Real Talk: Top 3 Shorts for Summer

Quick Hits: Real Talk: Top 3 Shorts for Summer

It's time to get real... about shorts! They're a hot trend for summer and Heidi, our Fashion Director, and Ash, Director of Styling, are back discussing the top three pairs you need—and exactly how to style them. Are you doing shorts this summer? Let us know!
Show Transcript
0:00we're0:01back am I gonna keep0:03talking and it's time for another0:05session of real talk we are talking all0:08things shorts for the summer we got0:10three favorite pairs let's start with0:12the pair you have on first okay here we0:14go crew this is the most versatile short0:17I think you have in your closet from0:18casual events to a little bit more0:20elevated why do you love it Hy uh cuz0:22it's kind of like wearing a jogger but0:24in short form so comfy let's have you0:27try on Trend number two pop a color okay0:30go for it I feel like I'm on the prices0:32right or something oh hey what do we0:34have here showcas Showdown show Showdown0:38all right so here's how I'm styling it I0:39love it back to those great everyday0:41basic teas and tinks that you always0:43have graphics and this is just giving it0:45a little personality to your look I feel0:47like this is a short I'm going to dress0:49up this summer so taking a breezy little0:51blouse even back to my Burks which0:53casual but that big Buckle I don't know0:55makes some kind of fun I know this is0:56like a much more modern take on wearing0:59color okay you know we love utility1:02let's put it in a short let's do it all1:04right I'm just going to be honest of our1:06three this is by far my favorite what I1:08love about utility always is it gives a1:10little bit of edge a little bit of1:11scratch to anything you pair with it1:13like this cute little graphic tea we've1:15shown you three of our favorite Trends1:17but we totally know that shorts might1:19not be your thing so that is real talk1:22so guess what in our next episode we're1:24going to find out a few solutions to the1:26no shorts rule coming at you we'll see1:29you soon

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