wear also20:24comes in solids I'm a huge sucker for20:27this stripe and I think it can be20:29dressed up or dressed down so so20:32easy another fabulous dress also a two20:36color winner is this fun dress from20:38sunry now what I love about this it's a20:41knit but two different knits so you've20:43got a rib on top and a solid Jersey and20:46um did I mention that this dress has20:48pockets why do we all love a good dress20:50with pockets I don't know what it is we20:52just kind of want to wear our pockets20:54where they're dress right so it comes in20:55this beautiful Kelly Green as well as a20:57great Cor Coral this to dress up dress21:01around so easy I'm envisioning wearing21:04this with a burke and a great baseball21:07hat and I am like running out the door21:09any given Saturday to get it all done so21:12really fun brand new hat from Clare V21:15this trucker silhouette is absolutely a21:18thing and a really easy accessory to21:21kind of make a look more intentional21:23while hiding our third day hair for sure21:25so really really fun one here and then I21:27had to let you no these aren't even21:29online yet so you got to run into store21:31they'll be online by tomorrow but we21:33just got a brand new shipment of 4721:36hotson New York two mean this acrw is to21:40die for I love the black and then I am21:43Gaga over this royal blue so fun don't21:47you love it when there is a trend that21:49is both practical and fashionable this21:52is it love these hats they're so so21:54comfy so so great from 47 get yours21:57while you can they'll be on Again by21:59tomorrow but snag one at store if you22:02happen to be out and about today that22:05White Strip dress heid run true to size22:08it does run true to size so I slipped22:10this on in my true size small I felt22:12really comfortable in it I think this is22:14a really easy one to zip online and pop22:17into your cart and get it to your door22:20in just a few days you will not regret22:22this purchase this is one of those22:24Workhorse dresses you're going to have22:25in your closet looks great with a Burk22:27looks great a little a little bit more22:28elevated even throw a little denim22:30jacket over it I just love this one22:33because of the versatility of it they22:35also Ming up a length of it yeah I mean22:37it's definitely intended to be more of a22:40maxi length now remember gang I'm 5422:42when you see it on Mel you'll see grace22:44is above her ankle for sure she's22:46definitely taller than me um but it is22:48not a midi so it's a full length which22:50is why I especially love that slit it22:54really shows some great leg and helps22:57balance out that of skin just so you22:59don't feel so covered up and brand of a23:02reef yep yep exclusively ours now if23:06you're looking for a little pop of color23:09and you're not totally sure about neon23:12quite yet I've got two really fun23:14options for you first and foremost is23:17this fabulous dress from Emerson fry now23:21you know they make the most stunning23:23prints and is there anything easier than23:27a breezy dress as the temperature starts23:29to turn to me this dress just screams23:33take me away so maybe you have a little23:34getaway plan this month or a girls get23:37together or you've got some showers on23:40the calendar this is a really fun one I23:42love that it's got some saturation in23:44the Blues and the yellows and the greens23:46but grounded in that gorgeous Coral23:49brings a little energy and pop to your23:52closet if you're thinking you love color23:54but you want to do it in a different way23:56well guess what we've got this really23:59fun color just came in from Cut From the24:02cloth this is that Meg again in a really24:06saturated beautiful red almost a little24:09bit washed down gang so I kind of call24:11it that Nantucket red where it looks24:12like it's just been baked in the Sun but24:14it still has a ton of pigment to it24:16really really fun and it's in that24:18best-selling silhouette just back in a24:20new color so get your closet stocked up24:23right now before this guy goes24:25away okay April is here so much fun from24:31Neons to Great third layer pieces like24:35the vest that are going to keep you24:36current you've got to get stocked up on24:39those everyday icons from te's to tanks24:42fabulous denim everybody needs a dress24:45and don't forget about that lady like24:47hardigan because it's a fun one to have24:49and gang Burks are here and they are24:51flying out the shelves faster make sure24:53you snag yours before it's too late I24:56hope everyone has a FB fabulous start to24:59the month and we will see you soon25:01thanks for hanging in there with my25:02voice I promise it'll be back next25:05[Music]25:09week

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