How to Style: Z Supply

How to Style: Z Supply

Give us all the comfy things! Ash shares a few current favorites from Z Supply (including a new matching set) that make working from home, running errands and casual date nights feel good.

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Video info 00:00 [Music] 00:08 all right guys 00:09 hi um i'm in a really 00:12 beautiful place it's called in every 00:15 store 00:15 i feel like i haven't been to one of 00:16 these in forever um i had a little fun 00:19 um oh my gosh like we had a fun event 00:22 today forever like a little fun project 00:24 that we were working on 00:25 with heidi and meg and megan tamti so 00:28 yeah i'm doing my stories out of here 00:29 which like so refreshing to like see 00:32 faces and people and co-workers it just 00:35 it's 00:35 totally got me in a really i don't know 00:37 really great mood i mean my dog is 00:39 an awesome companion to be working with 00:41 every day but it feels really good to be 00:43 back 00:44 but when i was thinking about how to 00:45 what to talk about it's just kind of 00:47 like 00:47 how to survive like this transition from 00:51 summer to fall still during covet i 00:53 don't know like 00:55 what are you wearing what do you want 00:56 i'm just like i just want things that 00:57 feel good make me happy 01:00 and i'm gonna wear it for the long haul 01:01 so okay guys if you don't have it 01:03 get yourself a set okay p.s let's talk 01:05 about this like beautiful dressing room 01:07 the wallpaper 01:08 i wanted in my bathroom okay this set 01:10 back to the set sorry it's like squirrel 01:12 uh z supply um little camo holy bucket 01:16 it feels 01:16 like heaven can you see this note 01:18 because you probably just see my hand 01:19 look at how soft that is like this 01:20 little fleece but yet it's like 01:22 lightweight so it's great transitional 01:23 a little cropped got this grape i just 01:25 put it in here to make the legs you know 01:27 look longer 01:28 than this amazing little sweatpants look 01:29 at the detail all this little scrunchy 01:31 scrunch 01:31 this little tab i just scrunch it up a 01:34 little bit looks like you that could see 01:35 my ankles 01:36 and then you know what you guys treat 01:38 yourself to a high top that makes you 01:40 so happy i love like this like rocker 01:43 glam lady gaga 01:44 version of this high top and again 01:46 zippers mom life makes it so easy but 01:48 yeah this guy work from home saturday 01:51 all the things 01:52 makes me makes me happy and comfortable 01:55 all at the same time i'm shooting this 01:57 at the end of the day so my words are 01:58 lost but 01:59 um if you guys aren't into a set yet 02:01 here's like just a really cute yummy 02:03 kind of like a set outfit um and 02:05 actually everything well the sweatshirt 02:07 the jacket 02:08 and the feels like a sweatshirt because 02:10 it's that comfortable you guys it feels 02:11 like a cloud it's by z supply so aim are 02:12 the joggers 02:13 but dang is this so cute this is like 02:16 for sure coming home with me this is 02:17 kind of this rust 02:18 i can't stop touching it because it 02:19 feels amazing um it could be jammies 02:22 it's that yummy 02:23 um this amazing little jacket i rolled 02:25 this sleeve so you could show a little 02:26 bracelet stack this is what it unrolled 02:28 you could wear it either way so if you 02:29 have super long arms it's totally fine 02:31 if you're showing the wrist your wrist 02:32 this fall 02:33 then you can show off the stack or layer 02:34 a longer sleeve underneath when it gets 02:36 colder 02:36 paired with this amazing little lna 02:39 linen tank i love a linen tank yes hello 02:41 black bra because i'm not prepared 02:42 and then paired with these little z 02:44 supply joggers which i love for like 02:46 i mean at the end of the summer you just 02:47 want something new i mean right and 02:50 these are super lightweight so those 02:51 crazy hot days this is such a great 02:53 alternative just to toss on 02:55 um um well it's still really hot so i 02:58 don't know i just love it and then these 02:59 little p448s 03:00 look at how cute that little spot is i 03:02 know i'm kind of obsessed with these too 03:04 like i would consider that my new 03:05 neutral sneaker but 03:07 obsessed with this outfit okay i love 03:09 that jacket so much i just had to pop on 03:10 a pair of jeans to see what this looked 03:12 like for like 03:13 a little bit more put together outfit 03:15 yeah 03:16 still love it still adorable paired up 03:18 