The Girlfriend's Guide to the Holidays: The Top Gifts

Quick Hits: The Girlfriend's Guide to the Holidays: The Top Gifts

The gifting countdown is officially on! And Heidi and Ash are crossing off their lists—from Heidi's mother-in-law to Ash's hairdresser (let's hope they're not watching!)—they have tons of great gift-giving ideas. Tune in and cross off your list, too!
Show Transcript
0:00all the presents you want that you0:02didn't get we have it for you at every0:05all right T-minus three weeks until0:07Christmas what are you gifting I am0:09solving for all the tricky people the0:11mothers-in-law the sisters the teenage0:13daughters starting with cashmere so0:15yummy exclusive to everie next up cell0:19fashionable functional who does this0:21love these and last but not least0:23obsessing over this amazing sherper0:25cross body from thank Ryland they also0:27come in metallic so fun how about you0:29okay I'm talking The Village the dock0:31Walker your teacher your hairdresser0:33okay Prime Cut Is Back the perfect0:35clutch fun brand Little Words project0:38inspirational saying bracelets and a0:40no-brainer ever exclusive beanie okay0:43don't forget an Ever gift card works for0:45everybody

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