Your January Jumpstart

3 Days 3 Ways: Your January Jumpstart

The holidays are behind us and now it's time for some cleaning, organizing, and a little low key fun. But what's a girl to wear? Heidi's got the perfect comfy cool looks that (bonus) bring a little sunshine to these often dreary days. Check out the nine mix & match pieces that'll jumpstart your January closet, and ease you into the new year. Yay!
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0:00three days three ways we are talking0:02January0:07capsule you know this month what to wear0:11how to put it together you just came off0:13of the crazy holidays but you need some0:16new pieces to get that closet feeling0:19fresh versatile easy I've got nine0:23pieces to put it together starting with0:25this easy runaround look these four0:28pieces are absolutely essential are0:30going to be the foundation of what we're0:31wearing this month starting with this0:33amazing Carrie hoodie now we first got0:36this in a beautiful lilac color but now0:39if I'm going to play favorites it's0:41going to be this kelly green hoodie0:44relaxed open hem I love that because it0:47makes it easy to layer pieces underneath0:50speaking of which the essential denim0:52shirt from cloth and stone one of my0:55favorites not too oversized so it's easy0:57to throw a sweatshirt or a sweater over1:00speaking of which it would have been1:02easy to put on jeans but I don't know1:04about you I'm still not ready for1:05regular pants so I've got my slim pant1:08on from vley this guy runs true to size1:11is soft as butter and one of my favorite1:16pants because feels like a sweatpant1:18looks a little more elevated this really1:21fun sneaker from Ugg you heard me right1:24Ugg the maker of all things comfortable1:28has this fabulous new shoe at our store1:31absolutely love this guy for the lift1:34for the comfort for the Polish a white1:37sneaker you cannot go wrong we're going1:40to take a few of these pieces and mix1:42them up getting out and about or frankly1:45I might just be staying in look number1:48two we're calling this one the1:51GSD outfit get stuff done it is the1:56season of closet cleanout house1:58organization2:00pitching tossing donating cleaning2:03organizing whatever your weekend brings2:06you need a look to put it together2:08because the reality is life doesn't stop2:11even though you're trying to hunker down2:12whatever it might be you need to have2:14something that lets you run in and out2:16of the house and run in the house in a2:18Flash so we're taking some of those2:20great Foundation pieces kept on that2:22barley slim pant did I mention that it's2:25lightweight so as I'm running up and2:29down these stairs doing all the things2:31I'm not going to get too hot kept on my2:34shoes of course at home you might lose2:36them but sometimes when I'm running2:37around I like to have a little bit of2:39foundation on my foot grab that cloth2:42and stone I was wearing this before2:44under the hoodie as a layer under now2:47I'm wearing it as a layer over treating2:49it like a lightweight jacket I want a2:50piece I can throw on over this amazing2:54tea so this is that great little twist2:57tea from every this is going to be your2:59your Staple in a stripe it is easy to3:02layer underneath I could have put it on3:04under that hoodie I love it just like3:07this it's also fantastic on its own3:11great shape on this one I love the3:13contrast binding on the neckline and of3:16course underneath this great denim shirt3:19easy peasy there you go run around in3:22the house getting her done look complete3:25now I don't know let's go out let's go3:29grab a drink see some friends I don't3:31know maybe it's your dry January so it's3:34just dinner whatever it might be let's3:37go out so here's the deal it's January3:40we're casual this is not the month to go3:45all out this is the month to ease back3:48into getting dressed let's be casual but3:51put together and let's find pieces that3:53work really hard for us so here we go3:55you know this pant this is the Meg from3:58Cut but um in this fabulous Chino4:02silhouette oh yeah you heard me right4:05this is that quiet onet of a little tiny4:10bit of that prep classic influence4:12that's happening but gang this is not4:15the version you wore for your school4:18pictures this is all grown up and oh so4:21cool check out the wild relaxed leg on4:24this check out the park chop Pockets so4:26it may be a Chino but it is a whole4:29bunch of cool mixed in so why I love4:32this little bit shorter length on me4:35more of a petite it's grazing the floor4:37on those of you blessed with longer legs4:39it's going to be just a little bit more4:41of an ankle shower speaking of which4:44let's talk about the shoe if you're4:45going to get a new shoe this season it4:49better be a flat Rejoice those of us who4:53have not found our way back to heels4:56Flats can be sexy they can be cool this4:58shoe from SHO shoots is the perfect5:00example some great Hardware in Black5:03edges up this whole look I kept on that5:06great lyanna twist te and covered it up5:10with oh yeah your favorite jacket from5:12fall back in this brighter cream the5:16flight bomber roomy relaxed true to size5:21on this one we did eek up the size a5:23little bit so if you remember from Fall5:26it ran a little bit small I actually5:28went up a size guys now I'm wearing my5:30true size in this one absolutely adore5:33this acts like a Blazer acts like a5:35jacket adds cool done and done back to5:40the office got a client meeting I've Got5:42The Look for you coming up making these5:44pieces work hard for us grab that5:46fabulous cloth and stone top that is the5:49only change out from our night out look5:51that I made and now I'm ready to go to5:55work for those of us that can wear down5:56this is a fun way to mix it up so we're5:58taking that great great little cut pant6:00and a denim shirt instead now why I6:03think this elevates versus having a knit6:05is the woven fabrication so everything6:08here has just a little bit of a crisp6:10slant to it gives it a little more shape6:13a little more structure and definitely6:16elevates for the everyday now kept down6:19those great fun shoes had a little Edge6:21for night out just a little bit of fun6:23for work easy peasy we're treating this6:26like a Blazer so it still feels finished6:29and polished got my neck mess on little6:32bit of jewelry and I'm good to go work6:36solved now you know that I would never6:39do a capsule without one bonus look so6:43hold tight I've got one more and then6:46we're out of here why is the last look6:47always the best look Save The Best For6:49Last maybe I get inspired I don't know6:51what's going on here but this might be6:54my favorite and here's why this is6:56exactly what spring is all about about6:59it's taking those everyday Timeless7:02pieces mixing them up to create a whole7:06fresh look gang this entire outfit is7:09about a sneaker a Chino a tea and a7:11sweatshirt it doesn't get more essential7:14than that but it's all in the mixing and7:17the twists on the pieces so starting7:20with that sneaker y went back to that7:22Ugg platform little bit of weight on7:25this one gives it a whole bunch of fun7:27Chino wide l pork chop Pockets lots and7:31lots of stretch makes this one feel just7:35a touch cooler and then let's talk about7:38the top it's all about the stripes so7:42this great tea little bit peeking out7:46here really finishes any look so be it a7:49crew neck sweater a sweatshirt a hoodie7:52a jacket getting something underneath7:55here is absolutely what's going to take7:58your look to the next level stripe on8:01stripe it's so fun and so easy to layer8:04up and if I needed one more piece I8:06could throw that bomber on and I would8:08be totally set gang it's January let's8:13have some fun with those pieces nine8:16easy pieces to get you through this Dole8:20drum month with fun a little bit of8:23fashion and a whole lot of freshness8:26hope everyone has a terrific day and we8:29see you8:34soon

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