with these little egg oldie rileys i 03:20 think say 03:20 uh heidi had these on last saturday 03:24 um there is no stretch in these but 03:28 they are nice and high in hot dang that 03:30 wash is 03:31 so so pretty these are by a goldie i 03:33 mean look at that i mean i love it it's 03:34 like half straight like kind of relaxed 03:36 definitely need to wear these like a 03:37 good four hours six hours to warm them 03:40 up just to 03:43 get these sturdy gals into them the 03:46 right way but 03:47 they are adorable okay i'm gonna take 03:48 the jacket off because i actually just 03:50 wanted a like 03:50 a true transitional outfit i just think 03:54 my go-to is like a big basic white tank 03:56 which would be this and then 03:57 i have another jacket i want to try on 03:58 too because we have so many ridiculously 04:01 cute jackets in right now that is that 04:03 is something you need to be investing in 04:05 right now 04:06 okay if you're looking for a jagger 04:08 right now that makes you feel skinny 04:10 this might be it this is a blank noir 04:12 kind of raincoat 04:14 this is is a solid black oh it has like 04:15 a hit of camo in it you guys see that 04:17 look at that sleeve down our detail 04:20 thumb hole 04:21 waist it creates a waist oh my gosh i 04:24 love it it's like a sporty trench has a 04:26 hood 04:27 okay this was in the email blast with 04:28 joggers and a white tank in the olive 04:30 like the 04:31 camo version so cute wanted to try on 04:33 the black because how cute is this when 04:35 you like 04:36 cute little mask on maybe something a 04:38 little bit more colorful to break up all 04:40 the black white and denim i'm going to 04:42 get coffee 04:43 i think meg said this is like her go-to 04:45 lacrosse jacket 04:46 how awesome but i was like oh it make i 04:49 mean it makes me feel skinny 04:50 so fantastic this guys is selling really 04:52 really well you typically would wear 04:54 this with like a tunic and leggings and 04:55 a sneaker 04:56 feels like an easy uniform but i'm like 04:57 i just want to step up the proportions 04:58 with like 04:59 a relaxed jean because that's what i 05:01 kind of see myself investing in for this 05:03 fall 05:03 and this kind of longer mid jacket oh 05:06 gosh guys 05:07 this is one to scoop up super super cute 05:10 okay who's due for a date night because 05:12 i'm husband 05:13 if you're watching a date night would be 05:16 nice 05:17 it'd be very nice um i don't know about 05:19 you guys but i feel like i'm in this 05:21 place right now 05:22 where it's like i won't need to be 05:23 prepared for a date night look so if all 05:24 of a sudden we're like let's go out 05:26 i i need something because i haven't 05:28 invested in something that's a little 05:29 bit dressier 05:30 quote-unquote sexier since probably 05:33 valentine's day 05:34 pre-covered so um i've just pulled this 05:37 look at how cute sorry guys 05:38 um this little peyton jensen top is i 05:41 gave myself a half tuck but this would 05:42 be adorable with skinnies 05:44 um but i think i need like the half tuck 05:46 in just being with a straight leg it 05:47 just balances me out again makes my legs 05:49 look longer but i think if i was doing 05:50 this with a true skinny 05:52 i would leave this hang but i love like 05:54 this little mesh 05:56 adds a little bit of sexiness but still 05:57 keeps it covered up bra 05:59 friendly such a great price point it's 06:00 kind of buttoned up in the back and i 06:02 just paired it with a flat because i 06:03 mean 06:04 i don't know if i'm we'll ever go back 06:06 to the heel game 06:07 i mean that feels uncomfortable but cute 06:10 little date night look 06:11 again hint hubby date night oh ps it 06:15 just it also feels amazing 06:16 i mean side note feels amazing oh see 06:19 look at how 06:20 look at how fantastic that neckline is 06:22 how cute is that it's like sexy but not 06:24 sexy i mean 06:25 sexy but coverage and like this is 06:27 basically a choker 06:29 but not i mean i don't know i'm obsessed 06:31 i just need a 06:32 like a really great gold hoop which is a 06:34 great little piece 06:36 of jewelry to have for fall p.s so much 06:38 good 06:39 so much good not right a lot of new 06:42 jewelry is hitting the site and coming 06:44 in so 06:45 get excited about that we'll be showing 06:46 you that but anyways i hope you guys 06:48 have a great weekend 06:49 hopefully you're going on date night 06:51 grab this cute top 06:52 and yeah i'll see you next week

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