Two Band Slide

Freedom Moses

Freedom Moses slides are injected with air for a super comfortable walking experience. Gently infused with essential oils with a milk & honey scent. All slides are vegan, sustainable, recyclable, and made from waterproof materials.

*Note - straps are not adjustable

US 6/7 = EU 36/37, US 7/8 = EU 37/38, US 8/9 = EU 38/39, US 9/10 = EU 39/40, US 10/10.5 = EU 40/41

Materials & Care
  • Material: 100% PCU Plastic
  • Care: Hand Wash, Wash Warm
Style #: AFM001-GLOW

Freedom Moses is a hot brand with a mission we can all get behind: sustainability + personality. Their colorful slides are recyclable, waterproof, 100% vegan and hand-washable—and at $50 and under, you'll want one of each. These essentials bring the fun-factor to any look, and will be your go-to all season.