Spring. Is. On.

Style in Motion: Spring. Is. On.

Mallory is back with a couple of spring looks you'll want in your closet ASAP. They're easy, elevated and incorporate some of the hottest spring trends: lightweight sweaters, dramatic denim, and sandals! (Get that pedi scheduled.) Tune in, start clicking, and hit this season's style-strong.
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0:09just like that we are going into spring0:11you all I am so excited for Springtime I0:14don't know about you but it is that0:16transition that I think we're all0:18yearning for right now here in Minnesota0:21it's been a weird winter I'm going to0:22admit it's been a little a little0:25temperamental and a little spring-like0:26at times but I think we're officially0:28committing and I'm so excited for me0:31personally it's been such a fun time0:32Charlotte just turned one I am gearing0:35up for Paris it is less than six months0:39away which is wild so training has been0:42ramping up living life as a mom and an0:45athlete and a speaker and finding0:47whatever that balance might be has been0:49unique but it's been such a fun season0:51so I'm leaning into a lot of casual yet0:54elevated I think that's kind of the vibe0:56of life for me right now and I'm super0:58excited about this Varley top I1:00absolutely love vley I live in it almost1:03every day to and from the pool but I1:04love this crochet detail on this top1:07because I think it just gives a little1:08bit of elevation and a little bit more1:12Pizzazz to it for when you want1:14something that doesn't feel like you're1:15just hanging in your sweats like we've1:17all been doing all winter and then you1:18can throw on these awesome joggers1:22they're like kind of jogger esque but1:23not really they're a pull-on pant1:25they're chamber I love that they feel1:28beachy but yet can kind of meet the1:30moment you're regardless of where you're1:31at I think they'll ride really really1:33well into summer too so for those of you1:34who are looking to add elements to your1:37spring closet that will also carry you1:38to summer I think this is a perfect pant1:40for that and it's Burk season we know1:43this I know this I've been introduced to1:46this you can put socks on with your1:48Burks so if it is still chilly wherever1:50you are and you want to lean into the1:52Burks you can throw your socks on and1:54then when it warms up you just take your1:55socks off and your Burks kind of carry1:57you through so I'm the socks and Burks2:00Trend I encourage you to if you still2:02need to wherever you're at or just ditch2:04them and go get that petty and throw2:07your Burks on and have fun as we embrace2:09the spring weather so I can't wait for2:11the next look I think this look is going2:13to for sure be my vibe in the day today2:16when I'm tired of wearing my sweats to2:18and from the pool and I want to throw2:19something else on to feel elevated while2:21also keeping up with Charlotte as she2:23keeps me busier by the day as she keeps2:25moving and grooving so off to look2:27number2:28two2:36let's have a moment for dramatic denim I2:41love it I think it's such a fun way to2:42play with Denim and elevate it a little2:44bit add that Finishing Touch the only2:46hiccup with it I will say especially2:48when you get into the cuffing is I'm2:50tall so for perspective I'm 5'9 and we2:53all know the game you play when you sit2:54down and everything hikes up and then2:57you're sitting all the time and2:59everything just stays hiked up so it can3:00be a little challenging but I will say3:02what I love about these a Goldies is the3:05cuff you can kind of play with on your3:07own right so it's not stitched in so you3:09can manipulate that to fit how you need3:12it to for yourself so you can still have3:14the look of the cuff denim without3:16risking it being too short too long3:18whatever it is that you need for your3:20height so I'm really liking this look I3:21think it's a fun way to add a little bit3:23of a Twist on your kind of standard3:25straight Denim and then adding a belt3:28this is such a great way to bring that3:30waistline in I love looking for a fun3:32way to accentuate the waist and so I3:34think adding this belt I love that it is3:37it's a little bit thinner it's not too3:39thin but it's not a big chunky thick3:40belt and it has this little woven detail3:42so I think that's really beautiful3:44especially with the sweater we're3:46playing with spring sweaters they're3:48here we've all seen the sweater tanks we3:49love but then there's this sweater that3:51has this cute little puff sleeve adds a3:53little textured element in this nice3:56bold green and so finding ways to add in3:59that boldness is such a fun thing that4:00we can be playing with and then shoes I4:03mean as I said Paris is right around the4:06corner and anyone who knows me knows I4:08love a good gold accent in a game's year4:10so these I'm loving but more importantly4:13platforms and flatforms I hear as a4:17thing are coming in for spring and4:19summer so pull them out of your closet4:21if they're still tucked away from when4:23they were originally a thing or go into4:25the store and get yourself a new pair if4:27you don't already have one in your4:28closet and and as always just enjoy this4:32time it's spring Summers around the4:34corner we all know that brings some4:36craziness but also excitement maybe some4:38family vacations maybe some summer plans4:42give yourself the excuse come into the4:44store have a little you date grab a cup4:47of coffee take an afternoon for yourself4:50and put a little bit of energy into4:51refreshing your closet so you can feel4:53good about this season as you transition4:55through so fun to see you all I cannot4:58wait to see you next time and in the5:00meantime hope you all have a lovely5:01start to your spring and I'll see you in5:04a few5:05months I believe in5:09Miracle way5:11from you sex a thing sex a thing you I5:16believe in5:18miracles

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