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EE: What an honor! Hello Sunshine is such an incredible company. What was your path to CEO?

SH: I grew up in a tiny town in Australia. If you'd told me back then that I'd be the CEO of a major corporation, I would have fallen over laughing. But I've always had an entrepreneurial drive, and my parents really prioritized education; I went to an amazing international boarding school as a day student. After college in Melbourne, I worked for Boston Consulting Group, and then won a scholarship to Harvard Business School. When that happened, my entire life changed...

EE: Go on…

SH: Being at Harvard was everything. It opened my mind to the intersection of tech and media and created so many paths for entrepreneurial ventures as well as other leadership opportunities.

Long story short, I met Reese when I was working at Otter Media (an investor in Hello Sunshine), I realized quickly that she is the real deal. Together we wanted to create something that would change the dialogue for women, increase opportunities and leave the media industry in a better, more inclusive place. So, we both put in some capital, started building and...here we are.

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EE: So, plenty of time on your hands…

SH: Actually, my packed schedule is one of the reasons I love EVEREVE clothes so much: they're curated, super easy, comfortable…and I can still wear them to the office. At the end of the day, I want to show up as Sarah, but I also want to show up as CEO.

EE: What role does fashion play in your (crazy busy) life?

SH: It helps me feel like myself. I love clothes. If I had more time, I would shop more often. I like pieces with a little flair, a little twist, but I'm not a flashy person. I really appreciate comfort and function—no-brainer looks that look good. And I want my clothes to reflect me, Sarah. So, I'm thoughtful about how I dress every day, but I don't spend a lot of time on it. I like to be able to wear everything in my closet. Needless to say, I prefer to shop women designers and women-led brands.

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