Plaid Possibilities

3 Days 3 Ways: Plaid Possibilities

Stop whatever you're doing and watch this. Heidi is taking 3 Days, 3 Ways back to its roots with 1 incredible piece styled 3 ways. And the versatility of this Rails button-down even surprised us. At the end of the video, you'll definitely be mad for this plaid. (We just hope there's one left!) Fingers crossed. Now, feast your eyes.
Show Transcript
0:00okay three days three ways and we are0:03going old school back where this series0:06began we're taking one fabulous piece0:09and we're going to style it three0:11[Music]0:16ways starting with the star of the show0:20it is this fabulous Buffalo claid from0:24rails now everybody needs a plaid shirt0:27when fall Hits you know you do your we0:30going to wear the hack out of it but0:31we're going to make it fresh because the0:33one you have in your closet it's time to0:35give it an update and some of that has0:38to do with the item and some of it has0:40to do with the styling so let's talk0:42about rails number one why do we love it0:45well the incredible drapey fabric this0:48is not stiff it doesn't need to be0:51ironed it's not tricky it's going to0:53drape beautifully on you now I think0:56rails button Downs tend to be a little1:00bit Slim So I wear my normal size in1:03this I do not go down and you can see1:06that it's still a relaxed fit now how1:08we're making this fresh for a quick1:10weekend runaround1:12look all about the pairing number one1:15white t-shirt underneath going to keep1:17singing the Praises of this Rag and Bone1:19cor tea I popped on the white you'll1:22notice this plaid is a little bit more1:25of a cream that's fine we're mixing our1:27neutrals love it opening it up really1:31wide so I have just those last kind of1:33two buttons closed up here I want this1:36shirt to peek out I don't want it to1:37feel stiff and serious I want it to be1:40relaxed rolled up the sleeves of course1:42did a full tuck and then let's talk1:44about the Bottom now I could have pair1:46this with the Jean for weekend runaround1:48of course but I love it with a good1:50utility now this is the Citizens of1:52Humanity Agy you know this pant now I1:56get a lot of questions about the fit of1:58this one and here's what I have found I2:01like this and I think it's intended to2:03be a little bit more relaxed so I've2:06worn my true size in this if you want2:08something with a little bit more fit a2:10little bit more shape and you don't want2:12that more relaxed feel I will go down a2:16size and then again of course I could2:18have done a sneaker but I paired it with2:20this lug Soul loafer this has become my2:23go-to for the weekend has kind of that I2:26don't2:27know off duty Professor from the 's vibe2:30in like the best way possible I don't2:33know like a little bit of Big Chill2:34Spirit going on here all good perfect2:37for fall what I'm wearing to knock2:39around now I've got a way to take this2:41shirt and bring it out look number two2:45yes you can take a plat out it's all2:47about the pairing so here's the deal2:50this is casual I mean we're going out to2:51dinner gang I'm not going to propose2:53that you wear a buffalo check out to the2:56Opera but if you're gr the Opera that's2:59actually pretty cool so like add that to3:02the list of things I want to do this3:03winter but here's the deal I love a good3:06button down because vava Voom cleavage3:09it does all the things without any of3:12the work so here's how we're putting it3:14together opening that up a little bit so3:17last look right ah Hadad and open down3:20with a t-shirt underneath lose the3:22T-shirt open up that neckline show off3:27little skin here keep those sleeves roll3:30cuz we want to keep that skin going and3:32then waist down here's what we're3:34talking about fabulous dark wash Jean3:37that is Uber Uber flattering this is the3:40Alexa from Seven from All Mankind it's3:43cropped it's dark and it's sexy there's3:46nothing better than a dark wash Jean to3:48really polish up any look so much3:52stretch in this guy true to size in this3:54one absolutely love it and if you3:56haven't gotten on boarded with that3:59wider leg Jean this is a really great4:01one to embrace now let's talk about4:04Footwear I could have done a heel love a4:06good heel but sometimes I need something4:10a little more comfortable and or4:12something with a little bit more4:13coverage and this silver boot from Santa4:14mlan does the trick can we talk about4:17this cool heel sculptural interesting4:21and you'll notice I'm mixing my Metals4:24yes you can silver does not mean all4:26your accessories have to be silver you4:28can do gold hoops like I did believe in4:31the power of a hoop mix up your4:33bracelets fun gold and silver stack4:35silver shoe out the door Grandma dinner4:39with girlfriends maybe a little date4:40night with the hubs dinner in a movie4:44you feel put together but not like4:45you're trying too4:47hard one more look for that Thanksgiving4:49weekend coming up okay here we go look4:52number three are you hosting are you4:54attending we're thanking we're doing4:57Thanksgiving and you need a cute fun4:59easy look to put together here it is5:03we're taking that plat shirt again it's5:06the hero of the show and love this5:08there's something about it feels kind of5:10Thanksgiving right plant Thanksgiving5:12peanut butter and jelly they kind of go5:14together but we're going to give it a5:15little bit of scratch a little bit of5:17edge now it would be easy if you have a5:19casual Thanksgiving pair it back to5:21those alexas maybe a flatter shoe done5:24if you like to dress it up just a little5:26bit I don't know maybe you're going to a5:28friend's house maybe you got some new5:29people coming over whatever it is you5:32want to be comfortable but looking put5:34together this good American vegan skirt5:37is your answer why I love this tons of5:41stretch lightweight so if you're looking5:43for a way to get vegan into your closet5:46but you're finding a lot of the options5:48are heavy this guy is not it's so so5:51comfortable it's got a great slit in the5:53back so ease of movement and then here I5:56think is the formula when you were5:59trying to accessorize with6:01vegan only let vegan be vegan on its own6:05I would not love this as much if I6:07paired it back to a vegan or leather6:10shoe go suede mix that kind of shine and6:14matte Fabrications it really helps to6:17break up the vegan and it takes it from6:18kind of heavy motorcycle to very very6:22chic and Polished so love it with this6:24Dolce Vita shoe this is a booty that can6:27go for miles kitten he he really really6:31comfortable room in the calf which I got6:33to tell you always my trouble spot when6:36I'm trying to find a boot that I can't6:37quite get zipped up I also love that6:39cheater zip on the side makes it easier6:41to get on and off done notice to styling6:45tip gang there has not been one look6:47where I haven't rolled my sleeves it is6:50a GameChanger show a little bit of skin6:53to balance your proportion no matter if6:56you are curvy rectangular tall petite it6:59is is the simplest thing you can do for7:02photos for day-to-day styling give a7:05little bit of skin7:07exposure huge shift in how clothes look7:11on you okay there we go this fabulous7:15Hunter button down from rails get it7:17while you can love this guy whether I'm7:20knocking around hitting a night out with7:22the girls or maybe even hosting7:25Thanksgiving hope this gave you some7:26great ideas and we will see you soon7:33go

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