Weekend Style For All Occasions

3 Days 3 Ways: Weekend Style For All Occasions

Heidi is here with some great weekend looks (that she picked personally) for everything from casual Friday, to a glitzy event, to the perfect shopping outfit—complete with an essential hands-free bag. If there's a weekend in your future, this is a must watch!
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0:00here we go three days three ways this is0:02a fun one what I wore all weekend long0:06starting with this really fun look for0:14work you're looking for something to0:16freshen up your Friday look go0:19monochromatic it's one of the easiest0:21ways to get dressed always makes you0:23look put together feels super current0:25and modern and it's kind of a no-brainer0:28so we're going to start with the show0:30Cher piece this opt Blazer and the0:32reason we're talking about it is because0:34it is an incredible deal and one of0:37those pieces you're going to wear over0:38and over again this puppy is on0:41clearance it is0:43$60 you cannot beat this and I promise0:46you this is something that will become a0:49staple in your closet a Chic camel0:52Blazer can take you all the places go0:53casual go dressed up act almost as kind0:56of a fun fall layer but also obviously0:59works fabulous for work so loving this1:01guy love how Chic it looks and I'm going1:04with some simple pieces underneath that1:06can be really versatile starting with1:08this fabulous plaid from rails what I1:11love about this grounded in white lots1:13of shades of neutrals looks great with1:15Dena but even more fun paired back to1:18the eggy1:20trouser jogger from citizens you know1:24this we've had this in denim we've had1:26it in a fun utility style and now in1:29cord and this yummy yummy cream Feels So1:33spoton for fall now when I'm going into1:36the office on Fridays I'm going to be1:38comfortable so here is the deal picked1:40this fabulous shoe from beaks this is1:44that Sherpa lined clog you know me I'm a1:48big old sucker for a good clog and this1:51one is no exception beak incredible1:54construction handmade takes a full day1:57to make one pair of their shoes and let2:00me tell you the proof is in the pudding2:03it shows in the quality in the fit in2:05the construction and in the comfort if2:08you haven't gotten yourself a pair of2:10stripper Line shoes I'm telling you2:11right now you don't know what you're2:12missing this is a fabulous fabulous2:14option mon chromatic for Casual Friday2:18with pieces I can wear a million ways2:20starting with the cord this fabulous2:22plaid and yes this great Blazer that is2:26on clearance now I've got a fun event2:29coming up this weekend that I need to2:31get a little dress up for maybe you do2:32too got an idea coming up okay here we2:35go look number two gala night maybe2:38you've got a wedding coming up there's a2:40ton of school fundraisers you need to2:42get a little bit more gussied and who2:44knew but fall is the new spring when it2:47comes to weddings always looking for2:49something that can take me through that2:52I can wear more than once because why do2:54we spend all this money on fabulous2:56dresses if we only going to wear them2:58one time here's your answer this3:00fabulous dress from rails now why I love3:03it it's dressy but it's not over the top3:05and it's really really versatile so cut3:08a little bit on the bias gang but not so3:11much that you're going to get that cling3:13through the tummy or the thighs that is3:14one of my biggest Beast about biased cut3:16dresses I hate how they suck you in all3:20the wrong places when they're supposed3:21to suck you in all the right places so3:23why do we love this well number one3:25fabulous fabulous side slit on this so3:27even if you're petite like me you show a3:29little little bit of skin also3:31sleeveless again showing a little bit of3:34skin always feels fun when you're3:35dressed up it's got this great Keyhole3:38back neckline and bra friendly now here3:42is the deal I'm wearing it with this3:44terrific gold little Sandal from Seno3:48super comfortable not too high and3:52pairing it back to everybody needs a3:54jacket this time of year especially in3:56the evening the Marin Moto threaten over3:59my shoulder ERS looks so fun and Chic4:01now here's the deal if I wanted to go4:03maybe a little bit more casual a little4:06bit more Rocker with this simple change4:09up with the shoe now I'm wearing this4:11great gold sandal but if I wanted to4:14change it I take a simple suede tall4:18black boot take it down a couple notches4:21I can keep my Marin Moto and I've got4:24more of a night out look versus more of4:27an event look super versatile super easy4:30from rails runs true to size and don't4:33forget that mamoto if you haven't gotten4:34yours yet gang I don't think you know4:36what you're missing it's a must have for4:38your fall closet last look running4:41around with the kiddos so managed to4:43hold off on all that crazy back to4:45school shopping in September because I4:48was like just wait just wait until the4:50temperature changes and now I'm being4:53held my feet to the fire it is time for4:57some shopping with my daughter we're4:59getting her there some clothes and I5:00need something that's going to let me go5:02the Long Haul because I don't know about5:04any of you but if you have spent5:06numerous hours inside of any store that5:08caters to teens and pre-teens I'm5:10telling5:13you solidarity we together in this one5:16so I need something comfortable that I5:18can take on and off because man those5:20Tes get hot so here's the deal starting5:23with Footwear I want something5:25comfortable I want something functional5:26but I want to look cute cuz I'm going to5:28be getting the side eye for my r that's5:29in every store that I walk into so this5:31Dolce VA boot checks all the boxes5:35comfortable yes stacked heel and5:38platform Soul gang so while it's giving5:41me some height looks a little5:43intimidating it is crazy crazy5:45comfortable love this little bit of5:47patent gives it some Edge I want my5:49weekend jeans you know those jeans that5:51just stretch and move with you they're5:53so darn comfortable H this does the5:55trick from Cut why I love these it's a6:00straight leg I'm doing a little bit of a6:02cuff here just to show off that fun Gore6:04on the boot super super stretchy and6:07that hit of Destruction I think makes it6:10feel so fun and modern and absolutely6:14carries me into the weekend now let's6:15talk about what's going on on top here6:18for the cardigan especially when I'm6:20wearing it open like this so if I'm6:24going cardigan I'm either going all open6:26or I'm buttoning it up and treating it6:27like a shirt in this case I want to be6:29able to layer it so took this design6:31history cardigan it's generous gang runs6:33a little bit more relaxed I actually6:35went down a size in this one and I'm6:37leaving it open open open pairing it6:40back to my favorite favorite t-shirt6:42from Rag and Bone this tea is fantastic6:46because it's a little bit Slimmer fit a6:47little bit more shaped to your body so6:49really easy to layer under sweaters just6:53like this Fair AIS is a trend but we6:56don't need to go super super Nordic6:58traditional with it that we can give it6:59a little bit of rocker Edge which is7:01what these boots and my fabulous7:04handsfree got to do it bag from think7:07royin are doing absolutely adore this7:10shape a little bit bigger so fits all7:13the things but still worn as a cross7:16body so hands are free for the bags for7:19the starbies for the assuaging the7:23emotions when we're trying on 20 things7:26I doing that for her I doing it for me I7:27don't know but we're doing it one noing7:30added a belt belt season his back7:32especially when we're pairing it back to7:34jeans absolutely love this little7:37braided belt in Black it feels so fresh7:39and to me this just really helps to7:41finish off the look so don't be afraid7:43to add a belt to a look I think it gives7:45you some great shape through the waist7:47defines nips you in a little bit and7:49really helps everything look finished7:52there you go Friday Saturday Sunday got7:55it all covered hope this gave you some7:57great ideas and we will see you soon7:59take8:07care

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