New Layers (LOVE!)

3 Days 3 Ways: New Layers (LOVE!)

Heidi is back with a 3 Days, 3 Ways that will actually get you excited for cooler weather. From a gorgeous, versatile coat, to a statement vest (it's now a thing), to your new favorite weekend jacket, and all the pieces to complement all of the above, you'll be ready for temps to drop and your look to elevate. Check out her picks then pick 'em up!
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0:00okay okay three days three ways and0:03today we are going to talk layers the0:07weather is absolutely getting colder0:09it's time to I would to say bundle up0:12but we're definitely going to layer0:18up and I've got some really fun options0:21it kind of span temperature as well as0:25levels of elevation we're going to start0:27with this amazing C from velvet now this0:31is a special one gang and the reason I0:33brought it out is because it has been a0:36while I bet for most of us since we have0:39bought a more I would say kind of0:42ladylike more elegant definitely more0:45elevated kind of coat but this is not0:49that dress coat from yesterday year you0:51know the one you bought with your first0:53suit when you were interviewing for your0:54first job this is cooler more relaxed0:59and a whole lot more Chic now from1:02velvet the reason I love this number one1:04a little bit more oversized gang so I1:06actually went down a size in this I1:07still have tons and tons of room number1:09two and I'm coming in close for this one1:12I absolutely love the color kind of a1:14mushroomy taupe so it works beautifully1:17with black it looks great with tans1:19looks beautiful with gray so many1:22versions and I purposely wore this great1:24Monro sweater to show you that so this1:26sweater has all the shades creams blacks1:29grays and you can see how it picks up1:31all those tones in this incredible1:33jacket now how I'm styling this well I'm1:36keeping it easy back to this great pair1:39of jeans from a Goldie this is the kai1:42I'm digging this Jean because it's a1:44little bit relaxed here for that for1:46sure but also little bit more of a1:50midrise so it's not quite so high so for1:52those of you who prefer a slightly lower1:55rise something that's not hitting your1:56belly button this Jean does the trick1:59kind of reminds me that Parker Jean we2:01had from the summer but with a little2:03bit lower rise and then to add some Edge2:06popped on that fabulous2:08shoes say that five times fast stacked2:12booty now why I love this you're taking2:15this more kind of feminine jacket it's a2:18little bit more oversized you get that2:19boyfriend Vibe you've got this amazing2:22kind of Spin and ARG SL Fair ale sweater2:26a more relaxed Jean and then this cool2:28edgy boot I know it feels kind of Olsen2:31twins in like the best way possible love2:33it okay now I've got a beautiful2:37monocromatic look coming up okay I2:40promised a monochromatic look delivered2:43something about this is so fun doesn't2:45this make you want to go I don't know on2:47some amazing ski trip somewhere and just2:49dress in this and drink hotties and have2:54an amazing time and never actually even2:56ski I mean maybe it does if it does this2:58is the outfit for you so we're we're2:59going to start from the top with this3:02incredible vest now this is a statement3:05piece for sure we've talked about3:07statement sweaters we talked about3:09statement Tops This is a statement3:11jacket so from oeri I absolutely love3:14this because it's screams Chic and it's3:18such a unique piece so this faux3:21sherlene lining you've got a little bit3:23of that Moto Edge which I think is so so3:25fun it's definitely a generous fit so I3:27went down to full size in this and you3:29can see3:30still really relaxed on me now let's3:33talk about the superstars that are3:35underneath this jacket because there's3:36so many fun pieces starting with this3:39incredible waffle weave sweater from3:41ever Eve I had to wear it CU I wanted3:43you to see it before it's gone and this3:45is one of those pieces that is3:46absolutely flying out the door it is the3:50perfect3:51perfect sweater for this year it's3:55neutral but it has texture looks so3:58great with just about any thing I love4:00it under every single jacket and it's4:02warm but not itchy pairing it back to a4:06ecru Jean now this is the way to do4:09white for fall and winter in this really4:12great kind of creamy color this is the4:14good classic from good American lots and4:17lots of stretch in this guy little bit4:19more of a tapered leg I love that makes4:21it really easy to wear with boots I'm4:23wearing it however with that beaks4:25sheering line clog which is so fun we4:27just got a few more color in online plus4:31the great color in store really really4:34warm tones here so it doesn't have to4:36match perfectly it just needs to blend4:40there we go amazing neutral look for4:43number two and now a casual look coming4:47up last look say The Best For Last this4:49is casual knock around on a Saturday I4:52don't want to get dressed but I have to4:54get dressed kind of look starting with4:58the jacket this is is one of the Beloved5:01shacket from everie I adore the Plaid on5:06this because again are you noticing a5:08theme here it's all about the neutral so5:12shades of blue and black and cream and5:15tan make this incredibly versatile you5:17can wear it with leggings you can wear5:19it with5:20denim no rules here now how I'm wearing5:24it and how I'm kind of layering it up5:26well perfect sweatshirt that oh I got to5:30tell you I don't know about you guys but5:31I've been having a harder time finding5:33those perfect length tops to wear with5:35leggings from perfect white tea this5:38totally hits the mark fabulous5:41lightweight sweatshirt this is really5:43really easy to layer underneath a shck5:45because it doesn't add a lot of bulk or5:47hft or weight so it's not going to make5:49you hot hot hot I love this because it's5:52a French terry so just not heavy5:56and butter butter butter these are the5:58Beyond yoga leggings if you have not6:01gotten these on your body I cannot tell6:04you what you are missing higher rise6:07holes in all the parts runs true to size6:10and then paired back to that socony6:12sneaker which we all adore all the fun6:16neutrals in this this has been one of6:18our best selling sneakers there we go6:22started with that beautiful elegant coat6:25moved into that Moto vest for a little6:27bit of edge and a fun neutral look and6:29then the piece to the resistance our6:32easy weekend knock around can't go wrong6:35Let's Get Cozy and layer up hope we gave6:38you some great ideas and we will see you6:40soon take care6:46everyone

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